Satisfyer Curvy 1+ — Test & Review

   Nick Williams
Aug 14, 2023

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ — Test & Review<

Nick Williams
: 23
: Intermediate
: Trans Male (FtM)
: Pansexual
: Satisfyer Curvy 1+

  • Love strong vibrations
  • Enjoy clitoral stimulation
  • Want more of a "thumping" sensation
  • Desire a range of pattern options

  • Experience grip or dexterity problems
  • Dislike intense sensations on the clit
  • Prefer toys on the cheaper scale


The Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Stimulator provides direct pleasure to the clit, possessing both air-pulse stimulation and powerful twin vibration motors, allowing a 2-in-1 kinda deal when it comes to tingling technology! Through the device buttons or the Connect App controls, you can choose between either sensation or experience both simultaneously. Play alone, with a partner… or several! This stimulator is Bluetooth connected and can be controlled in-person or over long distances. USB chargeable, made with body-safe and waterproof material, and ergonomically shaped for comfortable handheld manoeuvring, this toy sounds like the real deal! But with all that being said dear reader, you wouldn’t be here if not for the juicy details to follow…

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

Chasing a New C-gasm

I began my quest to find a toy that I could enjoy with my long distance partner. I knew some sort of clit vibrator couldn’t go amiss. Through the vast selection of products, my eyes landed on the Satisfyer Curvy 1+. “Air pulse stimulator?” I hadn’t ever heard that before, but as if my mind had been read, a store worker approached me and asked if I’d like an extra bit of info about it. As a trans man, I worried that my clit wouldn’t fit into the chamber due to hormone growth, or that the sensation would be too intense. The kind store worker took the Curvy 1+ out of the box for me to inspect the chamber size. She also demonstrated how the sensation felt by holding the toy to my palm so I could feel the air pulse technology working its magic. That was it. I was sold (even before reading that it was long distance compatible!)

Got My Cake and Ate It Too!

I DID IT! I got a toy that catered to long distance play AND is designed for clitoral pleasure. When I had fully charged the Curvy 1+ my partner and I downloaded the Satifyer connect app on our phones, made our accounts and I assumed a comfortable position on my back. The Curvy 1+ enveloped my clit and fit like a glove, creating a perfect vacuum seal. When all was ready, my partner activated it and… what in the ‘O’ just happened?! The orgasm hit me like a crashing tsunami and I was left dazed and floating on utter bliss. It was intense and felt unlike any other clitoral orgasm I’d ever had before. My partner found it hysterical at how quickly it all happened. We were in awe with this small but powerful gadget, keen to explore and excited for more.

Putting the ‘Fun’ in Functionality

After a few more sessions, I had a preference for solely the air pulse sequences. I had memorised the default patterns and speeds available through the device buttons: 11 air pulse speeds and 11 different vibration sequences. Naturally, I became curious about the other features the Curvy 1+ had to offer. The ‘music vibes’ app setting wasn’t quite my cup of tea (probably due to my less than sensual music tastes) but I could absolutely see the appeal of syncing up the delicious purring to one’s favourite song. I adored the ‘’Community’ tab, where people create and share their own custom sequences for others to try- plentiful and certainly unique. There’s also pre-existing sequences ready to use, which are equally fun, but run in a repetitive loop. I was delighted to find that if a sequence contained a vibration pattern, I could simply switch it off. More features have been added to the app since my purchase: ‘Remotyca stories’ and ‘high touch mediation’. Since these weren’t exactly suited to my preferences, I’ll explain each of these functions later in this review.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

Shaped like a kidney bean (for your bean), it possesses a sleek and modest design which could potentially read like a modern piece of art to the unassuming eye. The gentle curve in its form fits to my hand nicely, tapering out at the tip so it’s not bulky to hold. Three buttons on the front, and when flipping the device over, it has a subtle two pin magnetic charging point that doesn’t distract nor get in the way. Although it also comes in white, the rose colour gives it a warm and seductive aura which greatly appeals to me. The chamber (or hole) has a generous space inside for the clitoris, with smooth edges to create a strong but comfortable vacuum seal against the skin.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

A slight learning curve for this curved toy. Three buttons on the device: top button for vibration patterns, middle to turn the toy on/off and to increase intensity of the air pulse, and bottom to decrease the air pulse. I find that the buttons are stiff which is no problem for myself, but could present an issue for others. Although easy to hold, for a longer session it’s simple to nestle the toy between my thighs for an anti-fatigue and anti-cramping hands free session. The Connect app has a friendly user interface and is easy to navigate.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

The toy feels luxurious in shape and texture, but by no means is it fragile. Compact and very robust - I’ve accidentally dropped it a good number of times but it has remained intact and works just as well as it did from day 1, so it can take a beating! If you live alone, the neighbors won’t hear it, however if you share a living space but want to be discreet, it may be heard. The solution for me is to use it under a duvet or pillow to dull the noise, which magically doesn’t cause the toy to overheat.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ - <

My purchase was discounted due to an in-store sale offer, but I certainly wouldn’t have minded paying full price. As previously mentioned, it’s luxury to the touch and to the eye and you get what you pay for and more. It’s a great value toy that I have no regret in buying due to its vast functionality and physical appeal. Appropriately crafted for pleasure, and if you ask me, that’s wallet worthy!

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

The Curvy 1+ ticked the boxes on all its claims. In fact, Satisfyer is so confident with its performance, there is a 15 year guarantee. It absolutely lived up to the hype I was sold on, providing toe-curling climaxes every time and a free app with the occasional exciting new update. That being said, it takes quite a while to charge, needing roughly 3 hours until full. I tested the battery life by leaving the Curvy 1+ on high air pulse for two hours- and it was still running, albeit sounding a tad tired, but did not overheat.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

The box is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, with light pink and blue accents and evocative but discreet graphic design. On the front is a depiction of a relaxed woman- although I do not identify as a woman, I understand that this is the main demographic for clitoral stimulators. On the back and inside the box is a full list of all functions and product specifications with multiple translations. The toy, charger, and instructions are neatly placed inside a plastic mould to avoid turbulence damage. There’s also a hygiene strip to let you know it hasn’t been opened or tampered with.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

Made with high quality body-safe silicone and waterproof (IPX7) material means this thing can get VERY wet so you can clean it under running water with soap. Toy cleaning spray is equally effective. There’s some difficulty in cleaning the circular groove outside the hole, needing to use my nail to trace around it. The chamber is easy to clean with a single finger. It’s recommended to always clean before use, but a small satin bag for storage to minimise scuffs and dust would be nice. My curvy does have a few permanent scuff marks that have not affected performance.

Vibration modes11
Clitoral suction11 modes
Length5.2 inches
MaterialsABS plastic, Silicone
Battery Life~60 minutes
Charging Time240 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailableRed, White

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ -

The Satisfyer Connect app allows the retention of a healthy sex life within long distance relationships. You can add 12 Satisfyer toys maximum and use up to 4 simultaneously. Easily add multiple partners who control the toys via their own app (in-person or not). There are multiple audio oriented features, such as ‘High Touch Meditation’ exercises to gently guide you through self pleasure. It also has ‘Music Vibes’ and ‘Remotyca Stories’ which explore sequences directly influenced by the beats of your music, or the narrative of many available erotic stories for a new and thrilling carnal experience. Love it!

  • App controlled
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for larger clitorises
  • Vast vibe and air pulse sequences
  • Long distance compatible

  • Difficult to clean groove
  • Prone to scuff marks
  • Long charging time

To sum it all up, I don’t hesitate to claim that the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ is my favourite sex toy to date. That is, until I discover other product lines or more of what Satisfyer has to offer with its newer range of toys, but I digress. A few nit-picks here and there with cleaning that stubborn groove, potential hand cramping, and unwanted attention due to noise… but the list of positives blow the negatives straight out of the water for me. The most cherished attribute I hold is the suitability for trans-masc users. As I mentioned earlier, I have clitoral growth due to hormone treatment, but that didn’t impede on the immense pleasure the toy provides. It’s worth mentioning that Satisfyer has a disclaimer on their website stating that their clit stimulators may not be suitable for people with clitoral growth, but due to the Curvy 1+ having a large chamber, I don’t see there being any issue. That being said, everyone is different and Satifyser suggests their Multitoy and Finger Vibrator range if the clitoral stimulators don’t work out for you. If you’re a clitoris owner and you’ve yet to experience the wonders of air pulse technology- do not wait! I cannot endorse the Curvy 1+ highly enough. It has opened my eyes to the innovative world of modern sex toys and their ever growing capabilities. Very exciting times indeed!

To pair the Satisfyer device, make sure to press and hold the primary (on/off) button to turn on Bluetooth mode. You may need to unpair the device from a previously paired phone to connect to the new one.

iPhones running iOS 11 or newer, and Android 6.0 or newer.

Yes, Satisfyer models come with a 15-year guarantee.

Water-based lubricant is highly recommended, as they don't degrade the material of the Satisfyer. You can also buy specially designed lubricants from the Satisfyer website.

The charging cable for Satisfyer products are universal across all of their rechargeable toys. If you don't have one spare, you can find them on the Satisfyer website under ‘Sex Toy Accessories’.