Red Hot Ember — Test and Review

   Edie Billhimer
Jan 24, 2024

Red Hot Ember — Test and Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Desire intense, targeted vibrations.
  • Love low, rumbling vibrations too.
  • Want a portable powerhouse with travel lock.
  • Need a versatile vibrator for your collection.
  • Prefer one-button, easy operation.

  • Would rather have a better warranty.
  • Desire luxury level quality.
  • Prefer internal toys.


The Red Hot Ember flickering vibrator by CalExotics is a small, sensual, silicone vibrator that packs a ton of rumbly, pinpoint vibrations in a compact toy. It's easy-to-use, single button operation lights up to guide your way to all the right spots, whether you're in bed, the bath or shower. Best of all, it features a travel lock, making the Red Hot Ember the perfect travel companion. It's a fabulous toy for singles and couples alike, to tease and tantalize all sorts of sensitive body parts with pinpoint precision.

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

CalExotics Elevated

It’s been a long while since I’ve had my hands on a product by CalExotics! I’ve been in the business for a LONG time, and CalExotics (aka, California Exotics) has been making sex toys since before I was old enough to purchase them. So, when I pulled the Red Hot Ember flickering vibrator out of my review box, I was excited to see how the company has changed and evolved. After all, they used to make the cheapest sex toys on the market. The verdict? CalExotics has definitely elevated their game!

Flickering Confusion

After opening the box, and pulling out the Red Hot Ember, I realized it was a vibrator with a tapered, flickering tip. And although it’s made from sensually, soft, body-safe silicone, the flickering part, I think, is more of a play on words. See, it’s red, named Ember and it’s shaped like a flame. And that’s about as flickering as it gets. That’s because the tip moves far too fast to flick, in the way I had hoped it did – more like a tongue. Unfortunately, the Red Hot Ember flickers like a hummingbird’s wings on 12 Red Bulls. That being said, this little vibrator is powerful with a capital P!

Pinpoint Precision

I got the Red Hot Ember out of the box as a pre-game for another toy I was about to review. And I say pregame because the moment I put the tip to my most intimate part, I nearly flew backward, into my headboard and up the wall. Now, for those of you who need POWERFUL, concentrated vibrations to your clitoris to get off, my goodness, this vibe is FOR YOU! Personally, it takes me little more than a nice summer breeze to get me there, clitorally speaking. So, I backed down the power, took advantage of the rumbly vibrations, lower in the toy, and had some foreplay fun. And I found that the Red Hot Ember is AMAZING for tickling erogenous zones, exciting sensitive skin, tantalizing nipples and thrilling the clitoris, labia and vaginal opening (you can’t really feel the flickering internally, as it’s too small).

The Vibrator for All Bodies

All in all, I found the Red Hot Ember flickering vibrator one hot toy that all bodies can use and enjoy. It’s lightweight, so silky-soft and is easy to operate with a single button on the end. It features 10 settings of speed and patterns that delivers delicious sensations to different areas of the body. The tip is incredible to deliver INTENSE vibrations to the smallest of areas, so intense, I couldn’t handle it! So to you folks who like extreme and intense power, this is your vibe! Plus, it’s USB rechargeable and waterproof for water sports. Finally, it’s the perfect vibe for on the go, as it’s small, and features a travel lock. Everyone should have a vibrator like this in their toy box!  

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

The CalExotics Red Hot Ember is sexy! It's a beautiful red, incredibly high-quality silicone, and has a sensual, tapered shape. And although its operations and settings are very basic, the toy is extremely powerful with lower frequency, rumbly vibrations that carry through the body. Plus, not only can you use the tip for concentrated, pinpoint stimulation, the lower part of the toy offers vibrations that can be used on other areas of the body. Going back to the button, it's placed on the bottom, making it incredibly easy to operate with your thumb.

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

This little powerhouse is so easy to use! It has a single button on the bottom, which you can operate with your thumb. Plus it presses with little effort. The Red Hot Ember flickering vibrator is light weight, though it's thick, so it's suitable for those with grip issues. Finally, the vibrations are deeper and more rumbly, so it doesn't make your hand go numb while holding it.

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

I am going to give the Red Hot Ember the benefit of the doubt. By and large, CalExotics hasn't been in the upper scale when it comes to sex toy quality. However, this one is created with high-quality materials, which makes it look and feel luxury level. It feels sturdy and operates well, being relatively quiet. It charged easily and has lasted quite a while, so far. My only concern is the longevity of the toy, as a whole, considering there is only a 1-year warranty. For the price, I don't think it will last as long as other, more upper-level brands.

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator - <

The CalExotics Red Hot Ember is about mid-range, price wise, when comparing it to like products. You get the toy and a charger, no storage bag or a box you'd really want to keep. So, I personally wouldn't spend this much money for this particular product. That being said, out of the gate, it does run well and has lovely, rumbly vibrations, that are hard to find in this type of product. I'm simply on the fence about how long the product will last for the price.

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

Performance wise, the Red Hot Ember surpassed my expectations. Honestly, I thought it was going to be the usual, over-the-top, buzzy vibrations that make my hands ache and my clitoris want to crawl up inside my body. On the contrary, although extremely powerful, this little toy rumbles, sending waves of sensations through your body. And the tip gives you the extreme buzzy vibrations you want for intense, targeted pleasure. It charged well, ran quietly and didn't warm up at all while using it. Plus, the button clicked easily and moved seamlessly through the 10 settings....and it lit up! I give the Red Hot Ember top scores for performance!

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

Ugh, CalExotics, this porn-ish stuff on product boxes is completely unnecessary and really takes any class whatsoever out of the product. To be honest, if I saw this sitting on a shelf, next to another like product, I would immediately see this one as cheap. The clear top of the box is thin, see-through plastic with the image on a shirtless man and a barely-dressed, lingerie clad woman in a heated embrace, as he kisses her cleavage. It's definitely not suitable for households with children. On the other hand, the box does offer all of the product information you need, and the vibrator itself is tucked safely inside custom, thick foam. No, I wouldn't keep it. And for the price this vibrator costs, I really wish they'd included a bag for storage.

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

The Red Hot Ember flickering vibrator is made from very nice, silky silicone. The sleek shape is both sexy and lightweight, so it's easy to handle and manipulate. A little bit of water-based lube and the tip glides over your body easily. And since it's waterproof, it's incredibly easy to clean with warm water and soap, a silicone compatible sex toy cleaner, or wipe. In regard to storage, you'll definitely want to purchase a storage bag, tuck it in a sock that's missing it's mate, or just keep the foam interior of the box. That's because the box itself is too graphic and adult for my taste, so it's going into the trash.

Vibration modes10
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Length5 inches
Width1.25 inches
RechargeableUSB Pin Type
Battery Life30-180 minutes
Charging Time150 minutes
Travel LockYes
Colors AvailableRed

CalExotics Red Hot Ember Flickering Vibrator -

  • Intense, rumbly vibrations.
  • Flicking, precision tip delivers insane power.
  • Luxury-level silicone.
  • The right size for travel + a travel lock.
  • Great for ALL bodies.

  • A little pricey.
  • Packaging is PG-13.
  • Only 1-year warranty.

The CalExotics Red Hot Ember flickering vibrator surprised me! Being accustomed to CalExotics lower-quality products, the Red Hot Ember blew my mind. Not only is the silicone of the best quality, it looks and feels so luxurious. The single-button operation made me happy, as I love a simple, easy-to-use toy. In addition, it's lightweight and comfortable to hold and manipulate all over the body. But the motor....HOLY COW! This little vibrator is so powerful with low, rumbly vibrations in the body of the vibrator, and insanely intense, buzzy vibrations in the flickering pinpoint tip. It really gives you the best of both worlds, vibration wise. In the end, although I still have my reservations about the longevity of a CalExotics product, I have to admit, the Red Hot Ember is a winner in my book!

There isn’t an online instruction manual which you can view and download. However, please feel free to use my tips, above.

Yes, the Red Hot Ember can be used inside the vagina, but not very deeply. However, it cannot be used anally, as it's far too small and doesn't include a flared, safety base.

No, it doesn't. I saw the word flickering and thought the same. It moves far too fast to feel like a tongue. However, the sensation is intense and out of this world.

The battery life varies between 30 minutes on high and 180 minutes on low, as the motor uses more power each time you go up in speed and intensity.

No matter where you purchase your Red Hot Ember, go to the CalExotics official website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the warranty link. From there, you can begin filing your claim.

To be honest, it isn't a special travel lock that you actually set, as most luxury brands feature. CalExotics touts this as a travel lock, when you simply have to press the button for 3 seconds to start it. To me, that's not a lock. That's because, if the toy wedges against something in your bag for more than 3 seconds, then shifts away, the toy WILL begin to vibrate. Not a travel lock, sorry CalExotics.