Satisfyer Sexy Secret – Test & Review

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
Jul 10, 2024


Katarzyna Halinowska
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
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  • are looking for a whisper-quiet panty vibrator
  • are into public play
  • like app-controlled vibrators

  • like powerful vibrations
  • are looking for a dual stimulating sex toy


The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is a panty vibrator that delivers external vibrations across the whole vulva. Its ergonomic design fits all kinds of underwear, and thanks to the powerful magnet, it stays in place, even when you are on the go. It also features app control with many attractive features to spice up couples and solo play.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

Satisfyer Sexy Secret – The Not-So-Sexy Disappointment

I was so excited to finally test a panty vibrator! The only other wearable vibrator I have is the Lovense Lush 3, but I really wanted to try a vibe intended for clitoral stimulation, and the Sexy Secret seemed like the perfect toy. On paper, everything looked amazing: the ergonomic design, silky-smooth silicone, and app control, but in reality, I was disappointed… At first, I was impressed by the design. The vibrations spread across the whole toy, which provides nice vibrations across the whole vulva, and the silicone felt super smooth and comfortable. It’s just the vibrations; they don’t do anything! They were far too weak for me to feel any kind of pleasure, and to be honest, they were just annoying me.

Trying to Make It Work

After initial disappointment, I decided to try everything I could to make it work, but no matter what I did, I just couldn’t reach the type of stimulation I needed to orgasm. So, I accepted the fact that this toy is meant for teasing and public wear only, which is a shame because if the vibrations were slightly stronger, this could be a fantastic hands-free vibrator for me. I liked the design and the feel, and I found the app a nice surprise. I especially liked the meditation feature, which could be a nice thing to use during more self-pleasure-oriented times, but the vibrations ruined the experience for me.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

I really like the design of the Satisfyer Sexy Secret. I find it sleek and quite luxurious. I love the red wine color and the super soft feel of the silicone. However, I am a bit conflicted about the shape of the toy itself, I like the top of the clitoral stimulator; it’s nicely textured and feels very nice against the skin, even when worn with underwear, but the pointy part on the bottom feels a bit irritating around the lower part of the vulva.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

I found using the Satisfyer Sexy Secret really easy, and I can definitely recommend this toy to any beginner. All you need to do is place the toy on the clitoris, put your pants on, adjust, and put the magnet on. The Satisfyer Connect App also connects very quickly, and it has a few simple features that are easy to understand even if you are not tech-savvy. However, I did have some connection issues while wearing the toy around the house, so using it long-distance might have similar issues.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

I think the quality of The Sexy Secret is nice for such an affordable price. It’s discreet and quiet, and the silicone feels smooth and comfortable against the skin. The magnet is strong enough to keep the vibe in the right place. The only issue was the vibrations; they were far too weak for my preference.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator - <

Compared to other panty vibes, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret has a very attractive price. It’s also made with high-quality materials, has a strong magnet, and is app-enabled, so if you want a budget-friendly vibe, I think it’s a good choice. But because of the lower price, the vibrations aren’t very powerful, and the app isn’t as advanced as some others on the market.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

To be completely honest, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret didn’t meet my expectations. The vibrations were way too weak for me to find them pleasurable, so it’s not a toy I would be reaching for often. I understand that this toy is meant to be worn for public play, so the vibrations can’t be too strong, but even in the app, there is such a small difference between the power range of vibrations that you can't use it for anything more than teasing.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

The Sexy Secret came in a classic Satisfyer box with all the important goodies included. There is a magnetic charger, an instruction manual, and a cute storage bag.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is made of silky-smooth silicone, which feels great on the skin. It’s also fully waterproof and easy to clean, all you are going to need is warm water and a sex toy cleaner. Just give it a good wash and remember to pay attention to all the crevices.

MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Vibration modesUnlimited in the app
Remote ControlsSatisfyer Connect App
Length3.4 inches
Width1.5 inches
Colors AvailableRed
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator -

The Satisfyer Connect App was a pleasant surprise! The toy quickly connected to the toy, and everything was really easy to control. The app includes: a Program Play, where you can create your own vibration patterns; a Live Control, where you can control the power and patterns with your tour finger, the Ambient, and Music Sound, Remotyca Stories with plenty of spicy erotica stories that correspond to vibrations; and my fave was the High Touch Meditation, which is a great guide to self-pleasure!

  • Super quiet vibrations
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong magnet keeps the toy in the right place
  • Easy to control app with fun features

  • Weak vibrations

Overall, I think the Satisfyer Sexy Secret won’t belong to my favorite vibrators list, because of how weak the vibrations are. But I can see it as a good choice for those who are very sensitive to external vibrations or want a super discreet toy to use during public play. The toy is very well-made, it’s comfortable to wear, it's super quiet, and the app is easy and fun to use. Just don’t get it; you are wishing for extra powerful orgasms!