ROMP Free X — Test & Review

   Lindsay Megan
May 10, 2024

Lindsay Megan
: 34
: Intermediate
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Lovense Osci

  • love clitoral stimulation
  • want simple controls
  • like discreet packaging

  • don't like clitoral stimulation
  • need extended battery life
  • want vibrations or extreme power


The Romp Free X is a compact handheld clitoral suction toy, covered in smooth sleek silicone. The Free X fits snugly in your hand and is a discreet little bombshell that looks more akin to a beauty product than a clit stimulator. It's a sweet, two-tone purple color that invokes thoughts of a juicy fruit or candy and brings just as much pleasure. It's intended for clits but you could definitely try it out on a nipple as well!

ROMP Free X -

A First Look at the Romp Free X

I was slightly skeptical upon first sight of the Romp Free X. It felt too light weight to be able to have an ample motor and I was wary that there were no options for vibrations. I have been used to more complex toys that have Bluetooth capability and patterns, so I do admit I was slightly disappointed that you could only control the strength of the toy. Due to the simplicity of the Romp Free X, all I had to do wait for a few minutes of charging and very briefly read the manual before jumping right in.

From Small Packages Come Big Surprises

I’m glad I didn’t judge this book by it’s cover, because I loved being able to turn my brain off and not worry if I had wifi or an app to have fun. I was able to just disconnect and not need to use my phone and accidentally see an email while controlling my toy. I also loved not having to twist or contort my body to get the right angle or reach the controls because the product design was flawless while in use. It allows you to have a hands-free to enjoy some penetration play as well or to focus on your partner. I stayed in the mid-range of the intensities, which was more than stimulating for me as I was just a little too sensitive for the high end. Normally, I like a lot of stimulation, but I find that suction devices work best for with a low and slow approach. There was a considerable difference between intensities so I think this will fit for clits of all sensitivities! The mouth of the toy was also very wide which I appreciated because no two clits are the same and there’s nothing worse than not being able to use a toy because it doesn’t fit your body type.

The Downside

My only real issues with the Romp Free X are to do with the charger. It was really difficult to insert and you really need for force it in for it to start working which makes me worried it will eventually get damaged. I also think that if you’re someone who needs a long warm up, you can risk running out of charge at the most inconvenient time with was something I worried about, but thankfully didn’t experience. I also brought this toy with me while traveling since it was petite enough to throw in a backpack, but I did worry it would turn on during my journey since there is no travel lock.

ROMP Free X -

I really appreciate the petite nature of this toy. It makes it very easy to maneuver and doesn't cause any arm fatigue while in use. The cleaning is also very seamless since it's waterproof and simple to take apart with ease. The shape is also very unassuming, so if you were to leave this in your bathroom drawer, it could easily pass as a fancy little skin care tool. The Romp Free X could easily be thrown into your toiletry bag on your trip and no one would give your bag a second glance. It feels silky and smooth and like a nice quality silicone. The design and colors are simple, but I feel like it makes it very whimsical and fun - kind of like a grape Hi-Chew. It is very lightweight, which did make me concerned that the motor would be flimsy, but I was proven wrong there. I think that if it were any heavier it would end up being too cumbersome to hold to your clit for long periods of time.

ROMP Free X -

The Romp Free X is very simple to use. There are only two buttons. Pressing the up button for several seconds turns it on and pressing the down button for several seconds turns it off. There are 10 intensity levels you can explore by tapping the up or down button. The button placement also makes it very easy to adjust your settings mid-play without having to twist your arms unnaturally. It takes some exploring to figure out which position and intensity works for you. I recommend starting slow and low as clit suckers can very quickly lead to overstimulation and make you overly sensitive, in my experience. The Romp Free X is very small and lightweight, which is great for people with mobility issues or injuries. It could get slippery due to the smooth silicone if you like to be heavy handed with the lube. The only issue I foresee is the charger and charging port. It is very difficult to slide the charger into the port and almost feels like you are doing it wrong and might break it until you see the light click on.

ROMP Free X -

The Romp Free X is a good quality toy. The lack of heft to it could definitely make you feel like it would be cheap at first glance, but I think that it speaks for itself once it's turned on. I holds its own and really packs more of a punch than it looks like it could. It's very sturdy and doesn't have any give. It's on the quiet side and doesn't rumble too much while it's pressed up against your skin. If it's not pressed up against you, the highest three settings could be heard from across the room..unless your computer fan drowns it out like mine!

ROMP Free X - <

I think that the price is very reasonable for a clitoral suction toy and runs on the lower end of the spectrum compared to other brands in the market. I believe that it's also a great price point for someone new to clitoral suction toys who wants to try out a different sensation without breaking the bank.

ROMP Free X -

The Romp Free X charged shockingly quick for me - it was on the charger for less than twenty minutes when I noticed the light for it stopped blinking to indicate it had reached a full battery. The suction was shockingly power for a tiny little toy. I expected to have this thing on full blast since I normally prefer my vibrations on high, but I stayed steadily in the middle of the intensities which was perfect for me. Having it too high made me too sensitive to keep the toy on - which could be fun if I wasn't playing solo! The battery never got too hot for me, but lasted about 35 out of the 45 minutes that was advertised, which is short for my compared to some of the other toys I'm used to.

ROMP Free X -

The packaging for the Romp Free X is pretty basic and doesn't really let off any of its charm. It looks more like a box for a computer accessory than a sex toy. It doesn't give you any tips or examples on the outside, but does give you some basics on the side of the box about size and features. The inside of the box is much more fun. It comes with adorable little stickers, a manual and a playbook. The playbook gives you instructions for using and cleaning the Romp Free X as well as ideas for using it.

ROMP Free X -

The Romp Free X's body is sleek and non-porous. The material is a smooth, high quality silicone, which means it should be used with a water based lube. Cleaning is made very easy since the toy is water proof and the charging port is very small to prevent water seeping in. The toy can be disassembled quickly and thoroughly cleaned by removing simulation head, which is the piece of the toy that does the actual suctioning. This is something I appreciated because you can get a really nice, deep clean without worrying that lube will be caught in a hard to clean area for an eternity. Although the Romp Free X doesn't come with a storage bag or box aside from the outer packaging, this isn't too concerning as the toy is very petite and easy to store if discretion is needed. It's slightly smaller than an average sized computer mouse.

Clitoral suction10 modes
Length3.74 inches
Width1.91 inches
DiameterMouth: 1.25 inches
Battery Life45 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNone
Storage Bag IncludedNone
Colors AvailablePurple

ROMP Free X -

  • Perfect for small hands
  • Simplistic controls
  • Great to pack for traveling
  • Discreet packaging
  • Easy to clean

  • Charging port is difficult to use
  • Short battery life
  • No travel lock
  • No patterns available

This unassuming clit sucker does NOT seem like it would be as powerful as it actually is. I was ready for a relatively mild experience, as the toy looked like it was too lightweight to really have much of a punch to it. I assumed that lack of weight would mean that the motor would be weak, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need to max out the intensity to enjoy this toy! The only real downsides to the Romp Free X would be the battery and charger.

You can find the user manual on the romp website, here. The toy is very simple to use and can be turned on after charging by pressing down on the up button for a few consecutive seconds. It can be turned off by doing the same to the down button. You can increase or decrease the the intensity by tapping the up or down buttons in quick succession. I recommend using this toy with lube and alternating between intensities until you reach what feels best for you. It is especially fun when paired with a vibrating g-spot toy!

While this toy is the perfect size for traveling, it does not have a travel lock.

The Romp Free X battery lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

Yes! The Romp Free X is a submersible toy - please enjoy in the bath.

This toy is made of silicone, so a water based lubricant is the safest choice.

Yes! The controls are very simple to use and this toy comes with a handy little pamphlet on fun ways to use it.