ROMP Cello Vibrating Egg — Test & Review

   Joseph Mohrmann
Jun 24, 2024

ROMP Cello Vibrating Egg — Test & Review<

Joseph Mohrmann

  • Are getting it on sale
  • Don't mind the remote not really working
  • Want a small insertable toy
  • Want a free sticker sheet

  • Want a functioning remote control vibrator
  • Have grip issues such as carpal tunnel or arthritis
  • Want a toy you can use anally


The ROMP Cello is a vibrating egg and remote control combo. The egg is made of a soft, light blue silicone and has 5 levels and 4 patterns to choose from, which you can cycle through with the press of the power button at the very tip of the toy, or with the remote control (... theoretically). The remote control is small with just one button that also cycles through the different settings of the vibrator, though has issues connecting with the toy when actually in use. It's mainly advertised as a couple's toy, and something you can use for discreet play. It has a quiet motor and is fully waterproof, so you can use it almost anywhere.

ROMP Cello -

Out of the Box

When I first unpacked the Cello, I could tell it wasn’t the highest quality. The vibrating egg itself was pretty lightweight, and the remote was very plastic-y. The remote did come with it’s own battery, but it was a 23a 12volt, which while you can find on amazon for pretty cheap, isn’t something you’d usually just have around the house to replace if it died in the middle of a session. Nevertheless, I powered through and charged the baby up to give it a try solo.


Getting it in was easy enough, and the little spermy tail of the toy meant that I could switch through the settings with my hand and not the remote. Great! Or so I thought. Once it’s out of line of sight, since the tip is round and without much texture to indicate where the power button is, it took squeezing it at a few different angles to hit the button. Overall, using it as an insertable plug didn’t really give me much sensation. As a normal vibrator to press up against my clit it was nice, but once it was inside it felt more like a light tease than anything. The tail did make it easy to remove, which was nice.

With Partner

Using it with my partner was a bit of a flop. Like I said earlier, the remote doesn’t work unless you are VERY precise with where you’re aiming. And even then, just aiming at where you know the plug is isn’t enough. You have to get pretty close, and more often than not they had to stick the remote right in front of my crotch to get it to change settings. It was kind of a buzz kill, and we ended up just leaving it on a setting I liked and doing away with the remote. Maybe it wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the wearer of the egg were, say, bent over and the remote was used from behind. But that’s not exactly versatile.

ROMP Cello -

The design of the ROMP Cello egg is actually quite nice. It's small, curvy, and very soft. The tail is a flexible silicone and the tip where the power button is located also vibrates, so you can use it to tease yourself while the toy is inside. I do wish the power button design was a bit more prominent. I understand that they minimalized it for the purposes of using the tip as a toy as well, but it makes it kind of difficult to change settings or turn off/on unless you're looking directly at it or maybe have extremely sensitive fingertips. I do not like the remote. It feels like it's made of cheap plastic coated in silicone to make it seem nicer, uses a specialty kind of battery and is not rechargable, and is very finicky when connecting to the toy.

ROMP Cello -

The ROMP Cello is a pretty simple vibrator, but can have a lot of issues for people with tensile or grip issues, or for people who struggle with reaching below the belt. If you have any of those issues, you may be intrigued by something that you could comfortably control with a remote instead of on the toy itself. You can easily turn on the toy before putting it in, but since the remote only works at specific angles, it makes even using the toy solo a hassle. If the toy was connected to an app and used bluetooth, I believe it would fix most of the issues.

ROMP Cello -

While the Cello doesn't feel questionably cheap, it's certainly not a luxury toy. Both the egg and the remote are very lightweight, which I feel is a sign of poor quality in electronics, and the remote in particular feels like I bought it at the dollar store. Throwing the remote entirely out of the equation, the vibrator is pretty nice for the price. It's more buzzy than rumbly, but the battery does last a while and is fully rechargable and waterproof. It also feels very soft, and the little tip of the flexible tail where the power button is doubles as a tiny vibrator, too.

ROMP Cello - <

When you look at other remote control vibrators on the market, the ROMP Cello is close to the cheapest, though it doesn't look it. Disregarding the shoddy remote, since any toy on the cheaper side is gonna have similar issues, the toy itself is soft, waterproof, rechargable, and has a fun design. You won't get a travel bag with the toy, but you do get a cheeky little sticker sheet. Overall, the toy is worth the price as long as you're not buying it specifically for the remote control capabilities. If you really want a remote control vibe that works well, you're just going to have to bite the bullet and buy something more expensive.

ROMP Cello -

The ROMP Cello didn't live up to the hype in my opinion. I loved the website advertising a diverse collection of people using it, and that it's trying to give you something nice for a smaller price point. The egg is still a pretty quiet toy, and I think it would be great if you live in a share household and want to have some quality solo time in bed or in the bath. It's even rechargable! But since the toy is advertised as remote controlled, as a couple's toy, I was unfortunately disappointed and underwhelmed. I don't think this would be a good toy to have some discreet play with your partner, unless your idea of discreet is them loudly clicking a little remote at your crotch from different angles.

ROMP Cello -

The box that the ROMP Cello comes in has a fun graphic design. It features the typical buzzwords you'd be looking for down the side, like the number of patterns and it's waterproof rating, but an extra thing they added that I liked was that it had an image of the egg and remote with the measurements next to them. I think this is something all sex toy companies should do so people can easily estimate if a toy is going to be the right size for them. Other than the outer packaging, everything the toy comes with is packed into a little plastic tray with a quick start guide and sticker sheet on top.

ROMP Cello -

Since the ROMP Cello is made of silicone and is a pretty basic shape, it's fairly easy to clean. I like to fill my sink with some warm water, pop that sucker in, and use an unscented toy soap or castile soap to scrub it before rinsing it off. One thing to note is that since the brand of the toy and the power button indicator are laid into the toy, you have to take something like a washcloth or soft bristle brush to clean out those crevices. Once that's done, I lay it out on a towel to dry and then tuck it into my toy bag. It doesn't come with a storage bag, so you'll have to buy one or get creative with your storage. Please do not wash the remote, though. It's in no way waterproof and should be wiped with a damp cloth to clean.

Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns4
Length6.5 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsYes, Handheld Remote
App ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlue

ROMP Cello -

  • Relatively cheap
  • Quiet
  • Easy to remove with the tail design
  • Has multiple settings

  • The remote doesn't work very well
  • The power button can be tricky to find
  • Not great for people with grip issues

I wasn't overly impressed with the ROMP Cello. The vibrator itself is decent quality for the price, and it being rechargeable is a huge plus for me. The remote, however, is pretty shoddy and doesn't work well when the egg is actually inside of someone, and trying to get an angle where it will actually connect to the toy kinda kills the vibe, so to speak. If it was controlled by Bluetooth or phone instead of a little plastic remote maybe it would be better, but unfortunately a cheaply-sold toy is very often going to be a cheaply-made toy.