Evolved Little Dipper — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Apr 23, 2024

Evolved Little Dipper — Test & Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Love those buzzy vibrations.
  • Need a small, discreet toy for travel.
  • Have grip issues.
  • Enjoy toys with texture.
  • Want the perfect little go-to vibe.

  • Prefer rumbly vibrations over buzzy.
  • Are looking for a larger vibrator for penetration.


The Little Dipper by Evolved is a luxury looking and feeling mini vibrator that's perfect for so many things! The Little Dipper's design is very unique, making it extremely comfortable to handle as well as including various shape changes and incredible textured ribbing. There's a bulbous area that can be "dipped" inside for vaginal opening stimulation, as well as a soft little tip that gives you targeted stimulation. The Evolved Little Dipper is made from silky silicone that glides over your most sensitive areas. And the button on the end makes is easy to operate and click through the 8 speeds and patterns of powerful vibration. This little vibe is the perfect playmate for all bodies and can be used on dry land and under water.

Little Dipper by Evolved -

The Evolved Little Dipper

I never know what sort of fun little toys I get assigned to review. Sometimes, I get to pick, and other times I am shipped things that weren’t reviewed as requested. So, this time, I got a box of surprises! And nothing in this box of goodies surprised me as much as the Little Dipper by Evolved.

The Evolved Brand Is Sexy!

I was excited by the Evolved brand logo and box design. It’s sort of tattoo-ish, with a clever play on letters…. EVOL is printed backward in upper-case letters with VED in smaller letters, so the LOVE (backward) stands out. The box isn’t anything fabulous, as far as weight and such. However, the design is beautiful, classy and something you won’t have to worry about having around little ones.

The Little Dipper….Cute, Unique, and Fun

When I pulled the Little Dipper out of the box, I almost squealed! It’s so small, lightweight and SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE! The shape is so incredibly unique that it can be held with your fingers OR in the palm of your hand. Then, the curves and fat, bulbous head, with a rounded, precision tip and the bumpy ribbing makes it so cute, interesting, fun and exciting. Plus the button is flat and placed on the other end so it super easy to find and press.

It Feels Amazing!

The Evolved Little Dipper feels amazing against your skin because it’s made from high-quality silicone, that’s so silky-soft! And because of the ribbing, it gives off the most unique sensations all over the vulva, not just the clitoris. This might be the LITTLE Dipper, but it’s HUGE on power. The only downside, for me, was that the vibrations are buzzy, rather than rumbly, so not my favorite type of stimulation, as I tend to go numb easily.

Many Ways To Play!

The Evolved Little Dipper is a very versatile little vibrator. First off, it’s incredibly small, so it’s easy to throw in a purse or bag for travel. The shape makes it interesting to use all over the body, as well as just inside the vagina. Plus, because the charger is internal, you can use the Little Dipper in the shower, bath, pool or hot tub. Best of all, it comes with a 5-year warranty! This little vibrator is one of those small vibrators everyone needs in their toy collection, and will become your go-to toy for quick solo sessions or teasing with a partner.

Little Dipper by Evolved -

The Evolved Little Dipper has a unique design that's hard to describe. But it's very easy to hold and handle. It operates by a single button that's situated on the end, making it easy to operate with your thumb or finger. The second you touch the Evolved Little Dipper, you immediately think luxury, as you can FEEL how nice the silicone is. So, the overall design is an upgraded and unique bullet-like toy. I loved the fact that it's feather-light and very easy to hold. So the design totally works for me!

Little Dipper by Evolved -

The Evolved Little Dipper features a nice sized button on the very end, making it both easy to see, feel and operate. A long press turns the Little Dipper on, and a short click takes you through the 8 levels of vibration and patterns. Now, I did have an issue pressing the button, as I have grip and hand strength problems. However, it should work easily for most folks, but wouldn't be a total no-go for me, as everything else about this vibe is amazing. That's because it's petite, lightweight and shaped so uniquely, that you can hold it with your fingers or palm.

Little Dipper by Evolved -

I knew the quality was top notch the second I slid the Little Dipper out of the box. The silicone is so incredibly soft and the overall design is interesting and unique, so it looks and feels high-end. This little powerhouse is sturdy, features amazing texture, and it is extremely powerful. And although it's so powerful, you'd think it would be a bit noisy, but nothing could be further from the truth. This little lover is whisper quiet! Quality-wise, the Little Dipper is well worth the money.

Little Dipper by Evolved - <

The price of this one varies quite a bit, depending on which site you purchase it - so from under $40 or almost $70. But the Evolved Little Dipper is well worth the price. It's made from high-quality silicone, is USB rechargeable, features 8 levels of power and extremely different patterns. It comes with a charger, instruction manual and a 5-year warranty card. The box itself, although pretty, isn't sturdy enough to last for storage. But aside from that, the Evolved Little Dipper is definitely worth the price for a top-quality, powerful, portable, waterproof vibrator with incredibly unique settings.

Little Dipper by Evolved -

Performance-wise, the Little Dipper is a powerhouse packed into a small, uniquely shaped, silicone body. It features 3 speeds and 5 interesting settings that feel different than any other vibrator I have ever experienced. The Little Dipper runs quietly, and the run time depends on which settings you use. It charges in about 90 minutes and runs just as long. It didn't overheat at all, and even operates like a dream UNDER water!

Little Dipper by Evolved -

The Evolved Little Dipper packaging is subdued and sexy, without including any adult stuff. So, you could hang on to the package and not worry about children seeing it. The lightweight cardboard doesn't hold up well, so plan on getting yourself a little pouch to keep it in. However, the back of the box shows how to use the product, all of it's stats and warranty information.

Little Dipper by Evolved -

The Little Dipper by Evolved is made from high quality silicone, with a little bit of chrome-look, ABS plastic surrounding the on-off-settings button. Therefore, you should use a water-based lubricant, so it glides across your body without damaging the toy's finish. To clean, the Little Dipper can be washed with soap and water, as well as being completely submersed, so give it a quick wash when your in the bathtub having fun. Dry the Little Dipper well and pop it back in the plastic cradle inside the box. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a storage bag.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns5
Length4 inches
Width1 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS
RechargeableUSB pin jack
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Colors AvailableLight teal

Little Dipper by Evolved -

  • Small and portable
  • Extremely powerful with unique patterns of vibration
  • Luxury quality silicone
  • Stimulating ridges for a unique feel all over the body
  • Whisper quiet and discreet
  • Includes a full 5-year warranty

  • Very buzzy vibrations may cause numbness
  • The button may be hard to press for some
  • Doesn't include a storage bag.

The Evolved Little Dipper is a beautifully designed, deliciously textured, powerful mini-vibrator that everyone should own. The Little Dipper is made from luxuriously silky silicone, and not only is waterproof, but submersible for water play of all kinds. The shape of this little powerhouse reminds me of a bee's bottom and a honey dipper combined - so, when you move it around on your vulva, it delivers a wide variety of sensations. The Little Dipper by Evolved is petite, lightweight and super easy to hold and operate. So it's perfect for those with small motor and gripping issues. Additionally, it's just the right size for traveling! Finally, the 8 levels of buzzing vibrations is more than enough to satisfy!

The Evolved website doesn’t have an online manual available, therefore, here are some instructions from my manual.
  1. Product comes partially charged. Charge fully before use.
  2. Long press the button to turn on the product.
  3. Short press to go through the speeds and patterns.
  4. Long press the button again to turn off.
  5. Wash using soap and water, or sex toy cleaner after use.
  6. Dry well before storing.

No. Although this vibe is the perfect size for anal play, there isn't a flared based and therefore should not be placed in the anus. But a little teasing around the anus should be okay.

The warranty covers any defect in the product and will be replaced (not refunded) Just contact the company directly at myevolved.com

Absolutely! It's perfect because it's small, made from body-safe material, is easy to use, and includes lovely texture. Plus, the bulb is perfect for beginning, shallow penetration. So much to learn about your body with this little vibrator.

Sure! The Evolved Little Dipper is perfect for teasing all body parts and genitals - his, hers and theirs!

It really depends on your sensitivity. I have neuropathy, so vibrators like this, that are buzzy, will make my hands tingle and fingers go numb. However, some people enjoy buzzy vibrations more than rumbly.