Romp Switch Test and Review

   Edie Billhimer
Apr 3, 2024

Romp Switch Test and Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Want a clitoral suction toy, but can't afford one.
  • Haven't tried an air pulse stimulator before.
  • Love clitoral suction toys.
  • Need clitoral stimulation during penetration.
  • Like toys that travel well.

  • Prefer rechargeable toys.
  • Would rather spend hundreds of dollars on a similar toy.
  • Are looking for a toy for penetration.
  • Don't enjoy direct clitoral stimulation.


The Romp Switch is a perfect, lesser expensive dupe of the Womanizer Starlet. The only differences are that this one isn't rechargeable and it costs 75% less than the name brand. The Romp Switch runs on 2 AAA batteries and is made from ABS plastic and silicone. It features 6 levels of air pulse technology that massages and stimulates the clitoris without touching it. Plus, you have both an up and down button, making it easier to build your orgasm and edge, if you choose. Finally, the Romp Switch is super-quiet, runs well and is one of the best sex toy brands for people on a budget.

Romp Switch -

The Perfect Toy For Those On A Budget!

Let me preface this by saying that I have tried DOZENS of air pulse clitoral stimulators: aka: clit suckers. And that includes the most popular brands like Womanizer and Satisfyer. Therefore, when I was told I’d be reviewing another air pulse stimulator, I wasn’t exactly doing my happy dance. But considering Romp is a brand I hadn’t tried, I must admit that I was curious to see if this toy was any good. After all, the Romp Switch (as all Romp branded toys) is extremely inexpensive. At the time of this review, the price was right at $30-35! And that’s insane considering the name brands can be up to, and well over $100.

Wait, This Looks Just Like….

When I received the Romp Switch, I was shocked. Why, you may ask? Because it looed JUST LIKE the Womanizer Starlet 2! The only difference in the appearance of the Switch was the white design on the handle. And as far as everything else, the price is 1/3 of the name brand, the Romp Switch has 6 settings (compared to 4) and it features both up and down buttons. Granted, this one runs on 2 AAA batteries, instead of having a rechargeable battery, but still, it’s one heck of a fantastic deal, price-wise. So, keep this in mind if you’re looking for an affordable clitoral suction toy or wanting to try one for the first time, before investing in an expensive one. Best of all, Romp toys include a 2-year warranty!


Y’all should know by now that I start all of my reviews by playing with a new toy fully clothed. And the Romp Switch was no different. The first thing I noticed is that the required AAA batteries were included – yay! So, I put the batteries in, turned on the Romp Switch and was immediately surprised by how quiet it was. The buttons were easy to see and to press and I could scroll up and down without issues. Finally, I really liked the fact that this “cheap” toy, came in a nice box, had plenty of informational booklets and a sheet of adult-oriented, fun stickers.

The Main Event!

I never try out my review toys just to get the review done. I have to be in the mood in order to genuinely REVIEW the toy. So, once the mood hit, I grabbed the Romp Switch and fired it up. What I noticed right away was that it was just as powerful as the Womanizer brand and felt great on both my nipples and clitoris. The air pulse feels exactly the same as the Womanizer brand too, well, except the Switch had a bit more of a suction feel! I was able to easily enjoy the low settings without hitting the O right away – which I love! But I could go through all 6 settings and back down again to really work up to a great climax. I can’t do that with Satisfyer brands, as they have a much more powerful air pulse and many more settings. In the end, the Romp Switch delivered an incredible climax, while being powerful and whisper quiet. I was really surprised and impressed with the Romp brand and the Switch itself. It’s a fabulous toy at an affordable price!  

Romp Switch -

The Romp Switch is designed just like the biggest air pulse stimulator toys on the market. Therefore, to me, that's both good and bad. First, let's get the bad out of the way - although it's not, in any way a deal breaker. I do not like the ABS housing. It looks cheap, if feels cheap. Now, for the big name brand and the expensive prices they charge, it makes their toys NOT worth the cost. However, the Romp Switch is incredibly cheap and therefore, the ABS plastic housing is not a concern for me. Now the silicone head is made of smooth, soft silicone, so it feels lovely and seals well around the clitoris. The buttons on the handle are large, easy to see and easy to operate - so it's a great toy for those with grip issues. Plus, it's easy to hold onto! I loved it because it's a perfect dupe for the luxury brand.

Romp Switch -

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! That's exactly how the Romp Switch operates. It features 2 buttons, with a + and - on them. You long press the + and then move up and down the 6 settings. The plastic housing is smooth and lightweight, but does get a little slippery if you go a bit nuts with the lube. To turn it off, just long press the - button. The Romp Switch is a great toy for those with grip issues as well as for those who can hang onto the heavier toys. Finally, with the Switch being battery operated, there's no charging cable to fuss with and it's always ready to go!

Romp Switch -

I took a couple of points away from the Romp Switch only because I personally don't like the look of the cheap plastic housing. Otherwise, it's of great quality, features a body-safe, soft and flexible head made from silicone and has up and down buttons that are easy to see, feel and operate. The Romp Switch is incredibly quiet too, which is important for those of us sharing a home with others. I LOVE the fact that it runs on AAA batteries, so it's always charged and ready to go! No cords to worry about.

Romp Switch - <

For the inexpensive price, the Romp Switch is SO worth it! You get the product, in a nice hygienic sealed box, batteries are included and you get plenty of manuals and funny, adult-oriented stickers. The Switch runs well, has 6 levels of air pulse and is incredibly quiet! Plus it's a perfect dupe of the more expensive brand. What's not to like?!

Romp Switch -

Performance wise, the Romp Switch kind-of blew my mind! For the price, I truly expected it to perform like a cheap toy. On the contrary, it ran like the big brand names. It was powerful, whisper-quiet and easy to operate. And since it runs on regular batteries, rather than a rechargeable battery, it doesn't get warm at all when running. The silicone head is absolutely lovely, made from silicone and creates a fantastic seal on breasts and the clitoris. I am LOVING the Romp brand!

Romp Switch -

The Romp Switch came in a decent box with zero adult oriented imaging. It's not super sturdy, nor is it flimsy, so the box is suitable for storage. The package includes the basic instructions, settings, runtime and battery use time. Best of all, the Romp Switch comes with hygienic seals on both ends - something you don't ordinarily see on less expensive products. Class act, all the way!

Romp Switch -

The Romp Switch is made primarily of ABS plastic, with the head being made from silky-soft and comfortable silicone. I suggest only using water-based lubricant on the head to create a good seal and make stimulation better. As far as cleaning goes, the Switch is splash proof, so it can be wiped down, but not placed in water. The head is removeable, just like it's name brand twin. and it can be thoroughly washed in hot water, with a mild soap or sex toy cleanser. Then, pat the entire thing dry, replace the head and store it back in the box because, unfortunately, it doesn't come with a storage bag.

Clitoral suction6 modes
MaterialsABS and Silicone
Colors AvailableOrange, Purple

Romp Switch -

  • It's extremely affordable!
  • Works just as good as the expensive brands.
  • Incredibly quiet.
  • 6 levels of air pleasure.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Buttons press easily.

  • Runs on regular batteries.
  • May not be powerful enough for some.
  • Doesn't include a storage bag.

The Romp Switch is the perfect first air pulse clitoral stimulator for many reasons! It is designed and manufactured to look and feel just like the Womanizer air pulse stimulators, but cost a fraction of the price! With 6 levels of stimulation, up and down buttons and a comfortable, silicone head, the Romp Switch performs just as good as air pulse toys costing hundreds of dollars. Plus, it runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are included in the box. So no worrying about recharging or forgetting your cable when traveling! I've tried dozens of this type of clitoral stimulator and the Romp Switch feels just like the Womanizer Starlet, yet costs under $40. So, if you've yet to try a clitoral suction toy, this is your chance to give it a whirl and not worry about wasting a ton of money.

The Romp Switch user manual can be found here.  

The Romp switch will run for 5 hours on a fresh set of AAA batteries! Just keep in mind though, it all depends on how often you play.

Yes it does! All Romp brand toys come with a two-year warranty. All you have to do is go to their official website to make a claim.

YES! Unlike most air pulse clitoral stimulators, the Switch uses light suction as well as air pulses for an incredible sensation.

No, it doesn't offer different sizes or replacement heads. But it's big enough to fit most clitorises and flexes to seal well.

All Romp toys are affordable by design, as the company wants everyone to be able to afford nice, quality toys made from body-safe materials.