Lovense Hyphy – Test & Review

   Alice Lainey
Jan 8, 2024

Alice Lainey
: 28
: Fair - I've used the basics, but am looking to indulge in new and exciting possibilities!
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Want the ultimate combination sex toy
  • Enjoy experimenting with toys
  • Indulge in loss of control or enjoy remote-controlled pleasure
  • Are in a long-distance relationship
  • Love strong, mind-blowing orgasms

  • Have a sensitivity to ultra-intense vibrations
  • Prefer a more human look to your sex toys
  • Want a simple sex toy


The Lovense Hyphy is a dual-ended vibrator for the clitoris, G-Spot and nipples with both remote control and direct control capabilities. Powerful, sleek, versatile, and of high quality, it's as close to perfect as its possible to get. In short, if the Swiss Army had gone into sex toys instead of pocket knives, the Lovense Hyphy is the toy they would have made — useful, elegant, and an invaluable tool for any collection.

Lovense Hyphy  -


I unboxed the Lovense Hyphy with great anticipation. The reviews online were great, and I was eager to try a toy with so many features. The online marketing promised three different kinds of stimulation (nipple stimulation, clitorial stimulation, and g-spot stimulation), as well as a variety of features accessible through their linked app, Lovense Remote. Unboxing was easy, and immediately, I was struck by the attractive packaging and sleek design.


The toy came charged, but for optimal use, I charged it before use. The Lovense Hyphy comes with two different charging options: direct charging to the vibrator itself, or charging through the carrying case. I utilized both during my time testing the Lovense Hyphy, and though the charging case is a great idea, I found charging directly to the door was the most efficient method of charging the toy.

First Use – Clitoral Stimulation

The first time I used the Lovense Hyphy, I settled in for a long afternoon of solo play. I wanted to test out all that the toy had to offer. First, I tried the clitoral stimulation, cycling through the three different attachments available: the paddle attachment (for simulating oral), the orb attachment (for direct, blunt stimulation), and the pinch attachment (for simulating pinching or multi-directional stimulation). However, after attaching the orb to the Lovense Hyphy and using it, I orgasmed in twelve seconds — almost immediately after first putting it to my body. The vibrations were so intense and direct, I couldn’t hold off! So, after a break, I returned to use the other attachments, determined to last longer. For the paddle attachment to work to maximum effect and actually feel like oral, I was forced to hold the toy at a slightly distant, longer angle so the back and forth motion would function as designed. This made for a less than ideal position, but I soon quickly set aside my mild muscular discomfort and persevered to another extremely satisfying orgasm. The pinch attachment was much easier to use on my clit than the paddle attachment, however, the orgasm was wonderful but less intense. As this is an attachment primarily designed for nipples, this isn’t entirely unexpected, though. Overall, clitoral stimulation with direct control produced three incredible orgasms!

First Use – G-Spot Stimulation

The Lovense Hyphy isn’t just a clitorial stimulator. It’s also an insertable. Though it looks a little awkward to have the pointed end of the clitoral stimulator hanging out of the bottom after the insertable is in, the sensations are fantastic. It does not reinvent the wheel, but compared to other toys on the market, the feel and quality of the Lovense Hyphy insertable was fantastic – smooth and consistent, easy to control. I’m not prone to G-Spot orgasms, but I easily achieved two in fairly quick succession with the Lovense Hyphy.

First Use – Nipple Stimulation

The clitoral stimulator is also marketed as being perfect for nipple play. I used the pinch attachment for this, and unfortunately, my nipples were just too big for the pinch attachment to function as designed. However, for small nipple gals, this could be a great feature!

App-Enabled Control

See the “Special Features” section of this review for more information about the fantastic Lovense Remote App!

Partnered Use

The Lovense Hyphy is great for partnered use. Using the insertable while my partner performed oral sex produced one of my best orgasms ever, and though the toy is a little long at 8.5 inches and sometimes was a little awkward to navigate between our two bodies, it also worked very well to stimulate my clit during vaginal intercourse.

Lovense Hyphy  -

The design is sleek and highly engineered - perhaps too highly engineered. My first thought when opening the box was that it looked more like dental equipment than a sex toy. I often describe modern sex toy design as clinical, and the Lovense Hyphy is no exception. In an attempt to be inoffensive, discreet, and to appear as expensive as possible, companies have caved to the Apple-fication of production design, favoring a bland aesthetic over visual interest. While I completely understand the need for this, sometimes I wonder if companies could be doing more in the visual design to make their products pop on the market.

Lovense Hyphy  -

The Lovense Hyphy is very easy to use. Turning it on required a peek at the instructions and wasn't immediately intuitive, but the rest of the set-up works just like other toys on the market. It has buttons to direct speed and intensity, it has an easy-to-use app with enhanced tools, changing the attachments is as easy as replacing the head on a toothbrush, and it has a simple charging apparatus. That is one of the Lovense Hyphy's greatest strengths - it works like any other toy, but the intensity, quality, and variety truly make it stand out as one of the best products I've ever tested.

Lovense Hyphy  -

Everything about the Lovense Hyphy screams "quality." From the body-safe materials to the picturebox window charging/carrying case to the high attention to detail in the app design and the attachment design, this highly versatile toy has all the hallmarks of a must-have product. Its clear that Lovense put their all into this toy, and it shows.

Lovense Hyphy  - <

At a regular price of $199, the price tag on this toy may initially seem high. However, for an all-in-one sex toy solution that is both insertable and clitorally stimulating, has remote and app-controlled capabilities, includes three attachment and a chargeable carrying case, the price tag is in line with, if not better priced, than many similar toys on the market. The level of quality on the Lovense Hyphy truly cannot be overstated, and, in my opinion, it is worth every penny.

Lovense Hyphy  -

The Lovense Hyphy performs incredibly well. Without any warm-up and without any horny thoughts or vibes, the Lovense Hyphy's clitoral stimulator gave me an orgasm in twelve seconds. The insertable end of the Lovense Hyphy has become one of my most reliable tools. Comfortable and elegant, easy to insert, and easy to control with the Lovense Remote, it allows for an excellent experience every time. However, due its intensity, I quickly realized that the clitoral stimulator wouldn't make its way into my usual rotation of toy play. The lowest setting of the Lovense Hyphy clitoral stimulation is still faster and harder than any toy I've ever used before, and as a consequence, after using it three times in one day, I found myself sore and uncomfortable. The battery life is another minor point of frustration. While the chargeable carrying case is excellent, the battery life of the Lovense Hyphy isn't as long as I'd like it to be.

Lovense Hyphy  -

The packaging of the sex toy is simple and classy. With muted, neutral colors and simple design, unboxing the Lovense Hyphy was more like unboxing an iPhone. It felt like an elite product, like opening it was an Event - and it heightened the anticipation I felt to try it out. The included instructions were very clear on how to turn the toy on, how to use it, and how to charge it, making it immediately useable right out of the box.

Lovense Hyphy  -

The materials of the Lovense Hyphy are body-safe. With CE certification, it complies with EU standards and regulations for customer safety. It is light enough to be maneuverable, but heavy enough to feel durable and first-class. The Lovense Hyphy is waterproof, and is very easy to clean with normal sex toy cleaner. The handy storage box, which doubles as a charging station, makes it easy to stay clean, too.

Vibration speeds3 (+ more in-app)
Vibration patterns10 (+ more in-app)
Length8.5 inches
Insertable length4.53 inches
Diameter1.38 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Battery Life310 minutes
RechargeableYes, both directly and via charging case
Charging Time75 minutes
Remote ControlsApp-based Remote Controls
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo, but has charging case
Colors AvailablePurple

Lovense Hyphy  -

The Lovense Remote App is the pièce de ré·sis·tance for the Lovense Hyphy. Available via your phone’s app store, it has literally hundreds of features to keep play fun and interesting. My partner could download  the app, too, and connect to my Lovense Hyphy vibrator from literally anywhere in the world. While on a business trip, I asked my partner to control me from over 600 miles away…and the results were as orgasmic as it would have been if he’d been right beside me. The app also has pre-set modes you can try on yourself. Do you want to be teased? Denied? Blasted to orgasm after orgasm? With the press of a button, the pre-set modes will control your toy, doing all of the work for you. Another fun feature is their random, anonymous matching program. Essentially, you enter your preferences (chat or no chat, sex/gender of your partner, etc), and the app hands you the control to their toy…and gives them control of yours. I had mixed levels of success with this function – some amazing orgasms and some frustrating “left of the edge” experiences – but overall, it’s a fun, exciting way to indulge in a loss of control and some no-strings-attached exhibitionism-without-the-exhibitionism.

  • Extremely Powerful
  • Combination Carrying and Charging Case
  • Multiple functions for endless play
  • Remote Control Capability

  • Limited Speed Range
  • Slightly clinical design
  • Short Battery Life

In short, The Lovense Hyphy is your one-stop shop for all things orgasmic. Whether you're interested in using your toy with a partner, yourself, a group, or an anonymous controller paired to you through their app, The Lovense Hyphy is a high-quality product that rises to any sexual occasion. Use it to stimulate your nipples, to stroke your clit, or to deliver a powerful g-spot orgasm - the Lovense Hyphy can do it all.

The instruction manual for the Lovense Hyphy can be accessed through Lovense’s website or check out my How To guide above!

No, the Lovense Hyphy employs charging capability. It can be charged via a direct line to the toy (charging cable included!) or through the combination charging/carrying case.

Absolutely! The Lovense toy company's toys can be used separately or in conjunction with one another.

Your partner can use the toy to stimulate you directly, or they can assume control of the toy through the Lovense Remote App.