Pillow Talk Sassy — Test & Review

Crystal Heart Dildo   Katie Elizabeth
Jun 29, 2023

Crystal Heart Dildo

Katie Elizabeth
: 34
: Intermediate
: Non-binary
: bi-sexual

  • Are looking for a higher-end looking toy without the higher-end expense
  • You like very rumbly vibrations
  • You benefit from extra hand grip

  • Will get frustrated easily with one button
  • Enjoy very high strength vibrators
  • Prefer buzzy over rumbly
  • Don't enjoy g-spot stimulation


The Pillow Talk Sassy is a beautifully designed vibrator. It features a soft feeling and a textured handle. The gemstone on the bottom is actually the on/off switch! The charger slides right into a concealed port, keeping this vibrator waterproof.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

Hello, Gorgeous!

It was love at first sight for me when I opened the Pillow Talk Sassy. I received a handwritten thank you note from the company. This attention to customer details was really impressive to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect when opening the package. I was blown away! The quality of the box felt very high-end. A satin ribbon inside the box made it easy to remove the Pillow Talk Sassy from the box. The charger, product information, and cleaning brush were separated by a smaller compartment. The color is beautiful and the crystal on/off switch is so cute!

Gem of a Product

The Pillow Sassy talk arrived charged. I gave it a little more time to charge before use. An LED light softly pulsed to let me know when it was and wasn’t charging. With the short extra charge, it was ready to go immediately and last for a long time.

Talk Silky To Me

This g-spot vibrator feels so good on the skin. The body-safe silicone is as soft as I have ever felt. The little extra ribbing on the vibrator head gave me even more sensation. The Pillow Talk Sassy is curved upwards just right. It hit all the right spots inside and out. Unlike other vibrators I have used in the past, the Sassy has a textured handle. This really helped as I use a lot of lube and I really benefit from having a good grip.

All That Glitters…

I found the button a little hard to figure out at first, which paused the action for a bit. I was a little let down by the strength of the vibration. There seemed to be only two vibration options, which was a little disappointing. This will continue to be a helpful tool in my kit, it won’t be the entire kit.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

The Pillow Talk Sassy curves upwards and features a dimple at the base of its curve. The silicone is beautifully smooth and the head is rounded into an egg shape for a fuller feeling. The vibrations are rumbly and increase with a touch of the button.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

The textured handle on the Pillow Talk Sassy really helped me to hold on, even when slippery. I have arthritis in both my hands, and benefit a lot anytime there is a good grip. It loses points as the on/off, travel lock, and vibration setting are all in one button and little tricky to get used to.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

This is a beautiful product. It is designed well. It looks like a much more expensive vibrator, and not like a novelty item at all. I believe it will hold up exceptionally well, and it's very quiet.

Pillow Talk Sassy - <

The Pillow Talk Sassy may be more expensive than a lot of people are willing to buy, it is worth the price. Compared to other products like it, this vibrator is cheaper and well-made. The cleaning brush and satin bag are things I have never seen before with a product, even much more expensive ones.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

The Pillow Talk Sassy has nothing but great reviews. It may be because of this that I expected a little more in its performance. While this vibrator is a great tool, it will stay only as a tool. The vibrations were not enough for me no matter where I tried it. I find this to be a problem with many g-spot vibrators. The vibrations tend to feel very rumbly and gentle, which end up getting annoying for me after extended use. It felt like my body was being vibrated like I was on a regular train instead of the train to O-Town.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

The packaging was really impressive. The box feels sturdy enough to keep the Pillow Talk Sassy in. Once the box gets a little too much wear and tear, there is a satin bag to keep it in. This was however, the first package I have received that wasn't discreet. The side of the box very clearly had 'pink vibrator' printed on it. I often have family visiting and am highly concerned about discreet packaging.

Pillow Talk Sassy -

The Pillow Talk Sassy is body-safe, non-porous, and latex free. It is waterproof for safe cleaning and can be used with water-based lube. The cleaning brush that comes with the Sassy is stiff enough to clean the dimples on the head and the textured handle. The satin bag is a great way to store this.

Vibration speeds2
Vibration patterns1
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
MaterialsSilicone, metal, crystal
Battery Life150 minutes
Charging Time1.5 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePastel pink, green, purple

Pillow Talk Sassy -

I have never seen a toy come with its own cleaning brush or have the button be a gemstone. The design and extra details put into the Pillow Talk Sassy make it stand out. The pastel color options are very unique in an industry that most often offers black and hot pink.

  • Beautiful design
  • Great for added stimulation
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth surface

  • Low-powered vibrations
  • Buttons are a little hard to get used to
  • Not at lot of vibrating options

The Pillow Talk Sassy is a great toy for people who are just starting out exploring g-spot vibrators. It will be a great pick for anyone who enjoys adding an aesthetic to their bedroom. It is a cute, durable, mild vibrator that anyone would be happy to use.

The Pillow Talk Sassy comes with a user manual in the box and a QR Code for the BMS Factory website. If you are like me and would rather not have the clutter of keeping everything that comes with your sex toys, here is the link to the instructions: https://www.bmsfactory.com/instructions/pillow-talk-sassy-teal-p307-a65.aspx

The Pillow Talk Sassy is tolerant of getting wet from bodies and cleaning, it is not tolerant of being full underwater. Do not bring it in the shower or tub.

While the Pillow Talk Sassy is smooth and non-porous, the sides do have some dimples and the handle is very textured. This would not be a good fit for anal use.

When fully charged, the Pillow Talk Sassy will run for 1.5 hours. Keeping it charged consistently will help it last longer.

The Pillow Talk Sassy vibrates in one consistent pattern.

The Pillow Talk Sassy comes with a USB charger that is great for travel and home use.