Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit — Test & Review

   Jesse Roberts
Apr 2, 2024

Jesse Roberts
: 30's
: Experienced
: Male
: Pansexual

  • want to try ball stretching for the first time
  • have some experience but want to venture further
  • want the ability to get into some serious weights with a leather parachute

  • do not enjoy pressure on your testicles
  • already have a number of ball stretching toys
  • only want one product from within the kit

The beginners ball stretching kit comes with 5 different toys. Two stainless steel ball stretching weights at 200g per piece, a silicone ball restraint sack, a leather parachute for weight hanging, and a steel ball weight at 130g. All of the toys are of good quality in feel and appearance. I couldn't think of a better combination of products for a beginners ball stretching set.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

200g steel weights

I was so eager to try these ball stretchers I became semi erect and this made it hard to get the first 200g steel weight on. The issue here was pinching of the skin which would have been less problematic if I was completely flaccid when putting it on. Having said that I was able to get it on in the end, it just took a bit of careful manoeuvring. I don’t have a very saggy scrotum like some people so I don’t think it would be possible for me to fit both steel weights on at the same time, I simply don’t have enough skin!  The Allen key screws fit the weights together securely, I like the strong and sturdy industrial feeling this gives the product. I also liked the feel of the cold steel against my balls.

Silicone ball restraint sack

This was a fun and a completely new experience for me. The white silicone stretches easily and allows your balls to fit in nice and snug. I liked the feel of the silicone but was concerned it might pull on my pubic hair but it didn’t which I was pleasantly surprised at. If you’re someone who likes having their balls tugged then this is a great toy as it gives you a great hold for some tugging. No matter how much my play partner tugged, the silicone texture against the skin meant it wasn’t going anywhere!

Parachute ball stretcher

On first glance I was clueless as to what this was or how to use it. But now I know I think the parachute ball stretcher my favourite! You wrap the leather around your scrotum and fasten it using the poppers. It took a few attempts to get it poppered on the tightest size, I found when increasing weights on any other size it would fall off, so if you encounter the same issue just make sure it’s on as tight as it can go! It was handy having my play partner with me as again it would be tricky/take longer to get it on the tightest size solo. The beauty of this toy is that you can add as much weight as you like! I added both the steel weights and the steel ball eventually, reaching a total of 530g. At this point I wanted more! I was getting so into it and so turned on I knew I wanted further weight! I had to find a karabiner clip in my drawer to attach extra weights as there wasn’t one included. Then I was able to exchange the 530g for a 1kg weight that I have and oh wow, I’ve never seen myself so hard! I added one of the 200g weights making a total of 1200g! I’ll certainly be exploring my limits with this one.

Steel ball weight

The steel ball weight is attached to a silicone cord with fastening device, meaning it can double up as a cock and ball ring which is great! The testicle weight is the lightest of the weights so if you’re a bit nervous or really wanting to take it slow its the perfect starting point in the kit. It’s super easy to use compared to the other weights and the parachute. We attached one of the heavier weights to the steel ball as suggested in the product description online but found the knot in the silicone cord came undone pretty quickly, I nearly had a 200g weight fall on my toes! Once we re-tied a more secure type of knot it was absolutely fine.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

All the products in the kit look great and feel great! The black leather of the parachute and the industrial steel of the weights, ball and parachute attachments make a very sexy and kinky theme to the kit as a whole. If I was being really picky I'd say the silicone restraint sack should have come in black, which I know they have available. The white colour of it just didn't match the rest of the product and some of the black trimmings from the leather of the parachute stuck to the white silicone sack which I had to keep rinsing off.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

There is a lot going on in this kit, especially if you're a beginner, but don't be put off, take things one at a time, then double up later ;) It's definitely easier to use the trickier items with a play partner to help you. I think with a bit of practise I'll get the hang of attaching the steel weights and the parachute solo. If your'e not afraid of a bit of pinched skin you'll have no problems at all. It's really easy to add and remove further weights to the parachute and the steel ball which is very practical.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

My only gripe is of some of the black leather colour rubbing onto the silicone sack, which is so minimal that I've still rated this product 100 for quality. Every single item is high quality, well designed and very reliable. They've even included an extra silicone cord incase you work your way through the first one, and a spare Allen key in case you lose the other. With what I can see there's no reason why I'd ever need to replace this product.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit - <

I think this is really great value for money. Of course it would always be nice if things were a little cheaper, but you get so much with this product. They add spare parts which they don't have to do and there is so much versatility to the items that this makes it well worth the price.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

It exceeded my expectations. All of the items function as advertised and performed very well. I will be going back to these toys a lot and experimenting further with different combinations and different weights.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

So this is the only real area where the product fell short. Each item was packaged in resealable plastic ziplock type bags and were collectively wrapped in bubble wrap but that was it. So in terms of product protection there is no problem. But there was no Oxy brand box as advertised in the images on the website. All in all the package is lacking aesthetics and there is no long term storage bag/box for practicality. The product came with an Instruction manual and an Oxy business card that has a link to its essential guides and 10% off the next purchase.

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

The items are safe, the weights are of course quite heavy but all appears to be of high quality. The items are waterproof but the obvious care needs to be paid to any stainless steel product when it comes to ensuring the product is dry before putting into storage. On the whole the items appear easy to clean. This is not the sort of product that will get overly messy, at least not for me, but if it did I can't see a problem in cleaning it all adequately. There is no storage bag or box provided with this product which is a shame, it would have really been a great finishing touch if it did.

MaterialsStainless steel, leather, silicone
WeightStainless steel ball stretchers: 200g/ 0.44lbs, Ball weight: 130g/0.28 lbs

Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit -

  • High quality product
  • Lots of different ways in which you can experiment with these items
  • Good value for money
  • Great for beginner and intermediate users
  • You can add as much weight as you can handle!

  • No storage bag/box
  • Doesn't come with any kind of clip for add ons to the parachute

I loved this product!!!! I'm only a little experienced with ball stretching so this was the perfect product to explore further. The beginners ball stretching kit has a fantastic range of toys to help you get acquainted with all aspects of ball stretching. It allows you to go at your own pace and experience the full range from the less extreme, to full on hardcore!

The kit comes with an instruction manual but if you need any further information you can find it on the Oxy website.

For the leather parachute and the ball weight, yes. For the silicone sack and the two stainless steal weights, no.

Yes, with the parachute you can hang as much weight as you like!

You don't need to, you might want to. I didn't and had assumed the silicone sack might pull on my ball hair but it was no problem at all.

Eventually yes, that's why it is important to ensure this product is dry after cleaning.