Lovehoney Power Petal — Test & Review

   Anna Dill
Jun 13, 2024

Anna Dill
: 23
: Intermediate
: Female
: Queer

  • Love receiving oral sex
  • Enjoy being penetrated during sex
  • Want to try something new

  • Are not very sensitive to suction
  • Find it difficult to enjoy vaginal sex


The Lovehoney Power Petal is a dual stimulation toy with a clit sucking flower head on one end and a thrusting egg vibrator on the other end. You get twice as much stimulation for twice as much pleasure. The two stimulators are attached by a flexible red silicone cord. With its smooth feel and generous heft, you can pleasure yourself and feel classy doing it. You put the flower head on your clitoral area and slide that egg thruster deep into your sweet spot. It has 19 unique functions to explore and feels powerful in your hand.

Lovehoney Power Petal -

Could This Be Love?

At first glance, I was impressed with the color of the Power Petal. The red color is bold yet luxurious, a red rose and its bud presented for my pleasure. I charged it for about 30 minutes and it was good to go. After cleaning it and getting into the mood, I jumped into bed to give her a trial run. I’ve had one previous experience with a clit suction toy, which left me unimpressed. My hopes were riding high for the Power Petal though. Surely, a beauty this ruby red would make me see the red of my closed eyelids bursting with white tonight?

Perhaps, Love is Supposed to Be a Journey?

I enjoyed using this toy and exploring the different sensations the toy had to offer. For me, the suction felt powerful at first, but as time went on it stopped feeling powerful in a good way. It felt like my clit was too numb from everything to truly translate the sensation into pleasure. I get a bit sore much faster than I am able to reach my orgasm with this toy. I think its because I’m not yet used to the sensations and I have never been a mega oral sex recipient fiend. It didn’t help that my lube would sometimes dry out before I got anywhere meaningful, so I either had to keep stopping to apply more or apply so much that I’m soaked. Maybe I need to use more jelly-like water-based lube to get the most out of this beautiful toy. At the same time, I’m not a fan of being penetrated during sex without a lot of preparation, so it was tough to get the egg thruster into me. I haven’t succeeded so far, but I will persevere and work my way up to be able to take its size. I truly love the way the thruster feels when its active in my hand. It felt sexy all on its own and I cannot wait to feel it seated deep inside me one day. I have a busy schedule so spending time on this endeavor will be an interesting quest. The thrust functions are incredible though, and I know it will fit into most people who enjoy being penetrated.

Love Takes Patience

Using this toy to be able to get the most out of it will be a lesson for my body to learn. Pleasure is interesting because we experience and connect sensation to pleasure uniquely and often times due to familiarity. I’m going to need to use my Power Petal a bunch of times before my body adjusts to receiving pleasure in the ways it offers. I’m more acclimated with regular vibrators so adjusting to this will be an excellent way to expand my tastes and horizons when its comes to pleasure and sex toys.

Love is Curious.

When my clit got sore, it was always a nice break to include my labia in the sensation galore. The sensation is rumbly and really can get me worked up and craving relief. I also tried using the egg thruster on my clit and wow! Incredible and new feeling, the vibrations were interesting and allowed me to feel pleasure similar yet unique from what I would get using a traditional vibrator.

Love Grows…

Overall, I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to reach an orgasm in record time with this toy. I feel like I have to light candles, lay out rose petals and work at myself slowly to truly reach the potential of the Power Petal. For now, I give it 3.6 stars because as a girl on go, I crave instant gratification as soon as my back hits the bed at the end of a long day. Perhaps for me, it is a toy for vacations and long weekends dedicated to loving on myself.

Lovehoney Power Petal -

The Power Petal has an interesting and sexy design as the flower head has soft petals framing the hole. The attached thrusting vibrator has ribbing which adds a layer of sensation to everything. It feels smooth and cool to touch, with the bright red color adding a luxurious air. However, the vibrating thruster has an oddly shaped head that isn't tapered quite enough. I found it difficult to fit in me and keep it where I wanted for maximum pleasure.

Lovehoney Power Petal -

The Lovehoney Power Petal was a bit of a challenge to use. The suction and thrust buttons are right next to each other on the body of the flower head. You turn them on based on how long you press or pressing in a pattern per the instructions. While in use, gripping the flower head without touching the buttons was challenging. I would sometimes change up the pattern abruptly thanks to the odd grip. Can you imagine how complicated things got once my fingers were slick with lube? Not very conducive for a controlled sexy time. The string attachment is nice and flexible, so you can maneuver flower head and thruster separately.

Lovehoney Power Petal -

I felt like this was a good quality product. The red silicone material is smooth to touch and easy to clean off. The flowerhead and thruster have a healthy heft to them. The flower head is deceptively hard to clean. At first I couldn't figure out how to get in there, but the hole and parts of the petal are detachable so you can wash it out with soap and water or your preferred cleaner after use and towel dry it. The toy is completely waterproof, I would avoid immersing/soaking it though .

Lovehoney Power Petal - <

This dual stimulation toy will cost you a little over $85. If the toy meets your needs with the pleasure air and egg thrusting functions, then its worth it! For that price, I expected better quality material for storing the toy than a plastic bag

Lovehoney Power Petal -

This is a good quality and well priced product but I was disappointed by its performance. The suction was powerful but not as pleasurable as my expectations. It was difficult to find the right placement of the flower on my clit that would feel pleasurable. No matter what I tried I couldn't fit the thruster into my teeny hole. It hurt, especially since the shape was so wide at the top. Penetrative sex is not my style typically so I wasn't expecting too much from that end. This toy does have decent battery life and recharged nearly immediately. It gets quite warm with use but not hot. The thrusting feeling is sexy and intriguing too. I think there is a definite learning curve to this toy. Perhaps after several dedicated attempts I can learn what it takes to tease an orgasm out of me with it. For now, it remains a toy that I use and writhe around for ~20 minutes before I give up on chasing the O and grab for my trusty vibe to get me there in 20 seconds.

Lovehoney Power Petal -

The box is simple and well designed; glossy and purple with an icon of the Power Petal showing off its use as a pleasure air toy. I like it since it is pretty and obvious what it is. The sides of the box have more of its special features such as being waterproof, having 19 unique functions, using pleasure air technology and having an extended runtime of up to 75 minutes after being fully charged. This toy comes with safety and how to use directions on booklets inside it. The outside of the box just describes the philosophy of Lovehoney which is to help people discover the happiest versions of themselves.

Lovehoney Power Petal -

The Power Petal is made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, and is free of rubber latex and phthalates. It feels quite high quality and is indeed waterproof. I clean it by washing it with soap and water, popping out the flower head hole for deeper access. It comes in a plastic storage bag. In my opinion, for a product of this price and look, a satin/cloth bag would be a better fit to help customers store it. Even some $40 toys on major sale websites come with nice cloth/satin bags for storage. Plastic storage bag makes it seem less luxurious.

Thrust Modes3 speeds and 6 patterns
Clitoral suction4 speeds and 6 patterns modes
Length14.5 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
DiameterEgg Thruster: 1.4 inches
Battery Life77 minutes
Charging TimeLess than 60 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableRed

Lovehoney Power Petal -

  • Gorgeous look and feel
  • Surprisingly easy to clean once you get the hang of it
  • Many different functions to explore a variety of sensations

  • Not easy to use without practice
  • Grip can be quite slippery
  • Large egg thruster – con for some, pro for many
  • Buttons are easy to mix up

With soft seductive suction and red hot thrusts, this vibrator will most likely leave you gasping for breath. Enjoy pleasure from multiple locations with the Power Petal from Lovehoney. This dual purpose pleasure air toy is a classic yet unique and gorgeous item to add to your sexy time collection.