LELO Soraya Wave – Test & Review

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
Oct 16, 2023

LELO Soraya Wave – Test & Review<


Katarzyna Halinowska
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
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  • want to upgrade your classic rabbit vibrator
  • want a rabbit vibrator with a slim shaft
  • are looking for a quiet vibrator
  • want to experience natural, finger-like movement during penetration

  • are looking for very powerful vibrations
  • want an app-enabled/app-controlled sex toy
  • want a very flexible rabbit vibrator
  • are on a budget


The Lelo Soraya Wave is one of the most luxurious and modern rabbit vibrators on the market! Its matte silicone design with sparkly golden detailing adds a touch of sophistication during your me-time. But what makes this rabbit unique is an innovative WaveMotion technology, that is designed to imitate the sensation of fingering. It also has 2 separate motors for total control over your vibrations and 8 different modes to choose from. The slim shape, flexible clitoral stimulation, and gentle and rumbly vibrations will please many crowds. And on top of that, the Lelo Soraya Wave is 100% waterproof, whisper-quiet, and super easy to use and maintain!

LELO Soraya Wave -

My First Time With Soraya Wave

The first time I held the Soraya Wave I was impressed by the silky smooth silicone and the beautiful golden detailing. I also think the unique shape and the rounded base are a great touch that not only looks sexy but also feels nice in your hand. When I first turned on the vibrations, I found them to be nice and rumbly, but not as powerful as some of the Lelo vibrators I’ve tested previously. It makes sense to have gentler vibrations when the main feature is the WaveMotion technology, but this feature wasn’t as impressive as I thought. The movement feels nice, it adds some natural movements to stimulation, which also makes the “rabbit head” more stimulating on the clit, but I think the stiffness of the shaft and the slim size didn’t hit my G-spot.

The Good and the Bad

Even though I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the experience the Soraya Wave gave me, I can’t say it’s a bad sex toy. The design is stunning, the sound is quiet, and the silicone feels great, it’s just the shape and size that I wish was better suited for my body. I wish the shaft was more bulbous and I found the clitoral stimulator too thin, too rigid, and hard to control. In some positions, it was putting too much pressure on my body, and in others, it was too short to reach the right spot. But I still had a very nice time testing Soraya, and I managed to reach an orgasm, but I’ve had more intense ones with other, cheaper rabbits. I was just surprised not to love the WaveMotion technology on the Lelo Soraya Wave because I loved it when I and my partner were testing the Lelo Loki Wave 2.

To Sum It Up

I think the Lelo Soraya Wave is a really good rabbit vibrator, it’s discreet, has nice vibrations and the finger-like motion adds something unique to the experience, but it won’t work on all body types. I would suggest it to a beginner who isn’t used to bigger insertable sex toys and like gentler vibrations. If you are like, and you prefer a bigger size, more flexibility, and versatility with your rabbits I would suggest going for rabbits like Lelo Ina 3 or We-Vibe Nova 2.

LELO Soraya Wave -

The Lelo Soraya Wave is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious vibrators out there. The Soraya Wave’s design is more sleek and modern, it has a rounded bottom that allows for a more comfortable grip and golden accessories that add a more high-end feel. It features a slim shaft and a small, but flexible clitoral stimulator. The shaft itself is slim and quite short, but it has a slightly curved shape and a rounded tip for deeper G-spot stimulation. The clitoral stimulator is a bit rigid but flexible enough to reach all the good spots!

LELO Soraya Wave -

The Lelo Soraya Wave is extremely easy to use! This rabbit vibrator is so small and slim, that even beginners will find it comfortable to insert. The 3-button control system is easy to operate and navigate during play. Also, Soraya’s vibrations and the finger-like stimulation are gentle, so no matter the experience you’ll find it comfortable to use. On the other, there is no remote/app-control which limits some play scenarios. Also, the shaft and the “rabbit head” are quite hard and they are not as flexible as some of the rabbits I’ve tested.

LELO Soraya Wave -

Lelo’s sex toys are known for their top-notch quality, silky-smooth materials, and rumbly vibrations, and the Lelo Soraya Wave is no different. It’s classy, shiny, and super smooth. The silicone feels great, the vibrations are rumbly and quiet, and the WaveMotion technology feels natural and not overwhelming. However, given the price I was expecting something more; the shaft and the clitoral stimulator are not as soft and flexible as other vibrators I’ve tested, and I think the vibrations could be more powerful.

LELO Soraya Wave - <

The Lelo Soraya Wave is a pricey sex toy! It’s one of the most expensive rabbit vibrators on the market, but I am not sure it’s worth it. Sure, the design is absolutely stunning, but I was expecting more power, deeper stimulation, and a more flexible design. Also, this toy doesn’t have any type of remote control. Usually, I think all Lelo sex toys are worth the money, but in this case, I think it’s a bit overpriced.

LELO Soraya Wave -

This rabbit vibrator performs well, the stimulation is gentle, and not too overwhelming. The vibrations are nice and rumble, but not as powerful as some other competitors. The “come-hither” motion feels comfortable and it adds more natural movements during penetration, definitely makes up for the power of vibrations. I wouldn’t say it actually feels like fingering, but it’s definitely more comfortable and life-like than a regular rabbit. The clitoral stimulation disappointed me a bit, in my opinion, the head is way too small and too rigid, and it won’t suit a lot of different body types. On the other hand, the size and slim shape of the shaft, plus pleasant and rumbly vibrations will suit many people no matter their experience.

LELO Soraya Wave -

The Lelo Soraya Wave came in a classic Lelo packaging; a sturdy, matte black box with many goodies on the inside. The box contains a USB charger, a small pack of lube, a manual guide, a nice satin storage bag, and a warranty card. As I mentioned a few times in my previous reviews, the Lelo packaging is one of my favorites to unbox, it feels high-end, luxurious, and very sexy!

LELO Soraya Wave -

Cleaning the Lelo Soraya is pretty easy. It is 100% waterproof and covered in non-porous and smooth, which makes cleaning fast and effortless, but the gold detailing is another story. Cleaning the crevices will take some extra time, and it’s quite annoying, but if you are like me, and enjoy all kinds of shiny accessories, it’s all worth it!

Length8.5 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter0.95 inches
Vibration modes8+ WaveMotion
Charging Time120 minutes
Battery Life120 minutes
Colors AvailableMidnight Blue, Black, Deep Rose
Storage Bag IncludedYes

LELO Soraya Wave -

  • Quiet and rumbly vibrations
  • WaveMotion technology
  • Luxurious design
  • Silky smooth silicone
  • Waterproof

  • The clitoral stimulator is quite small and hard
  • The slim shaft might be too small for more experienced users
  • Not so easy to clean

Overall, I think that the Lelo Soraya Wave is a nice, luxurious rabbit, for those who appreciate gentle and beginner-friendly sex toys. The slim shaft is really easy to insert and it’s comfortable to use. When it comes to the clitoral stimulator, it’s not as good as I expected. I might work for those who prefer a more pin-pointed clit stimulation, personally, I prefer a softer and wider shape. The main feature of the Lelo Soraya Wave, the WaveMotion technology was a hit-and-miss for me. I enjoyed the finger-like movements, I wouldn’t say it felt like fingering, but it adds a unique stimulation. It felt nice to feel something more than the vibrations during penetration, but because the shaft is so slim and small I had to work for it to actually hit my G-spot. I don’t think that the Soraya Wave will make it one of my favorite rabbit vibrators in my collection, but I am sure I will be reaching for it sometimes!

While both devices are dual-action vibrators, the Soraya Wave includes the added WaveMotion technology for a more intense and realistic internal massage.

WaveMotion technology enables the Soraya Wave to mimic a "come-hither" motion, with the shaft moving in a wave-like motion to stimulate the G-spot. This technology sets the Soraya Wave apart from traditional vibrators.

The Soraya Wave is made with silicone, which means a water-based lube is the only suitable product. This is the only lubricant that ensures the longevity of the toy material.