Motorbunny Original — Test & Review

   Lauren Gill
Jan 24, 2024

Lauren Gill
: 32
: Beginner
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Like high intensity sex toys
  • Want to be able to use lots of different attachments
  • Are free to have some very loud fun

  • Have mobility issues
  • Like toys that can give you multiple orgasms
  • Need a quiet sex toy


The Motorbunny Original sex machine has got pretty much everything you could think of when it comes to a sex machine. From vaginal and anal penetration to clit stimulation with twirling and vibrating motions. The original starter kit comes with 4 attachments and a Bluetooth remote control. The attachments are just enough to get started with, especially if you're new to sex machines, but Motorbunny does offer a huge range of attachments for men and women if you want to expand your collection. The Bluetooth controller is handy to have as it cuts out having to look at the dials on the machine. It also gives you access to routines, the ability to draw the vibrating or twirling pattern you would like and it can be synced to music.

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

First Impressions

As a sex machine newbie I must admit the sheer size of the Motorbunny machine does initially look a little intimidating. However, the 4 attachments that come with the starter kit are actually super beginner friendly which made me feel a lot better about using it. The fact that the low attachment is a non-penetrative one allows you to get used to using the Motorbunny, which is something I really liked about this toy.

Hop On & Ride

Unless you plan on leaving the Motorbunny machine out and already set up then the idea of just being able to hop on and ride gets a little lost. It does require a bit of set up and, let’s be fair, attaching rods and plugs to a hulking great machine is hardly the sexiest thing in the world! It’s not a toy for a spontaneous bit of fun. With that being said though, once you know what you like and you’ve got the setup nailed, it does get quicker. If you don’t mind a bit of forward planning then it’s well worth the effort.

Powerful But Problematic

There’s no denying the Motorbunny is powerful, but, for me, it’s actually too powerful on some settings. And yes, there is such a thing, because in very little time at all there’s actually not much in the way of sensation — I found I became a little numb to everything. Even the lower vibrating settings are pretty intense, but I did find anything below the halfway mark to be quite pleasurable. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get past half way with it for extended use. I mean, I tried but there was just no way it was sustainable! That things can vibrate, which will be great for some people, just not for me! Personally, the twirling setting did very little for me. On a lower speed I couldn’t really feel much but the higher up you went the crazier it looked. It reminded me of a food mixer, which is not what you want from a sex toy. I’m just trying to have an orgasm, not whisk up a cake!

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

Looks wise, the machine isn't the sexiest things I've ever seen, but that sort of comes with the territory. It's a big, black sex machine and there's little that can be done to get around that! There are covers available for the Motorbunny if you want to switch up the colour though, which does help a little. It's very sturdy looking and feeling and it does claim that it can be used on the floor or the bed. Due to the weight though, I wouldn't like to wreck my mattress trying this out so it did have to stay on the floor. I didn't have any issues getting comfortable on the machine though. The attachments all feel well made and have a soft, smooth texture to them. Given that you can buy a wide range of attachments too it makes it easier to find something that works for your body.

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

Despite the fact that it's so big and there initially seems a lot to the machine, it's actually relatively easy to get going. There's not really any assembly required. All you have to do is attach the plug, the app controller, then find the flexibility rod you want and whatever attachment it is you want to ride on then you're good to go. Of course it's not as quick as grabbing a dildo or vibrator and getting down to business but it doesn't take too long. Given the size and weight of the Motorbunny I wouldn't say it's suitable for anyone with grip or mobility issues. I don't have any of those problems and found the machine uncomfortable to move around. Also it's not easy on the knees, even with a blanket under them, my knees ached after! If you have joint problems, it's not going to be comfortable at all.

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

There's one thing to be said for the Motorbunny, it's sturdy. This thing can handle a wild ride that's for sure! Given how expensive it is I'd certainly say that the quality does live up to the price tag. The machine itself feels like you would get years of use out of it. While it is loud that's just the nature of using a sex machine I'd say. If you're starting out with the Motorbunny starter kit I don't think there's any reason to be disappointed with the attachments. They all feel smooth and soft and are really easy to clean. My only slight gripe is that they're made from TPE not silicone. For the price I would have liked silicone attachments to be included.

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit - <

OK, so the Motorbunny starter kit is not cheap. Just going by what you get for your money though, it isn't too bad of a deal if you do have that sort of money to spend on sex toys. The quality does make the price tag justifiable. However, I will say that the intensity of this sex machine won't be right for everyone so in that respect the price won't be worth it for everyone. If you know that high intensity sex toys aren't for you then I wouldn't even think about spending this much money. If you do like a powerful ride though, I can see the Motorbunny lasting for years and years. With such a variety in attachments available, it does keep the machine interesting. It does make that higher price tag a little easier to justify when you know you're getting something that's going to last.

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

On the lower settings (more so the vibrating rather than the twirling) I do think this feels good. I really like that the attachments also have clitoral stimulation and the machine comes with a riser so this part can be adjusted to your anatomy. I liked that all the attachments were beginner friendly. The main issues for me are the intensity and how loud it is. It's very loud even when placed on a thick blanket, it's not at all discreet. Due to the intensity, I found multiple orgasms hard to achieve as everything quickly became desensitised. I had no issues when it came to the comfort on the actual machine. It's a solid machine but the top is quite cushioned to make it a little softer. If you're using it for a long time I can see the potential for it to start getting uncomfortable, if you're knees can hold up for a long ride though then you're a better person than me!

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

The packaging for the Motorbunny has a top handle which does make moving the machine around slightly easier given the size and weight of it and this was a feature I really appreciated. The rest of the packaging is fairly simplistic but not particularly discreet. There's several images of the sex machine and it's accessories on the box with a list of what's included. There's also some brief details about Motorbunny Link and the 5 year warranty on the machine.

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

The attachments in the Motorbunny starter kit are made of TPE so they're body-safe, however they aren't completely non-porous which means they won't last as long as silicone toys. They're really easy to clean with warm water and gentle soap. The machine itself is plastic and can be wiped down with a damp cloth as long as your careful around the outlets for the plug and remote control. I'd say the best option with this is to keep the original packing to store everything in. Finding somewhere for a sex toy of this size has proven difficult!

Vibration modes2
Vibration speeds11
Length12.49 inches
Width13.24 inches
Height10 inches
Weight17.8 lbs
Maximum Weight1000 lbs
MaterialsTPE, Silicone and ABS
Remote ControlsYes - handheld remote and app
RechargeableNo - mains powered
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit -

The Motorbunny Link app can provide different experiences and it’s great that you can access different pre-set routines or sync the machine with music and games, all for free! While I did personally find some aspects of the app a little gimmicky (the draw feature for example) I did  like how it could be controlled by someone else if you wanted or that you could discover new experiences with solo play. The app does have a voice command option too so if you’re someone that struggles to grip or manipulate things you can still control the machine without holding the remote or your phone.

  • Wide variety of attachments available
  • App works really well
  • Attachments included in the starter kit are beginner friendly

  • Machine is heavy so it could be difficult to store and set up for some people
  • It's loud!
  • Twirling setting isn't as good as the buzzing

The Motorbunny won't be for everyone. If you like high intensity sex toys though then this could be a good option for you. However, it wasn't quite as quick and simple as using a vibrator or dildo and it's probably not a toy I'd use regularly just because the sensations weren't mind-blowing enough to warrant the set up every single time. For the price I do think it's slightly disappointing that the attachments are made of TPE and not silicone as it means they will degrade quicker. If you know you like this kind of toy, I do think the Motorbunny could be a worthwhile investment given the amount of attachments you can get and that it can be used with a partner.

Motorbunny have a great instructional quick start video guide on their website. There are also full written instructions included with the Motorbunny.

A sex machine is designed to simulate sex with a human and is intended to bring pleasure to the user whether that's through an orgasm or other forms of stimulation. The Motorbunny sex machine focuses on toys that are designed to be penetrative but also provide external stimulation. Sex machines are designed to be ride on toys but can sometimes be used in other positions.

The Motorbunny has been designed to be used by anyone! It can also be used solo or with a partner. It can take a max weight of 1000lbs meaning that it's totally fine for two people to be on the machine. Motorbunny have designed a range of attachments for men and women which makes it stand out from other sex machines that are typically just designed for women.

It's recommended that you use a good quality, water-based lube with the Motorbunny. The attachments in the starter kit are made from TPE and you can purchase other attachments that are made from silicone, all of which work best with water-based lubes. Other lubes may cause the attachments to degrade. Plus, water-based lube is much easier to clean up!

Personally, I'd recommended keeping the original packaging for the machine as the box has a top handle which makes moving the machine around a lot easier. The attachments should be kept away from each other and other toys as prolonged contact can make them fuse together and can leach on to each other. If you keep the original box then you always know where all the parts are for the machine.

It would be easier to say what attachments there aren't! But for a brief idea you get 4 TPE attachments with the starter kit. You can then buy separate TPE and silicone attachments. Most of the attachments are phallic however, you can get an attachment with a vagina and anus.