Lelo Enigma – Test & Review

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
May 19, 2023

Lelo Enigma – Test & Review<


Katarzyna Halinowska
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
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  • like powerful clitoral stimulation
  • enjoy sleek and unique designs
  • want a high-quality and durable toy
  • are looking for a precise suction head
  • want a flexible G-spot bulb for smooth and easy insertion

  • want a very discreet sex toy
  • are looking for a toy to use during penetration with a partner
  • want an app-enabled sex toy
  • are looking for very gentle pulsations rather than strong suction


The Lelo Enigma is a powerful dual-stimulating sonic massager that features SenSonic™ Technology that delivers waves of pulsation to the clitoris and a flexible, vibrating G-spot arm for internal pleasure. You can choose between 8 modes of vibration/pulsations with simple 3 function buttons. Enigma is made of silky-smooth silicone that feels amazing against the skin and is 100% body-safe and easy to clean. It’s also fully waterproof, so you can bring it to the bath to start your day by diving into the clitoral heaven!

Lelo Enigma -

Is my Clit Too Basic for Sonic Waves?

I decided to test out the Lelo Enigma as a total clit sucker newbie. I was super confident and thought I came prepared, but I had no idea what I got myself into! Let me just say the first time I used the Enigma; it didn’t look like a romantic scene from a Lelo commercial; it was more like a funny video of a cat getting its tail accidentally sucked by a vacuum cleaner… Well, Lelo didn’t lie when they said it’s a POWERFUL massager! The pulsations felt very intense from the start, and as a person who loves powerful and super rumbly vibrations on my clit, I was left very confused. I thought that perhaps I was too basic for such a technologically advanced sex toy, but I am very glad I gave Enigma another shot because I absolutely fell in love with it after another round!

Powerful orgasm? Mission accomplished!

After my first attempts left me sad and dry, I decided to change my approach. This time, I spent more time giving myself longer foreplay action, and I prepared much more lube. I didn’t instantly try to position the suction head right on my clit, but I moved it around to stimulate the larger area. Then I placed the head on the right spot for a few seconds and changed it again to give myself time to get used to pulsations. Once I felt ready and went all in, it was all worth it! I never came this hard, this quickly! The stimulation was very deep and so powerful, even in the lower settings. The Lelo Enigma surprised me this time, and my clitoris is very thankful to me! After I learned how to approach the Enigma, it was amazing every time I used it. The G-spot bulb is so smooth and flexible that I had no trouble sliding it in and reaching my spot, no matter my position.

Room for improvements?

I am a big fan of the Lelo Enigma, but a few things could have improved my experience. I wish the Enigma had dual controls so that you could control the pulsation and vibrations separately. I also found the edges of the head a bit weird; if they were more rounded, they would’ve been way more comfortable to use.

Lelo Enigma -

The Lelo Enigma brings the feel of luxury to the bedroom! I absolutely fell in love with the pink and purple gradient look on matte black silicone. It feels more sexy and edgy in comparison to regular pink or black sex toys. When it comes to practicality, I am really happy with the Lelo Enigma’s well-thought-out design. The g-spot bulb is very flexible and easily adjustable, and the clit stimulating head is placed on a perfect angle to reach the clitoris and provide you with an amazing orgasm! I only wish the opening was a bit bigger with more rounded edges. Right now, the stimulation feels more pinpointed, which feels super powerful in one spot, and I am one of the people that would prefer gentler stimulation in the bigger area. But, if you want a toy that will give you a knee-shaking orgasm within minutes, the Lelo Enigma deserves an A+!

Lelo Enigma -

The Lelo Enigma is super easy to use. It has 3 function buttons with a travel lock to control the vibration/sonic wave patterns easily and decrease or increase the intensity. Thanks to Enigma’s flexibility, hitting the G-spot is very easy; however, it might take a bit to find the right setting and position for your clit. Keep in mind that this toy has only one motor, so if you want to increase the G-spot stimulation, your clit will feel it too! And, as usual, Lelo toys start off with the highest settings, so check it out before you want to use it on your vulva, or your clit will make you scream, but not in a good way…

Lelo Enigma -

The Lelo Enigma is absolutely beautiful, and the silicone feels amazing! With Lelo sex toys, you can expect only high-quality materials and extra durability that will guarantee big O’s for many years. The vibrations and the sonic waves are very strong. For me, as the total clit suction newbie, they were even too strong. So if you are a big fan of very deep and intense stimulation, you won’t be disappointed! The sound, on the other hand, is not very pleasant. It’s not the most discreet toy, and the vibrations are not the quietest I experienced. So is the suction head, and with a bit of lube, it kind of sounds like gurgling sometimes. But that’s what is expected with all clit suckers. So, I guess this is the price we have to pay this price for a good sucking action!

Lelo Enigma - <

The Lelo Enigma is a great quality and very durable sex toy. The price might seem a bit high, but Lelo’s sex toys are known for their high quality, powerful motors, and beautiful designs, and Enigma definitely delivers all of the above. In addition, Enigma provides not only deep pleasure but also everything about this toy screams luxury. Starting from the beautiful packaging, exciting unboxing experiences, and the toy's quality is definitely worth the price!

Lelo Enigma -

As I expected from Lelo, the Enigma is one powerful sucker! The vibrations and the pulsations are so intense they will make you think that you’ve left this planet and found clitoris heaven! The G-spot bulb is super flexible, so you won’t have any trouble finding your sweet spot, and its size is not intimidating but big enough to bring a lot of pleasure. The sonic waves are very powerful to me, and even the lowest setting made me cum in only a few minutes, which was never achievable with a regular vibrator. My only problem is the one motor that controls both parts (the internal arm and the suction head). I wish I could control them separately, so I can add more vibrations to the G-spot while giving my clitoris more gentle stimulation and slowly building up the sensations. This is not the most discreet toy I own when it comes to sound. Especially, the suction mixed with wet lube is very specific, and I found it quite disturbing.

Lelo Enigma -

I can honestly say that unboxing sex toys is one of my guilty pleasures, and unpacking Lelo’s products is sooo satisfying! I love the classy but very sexy snake pattern on the box and how they beautifully displayed the toy on a soft material behind a see-through plastic window. Let’s not forget that Lelo Enigma came in with some goodies! A small pack of water-based lubricant, a manual, a USB cable, and a storage bag (thank God!) are hidden on the lower level of the box. The Lelo Enigma’s packaging is super classy and luxurious, and as the unboxing expert, I have no complaints!

Lelo Enigma -

The Lelo Enigma is made of medical-grade silicone, which is non-porous, 100% body-safe, and very easy to clean. It’s also fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water getting in the charging spot or the mouth on the suction head, because it’s also protected. It’s a great bath, buddy, so replace your old yellow duck with something more pleasurable. Overall, the cleaning took me only a few seconds. The residue came off right away, and Enigma was as smooth as new.

MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Vibration patterns8
Clitoral suction8 sonic wave patterns modes
Length7.3 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Width1.9 inches
Weight0.43 lbs
Charging Time120 minutes
Battery Life120 minutes
Colors AvailableDeep Rose, Black
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Travel LockYes

Lelo Enigma -

SenSonic™ Technology provides deep and intense clitoral stimulation without direct contact with the skin. Some people compare it with the feeling of oral sex, but I wouldn’t go that far. It’s definitely very pleasurable and makes you orgasm within minutes, if not even seconds. It’s way different than vibrations because it’s gentler, but feels incredibly deeper and more powerful. The Lelo Enigma’s special feature is made for those who enjoy clitoral stimulation and are looking for something specifically for that!

  • Powerful dual stimulation
  • Flexible G-spot bulb
  • Made with silky smooth silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful gradient accent
  • Luxurious packaging

  • Small suction head
  • Suction and vibrations can't be controlled separately
  • Not app-enabled

If you are looking for your first-ever sex toy, I wouldn’t recommend this one! It’s super powerful and provides very deep and intense stimulation that might be too much for some. But if you are a fan of all kinds of clitoral stimulation and you are looking for new sensations, Lelo Enigma is a total pro! You will fall in love with the smooth silicone and beautiful purple gradient. And the orgasms… are worth every penny!

If you are looking for more specific information, here is the manual for Lelo Enigma.

Lelo Enigma is a dual-action massager that features a clitoral stimulating head with sonic waves and a vibrating G-spot arm for internal pleasure. It has one motor that powers both parts, and you can control the intensity and the patterns of pulsation/vibrations via a simple 3-button system.

The sonic waves stimulate the clitoris without making direct contact with the skin. It can be described as pulsation, suction, or fluttering. It gives deeper and more intense clitoral stimulation than a regular rumbly vibrator. It’s a powerful and unique feeling that can bring you to climax within minutes after placing the head on the clitoris.

We always recommend using a water-based lubricant because it’s safe for all types of sex toys. Other types of lube may cause damage to the material, so get yourself the right lube and enjoy your toy for a very long time.