Rocks Off RO 80mm — Test & Review

   Sarah Baran
Jun 15, 2023

Rocks Off RO 80mm — Test & Review<

Sarah Baran
: 41
: Intermediate
: Female
: Bisexual

  • Want a toy to get wet and wild with — 100% waterproof!
  • Want a toy that is discrete and easy to travel with.
  • Want to explore precision, pinpoint stimulation.
  • Are looking for some intense, O inducing clit stimulation.

  • Are new to clit stimulating bullet vibrators.
  • Don't know what an N-Cell battery is, or where to get one.
  • Are looking for internal vaginal or anal stimulation.
  • Are looking for something with gentle vibrations- some may find it be too intense.


The Rocks Off RO-80mm is not only a beautifully crafted and stylish clit stimulating vibrator, this baby packs quite a punch, and is waterproof! With 7 knee-knocking vibration settings, a precision tip, and sleek enough to discretely hide in a bag or pocket, do not be surprised if this little wonder becomes your new best friend! Just be warned, this power-packed bullet may be too intense for beginners.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

First Impressions

When the package finally arrived, I was giddy and excited to unbox the Rocks Off RO-80mm Rainbow Bullet Vibrator. From the moment the box was pulled from the bubble mailer, I was entranced with the quality and beauty of it.  The box was small, descriptive, and had almost a satiny texture.  I was falling in love with this bullet before even taking her for a spin.  As I pulled the inner packaging out, again I was impressed with the attention to detail.  I have never seen a bullet vibrator packaged so neatly and securely.  I opened the inner packaging and was instantly mesmerized by the beauty and shine of the rainbow colors dancing in the light.  It was so beautiful, and I *may* have gotten distracted with just how pretty it is!

Having Some Doubts

Once I finally got back to the task at hand, I will admit, some doubts began to creep in.  The shape, specifically the precision tip, left me with raised eyebrows and some concerns about minor injury in the heat of the moment. After unscrewing the battery compartment to remove the battery barrier for first use, I discovered the bullet utilizes an “N” battery.  Not only have I never seen that type of battery, they appear to be a tad pricey compared to A or AA batteries, which seem to be more commonly used for bullets and toys of this type.  Furthermore, I found the push button to turn it on and cycle through the 7 different settings to be very stiff, which was a bit problematic for anyone with hand strength issues.  Finally, I had major reservations about the waterproof claim. I had doubts that it would actually hold up to water play without water getting into the battery compartment.

Blown Away!

I am so happy to report all (but one) of my doubts were instantly erased with testing! Because the RO-80mm is 100% waterproof, I decided to do water testing.  And yes, it was as fun as it sounds! 😉 What I discovered is this is now my favorite shower toy!  While the push button operation initially felt quite stiff, under the water the button seemed to activate with ease, cycling through the 7 settings very effortlessly. There weren’t any problems with the bullet becoming too slippery in the water either. And other than doubling my water usage, it was a very, VERY enjoyable shower experience. The precision tip, initially a concern, turned out to be just lovely.  Even in the water, the precision tip glided effortlessly along the body.  It is a playfully enjoyable experience to utilize the precision tip in gentle exploratory play with yourself or with a partner.  The focused vibration can be used to take yourself to the edge of ecstasy and back, and it can be used to pinpoint some of those awful knots in the neck and other muscle groups.

Testing the Waterproofing

As much as I was enjoying putting the RO-80mm through vigorous testing, I still didn’t fully buy the waterproof claim.  So I turned it on, tossed it into a bowl of water, and set the timer for 15 minutes.  Not only did it run the entire time, it bounced and rattled all over the place, quite loudly!  Finally, I was satisfied with testing parameters. All in all, I am beyond quite pleased with this product.  The vibrations are intense enough to take you to the Great O again and again, portable and easy to toss someplace discrete for travel, and a simply beautiful new important part of my collection.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

This is a beautifully created, sleek, and straightforward bullet clitoral vibrator. From the moment you go to open the box, the quality of materials is noticeable. I was mesmerized by the shining rainbow design, turning it over in my hands, watching the reflections dance off of the surface. Approximately 80mm long, it features a tapered tip for “precision stimulation". The RO-80mm is 100% waterproof, though I admit I had my doubts. Although initial testing in the shower proved successful, I decided to put it through a submersion test. The RO-80mm danced in the bowl of water for 15 minutes with no indication of slowing down! This little bullet packs quite the punch with 7 settings and a precision stimulation tip. However, this may not be the best choice for beginners exploring precision stimulation as the vibrations are quite intense.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

The RO-80mm is a simple and straightforward design. To access the battery compartment, simply unscrew the end, which you will need to do to remove the barrier tab before first use. Make sure the end is secured tightly enough to keep liquids out of the battery compartment, especially if you intend to use it in the water. If you have mobility issues with your hands, you may find the button is a bit on the stiff side and may be more difficult to use, however the stiffness doesn't seem to be as much of an issue in water. Even in the shower, the visual beauty kept grabbing my attention and I found myself just sitting and admiring the Rocks-Off RO-80mm Rainbow vibrating bullet. It was surprisingly easy to hold on to and keep in place, even in the water.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

From first glance to last sigh of ecstasy, I am impressed with the overall quality by Rocks-Off. Other than the less common N-Cell battery usage, this product is amazing! This is the product you want if you are looking for intense, precision stimulation in or out of the shower. Visually stunning, it has become one of my go to toys simply due to intensity.

Rocks Off RO 80mm - <

The price of the RO-80mm is a deal for the quality and intensity of the product. The only downfall is the unusual (in my experience) battery size, which consumers may find a little steep in pricing compared to A and AA batteries.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

This baby exceeded expectations! Discrete enough to toss into a pocket or bag, intense enough to get the job done, but gentle enough for a solid warm up. Not overly loud, but not quite quiet enough to use at orchestra rest at the symphony. Did not get hot or uncomfortable during usage. To my surprise, it was not slippery during water use. Although I am unsure of the longevity of this product, I will continue to push it to the max with further testing.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

Packaging is made up of a simple straightforward box with adequate information regarding the product, and a nicely detailed picture of the bullet product, though the picture is slightly smaller than actual size. The box is mainly purple and black with shiny metallic silver accents. It is quite pretty! There are no 'tips for use' on the box, but there is a good product description and highlighted features clearly listed. These Included features highlight the primary 4 features: 7 Settings, 100% Waterproof, Battery Included, and Precision Stimulation. Additionally, this information is listed in 5 additional languages on side of box: French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Even the Inner packaging is very well thought out as it kept the item secure while allowing beautiful glimpses as it is unboxed.

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

The materials used are not listed on the packaging, product care insert, or website, but several other websites say this vibrator is made from ABS plastic, which is a non-porous, body-safe material. This toy is pretty simple and straightforward to use and clean. Clean before and after use with toy cleaner, soap and water, and remove the battery before storage (remove plastic tag on battery before first use). Pay close attention to ensure battery compartment is secure before using with lube and oils.

Vibration modes7
Length3.1 inches
Width0.75 inches
MaterialsABS Plastic
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableRainbow (pictured), Midnight Metal, Golden Passion, Colour Me Orgasmic

Rocks Off RO 80mm -

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Battery Included
  • Discrete, Travel Friendly
  • 7 Different Vibration Settings
  • Precision Tip for Focused Stimulation

  • Requires an N-Cell Battery
  • May be too intense for some individuals
  • Not suitable for internal stimulation
  • Push button operation may be too stiff for some individuals

All in all, the RO-80mm is a beautiful, functional, and discreet clit stimulating bullet vibrator. The waterproof feature means you can use it in the tub, shower, or even on the go. The major drawback is the uncommon battery size N, which many people may not have on hand once the battery dies; replacement batteries are available online but can cost significantly more than A or AA batteries. The Rainbow RO-80mm is a solid purchase, with intense vibrations that may be a bit much for a beginner, but overall I, without hesitation, recommend this bullet based on price point, functionality, and durability.

For Care Instructions, you can visit Rocks Off’s website. Or, check out my How To guide above for more ideas.

Yes! The RO-80MM is 100% waterproof!

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. Remove batteries before storage.

To remove the batteries, unscrew the cap and gently tap to dislodge the battery. You will have to access the battery compartment to remove the plastic tab before first use.

The RO-80mm requires a Size N (LR1) battery.

Anyone with a body can find enjoyment with the precision tip on the RO-80mm, but it will likely provide the most pleasure to those with vulvas.