Lelo Ina 3 — Test & Review

   Kamila Maciejewska
May 30, 2023

Kamila Maciejewska
: 27
: Beginner
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Value powerful rumbly vibrations
  • Are looking for dual stimulation
  • Enjoy softer, friendlier design
  • Want to play with different vibration settings and intensities

  • Need more adjustable design
  • Prefer a more seductive look
  • Want external stimulation only


The Lelo Ina 3 is a waterproof rabbit vibrator available in 3 pastel-ish colors: Blue, Coral and Green. This dual-action massager comes with an extended range of vibration intensities, 10 funky vibration settings and a velvety soft feel, and is all packaged in a friendly and compact design with a curved shape to hit all the right spots. Plus, it's USB-rechargeable, and made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic.

Lelo Ina 3 -

As this was my first time trying a rabbit vibrator, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was interested to see what might be special about them but my experience with the Ina 3 comes with a bit of mixed feelings. 

Getting Friendly with the Ina

The visual design of the Ina wasn’t something I was super excited about, as I felt like it wasn’t exactly matching the luxurious experience I had unpacking the original LELO box it arrives in. It also took me a few tries to learn the buttons, especially in darkness and relying on touch only, which I get into a little bit later. It took me some time for it to become intuitive.


It was a little bit of a struggle at first to find the right position I would enjoy using it most, due to the clitoris stimulator putting a bit too much pressure on me. After a few sessions, we got acquainted enough to find a placement that worked well to have some comfortable fun. Thanks to the Ina, I did discover what kind of pressure and placement would work for me best in this set-up.

More Than Enough Vibrations

Exploring the range of vibration settings was definitely… fun. Before the first use, I sat down to explore what it has to offer and avoid distracting myself later. Some of the settings were a bit confusing to figure out at first — more intensity was needed to actually feel a change within the first few settings. In the end, I arrived at some kind of Beethoven’s symphony, which is quite explosive as it mixes up different intensities. As creative as it is, I did not dare (yet) to use that setting during the actual self-care time. The first 3 settings were more than enough for me.

Lelo Ina 3 -

The design of the Lelo Ina 3 is both an advantage and disadvantage of this rabbit vibrator. Let me start by emphasizing the incredibly soft feel of the silicone and its delicate, organic curves, which are a pleasure to hold and look at. On the other hand, I’m not convinced about the white plastic hand holder part that it was paired with — it just doesn’t feel sexy enough to me. As friendly as the colors look, I’d personally prefer a more exclusive look. Last but not least, the curved design of the clitoris vibrator was putting a bit too much pressure and wasn’t adjustable enough for me when inserted.

Lelo Ina 3 -

The Lelo Ina 3 comes with 4 buttons: 2 for adjusting the strength of vibrations, 2 for changing vibration modes. The buttons are made from a different material with a concave surface to make it easy to navigate when they’re out of sight. It took a few times for me to get used to this design during use and I’d prefer some more differentiation in the feel of the buttons between the strength buttons set and settings buttons set. However, the curvy body of the Ina 3 makes it easy to insert and handle.

Lelo Ina 3 -

The quality of the Lelo Ina 3 feels reliable and durable. The initial feel of the silicone, the shape and details makes it seem like a high-quality toy. The vibrations provided are deep and feel pleasant on the body, with more than enough strengths and settings to play with. The vibrations are as quiet as they can get, at least compared to the other vibrators I own. The only part that I have doubts about is the charging slot cover, which seems (too) easily removable.

Lelo Ina 3 - <

The Lelo Ina 3 is definitely priced high on the range for rabbit vibrators. The quality and packaging follow the price, which feels exclusive at first sight. I’m not convinced I would be prepared to spend that much out of my own pocket, perhaps I’d go for some other visual design and make sure it’s more adjustable to my own anatomy.

Lelo Ina 3 -

As somebody who’s quite sensitive to touch, I was surprised the first 3 lowest vibration intensities were not really enough for me to feel Ina's power. The vibration intensities were something I explored the most this time. Still, I did not get anywhere beyond 5 as it was becoming too intense. The battery life is nothing to complain about — after 6 sessions it’s still going strong.

Lelo Ina 3 -

The packing that the Ina 3 comes with feels luxurious and sleek. The black, elegant box material, gold details and see-through window all add to the unboxing experience. It also comes with a couple of extras: a storage pouch, a packet of water-based lubricant, a USB cable, 1-year warranty card and a tiny manual, which are all hidden out of sight beneath the vibrator itself. Overall, I loved unboxing this toy.

Lelo Ina 3 -

The Lelo Ina 3 is made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. Even though it is supposed to be waterproof, I had some double thoughts about the charging slot protection. It doesn’t take much to open it and that’s the last thing I’d want to worry about during some shower quality time. That also influenced washing, when I tried to be more careful around the charging slot. The upside is it’s pretty lightweight and compact for a rabbit vibrator while offering lots of power. It also comes with a discreet black storage pouch.

Vibration modes10
Length7.9 inches
Insertable length4.3 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery LifeUp to 120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableCoral Red, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue

Lelo Ina 3 -

  • Dual stimulation
  • Many vibration settings and intensities
  • Rumbly vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Quality

  • Charging slot cover too easily removable
  • Not too adjustable
  • White plastic feels a bit cheap

Even though there were a few things that I wasn't that satisfied with, I still think the LELO Ina 3 is an exciting rabbit vibrator with a fantastic range of vibration patterns and intensities. It's easy to learn and use for a beginner, which together with its look and feel make it a beautiful, friendly dual stimulator to start with. The quality and packaging definitely contribute to the experience, though I would wish for more adjustability and functionality for this price range.

You can find the LELO Ina 3 manual here on LELO official website.

Ina 3 uses a USB charger. Plug the DC plug into the charging port on the bottom of the INA 3. The LED lights on the INA 3 buttons will flash to indicate charging. When it is fully charged (about 2 hours), the lights will light up constantly. When the battery is low, the LED on the INA 3 flashes red.

Use Ina 3 with water-based lubricants only. Lelo Ina 3 is waterproof, so simply use warm water and either mild, unscented soap or a sex toy cleaner. Clean, then rinse again and let dry. Clean Ina 3 thoroughly before and after each use. Store Ina 3 in a dust-free place using the storage pouch included in the package.