OSUGA Cuddly Bird — Test & Review

   Natasha Dyson
Jan 5, 2024

Natasha Dyson
: 25
: Medium
: Female
: Straight (I think)
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  • Love cute sex toys
  • Enjoy orgasms from clitoral suction
  • Benefit from smooth vibrations
  • Like a bit of mood lighting

  • Struggle to press small buttons
  • Don't have anywhere to keep the stand to charge it


The Cuddly Bird is a perfect little clitoral sucker and vibrator and it's oh-so cute. Its super soft silicone feels incredible on your skin as it vibrates. If you prefer suction toys like me, boy can that birdie suck! When not in use you can sit it in it's little birdcage (which also doubles up as a moonlight and charger) or the included travel bag. Although, you'll never want to be far from your new favourite pet.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

So Gorgeous

When I first saw this toy online I thought it was an adorable design and was so excited to see if it was as lovely in person. It was even better! The matte finish super soft silicone on the osuga cuddly bird makes it look very posh and the bumps on the chest are a lovely detail and gives extra sensations during the vibrations. Not only is it a sweet little bird but the “cage” to charge it in also doubles up as a soft glowing light to set the mood AND the soft touch travel bag is adorable with ribbon ties.


I’m not a huge fan of vibrating toys, because they don’t tend to do much for me besides a little foreplay. But, I still enjoyed the Cuddly Bird’s four vibration settings. I think the ridges on the bird’s chest helped. The box mentioned trying it in other areas, so I tried my nipples which was a lot of fun, not really in a sensual way for me, but I can see why others may enjoy it.

Clitoral Sucker

I thoroughly enjoyed the suction part of this toy. The “beak” is a perfect size for me and I love that it’s not bulky or has the ridged edges round the hole like some of them do. The super soft silicone feels so gentle against my clit, it’s just perfect.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

The design of the OSUGA Cuddly Bird is not only adorable but it is practical too. The charging base looks like a small birdcage, is a soft glowing light to set the mood and stands the bird in perfectly while it recharges. The birds chest is ribbed to look like details in the breast but it also adds to the sensations when using it on the vibrating settings.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

I find the Cuddly Bird very simple to use as it only has two buttons — one to change between the 3 suction modes, one to change the 4 vibration modes and hold both for 5 seconds to turn the travel lock on or off. The shape and material makes it really easy to hold onto and keep where you want it but sadly the buttons are a little difficult to press. I have weakness in my hands/fingers so can't press them during use very easily, but it's simple enough to move it, press the button and put it back where I want it.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

The Cuddly Bird is one of the best quality suction toys I've seen around. Even while charging it doesn't get warm, it's battery lasts PLENTY long enough and it feels so soft against your skin. It is a decent weight and all the materials of the toy, travel bag and stand feel luxurious.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird - <

The OSUGA Cuddly Bird is incredible, especially for the price. Yes, you can still get cheaper suction toys that do the job but they're not as cute, simple to use, quiet and as good quality as this. Plus, they don't usually come with the travel bag or adorable charging stand/birdcage/mood light like this does! It looks as good as it feels and you can tell it's been so well designed.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

This toy is quite modest online which I actually really like. Everything about it is adorable and just perfect. It's really quiet for a suction toy and the vibrations are so smooth compared to some other toys. I'm so impressed with the performance, I was worried that sometimes they focus on the look of the toy too much the performance then gets missed a bit but that didn't happen at all! It's so comfortable to use, the battery lasts long enough for several rounds and only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge (and looks lovely while doing so).

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

I was so impressed before I even used the Cuddly Bird. The simplicity and subtly of outside of the box makes it looks really elite (and less obvious when it goes in the clear recycling bag!) The matte white works really well with the mint green inner. Even the box matches the travel bag and charger, it's gorgeous. Everything inside was so perfectly packaged it was like opening a hand wrapped gift, I love it.

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

The OSUGA Cuddly Bird is made from super soft medical grade silicone that is squishy and smooth. It's the softest silicone I think I've come across but lint doesn't stick to it like it does on some others. It's very easy to clean, just run under the tap, spray with a sex toy cleaner, wash and either wipe dry or air dry. If you need to clean inside the sucking port you can use a cotton bud. Once dry you can put it back on the charging port or in the travel bag that it comes with! The charging port is wipe clean. The bird is IPX6-rated, also known as splashproof, but shouldn't be submerged underwater.

Vibration modes4
Vibration speeds4
Clitoral suction3 modes
Length3 inches
Diameter2.2 inches
WaterproofIPX6 Splashproof
Battery Life80-150 minutes
Charging Time150 minutes
Travel LockYes
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Weight0.293 lbs
Colors AvailableBlue, yellow, pink

OSUGA Cuddly Bird -

  • Only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge
  • Birdcage is such a unique and sweet feature
  • Strength of the suction feels incredible.
  • Grooves on the bird work well with the vibrations

  • There aren't as many vibration or sucking options as other toys
  • Buttons are a little difficult to press

If you want incredible orgasms combined with an adorable, perfectly designed toy then you should get this cuddly bird! It's not the cheapest but is such a reasonable price and is worth every single penny. Its my favourite toy and never fails to get me to climax (and pretty quick too) while using the air wave suction and is so much fun to play with on the vibration mode. If you treat yourself with anything this year then make it this!

Once fully charged on the cradle/nest the light will go from softly pulsing to turning off.

A petite 3"x2.2" and 133g

Unfortunately it is not reccomend to keep the power on underwater.

Simply plug the usbc cable provided into the port and into a suitable power source then place the cuddly bird on the magnetic icons on the base.

Up to 2 and a half hours using the suction mode and an hour and 20 minutes on full strength vibrations (plus it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge)