Satisfyer Purple Pleasure — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Jan 23, 2024

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure  — Test & Review<

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want a toy for external stimulation
  • Need a vibrator for solo pleasure
  • Are looking for a cheap but quality vibrator
  • Are shopping for your first vibrator

  • Struggle to hold small, rounded toys
  • Need the power of a wand
  • Can't stand vibrations in your hand
  • Want a vibrator to use during partnered sex

The Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is a palm sized vibrator that delivers powerful vibrations wherever you choose to use it! You can use it as hand held toy or a lay on toy, and it's great for solo and partnered play. It's covered in soft, body-safe silicone with an ABS plastic grip at the base.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

I liked the look of the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure, but I have to admit, I didn’t have the highest expectations for it. I thought it would be a nice but be a slightly meh pebble shaped clit vibrator. However, I was pleasantly surprised by just how powerful and rumbly it felt when I turned it on! Ok purple pleaser you’ve got my attention! It’s very similar in shape and size to the Je Joue Mimi Soft, but it’s a little stronger, doesn’t have the same squishy tip, and has a raised ABS section on the base. While I don’t find it the most exciting toy out there, for a simple and accessible vibrator, I quite like the Purple Pleasure! It’s got a great range of vibrations, has enough power for most tastes, and is easy to use! I think it’s much more suitable for solo play than partner play, as it can be a little tricky to get and keep in the right spot.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

While I don't find the design particularly exciting, it is perfectly nice! The pebble shape is pleasing to look and hold and it comes in the standard sex toy purple. The shiny ABS plastic at the base is slightly raised to make it easier to hold, but it can get slippery with lube. It can be a little tricky to find the right position, so it's much better suited to solo use rather than being used by a partner or during sex. The pebble shape also makes it a little tricky to hold compared to a wand or standard bullet vibrator.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

I would say the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is pretty easy to use, as it only has one double-ended button that's used to turn the toy on and off and scroll though the 5 speeds and 10 patterns of vibration. I really like that you can scroll forward or backward using the two ends of the button so you don't have to cycle through all the settings. I would say this would make a fantastic first vibrator! I also like that the button is raised, making it easy to find! One thing I did notice is that the magnetic charging doesn't have the strongest connection, so you need to make sure it stays connected and you don't knock it while it's meant to be charging. The light should be flashing to indicate that it's charging.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

Overall, this feels like a sturdy little vibrator! There are no rattling parts and it holds it's charge well so far! As I mentioned above, my only real gripe is the weak charging connection. Initially, I thought the vibrations felt quite strong and rumbly but they don't feel quite as powerful in use because the vibrations travel throughout the whole toy. This also means they travel into your hand which can be uncomfortable after a while.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure - <

This is definitely one of the better cheap vibrators out there! At just under $35 the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is a real steal! If you are looking for a cheap everyday vibrator, a first vibrator, or even a spare to leave at a partner's place, this is a really great option! The only downside is that it doesn't come with a storage bag, so you'll have to source your own!

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

Initially, I thought the vibrations felt quite strong and rumbly but they don't feel quite as powerful in use because the vibrations travel throughout the whole toy. This also means they travel into your hand which can be uncomfortable after a while. That being said, they still feel pretty great and I think the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure will please most tastes, unless you can only get off with the power of a Doxy Wand. It's not the quietest vibrator out there but also definitely not the loudest. If you need an almost silent vibrator this might not be the best choice, but if you don't mind a bit of a buzz I would say this is fine! I would say you are unlikely to hear it through a wall.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

The Satisfyer Purple Pleasure comes packaged in a colorful, sturdy cardboard box. The cover has a picture of the Purple Pleasure on it and opens up to reveal the toy inside. Overall, I find the Satisfyer packaging appealing and tasteful!

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

As the Purple Pleasure is made from silicone and ABS plastic is it body-safe and non-porous, which is always a must in my books! It's also waterproof so you can clean it using warm water and fragrance free soap or sex toy cleaner. You should also only use water-based lube as silicone lube can damage the silicone on the toy.

Vibration patterns10
Vibration speeds5
Length3.6 inches
Width1.75 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure -

  • Can be used as hand-held or lay-on vibrator
  • Soft, body-safe silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful and rumbly vibrations
  • Discreet
  • Good size for travel

  • Weak charging connection
  • Pebble shape can be tricky to hold
  • Vibrations diffuse throughout toy and into hand
  • No travel lock

I think the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is a great little vibrator considering the price range! It's not the most powerful or exciting but it definitely gets the job done. I would say it's best suited to solo play and it would make a fantastic first vibrator. The shape and size make it a little awkward to use during partnered sex and if you require a lot of power or can't stand vibrations in your hand this is isn't the toy for you.

Yes! This would make a great vibrator for beginners.

Yes, you can have it up to 1 meter under water for up to 30 minutes.

Stick to using water-based lubrication only to protect the materials.