Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Mar 19, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
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: Heterosexual
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  • Are interested in the qualities of crystals
  • Want an accessory for tantric meditation
  • Want a tool for connecting to your yoni
  • Are looking for a more spiritual or mindful self-pleasure practice

  • Want a toy to make you orgasm
  • Are looking for a physically stimulating toy
  • Want a toy for anal use

The Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are a gorgeous set of pure rose quartz eggs that come with a lovely soft silicone sleeve for easy insertion and removal. They are great tools for connecting with your yoni and enjoying some slow sensual moments in your self-pleasure.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

Meditation, Masturbation, and Mmm a Good Cup of Tea

The three M’s that never fail! Whether enjoyed one at a time or all together, these three simple acts of self-care always leave me feeling grounded and connected to myself. I was interested in these yoni eggs to use as part of my tantric meditation practice. I love my Chakrubs Rose Quartz Dildo, but I wanted something that would stay in place while I meditated. Rose quartz is related to the heart chakra (Anahata) and is said to bring love and healing energy. Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, I like using crystals to help me focus my attention on and cultivate a certain energy. That and I am always drawn to soft, sensuality of rose quartz! When I took the yoni eggs out of the box, I was instantly enchanted by the beauty of the swirling colors and just how smooth and lovely they felt to hold.

A Ritual of Self-Pleasure

The first time I used the yoni eggs, I decided to make a full ritual for connecting to and honoring my sexual energy. Firstly, I meditated and did a yoga practice to ground myself and connect to the sensations in my body. Then I burned some sage to cleanse the crystals and myself (don’t worry, I washed them with soap and water too)! After cleansing the yoni eggs, I decided to start with just one and inserted it while I did a tantric meditation practice. As I meditated, I visualised the energy around the egg in my yoni growing and then that energy travelling up from my sacral chakra (Svadhistana) to my higher chakras. Although the egg itself doesn’t create a much sensation, it did help my set my intention and really tune into the fine sensations in my body. I’m always amazed by just how much energy, in the form of heat and small tingling sensations I feel when meditating in this way. I followed it up with some very slow and sensual self-pleasure, spending a lot of time exploring my whole body. The practice helped me feel much more connected to and grateful for my body.

Crystal Yoni Egg Controversy

Crystal yoni eggs and crystal dildos are a bit of a divisive sex toy. On the one hand, many claim them to have metaphysical healing powers. On the other hand, some say you should avoid them at all costs. As someone who is both quite spiritual but also very concerned about sex toy safety, I really did my research. The two main concerns are the porosity of crystals and whether yoni eggs are good for your pelvic floor. In terms of porosity, Le Wand states that the crystals have closed porosity, meaning they have tiny pores but only on the surface, meaning nothing can travel or grow inside the egg. Other sources say that rose quartz, in particular, is non-porous. Even though I am very particular about only using non-porous sex toys, I feel comfortable using rose quartz yoni eggs. The second concern is about the potential benefits and risks of using yoni eggs for pelvic floor health. I actually think yoni eggs can do more harm than good when it comes to pelvic floor strength as they don’t allow you to complete a full Kegel exercise, which involves tensing and relaxing. I would instead recommend using a pelvic floor trainer, like the Elvie, or completing your exercises without anything or as an integrated exercise in your general workout. Personally, I only use mine for short periods of meditation and try to squeeze around them. While I don’t support many of the claims attached to the power of yoni eggs, I do think they can be a good tool for helping to set intentions and explore a more mindful pleasure connection.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

There's not a single thing I could fault in the design. The crystal yoni eggs themselves are absolutely beautiful and so incredibly smooth. I find the egg shape sits very comfortably inside the vagina and they stay in place very well. I also like the addition of the soft, baby pink, silicone sling.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

The Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are incredibly easy to use. They come with a silicone sling that you can place them, which has a long flexible lead to make it easier to insert and remove the eggs. Personally, I prefer to use the eggs without the sling, as I just like to use one at a time and am not nervous about not being able to get them out — the vagina has a natural end-point so there's really nowhere for them to go! I've also found that once inside the vagina, they stay put very well even when walking around.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

The quality of both the eggs and the sling is very high. The eggs are completely smooth all over and the sling is made from silky soft silicone. I also really appreciate the high quality, padded suede-like storage pouch that comes with the set. Everything about this set feels luxurious!

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs - <

The Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are fairly pricey and they definitely fall into the category of a luxury sex toy. That being said, I don't think they are overpriced for the quality. I would say they are worth the money, but only if you aren't looking for a highly stimulating toy that can bring you to orgasm. I was also surprised that as well as the elegant padded storage pouch, the set came with a small hardback book about crystal sex toys and how to use them.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

I have been loving the Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs as part of my meditation practice to help me get more in touch with my sexual energy. Just having something that physical element to it really helps me to focus. Not to mention, they feel so special and that helps me really enjoy spending some slow, sensual time with myself. Many people use yoni eggs to train their pelvic floor muscles by tensing around the egg. However, I'm not such a fan of this as it doesn't allow the pelvic floor to fully relax in between and you need both the tensing and relaxing phase to complete a proper, healthy pelvic floor exercise.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

The Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs come packaged in a beautiful box with a pink and white marble design and small slip cover. It feels luxurious and a perfect representation of what's inside. When you open the box, you see the hardback book with a smaller box underneath it, which has the storage bag inside. When you remove all this, the yoni eggs inside the silicone sling are tucked in a padded foam insert to keep them safe.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

I have always been a bit skeptical about using crystal sex toys as I'm a non-porous materials kinda gal! With this in mind, I did check what the Le Wand website said about this. Thankfully, rose quartz is essentially non-porous and safe to use internally. I always make sure to clean the eggs thoroughly before and immediately after use. The eggs themselves are compatible with any kind of lube. However, the silicone sling should only be used with a water-based lubricant and not a silicone one. You can clean both the eggs and the sling with warm soap and water but you should never boil the eggs.

Length1,77 inches
Width1.18 inches
MaterialsRose Quartz, Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Weight0.011 lbs

Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs -

  • Beautiful, smooth eggs
  • Soft silicone sling for easy removal
  • Comes with a guide on crystal sex toys
  • Great for self-pleasure or tantric rituals

  • Doesn't provide a lot of physical sensation
  • Not good for pelvic floor exercises

I love the Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs! They've really added to my tantric meditation and sensual self-pleasure practice and I look forward to using them every time. The quality is fantastic and while they aren't the cheapest sex toy out there, I also don't think they are wildly expensive. One thing to keep in mind is that they aren't physically stimulating, so if you are looking for a sex toy that provides a lot of physical sensation or brings you to orgasm, these aren't the best tools for the job. However, if you want a tool to feel more connected, set intentions with or explore a more spiritual side of sex, these crystal yoni eggs are a fantastic option!

The Yoni Eggs come with a comprehensive hardcover guide to using crystal pleasure tools but you can also find an online manual here.

According to the Le Wand website, their crystal have what is called close porosity, meaning there can be some porosity but only on the surface. This means that any bacteria cannot permeate into the toy. Other sources state that rose quartz is non-porous because of it's density. It's a personal choice whether this meets your own personal standards.

This depends a lot on the quality of the yoni egg. You should always make sure they are new crystals made specifically for vaginal use. It's a good idea to inspect your eggs regularly for signs of damage and do not use them if you notice any cracks. Aside from that, make sure to clean them thoroughly before and after use. Lastly, do not leave your yoni egg inside you for extended periods of time and don't sleep with it in.

You can use any lube you like with rose quartz yoni eggs, including silicone lube. Just keep in mind that you can't use silicone lube with the silicone sleeve that comes with the Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs.

According to the Le Wand website they source the rose quartz from a region in China with ethical working conditions. The stones are conflict-free and mined with minimal environmental impact.

Yoni eggs are not the best way to exercise your pelvic floor and could actually end up doing more harm than good. I don't recommend using them for this purpose. Yoni eggs don't allow you to relax your pelvic floor muscles and only clenching your muscles can actually over work and strain them.