The 5 Best Large Chastity Cages for the Perfect Fit

   Josh Gill
If you have a larger-than-average cock, and you enjoy using chastity cages, then this is the review for you! Today, I’m going to be talking to you about the 5 best large chastity cages out there! I’m going to tell you about how they excel in all kinds of areas, plus I have a few cheeky extras too. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this little journey through the world of large chastity cages! If, instead, you’re simply interested in normal-sized ones, then have a look at this top list of the best chastity cages.
1 Test Winner

Man Cage Chastity Cage

 Man Cage

  • Lave a cock that's on the larger side
  • Like the feel of hard plastic
  • Want something to squeeze and restrict your cock
  • Are looking for a way to have your partner control your orgasm
  • Are looking to have orgasm control over yourself
  • Want something for long-term wear
  • Something you can easily urinate in while using

Man Cage

  • Prefer a more open-sided design
  • Need a steely sensation against your cock
  • Are looking for something a little more premium
  • Want something that causes discomfort or pain
  • Need something larger than an adjustable ring diameter of 45 mm to 60mm inches
  • Are larger than 4.5 inches when soft

Place the key to your release in the palm of your partner’s hand as you explore the thrilling erotic intimacy of chastity play. Made from firm plastic, this 5.5-inch cock cage restricts your ability to get an erection for all kinds of denial-fuelled fun. Fitted with a variety of vents as well as a urination hole, this cage is ready to keep you locked up for hours in total (excruciating) comfort. Including full instructions on how to wear it, this plastic cage is totally waterproof and includes 5 x plastic locks as well as a metal lock and key.

  • Great enclosed design
  • Pleasant feeling hard plastic
  • Easy to slide on
  • Body-safe for long-term wear

  • Not the most premium
  • Could be cheaper
Man Cage
Insertable length4.5 Inches inches
DiameterAdjustable ring diameter from 1.8 to 2.4 inches
MaterialsCertified-safe silicone and non-porous polycarbonate
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Okay, I’ll admit that I found the Man Cage Chastity Cage a little expensive for a chastity cage, however it’s great if you want something that is firm but comfortable. It will hold you tightly and restrict you from becoming too aroused while maintaining a comfortable fit. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to travel and not set off any metal detectors along the way! The hard plastic design is sealed, meaning that once you’re in there, there will be very little option to tease or play. It’s also black, so you can’t even see in there! You are literally held firm as the large chastity cage does its job. While it might not be for those who prefer silicone or steel, I’d say that the Man Cage Chastity Cage is still a pretty decent option.

2 Cheapest

7 Gates of Hell

 7 Gates of Hell

  • Like the feel of steel and leather
  • Want an interestingly designed cage
  • Still want access to your cock while wearing it

7 Gates of Hell

  • Want something more 'traditional' looking
  • Don't have a cock that will fit this cage
  • Want a fully enclosed large chastity cage

Put your sub in place with our new 7 Gates of Hell with D ring. The added D ring offers a wide range of erotic possibilities to our classic cock harness. The device consists of seven nickel-plated rings connected by a leather strap, with a D ring at the tip perfect for a leash, weights, or other ingenious pieces of hardware. Perfect for the exhibitionist sub in your life!

  • Unique design
  • Great access
  • Very cheap

  • Tricky to wear
  • Too heavy for some
7 Gates of Hell
MaterialsLeather and steel
Length3 inches

The 7 Gates of Hell is certainly one of the more interestingly designed cock cages that I have seen. It is essentially a series of metal rings along a leather strap. The materials look and feel great, and it’s an eye catching toy. It comes in one size, though, so your penis will either fit it…or it won’t! It’s as simple as that. The 7 Gates of Hell is super affordable, though, and provides a unique and awesome experience to anyone that wants to use it. The access is fantastic and allows you or a partner to touch and tease. But for me at least, it’s the single-size that holds this bad boy back from being a 5-star large chastity cage!

3 Beginner

Hunkyjunk Lockdown Chastity Device

 Hunkyjunk Lockdown

  • Want a cage with a very user-friendly design
  • Enjoy the sensation of TPR
  • Are a beginner to large chastity cages

Hunkyjunk Lockdown

  • Prefer silicone to TPR
  • Don't like the look of the foreskin-like tip
  • Are a more advanced chastity cage user

Whether self-imposed or with a partner, The Lockdown Cock Cage is a thick and weighty chastity toy. Made from a rubbery-soft silicone/elastomer blend that is stretchy but restrictive, getting hard is a challenge in the Lockdown Cock Cage. The Lockdown stretches to fit any size, and the sling-style base keeps it on. The room at the end provides more sensation and more friction-frustration. The curve in the makes erections less comfortable, but keeps chastity possible under clothing, 24/7, with more bulge but still discrete. Air vents allow for longer term wear and cleaning, and there’s an opening at the tip for draining.

  • Great for beginners
  • Nice simple design
  • Easy to use

  • Not for more advanced users
  • Strange tip
Hunkyjunk Lockdown
Length4.75 inches
Width1.5 - 2 inches

The Hunkyjunk Lockdown Chastity Device not only had a great name, but it’s not a bad toy, especially if you’re new to the world of large chastity cages. The design is neat, and it provides an easy-to-use experience for whoever gets their hands on it. And their cocks in it. It even has a tip at the end to allow you to urinate and things like that. So it’s a very straightforward chastity cage to use. The thing that lets the Hunkyjunk Lockdown Chastity Device down (for me, at least) is that it is made out of TPR. This is much less premium than silicone and will take a lot more effort to clean and look after. Still, if you want a starting point to try out these kinds of sex toys, then I’d recommend giving this one a whirl!

4 Steel

Forged Captor Chastity Cage

 Forged Captor

  • Want a steely chastity cage
  • Love that completely rigid feel
  • Need a very simple cage

Forged Captor

  • Prefer a little more flexibility in your chastity cages
  • Don't want to feel steel against your cock
  • Want a chastity cage you can wear while travelling

Giving you (or someone else) complete and total control over a cock of choice, the Master Series Forged Captor Chastity Cage keeps any penis owner untouched, un-tampered with, and ready for their master or mistress at all times. Shaped into a full, solid cage with an open, vented tip, the ultra-firm stainless steel cage portion prevents touching, rubbing, and otherwise interfering with said cock. That said, a little tip flesh will peep through the opening, so the wearer can pee if necessary. One of three included steel ring loops and locks around the back of your/their balls, holding everything in place – a choice of three sizes makes customizing the fit quick and easy.

  • Wonderful steel design
  • Very simple to use
  • Pretty affordable

  • No good for travelling
  • May be too inflexible
Forged Captor
Length4.9 inches
Width1.5 inches
FasteningBrass Lock

If you want to go the way of industrial-looking and feeling large chastity cages, I’d recommend the Forged Captor Chastity Cage in a heartbeat! The steely design looks fantastic and will feel great against your cock. It will be cold, hard, and inflexible, meaning that you have no choice but to submit to its grip. That being said, it has a very simple tube-like design, meaning it’s very easy to use. The price is also pretty great, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced user. The main issue with the Forged Captor Chastity Cage is that it isn’t all that discreet, so if – like me – you enjoy traveling and pass through many airports, you may want to go with another chastity cage that doesn’t have metal in it!


Man Cage Medium Chastity Cage

 Man Cage Medium

  • Want to pleasure your larger cock
  • Are looking for a premium chastity cage
  • Love the look of the design

Man Cage Medium

  • Prefer steely toys
  • Don't care too much about silicone
  • Want a see through chastity cage

If all-day chastity play is your way and the highway, then you’ll love this smooth silicone cage from Man Cage. This 4.5-inch cage limits your ability to get erect and warms to your skin during wear for thrilling restriction all day long. Fitted with a variety of vents as well as a urination hole, this cage is ready to keep you locked up for hours in total (excruciating) comfort. Including full instructions on how to wear it, this silicone cage is totally waterproof and includes five plastic locks and a metal lock and key.

  • Very customizable
  • Sleek and sexy design
  • Well priced

  • Not see-through
  • No metal locks
Man Cage Medium
Length4.5 inches
FasteningLock and key

The Man Cage Medium Chastity Cage has to be my favorite of the bunch when it comes to how customizable it is and how you can adjust it to suit you and your needs. It has a sleek and sexy design that will hold your cock nicely, and the silicone not only looks fantastic but feels first-rate, too. Customizing it may be a little fiddly, but the end result is totally worth it. No, it doesn’t have that harsh steel-y feel of other chastity cages, and yes there is some flexibility to it, but personally, I still think it’s one of the most outstanding large chastity cages that I’ve looked at!

Customize Your Chastity Cage for a Perfect Fit

There’s nothing quite like being able to customize your large chastity cage to make it suit you and your naughty needs perfectly. Here’s an awesome option to help you choose a toy that will fit you perfectly.

The Guardian 3D Printed Chastity Cage

The Guardian 3D Printed Chastity Cage - Customize Your Chastity Cage for a Perfect Fit
Oxy revolutionizes and reshapes the chastity and BDSM world. This is a custom-made chastity cage produced in-house by a team of designers at an extremely affordable price. Made of sturdy Nylon material, this cage is solid, unbreakable, and also one of the most comfortable Oxy has ever made. The full set cage includes a cock ring, a cage tube, and an integrated lock. The standard cage design of The Guardian is used as a base, Oxy adjusts and prints to your size for a perfect fit!

How to Measure Yourself for a Chastity Cage

It’s super important that you measure currently in order to find a chastity cage that fits you like a glove! Large chastity cages aren’t supposed to be as comfy as your favorite pair of underwear. No, they are meant to be uncomfortable. However, the chastity cage fit should not cause abrasions, blisters, or cut off circulation to your penis. Simply put, a chastity cage should be snug enough as not to allow for an erection. To find out more about how to measure yourself, check out Edwina’s post on how to measure yourself for a chastity cage!

Types of Large Chastity Cage

There are a couple of types of large chastity cages you can choose from. Firstly, you can get them made out of all kinds of materials. Silicone and TPE/TPR are more human-feeling and flexible, whereas steel has a tough and immovable industrial feel to it. You can also get large chastity cages with a close-sided design that doesn’t allow you to see or tease your cock. Alternatively, there are open-sided chastity cages that provide a whole different kind of tantalization!

How to use large chastity cages

Using large chastity cages might seem like the easiest thing in the world to some people, but to others it might not be so straightforward. That’s why I’m going to talk you through the basics of how to use your large chastity cage! So let’s get to it!

Use plenty of lube!

Use plenty of lube!

First off, I’d definitely recommend using plenty of lube. Chastity cages are meant to be tight, so getting your cock in there without it getting snagged may prove tricky. Luckily, applying a good water-based lube to your cock and inside the cage will help things slide in much more smoothly!

Slide your penis in and secure it!

Slide your penis in and secure it!

Now that you’re lubed up, you can slide inside. Feel it squeezing and pleasing you as you wear it, and enjoy those tight sensations. Make sure it’s perfectly positioned, and lock it up using whichever kind of lock it comes with!

Have fun!

Have fun!

All you need to do now is have fun! Feel how the chastity cage prevents you from getting aroused or turned on. It’s a naughty nightmare! I guarantee you’ll have a fun time! Just make sure you don’t wear it for too long and allow your cock to breathe every so often!

How to clean large chastity cages

Keeping your large chastity cages clean is super important. Not sanitizing them or making sure they're hygienic can lead to some big problems! Luckily, I have some toy-transforming resources here that will help you keep them in tip-top condition!


Yes! Of course, they are! They might tease and frustrate you, but they're completely safe. Just make sure that you follow the instructions and use them properly!

They're meant to fit just right, like a firm grip around your cock. Too tight and you might want to size up, too loose, and you should go for something a little smaller.

It all depends on what you want to get out of your large chastity cage. Silicone and TPE have a great lifelike texture and feel, whereas steel is much more industrial and unforgiving. Both are good, just choose which you'd prefer!

You can buy a large chastity cage right here by following the links in this post! At Bedbible, we like to work with the best and most well-respected sex toy shops out there, so you can be sure that when you click on any of our affiliate links, you're going to end up somewhere good - somewhere that you can trust!

What are large chastity cages?

Large chastity cages are chastity cages that are designed for the larger penised gentleman! If you have a cock that's on the larger side, you're more than likely going to need a large chastity cage. And that's exactly why I've picked out five of the best to show you today!

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