Le Wand Bow Steel Dildo — Test & Review

   Rachel Worthington
May 19, 2023

Rachel Worthington
: 26
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: We-Vibe Tango X

  • Enjoy firm, deep vaginal or anal stimulation
  • Don't get enough g-spot or p-spot stimulation from softer dildos
  • Are interested in temperature play
  • Want a toy for long, luxurious masturbation sessions
  • Don't mind splashing out!

  • Aren't a fan of intense stimulation or hard materials
  • Want a toy that offers clitoral stimulation
  • Prefer very girthy, filling dildos
  • Have grip or strength issues in your hands
  • Are on a budget

The Le Wand Bow is one gorgeous-looking, and great-feeling dildo! Made from solid stainless steel, this dildo has two different ends to try, and a tantalizing spiral texture, too. The weightiness of this toy lends itself perfectly to deep thrusting or rocking. It can offer fantastically intense g-spot stimulation, but also works great for anal and prostate stimulation!

Le Wand Bow -

I adore the Le Wand Bow. I really didn’t know if I would, but, just like Cupid’s bow, this solid metal dildo has absolutely captured my heart.

My First Impressions

It took a while to figure out my approach to the Le Wand Bow. I’m not usually a dildo-person, though I do really enjoy g-spot and a-spot stimulation (that’s the spot deeper into the vagina, just before the cervix, also known as the ‘anterior fornix’). The thing is that I usually pair it with clitoral stimulation. However, given the reputation that steel dildos have for intense stimulation, I wanted to use this one first without ‘assistance’ from a vibrator, to see what it could do and how it felt. And, I was pretty blown away! In general, I enjoy toys made from firm materials, but this was on a whole other level. I found myself thrusting harder and deeper than I thought I would, but it just felt so good! I did eventually break out a bullet vibrator, too, which only added to the pleasure.

Switching It Up

One thing I was intrigued about with the Le Wand Bow was how different the two ends would feel. I started with the smaller end, because I’m a scaredy cat, but I soon realized that I was craving something bigger. So, then I switched to the larger, ball-shaped end. It felt bigger, of course, but the rounder end also felt like it was making much more contact with all the right spots inside. The spiral texture around the shaft was also interesting, but I could’ve gone without it. For slow thrusting and rocking, it felt nice, but when I went faster, it started to irritate the vaginal entrance a bit. I’m pretty sensitive down there, so I imagine it was more noticeable to me than it would be to others.

Le Wand Bow -

The Le Wand Bow has a gently curved shaft with two bulbous ends. One is larger and more ball-shaped, while the other is smaller and more teardrop-shaped. On the ball-shaped end is a spiral pattern around the shaft, designed to provide extra stimulation around the vaginal or anal opening as you thrust the dildo in and out. Overall, I adore the Bow's seamless design and how wonderfully shiny it is!

Le Wand Bow -

Given that there are no controls to figure out, the Le Wand is pretty easy to get started with — just lube up and go! The two differently sized and shaped ends make it approachable for different experience levels, though neither is overly girthy. This dildo is definitely heavy, though, and might be difficult to use for extended periods of time, especially for those with grip or strength issues. It can also get slippery with lube, but the bulbous ends are quite easy to hold onto. Just be extra careful to leave a good amount outside the body if you're using this toy anally.

Le Wand Bow -

I can't fault the quality of the Le Wand Bow. It is a piece of seamless, shiny steel that looks and feels like a super high-quality product, or maybe even a piece of art! The packaging, the toy, the accessories — everything feels totally luxurious and like a very special treat.

Le Wand Bow - <

I was pleasantly surprised at the price of the Le Wand Bow. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly an investment, but it's actually a bit cheaper than its main rival, the nJoy Pure Wand. They are very similar toys in many ways, so it could be a great alternative for those looking to save a few extra dollars whilst still treating themselves to a luxurious sex toy. Plus, it comes with a padded storage pouch and a cleaning cloth, which the Pure Wand does not!

Le Wand Bow -

Like I said earlier, I wasn't exactly sure how to approach using the Le Wand Bow. However, it wasn't long before I realized how good the firm, weighty material felt. You don't have to exert a lot of force to get a lot of stimulation from it, and it's great both for standard in-and-out thrusting, as well as a rocking motion. I wasn't totally enamored with the spiral texture, but it did add an extra layer of sensation. Perhaps this would be even more enjoyable if you were to use it anally.

Le Wand Bow -

One word: gorgeous! The Le Wand Bow comes in a solid, minimalistically-patterned box with a sleeve featuring the product information on it. Inside, you'll find a small envelope with a cleaning cloth and care instructions, a soft, padded pouch, and Le Wand's guide to stainless steel toys. Underneath, the dildo itself lies nestled in foam, all shiny and inviting. I didn't need to keep all the packaging, since you get the bag to store the dildo inside, but it would be absolutely perfect for gifting (either to someone else, or yourself!).

Le Wand Bow -

The Le Wand Bow is made from stainless steel, a 100% non-porous and body-safe material that's compatible with all types of lube. It can feel pretty cool to the touch, but is very temperature-responsive and quickly warms up to your body temperature. I'm quite used to the feeling at this point, and actually enjoy the cooling sensations in the beginning. You can also easily heat it in some warm (not hot) water, or cool it down in the fridge (not freezer) and enjoy some tantalizing temperature play. I recommend cleaning the Le Wand Bow after every use, simply by lathering it up with a mild, unscented soap and rinsing with water. Once dry, you can store it in its padded pouch to keep it scratch-free.

Length7 inches
DiameterSmall End: 1.1, Large End: 1.3 inches
Weight1.1 lbs
MaterialsStainless Steel
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Le Wand Bow -

  • Curved for easy G- or P-spot stimulation
  • Deep, firm stimulation
  • Spiral texture on shaft
  • Extremely durable
  • Compatible with all types of lube
  • Comes with a padded storage pouch

  • Heavy
  • Can get slippery with lube
  • Expensive

I would say that the Le Wand Bow is a no-brainer for those who enjoy firm, intense stimulation. It perfectly captures the amazing feeling of some strong fingers or other appendages in the vagina, but will the added benefits of that spiral texture and the two different-sized ends. I love the coolness of the steel, as well as how easy it is to clean and maintain. There are quite a few other stainless steel dildos on the market these days, but I think the Bow is one of the best.

You’ll receive a guide to using the Le Wand Bow in the box with the toy. This manual is also available online here on Le Wand’s website.

It's almost impossible to say that one is better than the other, especially when they have different designs! The nJoy Pure Wand is beloved by many, and has more of a curve to its shaft than the Bow, but the Bow has two different ends and the spiral texture on its shaft. Which will be best for you is really down to personal preference!

Yes, the Le Wand Bow can be used anally. Just remember to leave a good amount of the dildo outside your body, and to keep a firm grip on the toy while you have it inserted.

First things first, you should not use the Le Wand Bow if it is scratched or otherwise damaged, as bacteria and other germs could be harbored in the scratched areas. Also, the Bow is extremely durable and difficult to scratch in the first place! However, if it does get scuffed, you can try using a metal polishing product like MAAS to buff it out. Just remember to thoroughly wash the dildo afterwards before using it again.

The Le Wand Bow can be sanitized by boiling it for a couple of minutes in a pot. To prevent it from bouncing around, you can place a cloth in the pot beforehand, or place the dildo in a mesh laundry bag. Alternatively, you can place the Bow in a bamboo steamer (like you would use for dumplings) and steam it for 20 minutes.