Pink Punch Dream Bunny Test and Review

   Edie Billhimer
May 15, 2024

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Enjoy powerful clitoral suction and vibration.
  • Adore cute sex toys.
  • Want the option of app control.
  • Fantasize about playing with strangers.
  • Prefer a charging dock over direct charging.

  • Have a large clitoris.
  • Can't handle strong clitoral suction and vibration.
  • Prefer a sex toy that penetrates.
  • Aren't into cutesy sex toys.


The Pink Punch Dream Bunny is another home run when it comes to toys that are geared toward the younger crowd. However, there is nothing beginner about the Dream Bunny at all. This adorable clitoral suction toy and vibrator packs an incredibly powerful punch, even though it only has 4 speeds and 3 patterns. It's made from the softest, squishiest food-grade silicone, and is so comfortable to hold by slipping your fingers under the bunny ears. And with 4 different silicone heads, you get a slightly different sensation with each one. The Dream Bunny charges via the charging dock, which looks like a little bunny nest! This thing is so cute and discreet, you can leave it on your nightstand and no one will know it's your sex toy. Finally, you can run the Dream Bunny manually or by downloading the app. That way you can play with a long-distance partner.

Dream Bunny -

Pink Punch Dream Bunny!

I was lucky enough to have gotten to participate in the launch of the Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom a couple of years back, as well as Peachu (no longer available). I LOVE their products and that they’re geared toward the younger, over 18 crowd, who are just beginning their sex toy journeys. And although I am FAR from a newbie, I was delighted by their adorable, well-made sex toys and their Punk-like app. So, I was over the moon when they contacted me about a new product, years in the making, the Pink Punch Dream Bunny.

It’s A WHAT?

I had seen a pic of the Dream Bunny and assumed that it was a finger vibrator – you know, the type that you slip your fingers around. However, when the Dream Bunny arrived, I excitedly tore open the box, got to the the inner box, and slid it open to reveal this adorable, soft, squishy bunny, nestled in it’s nest (charging dock). I slid my fingers under its ears and lifted it from the charging dock and began to examine it. And it was then that I realized it was a clitoris suction and vibrating toy! I literally SWOONED, clicked the button and stuck my finger over the opening to be greeted by lovely suction and vibration. This explains why Peachu made her exit! The Dream Bunny was there to take over as THE clitoral stimulator Pink Punch’s clients had been hoping for.

Pregaming with the Pink Punch Dream Bunny

I was immediately in love with the soft, gel-like texture of the silicone Dream Bunny. Not only was it cute, but super comfortable to hold. It took me a minute to find the button, as I was LOOKING for it, rather than FEELING for it. That’s because it was a raised, pronounced bump on the side, instead of an ugly button that would ruin the look and feel of the toy. I was also intrigued by the 3 extra heads that came with the Dream Bunny, each with a different texture. I plugged in the charging dock, to get it and the Dream Bunny charged. Now this is one thing I love most about Pink Punch toys; they come with a charging dock that you charge, then place the toy inside.  What’s also awesome is that this bunny is so cute and discreet, you can leave it sitting on your nightstand while it charges and no one will know it’s a sex toy!

Packaging Is Important!

Packaging has always been important to me as I feel good, sturdy and keep-worthy packaging elevates a product. Pink Punch leaves nothing to be desired with their beautiful, discreet and displayable boxes. And inside, everything is perfection – to the envelope with the manual tucked inside to the storage bag, custom tabs holding the cord and just all-around beautiful and fun packaging.

Whoa, This Thing Sucks – In All The Best Ways!

When I finally got around to trying the Pink Punch Dream Bunny, I was blown away! Again, I can’t express how lovely the materials are and how incredibly comfy the Dream Bunny is to hold. But the suction and vibration combo? Well, for me, it was an immediate climax of the I-wished-I-had-put-down-a-towel variety. Yes, it was THAT powerful on the low setting. I was initially concerned by the opening, as it’s pretty small. However, the sheer power took care of that, giving intense, pinpoint-targeted clitoral stimulation, the likes of which I have never experienced in a clitoral suction toy. And this is where the different types of silicone heads come in. They each give a slightly different feel; all of them are incredible!

My Gift To You….

If you happen to love clitoral suction toys that are powerful, feel different than the rest and satisfy in all the best ways, then you have GOT to get yourself a Dream Bunny by Pink Punch. And although I said it has a small opening, rest assured, the soft heads have a lot of give to them, so when that suction hits, it stimulates all of the right nerves with pinpoint accuracy. It’s A LOT and you may want to warm up before just slipping the Dream Bunny around your clitoris. I really should have, because I went from work mode to afterglow in 3.5 seconds. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a sex toy expert, you will love this adorable toy. And if you adore toys that are so darn cute you can actually display them, then the Pink Punch Dream Bunny is definitely for you! Plus, it makes a gift-worthy first toy for someone just exploring their body. The price is beyond affordable, especially for the quality you receive. So, click our link and head over to the Pink Punch website and get one. That’s the ONLY place you will find the exclusive Dream Bunny!

Dream Bunny -

The Pink Punch Dream Bunny is designed beautifully to be soft, comfortable, body-safe and user friendly, even for those with grip or strength issues. This little bunny looks and feels like it costs hundreds of dollars. Add to that the convenience of the charging dock and it's even more luxurious. The Dream Bunny is affordable, yet you can see the time and effort that went into designing, creating and perfecting the ultimate clitoral stimulator. I absolutely love it. The only downside to the design of the Dream Bunny is that the clitoral opening is small and may not work for those with a larger clitoris. However, upon use, I learned that the suction is powerful enough to pull in the clitoris only, and not surrounding tissue. This gives an extreme, pinpoint stimulation that is very intense. Additionally, the silicone heads are pliable, so the stretch to allow more tissue inside than I believed it would.

Dream Bunny -

The Dream Bunny is easy to use, by design. It operates with a single button, that blends into the toy, but is incredibly easy to find by feel. The ears are oversized, soft and pliable, so they are comfortable around your fingers and don't slip out of place. And because the Dream Bunny is lightweight and squishy, it's perfect for those with grip and small motor issues, as well as hand pain. Plus, the button is right there, so you can scroll through the speeds and settings with your thumb. The Pink Punch Dream Bunny is part of the Pink Punch Planet app, for android and iOS (more below in Special Features) and it connected easily and allowed for easy operation and added settings.

Dream Bunny -

The quality of the Dream Bunny is luxury level! It's made from food-grade silicone that is so silky, smooth and dreamy. It runs like a dream as well, putting out far more power than I could have imagined. Plus, it's incredibly quiet and discreet. Overall, the Dream Bunny and the charging dock are sturdy, well-made and an extremely high-quality product. Honestly, I am shocked it doesn't cost twice the list price, it's THAT nice!

Dream Bunny - <

The price of the Pink Punch Dream Bunny is affordable, especially for the top notch quality and overall beautiful design. It comes in a fantastic, sturdy box (more on that later) and inside, you'll find a molded, plastic cradle, holding the Dream Bunny and it's nesting dock firmly in place. Below the bunny is a spot that holds the extra 3 silicone heads in a little bag and the USB charging cord that is wrapped in a custom, Pink Punch holder. On top of everything is a nice, sturdy envelope that contains the instruction booklet and a card to help you download and use the app. Finally, the Dream Bunny comes with a silky little drawstring bag for storage and travel.

Dream Bunny -

Performance-wise, the Pink Punch Dream Bunny LOOKS sweet and gentle, but will blow your mind with the power and intense, pinpoint stimulation, using suction and vibration in all the best ways. The Dream Bunny is extremely quiet, runs without getting warm and holds a charge for at least an hour. Best yet, the little nest hold the bunny, keeping it continually charged and ready to go whenever you are!

Dream Bunny -

Dreamy is the best word I can use to describe the Dream Bunny packaging - and something that Pink Punch does for all of their products. It's a 2-piece, heavyweight, cardboard box that's simple, with the name of the product and simple, line drawings. On the bottom, you'll find product specs and company information. This is a box you'll want to keep, and you can even display it, as there is nothing on the packaging that gives away your sex toy secret. The packaging is so well done that it's PART of the product allure and luxury quality.

Dream Bunny -

The Pink Punch Dream Bunny is created with high-quality, body-safe, food-grade silicone that looks and feels expensive. It's waterproof, making it super easy to clean using soap and water. In addition, the silicone heads come off easily, so they can be cleaned thoroughly. I would suggest using only water-based lubricant when playing with the Dream Bunny. That way, you will protect the material, keeping is soft and luxurious. The charging dock is plastic, so if necessary, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it well before docking the Dream Bunny for charging. Finally, Pink Punch has included a lovely, drawstring bag you can use to store the Dream Bunny and charging dock, along with the extra heads and USB cord, or use it to take your new toy along when you travel.

Vibration modes7
Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns3
Clitoral suction modes
MaterialsFood-grade silicone, ABS plastic dock
RechargeableUSB charging dock
Battery Life120 minutes
Remote ControlsVia app
Storage Bag Included
Colors AvailablePink and green

Dream Bunny -


The Dream Bunny App

Pink Punch has developed an app that is fun and appeals to a younger audience – even though this old lady found it bright, hip and fun! Not only does it allow you to control the Dream Bunny remotely, you can hand the controls over to a partner, or find someone around the world to play too! Try the added settings, keep track of your Dream Bunny’s available power, and even connect with other Bunny and ‘Shroom owners all over the planet! It’s like social media for your sex toy and social media and sexy time.

  • Luxury-level, soft silicone feels amazing.
  • Pinpoint suction and vibration combination
  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Charging dock for constant charging
  • 4 silicone heads for differing sensations
  • Discreet and cute enough to display

  • Clitoral opening is small
  • App is geared toward younger audience

I love Pink Punch toys and the Dream Bunny is no different! The adorable, silicone bunny head it incredibly comfortable to hold and it nuzzles right into the palm of your hand. The Dream Bunny features 7 settings of suction and vibration combined for amazing clitoral stimulation. In addition, it includes 4 different heads you can switch out for different sucking sensations. The Pink Punch Dream Bunny is made from food-grade silicone and is absolutely luxurious. It comes with a charging dock, that looks like a little nest with the Pink Punch logo on the front. So you plug in the dock and sit the bunny inside to keep it charged and ready to go. Finally, the Dream Bunny connects to the Pink Punch Planet app, allowing you or your partner to control the toy. Or, you can allow someone across the world to control it. The only downside I have found with this adorable and powerful toy is that the opening is a bit small and may not fit larger clitorises.