Le Wand Point — Test & Review

   Naomi Bowman
May 30, 2024

Naomi Bowman
: 22
: Intermediate
: Female
: Bi Sexual

  • Are looking for a quiet, discreet toy
  • Want a toy that is easy to travel with
  • Want a waterproof toy

  • Cant use water-based lube
  • Are looking for a toy meant for penetration
  • Want a toy with app or remote control features


The Le Wand Point has a ribbed silicone head with a curved weight metal body and comes in three colors purple, pink and black! The curve and the weighted body the Point has lets it sit comfortably in your hand, but it also allows you to set it on your body to enjoy hands free pleasure! While the Point may not have a lot of features it does come with a travel lock to avoid it being turned on while traveling. This toy is also waterproof so you are able to have fun wherever you may be! Also, the Point is only intended for external use!

Le Wand Point -

First Impressions

When I first unpacked the Point, I was expecting it to look and feel similar to other compact vibrators, but I was surprised by this toy! The Point is a more elegant looking vibrator with its soft silicone head and curved, weighted, metal body. With the curve and weight this toy has it makes it comfortable to hold and use but also to rest on your body for hands free pleasure! I also like the rumbly vibrations the Point has and its 15 pattern options! Personally, my only issue with this toy is the size but only because I prefer a slightly bigger handle to hold. Overall, the Le Wand Point definitely is an impressive looking and feeling toy!

My Favorite Part

My favorite part about this vibrator is its travel lock feature. When I travel, I have accidentally bumped a button on my vibrator and turned it on and that’s the worst! But the Point has fixed that issue with its travel lock! I no longer have to worry about my vibrator turning on and embarrassing me! I also am going to bring the Point with me because its waterproof and can fit in my purse so no matter where I go when I travel, I can have fun!

Le Wand Point -

The Le Wand Point is a luxurious toy with its silicone head and weighted metal body. The Point also features 3 colors: rose gold, dark cherry and black! It has a slight curve to make it comfortable to hold and set on the body for hands free pleasure. The Point also has 15 vibration patterns, 6 intensity levels and rumbly vibration. Again, my only complaint with the Le Wand Point is that the handle to hold it isn't bigger but only because I personally like a bigger area to grab.

Le Wand Point -

The Point is a beginner-friendly toy! It has three different buttons so it's easy to go through the patterns and vibration strengths. simply click the "+" once to turn the Point on and click the same button again to make the vibrations stronger. Click the middle button once to change the vibration pattern and finally to turn it off hold the "-" button. The Le Wand Point may be uncomfortable for some to hold with the size and weight, but overall, this toy should be easy for all to use!

Le Wand Point -

This is the highest quality toy I have. It has a silicone head and a weighted metal body which makes it feel and look high quality. Also, the Point is very quiet and waterproof which I always look for in my vibrators!

Le Wand Point - <

For toys similar to the Le Wand Point it is more expensive but for me, it's worth it! This toy is also waterproof, and is such a good-looking, is great quality and quiet toy. It has 15 vibration patterns and 6 vibration intensities and comes with a travel bag, although I do have other similar toys that were slightly cheaper with more features. Overall, the Point is worth the purchase, but you may be able to find a similar priced toy with more features.

Le Wand Point -

The Le Wand Point is a solid toy to have in your collection! It is small and quiet while remaining strong. It also only takes an hour and a half to charge and lasts for approximately one hour. It is also waterproof so have fun in the water! With the price of the Point I hoped for more features like in app controls. Also, don't worry if it gets a little bit warm — it's designed to! While the Point doesn’t have fun app features or remote controls it is a great high quality toy!

Le Wand Point -

This is packaged elegant but not discreetly. The Le Wand Point comes in cleanly designed box with general information printed on the outside but does have an instruction and care manual inside! When I opened the box, the Point is the first thing you see but after removing the plastic insert inside you find the carrier bag and charger! Overall, it's packaged very well and professionally.

Le Wand Point -

The Point has a soft silicone head that should only be used with water-based lube. The body is made out of metal, so this toy weighs 182 g. Cleaning the Point couldn't be easier either! Run it under warm water and clean with a mild soap and make sure its dry before you store it in its bag!

Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns15
Length1.9 inches
Width1.4 inches
MaterialsSilicone and Body-Safe Metal
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableRose Gold, Purple, Black

Le Wand Point -

  • Fully waterproof
  • Travel-friendly
  • Super quiet

  • Pricey compared to similar toys
  • Meant for external use only
  • Can only be used with water-based lubes

The Le Wand Point is a great toy and beginner friendly! It features three buttons making it easy to maneuver through the 15 vibration patterns and 6 intensity levels. This is also a toy you can have fun in the water with as it is waterproof so take it in the tub or shower! And for those who travel this is a great option as it has a travel lock and is compact. Overall, the Le Wand Point is wonderful and I would definitely recommend it!