Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine — Test & Review

   Haley Mae
Jul 10, 2024

Haley Mae
: 21
: Beginner
: female
: Pansexual

  • Don't mind loud toys
  • Want a lightweight sex machine
  • Are looking for strong thrusts
  • Want a sex machine for travel

  • Dont like loud toys
  • Want a cheaper toy
  • Struggle to use dildos


The Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine is large and in charge with a suction cup base that picks and chooses what it wants to stick too. There are ten different thrusting modes and ten different vibration modes, all controlled with a remote. Also, did I mention that this toy has a heating option? When you open up your Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine, there will be the base of the toy and the two different toys that should both be individually wrapped with one being a curved purple dildo and the other being a realistic-looking one.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

First Impressions

When I first opened the Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine I was in awe, truly, but after opening the package itself, the main thing I couldn’t figure out was where to plug the charger in. After looking on the website (because I couldn’t find it on the box), I finally found out the it goes straight into the middle of the base. This is a very confusing toy. I didn’t understand how to turn it on, how to use the functions or how to turn the vibrations on, so I did what anyone would do and I looked up videos online — there was only one available, and even they were confused.

The Suction Cup Base

At the base of the Love Motion is a lever that you have to push down on to activate the suction at the base. It didn’t state that anywhere though, so I was frustrated at first because the suction wouldn’t work unless the lever is pulled. Personally, I believe that the suction isn’t that strong. When I tried to stick it in the shower it wouldn’t stick, or when I tried it on painted walls, wood floors, or my nightstand. The suction worked fine for me on the headboard and it did stick nicely, but it is definitely picky about where it wants to stick.

The Heating and Vibrations

When I first picked this toy, I mostly picked it because it had a heating feature — that was much wanted after my last dildo review, which was glass. Overall, I enjoyed the heating! Some people in their reviews said that it felt like it was too hot, but for me I thought it added to the experience in a positive way. Next, the vibrations were a little more complicated as I still don’t know how to get them to turn on. The manual says that it can just vibrate without thrusting, but I cant seem to turn the toy on without it starting to thrust, so I’m still not sure on that one.

The 2 different dildo

Overall I think that including 2 different dildos was an amazing choice, not only is there a realistic one but there is also a purple one that has an extremely thick head, and while I couldn’t really get any use out of the purple toy I think that it would be great for a pro whose used to girth. Finally, if you were to ask me which part of the toy I liked best I would have to say I liked the realistic dildo and the vibrations only because I am a pretty classic girl and I struggled to take the girth of the toy.    

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

The Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine is an absolute beast with the design only reinforcing that statement. The toy did a very good job at thrusting but I definitly had issues with where I could suction it too and if I got it to suction it would sometimes fall off which actually really hurt. The suction cup was very picky about where it would suction to, and it fell off my headboard a couple times, which was definitely not pleasurable. But overall, I think that if you had a very smooth and flat place to stick the Love Motion, it would work perfectly.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

When figuring out how to use this toy, I was and still am a bit confused, and online reviews didn't help at all. The main thing that I struggled with was the control panel on the front of the toy — trying to figure out how to make the toy heat up without thrusting and how to make it vibrate without thrusting was a challenge, as when you turn the toy on, it immediately starts thrusting. Besides this, if you want a thrusting toy that will get you to orgasm city, this is the toy for you. It's strong and both dildos are smooth like silk inside of you. Personally, this toy's learning curve is a pretty big one. I would say that the time it will take for you to master this toy is right around a month or two, depending on how experienced you are and how often you use it.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

The Love Motion Sex Machine has a very nice quality about it. It's very reliable, with a one hour battery life — you don't really need much longer, due to it being a thruster and not a vibrator. I found that it was easy to charge because the cable goes into the toy and it stays there, theres nothing worse than a vibrator where the charger doesn't want to stay put. The toy is pretty loud in my opinion — it is the noisiest of all four that I own.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine - <

For this toy specifically, the price tag is expensive in comparison to other vibrators you can buy, but in comparison to other sex machines, it's pretty reasonable. When you open your Love Motion Thrusting, you will see the base of the toy, the remote, and 2 dildos that should come inside an unopened bag. While this didn't knock me off my feet, it also wasn't terrible because it does have so many settings and modes that you can kick it into.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

This was the first toy I have ever reviewed that had mixed reviews, with the rating being a 3.2, but I can say confidently that this toy exceeded my expectations. The Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine was a little bit painful to use at first because it was a much bigger toy than I have used in the past and it was pretty girthy as well, but with enough lube anything is possible. The battery life was okay, I think that having the toy only run for an hour is a bit inconvenient because there's nothing worse than when a sex toy dies inside you.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

As I stated previously, the packaging didn't blow me away. I did like how small it was, though, because I originally thought that being a sex machine would make it huge. But, it was just as big as a regular dildo would be. The packaging still didn't blow me away like the Icicles packaging did, however. It also doesn't come with a storage bag or any type of extras, unless you count the extra dildo you recieve in tandom with.

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

Both of the included dildos were pretty heavy and made of body-safe silicone. Since even the base of the two toys are not waterproof, I just wipe them down with a water-based cleaning wipe. The Lovehoney Love Motion not being waterproof was definitely not a positive for me, because I like to do a big wash of all my toys at least once a week, even if they're not used.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Thrust Modes10
LengthDildo 1:7 inches, Dildo 2: 7.5 inches
Insertable lengthDildo 1: 6.5 inches, Dildo 2: 7 inches
DiameterBoth Dildos: 1.5 inches
Width4.75 inches
AdjustableYes, Angle is adjustable
MaterialsDildos: Silicone, Machine: Silicone, ABS Plastic
Battery LifeMachine: 60 minutes
Remote ControlsYes, Handheld Remote
App ControlsNo
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack (Dildos: Purple, Light Skin Tone)

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine -

  • Powerful thrusts and vibrations
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with a remote
  • Warming function

  • Not waterproof
  • Hard to figure out
  • Suction cup doesn't want to stick all the time
  • Expensive
  • No storage bag

The Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine is amazing — it's the boyfriend that actually goes as fast as you ask! Personally, this toy was a little confusing to work out and there aren't many other reviews, so there was a big learning curve. This toy won't be one that you get right out of the box and find your favorite setting, but if you like a challenge then mastering this toy is the one for you! Additionally, the suction cup was hard to figure out but with some (read: lots) of testing, I have, for the most part, figured this toy out.