Lovense Vulse — Test & Review

   Suzannah Weiss
Jan 9, 2024

Suzannah Weiss

  • Want to experiment with a wearable toy
  • Would like a partner to control your toy
  • Don't have a partner but would like to find someone to play with virtually

  • Need a strong vibration to orgasm
  • Don't care for multiple patterns
  • Need both internal and external stimulation


The Vulse is a small bulb-shaped toy that can go on the clitoris or in the vagina and makes vibrating and thrusting motions. It's made from waterproof silicone and connects to the Lovense Remote app for customized vibrations, partnered play, music syncing, and more.

Lovense Vulse -

Cool Features, But Not a Lot of Power

A few days ago, I set out to test the Lovense Vulse — a wearable vibrator that connects to sex toy brand Lovense’s Remote app for customized vibrations, music synching, and more. Little did I know I would end up spending my morning sexting with an anonymous stranger — which ended up being the highlight of using this versatile and multi-faceted toy. The Vulse is small, cute, and pink, with a bulb-like shape that allows it to be inserted fairly easily into the vagina. You can even walk around with it in — I tried — but you won’t want to wear tight pants because it also has an external arm that protrudes a bit. If your goal is to have fun while you’re out and about by having a partner control the toy or syncing it to music around you, I’d recommend wearing something loose, like a dress. It isn’t uncomfortable to walk around with, though, which is a plus.

Using the Vulse Manually

Although the Vulse has two parts — a big bulb and a smaller arm — it’s really just the former that delivers a significant amount of stimulation. Lovense advertises the toy as being conducive to “blended orgasms” (meaning both clitoral and vaginal), but the external arm doesn’t vibrate much, so it probably would not be enough to produce a clitoral orgasm for most users. If you want to actually feel the vibrations, the two main options are to use the large bulb externally for clitoral stimulation or to insert it for vaginal stimulation. And because the bulb is big, pressing it against your clitoris allows it to stimulate your labia as well — and perhaps the internal clitoris underneath. I tried all of the seven patterns the Vulse came with and also created my own using the app, which lets you slide different buttons to create your own vibrations with different pulses and pauses. Yet I have to admit that using the toy on my clit was a bit anticlimactic — pun intended. While the Vulse vibrates at multiple speeds and also makes a thrusting motion, it was the lack of power that was the issue. The vibrations were pleasant but weren’t quite strong enough to lead to an orgasm. I tried inserting it as well, and again, the thrusting sensation was pleasant, but not enough to induce a climax, since the clitoral arm didn’t really vibrate.

Using the Vulse With the Lovense Remote App

I also tried syncing the toy to music, which was surprisingly simple. The app links right to your Spotify, so you can pick whatever songs are your favorite, and it’ll vibrate to the beat. While this was a fun gimmick, again, it did not offer me much in terms of pleasure. Regardless of which song I picked (Sam Smith’s “Unholy” was fun), the vibrations remained soft and subtle. Maybe, I figured, I just needed someone else to control the toy for me. Perhaps this was the sexual version of “you can’t tickle yourself.” Using the “long distance” function on the app, you can hand control of the toy over to a partner — but since I don’t have a partner, I opted for the “chat roulette” function, which pairs you with an anonymous user of any Lovense toy. You can slide different buttons around to control each other’s toys, and you can also send each other written messages on the app. The search filter lets you choose who you are interested in, so I searched for a male user interested in sexting, dirty talk, and voice messages.

Sexting Roulette

I was pleasantly surprised not only to be matched with someone quickly, but to have him be a great sport and send me enthusiastic messages expressing to me how good it felt. He was using a male Lovense toy called the Gush, which wraps around the penis. My inner dare devil came out, and I started leaving voice recordings expressing my pleasure. Soon, we exchanged usernames so that we could chat with the ability to send photos. We were having fun when… drat. My Vulse died. I hadn’t charged it for long enough beforehand. But perhaps this was actually a good thing, as the toy was still not getting me very far. Despite my requests to turn up the power, my anonymous partner said he couldn’t go any further up. So, I had an idea. I got out my Hitachi Magic Wand, and instead of controlling each other’s toys, we just chatted while I used my preferred vibrator. Soon, I was sending him a voice recording of myself moaning as I climaxed… and then another. And then another. It turned out I got more out of the app than I did out of the Vulse itself. But, it was through the Vulse that I got a witness to my self-pleasure session… and orgasms are usually more fun when someone else witnesses them. (In case you’re concerned about security, your username does not have to be your real name, you can disconnect from another user at any time, and the app prohibits any activity affecting third-party data.)

Takeaway Message

I would recommend the Vulse to people who are very sensitive and like light vibrations and/or are interested in getting a new toy mainly for the features it offers. If you’d like your partner to tease you while you’re out and about, want to customize your own vibrations or test out the music-syncing function, or love the idea of pleasuring and being pleasured by an anonymous stranger from a distance, the Vulse has a lot to offer. The Lovense Remote app also links to other apps with sexy games and fun features, and you can even link the vibrations with games using the app’s “game mode.” Not only that, but other users you link your app with can set alarms so that your toy begins vibrating in specified patterns at certain times. But for those who are looking primarily to cum fast and hard, you’re probably better off sticking with the Hitachi. I, for one, don’t need a ton of features or vibration patterns when I masturbate, so I’ll probably save the Vulse for spicing things up with a partner.

Lovense Vulse -

The toy is pretty basic, with a vibrating and thrusting bulb that can go in the vagina or on the clitoris as well as an external arm that can sit on the clitoris while the toy is inserted. It's a cute pink color and is made of squishy, bendy silicone.

Lovense Vulse -

It's as easy or hard to use as you make it. You can simply turn it on and cycle through seven patterns using the button on the handle. Or, you can go into the app and create custom vibration patterns, sync the toy to music, or have a partner or an anonymous user control it remotely.

Lovense Vulse -

The toy's motor is fairly quiet, so you likely won't have to worry if you have roommates, and the material is soft and smooth.

Lovense Vulse - <

The Vulse is listed as $229.00 on the Lovense website, but on most other sites for around $130. This is a bit pricey given the lack of power in the toy itself, despite the many features in the app.

Lovense Vulse -

The Vulse does not live up to the promise of "blended orgasms," as only one part of it vibrates, and not very strongly. It takes about an hour to charge, and the charge lasts a little over an hour, which may not be ideal for those who want to experiment with it for long periods of time or use it regularly without charging it.

Lovense Vulse -

The packaging is discreet and comes with a packet describing how to use it, as well as a bar code you can scan for a video about the toy. However, the video mainly shows off the toy's appearance and is not super informative.

Lovense Vulse -

The silicone material is safe and non-porous, and the toy is very light as well as waterproof. It was easy to clean with some sex toy cleaner spray, and its bendy shape made it easy to store in my drawer.

Vibration speeds3 (+ more in-app)
Vibration patterns3 (+ more in-app)
Length4.74 inches
Insertable length1.46 inches
Diameter1.42 inches
Battery Life1.08 minutes
Charging Time57-61 minutes
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePink

Lovense Vulse -

The Lovense Remote app allows you to create your own vibration patterns, sync the toy to music, gamify the vibrations, have a partner control the toy, and chat with anonymous users while controlling their toys.

  • Remote control
  • Music syncing
  • Chat function on the app

  • Weak vibrations
  • Clitoral arm doesn't vibrate
  • Bulky for wearing out and about

People should buy this product if they are mostly interested in experimenting with cool features and using a sex toy with a partner. For a simple, efficient masturbation session, it's not very effective due to the complicated app and limited power.

You can find an instruction manual for the Vulse on the Lovense website here.

Yes, you can walk around with this toy in you, with you or a partner controlling it through the app. But it is a little bulky, so it will be visible if you wear tight pants with it.

Yes. You and your partner will both need to create usernames on the Lovense Remote app. Then, when your toy is connected to the app, your partner can click the Long Distance tab, as you as a friend, and tap "live control" to send a control request.

Open the Lovense Remote app, click the "link" button at the top, and hold down the button on the Vulse to connect it.

The insertable portion of the toy is pretty large, so you probably would not want to insert it during penetration. However, you can use it externally. Or, your partner can control it while you use it as part of foreplay.