Lovehoney Dual Embrace — Test & Review

   Britnee Wild
Mar 14, 2024

Britnee Wild
: 32
: moderate
: female
: pan
: Butterfly Clitoral Vibrator from Pure Romance

  • prefer clitoral stimulation.
  • like a toy with a larger girth.
  • don't move around a lot during use.
  • can reach and maneuver between your own legs.

  • enjoy the in-and-out or move around a lot.
  • have a smaller vaginal opening.
  • have an overly sensitive clitoris.
  • usually take more than 15 minutes to orgasm.
  • have difficulties reaching and manipulating items between your legs.


The Lovehoney Dual Embrace has a luxurious, silky, black, latex-free, phthalate-free silicone design with a clitoral suction, a vibrating wand, and warming function. The shaft is flexible with 3 speeds and 7 vibration patterns, and warms to 46 degrees Celsius. The clitoral stimulator has 6 suction intensity levels to choose from so you get just the right amount. This toy can be used as a regular vibrating wand with or without the clit suction or warming component and has a travel lock.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

When I saw the Lovehoney Dual Embrace and all of its features, I was extremely excited to get it. I’ve never used a toy with a clit suction so this intrigued me to most since I can usually only orgasm with clit stimulation. I watched the tracking and my partner woke me up the day it was to arrive with a “New Toy Day” song. I heard the doorbell and knew exactly what would be waiting for me.

First Impressions

After opening the box, I found a beautiful, purple box and inside was a cheap, clear, plastic zip-lock bag. The toy itself turned out to be a very well designed, expensive looking, extremely flexible, black silicone. Even the handle appeared to be ergonomic. It did, however seem larger and bulkier than my previous toys, but I was willing. My partner took one look and named it my new “Darth Vader” toy. The instructions were very thorough and clear, which was good because there are only two buttons and 3 different features: clit suction, vibrations, and a warming setting. I attached the magnetic charging port and went about my afternoon.

First Use

The magnet on the charging port isn’t very strong, so it had slipped off when I set it down, so we had to let it charge a little longer before use. When it was ready, we were more than ready as well. The instruction booklet it mentioned to “never use the product for more than 15 minutes in one area,” so I knew we needed to have some foreplay first. When we thought the time was right, we applied the lube as recommended and followed the directions. After inserting the g-spot vibrator, it was awkward and difficult to place the stimulation head onto my clitoris. The angle and design of the toy made it hard to do on my own. Even when my partner tried to help, it took several minutes and multiple tries to get it to the right spot. Once positioned, I was afraid to move because it would shift out of alignment and I’d have to reposition. This made it impossible to use it as a couple, so it was abandoned without an orgasm.

Second Use-Solo

After the failed attempt, we decided that it might be easer on my own so I gave it another try. After getting myself ready using the tip of the vibrator like a regular vibe on my clit and sliding in and out, I added lube and tried to position it correctly. It took a few tries, but I got it in the right spot and pushed through the buttons to find just the right level of suction. It felt good. Almost like when my partner sucks my clit into their mouth and rolls a tongue over the nub. Then, I turned on the vibrations and could hardly feel the clit suction anymore. Also, once again, if I moved at all, it would shift out of place and need to be repositioned again. I persevered and was able to orgasm, but it took a bit longer and was frustrating.


As a person who likes the in-and-out thrusting and direct vibration to the clit, I was disappointed. I can see the value in a clit suction stimulator, but it wasn’t all I had hoped for. During the first use, when we set it aside to finish, the warming feature was left on and when I went to retrieve it was extremely hot to touch. Not enough to burn but should definitely not be used for longer than the suggested 15 minutes.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

This toy looks expensive. The black just adds to that appearance. The silicone is soft and molded beautifully. As someone with sensitive skin and allergies, I appreciate that it's Latex- and Phthalate-Free. The curve of the handle makes it easy to hold and handle, even with wet hands. If you have mobility issues, this toy is a little heavier and difficult to place. The biggest problem I had was that the suction didn't stay on my clit when I finally got it in the right spot.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

The position of the clitoral suction stimulator lines up to me well, but is difficult to place and doesn't stay during use. If you are someone with mobility or grip issues, this isn't the toy for you. The buttons are a bit complicated but once you know which ones do what they are conveniently located and easy to press through while in position.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

This toy is made well and durable. It looks expensive and could probably be used regularly without showing signs of wear-and-tear. The vibrations are not silent, but I wouldn't worry about anyone in the next room hearing them.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator - <

Not the most expensive toy I've purchased by far, but also not cheap. The amount of features you get makes the price seem reasonable. If you haven't tried a clitoral suction toy before and you're not sure if you will enjoy it, you may want to start with something a little less expensive before jumping in on this one.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

In the end, I was left unsatisfied. The suction was hard to place and dislodged with even minor movement. The vibrations from the wand were pleasurable and not extremely loud, but lessened the clitoral stimulation when they were on. The warming feature made the shaft very hot if left on, so it's like you're on a timer to make sure you finish within 15 minutes.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

The Lovehoney Dual Embrace came in a pretty, purple box with a lot of information about its features. If I were shopping at a store instead of online, my eye would have been drawn to the packaging. It also described all of it's features well enough to help me make the decision to get it.

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

The Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free silicone is soft and smooth, making it slide in easily. The toy itself is heavier than other wands I've used but not cumbersome. While I didn't use it in the bath, LoveHoney describes it as "submersible" in water, meaning that it is fully waterproof.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Clitoral suction6 modes
Length9 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.43 inches
Battery Life80 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Travel LockYes
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack

Lovehoney Dual Embrace Warming G-Spot and Clitoral Suction Rabbit Vibrator -

This is the first toy I’ve seen with a warming feature in the shaft. I wasn’t sure if I’d like that, but the heat gave it a little extra during use, especially on a cold, winter night. The slowly increasing temperature mixed with the different vibration levels and speeds can offer an enhanced experience.

  • Easy to insert wand shaft.
  • Plenty of vibration settings/speeds to choose from.
  • Flexible.

  • Difficult to position.
  • Moves out of place easily.
  • Warming feature gets very hot with extended use.
  • Suggested 15 Minute use.

If you like the sensation of having your clit sucked during oral sex but have no one around to oblige, then this might be the toy for you. The Lovehoney Dual Embrace is a luxurious, silky black toy with lots to offer. The insertable shaft not only has 3 speeds and 7 vibration patterns, it also has a warming feature. Also, the clitoral stimulator has 6 suction intensity levels for you to choose from. This toy can be difficult to position and keep in place but has loads of potential.

There is a user manual included in the packaging, but unfortunately there does not seem to be a copy available online.

Yes. It has 6 different intensities to choose from.

Yes. The shaft has it's own button, speeds, and patterns.

No. Off/On, changing levels, patterns, and intensity are all done on the buttons on the device.

90 minutes.

Yes. While there is an 80 minute run time before having to recharge, there is a suggestion of 15 minutes of continues use in one area.