Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug — Test & Review

   Devon Scott
Mar 13, 2024

Devon Scott
: 53
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Want to get a really good anal stretch
  • Like soft and firm
  • Need a shape that will pry you open
  • Are sizing up for 3 inch toys

  • Are not already experienced with anal stretching
  • Don't like somewhat firm toys
  • Prefer solid steel or glass
  • Are leary of PVC

This toy is designed well for pleasurable stretching. The graduating conical shape is well proportioned to allow enough depth to hold it in place as the stretching begins. Being made of soft PVC gives enough stiffness for forceful thrusting while still being comfortable to use. The base of mine has very good suction cup qualities.

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

I enjoy the stretch this toy brings me in treating my Hypertonic Pelvic Floor muscles, AKA; a tight ass. This huge butt plug is greatly helping me to find relief and pleasure. Pure silicone toys I have tried are just not firm enough. Though it has some stiffness, the Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug has the right amount of flexibilty to move with my body when thrusting against a solid surface such as the floor, yet enough stiffness to handle most of my body weight without collapsing. It is definitely a huge anal toy for a wonderful challenge and work out. The fullness provides very pleasurable pressure internally to include the prostate. I grind and thrust to massage and stretch my sphincters and muscles within the pelvis.

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

The Anal Slaughter seems like a basic design but it feels great to use and works very well for my needs. It looked a bit intimidating at first but as soon as I sat down on it I was thinking "who is gonna slaughter who, challange accepted".

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

Ease of Use for the Anal Slaughter is definately upto the individuals experience level. Just lube it up and insert, but how far it goes is up to you. After 3 morning sessions of about 5 minutes each I can get more than three quarters in, but with my experience of getting this far, it may be a couple of weeks or more before I feel comfortable to get it all in. Lube, lube, and more lube is a must!

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

I really feel this is a good quality toy, though I get a bit leary about anything that is not pure silicone. I am hesitant to give it a 10 out of 10 because I smelled just a hint of chemical when I first opened it, though not since. Compared with other pliable toys that are not pure silicone, this one I will definitely be using for a long time and not tossing out. It does not seem like a cheap toy and I am very happy with it. I also noticed that there are some shiny and dull patches. The inconsistency of appearance is nothing I can feel nor does it seem like a finish that is coming off, it appears to be something from the manufacturing process. However, this is my first PVC toy so is different from Silicone toys that I'm much more familiar with.

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug - <

The price for the Anal Slaughter was reasonable, especially on a sale price. I also trust OxyShop to deliver as advertised "Contains phthalates -No", where as I have heard terrible stories about cheap toys from other manufactures. OxyShop is a company I trust. The Anal Slaughter is worth it too me as a stepping stone for future adventures. I have the confidence of quality for a reasonable price, knowing that once I "Slaughter this beast" I will have met my goals, so money well spent.

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

I got the Anal Slaughter - Huge Butt Plug for the specific task of stretching and massage of internal muscles and it performs better than I expected. It provides the stiffness I need to exert lots of pressure while remaining soft and just squishy enough to conform to my body. The base is also flexible enough to stay flat to the floor or solid object when my body is not perfectly aligned. I need to use other designs and sizes to accomplish my goals, and the Anal Slaughter is helping me to get there.

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

I personaly don't like a lot of glitter and bling in packaging that will just be thrown away. Oxyshop has nailed classy without the added cost of fancy trash. Non-descript on the outside, my naughtiness was put to task by the interior. All I heard by what I saw was "you're gonna take it all one day, so it's time to get busy". The Anal Slaughter was graciously packaged in plastic and bubble wrap with the box telling me to open up and be ready to be Slaughtered.

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

The materials are PVC, something new to me. I have not had any adverse reactions after a week of daily use and do not detect any oders. Though the quality of appearance after heavy use is not what I'd expect from pure silicone, it is holding up well and I'm confident that it will help me to attain my goal. I clean it after use with simple bar soap and water in the shower. I also store it by sticking it to the wall to drip dry.

Insertable length5 inches
Length7.5 inches
Diameter3 inches

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug -

I have to double down on the suction cup base. Though the site did not mention the base is of a suction cup design, I stuck it too my shower wall out of habit from my previous toy, and this thing would not let go. I even left town for four days and upon return, this was right where I left it- on the wall and not easy to remove. I’ve only had one other toy that compares to the wall test and this Anal Slaughter is the best yet! Because I use it in the shower, I only wish that I could find something to stick it too that rests on the floor so I could bounce better than resting it on my heal. The suction cup base on mine is the best base I’ve ever had!

  • Soft and stiff
  • Cleans easy
  • Sticks to the shower wall
  • Gives a wonderful deliberate and comfortable stretch

  • It's PVC
  • Doesn't look 'cute'
  • Does not come with a sex machine

The Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug is very comfortable and well made for anal stretching. The texture, size, shape, and pliability work very well together for pleasurable stretching sessions. After just three sessions, I am happy with my choice of this plug to be exactly what I need to help me level up.

No instruction manual is available, and frankly not needed. Lube it up and sit on it is all you need to do- self explanatory.

If you have never gone beyond two inches and try to sink this in the first go, Yes, you could possibly tear tissue.

I'm not an expert and there is a lot of controversy. In a nutshell, phthalates seem to be the biggest concern, OxyShop says it has none, and I believe them. The other concern mentioned by others with PVC is that it is micro-porous. I clean myself well and keep the toy clean so I have no concerns about that at this time. I suppose any negative odor that could not be eliminated would be reason enough to throw something out, but this is not an issue after nearly two weeks of use.

Again, personal preference. A person really needs to be in tune with and listen to what the body says. I don't think I've had two days in a row with the same experience. The Anal Slaughter is helping me to attain my goals, but there is a lot more to life, and this is just a part of it. I use this as a tool to train my body, and someday I hope to find something that is purely for pleasure. Just the same, I've experienced some excellent physical pleasure in addition to physical and emotional relief from my Hypertonic Pelvic Floor dysfunction and pain.