My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Jan 9, 2024

My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set — Test & Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Are ready for a little public kinky play.
  • Enjoy intense, rumbly vibrations.
  • Have a partner who wants to play and explore.
  • Need a fantastic wedding or bachelorette gift.
  • Want to make housework way more fun.

  • Don't have a partner to play with.
  • Prefer more buzzy vibrations.
  • Aren't ready for kinky play.


The Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set is a naughty little kit that can be used at home or in public for super secret play. Included in the set are soft, side-tie lace panties, a signature, rumbly Screaming O Vooom bullet and a silicone, remote control ring to control the bullet. Enjoy 10 speeds and patterns of unadulterated fun and a remote control that reaches up to 50 feet. Best of all, the rechargeable bullet lasts, what seems like forever, on a single charge. Plus, the panties stretch and tie to fit up to a 60 inch waist. So, this set is perfect for most bodies. Finally, remove the bullet and use the buttons for powerful, rumbly fun alone, or with a partner.

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

The Screaming O Difference

I had little knowledge of Screaming O sex toys, outside of their stretchy cock rings. Then all of that changed when I got my hands on several of their products. First and foremost, I had no idea that they had their own, patented motors, placed in many of their toys and bullets, called “Vooom”. These are low frequency motors which create a more rumbly vibration, instead of the normal, buzzy motors used by the vast majority of sex toys. And since these particular motors are under patent, you won’t see them in other sex toys. So, I was more than intrigued when presented with the My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set as it featured their patented Vooom bullet.

No More Numbness!

You see, I am extremely sensitive (down there), and it takes very little to excite my nerve endings. Because of this, buzzy vibrators have always made me wiggle, squirm and go numb. Furthermore, the buzzy vibrators also hurt my hands and made them go numb too. And that really sucks when you want a good clitoral vibrator. Enter the Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set with the Vooom motor bullet. I charged that little guy up and did my pre-gaming. Let me tell you, I was shocked, thrilled and blown-away by how different this little bullet felt! Not only did the lower, rumbly vibrations feel absolutely amazing, it enabled me to experience all 10 settings! I’ve never gotten past 2 with buzzy vibrators! Plus, my hands didn’t get all tingly and painful!

More Than Panties and a Vibe!

The My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set is more than a simple pair of panties and a remote control vibrator! This set is a fantasy, a naughty adventure and kinky fun, all rolled up into 1! That’s because you can wear this in public and fulfill erotic fantasies, scratch that kinky itch of public sex ,and spice up your sex life with your partner. First, the panty is made from incredibly soft lace, making them comfy, and not itchy like a lot of all-lace panties. Additionally, the elastic waist ties on each side, allowing a perfect fit for waist sizes up to 60 inches. I found them cute, sexy, and very comfortable as well as LOVING the soft cotton gusset. Best of all, the bullet is small enough that you can slip it inside any gusset on your favorite panty, if you don’t care for the included pair. Second, the bullet can be used with the remote control ring, which fits most finger sizes, with it’s stretchy, silicone band. That way, your partner isn’t carrying an actual remote. Or, you can use the bullet independently, for solo-fun or couples thrills all over each other’s bodies.

They Didn’t Work As Planned

Unfortunately, this panty set didn’t work as planned, or as per the company claims. See, I don’t have a partner who participates in toy play – so when trying out couples toys, I do it non-sexually, with my daughter, testing the power and reach of the remote. Sadly, she didn’t get but maybe 6 feet away before the remote control stopped controlling the bullet. Now, this will still work if you are out to dinner and sitting close to your partner, which most of us do. However, it puts a damper on using it around the house to tease your partner from another room. But, there is good news!

A Bad Batch

The good news is a two-part story. First, I did some research by reading reviews all over the internet. And what I found was that a batch of these panty sets weren’t working properly due to a fault in the remote control ring. As a result, Screaming O was replacing the sets to anyone who had left a bad review, or gotten in touch with them through their website. Now that is a company I can get behind! Second, that’s when I learned that Screaming O has a 2-year limited warranty on all rechargeable toys. Unfortunately, I learned that a little too late and was unable to have my set replaced. Finally, since the bad batch has made it’s way through consumers, it seems the newer ones are working just fine.

Rock and Oooo

No, I didn’t get the thrill of using these panties in public, but I was able to review the most important parts of this incredible set. The ring works well and is easy to operate. You just push 2 buttons to sync the bullet and ring together. Then, you simply push the top of the ring to scroll through the 10 speeds and patterns. Also, ANY remote control toy Screaming O sells can be synced with the ring remotes or handheld remotes, making their toys much more versatile. Now, in regard to the power of the Vooom bullet, wow! The deeper stimulation you get from this powerful little rumbler is insane. And again, because it’s not buzzy, I was able to try out ALL of the settings, and thoroughly enjoy solo time like never before. I could actually tease myself, and build a solo-O like I’ve never be able to do until now. Plus, the actual depth of the vibrations blew my mind as they spread throughout my entire pelvic area and matched the depth of my orgasm.

Fulfill Those Fantasies

All I can say is that if you have EVER fantasized over public sex, this is the way to do it! Plus, you don’t have to worry about your partner’s bits going numb in the process! And, once you get home, you can use the bullet on each other. Screaming O makes vibrators that are different, unique, and powerful in a way you probably haven’t experienced. Therefore, I highly recommend the My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set. Not only that, they have a stretchy, rechargeable, wearable penis ring for him (not the tight kind), which includes a matching remote control ring for secret, public thrills. So no matter what type of couple you are, Screaming O has you covered!

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

I really liked the design of the My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set for several reasons. First, the panty is pretty, soft and extremely sexy, as well as featuring a cotton gusset. Second, the Vooom bullet is the perfect size for wearing, as long as you're not wearing anything too tight. Plus, the bullet is extremely powerful, and can be used independently, or via the remote control ring. Plus, it's silky, smooth and feels good against your most private parts. In the end, this set is well-made and of better quality and design of most all vibrating panties on the market today.

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

The vibrating panty set was extremely easy to use, no matter which way you choose to use it. The ring and bullet pair quickly with two simple clicks, then the ring works by simply pushing the top. Unfortunately, the set I received was part of a batch, where the remote control didn't work as far away as it should have. However, since the set is covered by a 2-year warranty, you can get a new set at no additional charge. To use the bullet independently, you simply long press the button and click to scroll through the 10 settings. The button and remote are soft-touch, so anyone, even those with hand strength issues, can use both with ease. Finally, the lower frequency vibrations prevent numbness that higher-frequency, buzzy vibrations cause.

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

I found the quality of the Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set to be quite high. For starters, the panty is well made, incredibly soft and is made to fit most body shapes and sizes. The small Vooom bullet is coated with silky silicone, making it glide over the body. In addition, the bullet is whisper quiet and very discreet for public play. Finally, the ring is made of stretchy silicone, therefore it fits comfortably on most fingers. However, the top of the ring can come loose if you bang it on something, which makes the dome fall off and the battery fall out. So, you have to be mindful! All in all, I find this set to be in the top % of like products.

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set - <

The Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set is in the middle range for price, when compared to other similar sets. However, considering the panty is very high-quality, and the remote control is a discreet and very cool ring, you're getting more for your money, in my opinion. Better yet, the patented Vooom bullet is extremely powerful, features 10 settings of low, rumbly vibration, and lasts a long time on a single charge. Finally, the set came with 1 button cell battery already installed in the remote control ring, plus an extra for when that one runs out!

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

Unfortunately, the remote control aspect of the vibrating panty set didn't work as promised. It was supposed to have a span of up to 50 feet and literally stopped working around 6. Now, that's fine if you're out dining with your partner. But if you want to use it at any distance, it wouldn't work. But please be advised that Screaming O did have a bad batch of this product, and the issue has been fixed. And if you happen to order and receive an older set, they are covered by a 2-year warranty. Aside from that, the Vooom bullet charged quickly and lasted a LONG time. Not only that, it didn't get warm while running for an extended period of time. And with the rumbly vibrations, it didn't cause that uncomfortable numbness you get with buzzy vibrations.

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

The packaging is pretty, with a lace pattern and clear window, which shows the bullet and the cool, remote control ring. There are no adult-looking photos or words on the outside of the box, so no worries about little eyes seeing something too grown up. But the box does give you a run down of how everything works and what's included inside. The box is a mid-weight, card stock and inside, everything is fitted into a plastic tray. I don't think the packaging will last long, with taking the set in and out, in and out. And it would have been wonderful if Screaming O would have included a small bag for all of the parts and pieces. But, that's not the case.

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

The Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Party Set with remote Control Ring is made from various materials that require different care. The panties have no washing instructions on them. However, from experience, I would only hand wash and air dry these as the lace is delicate and you'll want to maintain the color and softness. The remote control ring isn't placed in the genital area, so I'd only recommend wiping with a damp cloth, if and when it gets dirty. Finally, the Vooom vibrating bullet is ABS plastic with a coating of silicone. Therefore, you can wash it with soap and warm water, or a sex toy cleaner. And if you happen to use the bullet alone, use it with water-based lubricant only to maintain the silicone and keep it soft and silky.

Vibration modes10
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
MaterialsABS plastic, silicone
RechargeableUSB with pin connector
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time60 minutes
Remote ControlsWearable ring
Harness SizePanty one size fits up to 60 inch waist inches
Colors AvailableRed, black and pink

Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set -

  • Allows for public sexual fantasies to be fulfilled.
  • Powerful, rumbling vibrations.
  • Discreet, remote control ring fits most fingers
  • Soft, stretchy, tie-side panty fits up to 60" waistline
  • Discreet, quiet, and removeable bullet for more play options

  • Remote only worked 6 feet away (covered under warranty)
  • Some aren't into the public sex aspect.
  • Panty pocket is a little long.
  • Doesn't feel comfortable under tight pants.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set by Screaming O! When comparing this set with others similar, this one is far higher quality in regard to everything! The panties are super-soft and fit many sizes, and the gusset is soft cotton. The Vooom bullet is incredibly powerful and provides 10 settings of lower-frequency, rumbly vibrations that feel absolutely incredible! Plus, it can be used on it's own, as a fantastic little vibrating toy. Finally, the remote control ring is cool looking, and a discreet way to control your partner's intimate thrills around the house, and in public!

I couldn’t find an online user manual for the Screaming O My Secret Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Set. However, you can follow my instructions and tips above.

I wouldn't recommend it, since the panty is made from delicate lace. It's best to hand wash or wash on cool, using a hand wash or delicate setting on your washing machine. Air dry.

First and foremost, register your product on the Screaming O website as soon as it arrives. That way, if it doesn't work properly, you'll get a refund or a new product from the company. However, be sure and follow the instructions above, and with the product, to make sure you've installed the battery, charged and paired the products properly.

Simply place it on your biggest finger and spin it around so that the band is facing outward.

Absolutely! If any of your panties (or swimsuit for that matter) have a gusset that's open in the front, you can slide the bullet into those for a custom fit.

Depending on the type of pants you are wearing, it COULD be seen as a bump. I would suggest wearing a looser fitting pair of pants, dress, skirt, or leggings with a tunic style top to cover your crotch.