Satisfyer Sweet Treat — Test & Review

   Ellie Stevens
Sep 12, 2023

Ellie Stevens
: 20
: Advanced
: female
: Bisexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3

  • Prefer small toys
  • Enjoy gentle clitoral stimulation
  • Travel a lot

  • Prefer intense clitoral stimulation
  • Are looking for a vibrating toy
  • Need internal stimulation

The Satisfyer Sweet Treat is probably the cutest clitoris stimulator you'll ever see. The cute design is discreet, no one will ever assume it's a sex first! The spinning lamellae are flattering for your clitoris on a whole new level: you've only been kissed by one tongue so far? Don't worry, this toy provides more than 8 little tongues for you! On top of that, you can easily take the Sweet Treat on your travels or take it to a dive in the bathtub. It's guaranteed to make you melt...

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

Spinning Tongues?

The Sweet Treat from Satisfyer intrigued me when I excitedly browsed toys, far before I even had my first toy. For me it was a totally new territory I was going to get. I knew suction and vibrations… but spinning fins? The thought of many little tongues spinning and tickling my clitoris really burned into my brain. A few months later, I decided to finally buy the Sweet Treat. The name is definitely accurate — not just the look is sweet, the spinnator also treated me very sweetly too!

The Sweet Treat Arrived

When it first arrived, I couldn’t keep my hands from brushing the soft silicone tongues with my fingertips. At first, I noticed that the material of the fins is a little sticky. The Sweet Treat quickly collected lint and hair in between the little tongues. At first, it bothered me, but luckily it was easy to clean. Instantly, I began to charge the Sweet Treat, and it has power! I’ve never imagined so much power of such a tiny toy. On my initial test journey, I kept increasing the speeds. The more I clicked through the programs, I was more and more impressed. At first the Sweet Treat kept spinning faster, but then began to rotate left and right, which surprised me.

First Try

Very quickly, I noticed that the Sweet Treat was hard to keep right in place and hold there. So many things came together to cause this: I used lube, which made my hands and the toy slippery and wet, and I lost my grip multiple times. Since the toy is spinning very fast and sometimes uncontrollably, it even fell out of my hand. It doesn’t stop spinning either, so it was hard to grab the it again and hold it in place.

How It Feels

It’s a very interesting feeling, comparable to a light tickling/flicking sensation, with no pressure. The Sweet Treat is not strong enough to make me climax, which means that it is a very gentle sensation around your clitoris. I’m sure the sensation would be more intense if a partner was handling this cute toy. Without using lube, the Sweet Treat is very rough on the skin and does not smoothly glide, which caused me to get overstimulated — so intense I had to stop my testing session. My excitement added a lot of my anticipation, the Sweet Treat doesn’t look only interesting, for me the sensation is unique. Very light and gentle touches spinning around the clitoral hood, but when I lost grip the toy is hard to hold in place. But be aware, the Sweet Treat looks like it’s promising more than it provides!

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

The design of the Satisfyer Sweet Treat caught my eye of all toys. A little ice cream, wich is actually a clitoral stimulator with...tongues? I personally love the color variety: white/silver, black/gold or brown/pink. Especially the brown-pink looks exactly like ice cream, which makes it more interesting. The Sweet Treat is matte with a glossy border, which makes it look even more luxurious. The soft fins are also perfectly shaped and placed for clitoral stimulation.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

Turning the Sweet Treat on itself is pretty easy, the buttons are easy to press and to control. I quickly noticed when it gets slippery the toy is difficult to hold in place, since the rotation is very strong. If something gets in the way of the spinning top, like your labia or clothes, or even your own fingers, the toy slips out of the hand and is very hard to get back as it rolls away. Even when you press it to much against yourself it could get out of control. It would be more effective and easier to hold if the shape and size of the "cone" were a little longer. I would say it's a little tricky to find out how it works the best for you!

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

Like all Satisfyer toys, the Sweet Treat is made with good quality. These little tongues are very elastic, which surprised me. The rotation of the Sweet Treat is definitely strong and reliable, and if it gets blocked from too much power, it will stop until the blockage is cleared. The motor also is not too loud and doesn't make any other unpleasant sounds.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat - <

In my opinion, the price of the Sweet Treat is very justified. You get a high-quality toy, with a type of stimulation that I have never seen before. The aesthetic and color variety add to the value, too. For your money, you get a well-functioning toy and a magnetic charging cable. There's no storage bag included, which I will criticize forever in Satisfyer products.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

To be really honest, I thought there would a little more of a "WOW" effect. I missed that because I was concentrated on holding it steady. On the websites it definitely looks like more than it actually is, this is not a powerful vibrator, the Sweet Treat is meant for soft and gentle pleasure. There were no uncomfortable feelings from it — it was very light and comparable to a tickling sensation. When it reaches low power, the speed and power do reduce. I think that the battery charge is enough for a foreplay session. The magnetic charging cable is easy to adjust, which is helpful.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

The packaging of the Sweet Treat is also very classy and fits in with the rest of the Satisfyer range. I definitely like the packaging because it communicates what's inside, but is not to easy to spot at first glance. The design is not a wild mix of creative images or suggestions — it's plain but stylish. On the inside of the box and on the back are a few specifications and instructions on how to use the toy.

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

The Sweet Treat is made out of body-safe silicone. The soft fins are a little sticky, which causes some lint and dust to get stuck in between the thin layers. Because of that, the clean up is a little tricky. To take care of that, I use a very soft toothbrush and some mild soapy water. It takes a moment to really clean up all the leftover fluids and other stuff that could stick on the material. When all that is done, I rinse the Sweet Treat with clean water and apply some Satisfyer toy cleaner. The last step is to store the Sweet Treat in microfiber fabric or a storage bag that doesn't attract lint.

Vibration patterns11
Length4.1 inches
Diameter2.1 inches
Weight0.23 lbs
Battery Life50 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableWhite, Black, Pink/Brown

Satisfyer Sweet Treat -

  • Soft and sensual stimulation
  • Wide variety of rotation programs
  • Tiny travel size

  • No vibrations
  • Difficult to handle
  • Takes effort to clean

The Satisyer Sweet Treat is a very interesting and unique way to stimulate your clitors or nipples. It's a little difficult to hold in place, but the experience and quality of something so uncommon is very worth a try. For me, the Sweet Treat is a cute and fun toy to tickle the sensation out of me. One thing to definitely mention is that it's difficult to hold it in place, but it's definitely possible to learn how to handle this toy.

You can find a user manual for the Satisfyer Sweet Treat on their website here.

No, sadly you can't control the Sweet Treat with an app. Satisfyer doesn't provide the Bluetooth function for this device.

Yes, the Satisfyer Sweet Treat is definetly able to satisfy your needs in a dive in the bathtub or pool.

The Satisfyer Sweet Treat is a very gentle Toy to massage the clitoris very soft. If you enjoy light and soft touches on your clitoris, the Sweet Treat will do it for you! Don't forget the lube to smooth things up.