Liberator Wanda Toy Mount — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
May 26, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Love hands free stimulation
  • Like to grind against your sex toys
  • Enjoy rocking your hips
  • Want to use your wand during partnered sex
  • Already have a wand vibrator or don't mind buying one

  • Want to use toys other than wands
  • Are in a much bigger or smaller than average body

The Liberator Wanda is a sex pillow that also has a slot for holding a wand-style vibrator, allowing you to ride your favorite wand hands-free during solo or partner play. The pillow is made from Liberator's high-density foam, with a moisture proof inner cover and a soft, machine-washable outer cover.

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

Wand-er Woman

I am definitely a wand woman. The broad rumbly stimulation really does it for me, and I don’t know where I would be without my beloved Doxy Die Cast. The only downside to wands is that they are big and heavy, so I really love the idea of being able to enjoy a wand hands-free both during solo play and partner play — it feels a little more seamless and less intrusive. I’m also a massive fan of Liberator’s sex pillows, and I pretty much always reach for the Jaz and the Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo during partnered sex. So when I had the chance to combine two of my favorite sex accessories in one, I was pretty excited!

Riding Solo

The first time I tried using the Liberator Wanda, it took a little time to find a comfortable position where the wand was resting up against my clit with just the right amount of pressure. I’m glad I tried this out solo first to experiment with which angles work best. For me kneeling over the mount or on all fours worked best, and I found I had to make sure the wand was fairly far down in the cushion for the best position. This is a great prop for watching yourself in the mirror or video/long-distance sex!

Partner Play

We tried it in doggy style first as this seemed like the most intuitive way to use it. It took a bit of wiggling about to find the right position. I also found that because of the movement coming from behind, it was either not enough pressure or too much. It felt good but I prefer having more control over the level of stimulation. I think this one will take a bit of practice to get it just right, not that I mind that! I think we both enjoyed it a lot more as a fun addition to a blow job with me kneeling over the Wanda and him sitting on the edge of the bed or standing up. In this position, I had a lot more control over the pressure and angle of the stimulation, and could enjoy multiple orgasms. My boyfriend also commented on how much it added to oral for him as he got to enjoy the vibrations of all the noises I was making and seeing how much I was getting off while I went down on him, so I guess it was a hit all round!

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

I'm a big fan of Liberators designs and love they make sex furniture look so sensual! I have quite the collection at this point and the Wanda is a welcome addition. The curves of the pillow work well in a variety of positions, but I do think it's made with straight size people in mind. If you are particularly short, tall or in a bigger body, I'm not sure how well the Wanda will work. It comes in two colors — merlot and aubergine. Mine is the merlot color, and while I do like it, I think the aubergine is more my taste. It can be used with both cordless and corded wands but keep in mind for corded wands with fixed cords, you will have to fold the cord over and have the end poking out of the bottom. When using the Wanda with my Doxy Die Cast, I'm a lot more careful not to put any pressure on the base of the cord as I would be truly heartbroken to break it!

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

While the pillow itself is pretty straight-forward, I think the Wanda does come with a little learning curve as you need figure out how to make it work with your body. Finding the right height for the wand and the angles and amount of pressure that work for you can take a bit of experimentation, but don't worry, you'll have fun doing it! The same goes with using it with a partner. It might take a few tries to find the sweet spot. The big downside to the Wanda's design is that you can't access the wand buttons to adjust the intensity without taking it out of the pillow, although I understand this is unavoidable. I love using it with my Doxy Die Cast wand vibrator but I am worried about damaging the cord connection as you have to fold the cable over on itself and the end sticks out of the bottom of the Wanda. I would say it's easier to use with a cordless wand than a corded one.

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

The Liberator Wanda, like all of the Liberator products I've tried so far, is fantastic quality. The cover is made of Liberator's Plush Faux Velvet, which feels a little softer and fluffier than the fabric on the Jaz or Wedge-Ramp Combo. I love how soft and sensual it feels against my skin. I also appreciate that the removable cover has thick, strong zips that will withstand being taken off and put on for washing.

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount - <

I think the Wanda is fairly priced for what you are getting. It's not the cheapest sex pillow out there but it is fantastic quality that's made to last! That being said, before investing, I would consider what you are looking for. If you know wands are your thing and that is your primary reason for getting sex pillow, absolutely go for the Wanda. If you are looking for something to use with a dildo or other sex toy, check out the other options on their website, like the BonBon or Pulse.

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

The foam is high-density but does still compact a little if you put your full body weight on it. I would love if it was just a little firmer. Aside from that, I think the Wanda performs really well. It stays put during use and holds the wand nice and steady!

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

I received my Wanda directly from Liberator HQ so my Wanda didn't come in the usual packaging, but I was happy to see it still came in a nice discreet box. Inside, the pillow was vacuum wrapped in plastic to take up less transport space and the soft cover was in it's own plastic bag. It also had a little sticker explaining that you should unroll the plastic rather than cutting it open.

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

The cover of the Liberator Wanda slips off easily and can be washed in the washing machine on a cool wash. I really like that the inner cover is moisture resistant as well so even if you are a squirter, the foam is protected! While it's not the biggest sex pillow out there, it does take up a bit of storage space, so that's something to keep in mind. A little space in the bottom of a cupboard or storage room or even a high bed with storage under it, would be perfect for storing the Wanda. At this point, I need a separate storage cupboard for all my Liberator pillows, but alas my humble apartment does not come equipped with added sex toy storage, so for now, they are out on display. They can collect a bit of dust but at least they look nice!

Length20 inches
Width11 inches
Height8 inches
MaterialsPolyurethane foam, polyester liner, faux velvet cover
WaterproofMoisture-resistant liner
Colors AvailableMerlot, aubergine

Liberator Wanda Toy Mount -

  • Ride your wand hands-free
  • Works with corded and non-corded full-sized wands
  • Soft, machine-washable cover
  • Can be used solo or with a partner

  • Only fits full-sized wands
  • Bit of a learning curve to find the right positions
  • Might not suit bigger or smaller bodies
  • Can't change wand settings during use

Overall, I've really enjoyed using the Wanda and definitely think it' a great way to use wand vibrators for solo or partnered play. Personally, I can see myself using it more for partner play, as it was so nice to use my wand hands-free during penetrative sex or while giving oral sex. Unfortunately, I think the design is a bit limited when it comes to how well it would work for larger or smaller bodies and it does feel a bit awkward to position at times. However, once you find that sweet spot, it's all worth it!

Yes! You can use the Wanda to get some added clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex with a partner (penis or dildo). Kneeling and doggy are great positions for this.

Yes, you can use the Wanda with a corded wand — if the plug is too big to push through the hole, you can either push the head of the wand up through the hole so the cable comes out of the bottom or

The Wanda isn't set up for holding a dildo. If you want a mount to use with a dildo, you should check out the Tula, BonBon, Pulse or Wing.

The Wanda was designed to be compatible with the Magic Wand Original (a.k.a. the Hitatchi Magic Wand) but will work with most full sized magic wand vibrators. It will not work with compact or mini wands.