Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
May 9, 2024

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Love powerful, deep vibration
  • Want a mini-vibe that's versatile
  • Enjoy playing in the water
  • Can appreciate a toy that holds a charge for months
  • Prefer rumbly vibration over buzzy

  • Prefer buzzy vibration over rumbly
  • Are looking for a vibe for penetration


The Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is a classic mini vibrator that's the perfect size for massage and stimulation all over the body. It's covered in silky silicone, but is nice and firm and great for diverse and pinpoint stimulation. It features 20 insanely powerful levels and patterns of vibration, has a pin type USB charger, and comes with a charging stand that doubles as a finger holster. The low frequency motor of this vibe is the absolute star, as it puts out the most amazing, deep, rumbling vibrations. The Charged Positive Vibe is perfect for every person and every body, as well as solo and couple play. Plus, it's waterproof for fun in the tub!

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

I Love Screaming O Products!

Full disclosure, I had done some work for this company, some time ago, and they sent me a box of products so I could familiarize myself with them and write what they needed. I was impressed, to say the least. But what blew me away more than anything was they patented, low pitch motors. So rather than the normal, buzzing-type vibrations, their toys have a deep, rumbling vibration that reverberates through your whole body!

Surprise Review

In this business, I’m rarely aware of which toys I’m going to get to review. So, imagine my surprise when I opened a box to find various goodies that happened to include the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe. It was like Christmas! Now, I have had my hands on this particular mini-vibe before and I already knew what it could do. But this time, I get to share the experience with all of you. And you will WANT one of these, trust me!

Power, Power, Power!

The most incredible thing about the Charged Positive Vibe is the power. Straight out of the gate, on the lowest setting, this thing packs the most incredible punch. The size is perfect for solo sessions and even makes a fantastic massager for knotted muscles. It’s firm, like most bullet vibrators, but it coated with True Silicone, making it extremely silky and smooth. It operates by pressing a button on the bottom and pressing again for each of the 20 settings of power and patterns. And if you like power, it only takes minutes to get you where you want to go. Plus, the vibrations are so deep, that they echo through your entire vulva (or penis)! Oh my goodness, this thing creates the most out-of-this-world orgasms.

Lasting Power

Another thing I loved so much about the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is that I THOUGHT it would run out of power and need to be charged every time I used it. However, you only have to charge this one once every couple of months! And, once you register your Screaming O toy, it comes with a 2-year warranty. So, I can see this one lasting for a good, long while.

Everyone Needs One

I don’t care if you have boxes of fancy sex toys, you need this classic little vibe with power that’s far from classic. Since Screaming O has patented this motor, you will not feel any other sex toy like this. So, whether you use your toys for solo-sessions, or with a partner, the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is a must-have. Seriously. Go buy one now! I promise you will not regret it.    

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

The design of the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is the classic, old-school vibrator shape. However, it's bigger than a bullet and smaller than a regular vibrator. It comes in so many colors and the vibe is so smooth and soft. The operational button is on the bottom, out of the way, making it easy to operate. The charging port is there too, it being the pin-style USB charger, so it's completely waterproof and safe to use in the bath or shower, It looks good, it feels incredible and it's simple to use.

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the Charged Positive Vibe. Just a simple click on the single button on the flat end of the toy turns it on. Then, you click through each of the 20 settings. It's light weight, easy to hold and works well for those with grip and hand strength issues. This little powerhouse is great for the beginner and the expert alike.

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

The Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is very well made, sturdy and runs like a dream. It doesn't look like a cheap toy, nor does it run like one. However, this powerful must-have is very affordable. The only downsides to this particular vibrator is that it's not super quiet - which makes sense, considering the power. Additionally, the charging cradle is made from heavy plastic that can crack easily if you force the vibrator into it with too much force.

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe - <

The Charged Positive Vibe comes with a USB charging cord, cradle which can be used for a charging dock or a finger holster, and instruction manual with product registration. Considering the immense power, low, rumbly motor and the lovely, silky feel of this mini-vibe, I feel it's well worth the affordable price. In addition, the battery lasts for months on a single charge, so you won't be constantly charging it.

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

Performance wise, the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is a powerhouse of a sex toy that will shock and surprise you in all the best ways. If you love deep, rumbly vibrations that you can feel all throughout your body, this is definitely the vibrator for you. Plus, it doubles as a massager that works well on tight, knotted muscles. So, it relieves stress in a couple of different ways, for sure. Unfortunately, it's not the quietest of toys, but in my opinion, it's still worth it due to the insane power it packs. And again, this thing will hold a charge for a couple of months, so it's super convenient to own. Most of all, since it has a deeper vibration, it doesn't make your hands, or bits, go numb.

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

The packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It's made with a think cardboard with clear plastic in front, which displays the vibrator. And although there is nothing adult on the box whatsoever, it's still not something that will wear well if you keep it. Inside is a plastic cradle that sits the vibrator and cradle, so they don't move around. There are basic instructions on the box, but again, there's a great instruction manual included. So this packaging will definitely be going into the trash.

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

The Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is ABS plastic underneath, coated with a Pure Silicone, that's incredibly smooth and body-safe. And since it's waterproof, it's incredibly easy to clean with soap and water. In regard to lubricant, I would recommend only using something that's water-based, to protect the finish of the toy.

Vibration modes20
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns17
Length5 inches
MaterialsABS, True Silicone
Colors AvailableKiwi Mint, Grape, Gray, Strawberry

Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe -

Stays Put

One of the things I dislike about rounded vibrators is that they roll around when you try and charge them. But the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe comes with a plastic cradle that you slide the vibrator into. That way, the mini-vibe stays put while charging.

Turns Into A Finger Vibe!

The best feature of the Charged Positive Vibe (aside from the mind-blowing, rumbly power) is that the cradle turns it into a finger vibrator! Just slide the cradle between two fingers and you have a finger vibe for targeted sensations and easy play. Plus, if you have grip issues, or vibrators make your hands tingle, the cradle makes this toy far more comfortable and easy to use.

  • Powerful, low, rumbly vibrations
  • Rechargeable battery only needs charges every 2 months
  • Light weight, comfortable to hold and use
  • 1 button operation
  • The perfect size for on-the-go
  • Charging cradle doubles as a finger holster

  • Not the quietest
  • Might be too powerful for some
  • The packaging is cheap

The Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is an oversized bullet vibrator with so much power, it will absolutely blow your mind. This rechargeable mini vibrator has a low-pitch rumbling motor that sends intense, rumbly vibration beyond the skin and deep into the surrounding skin and tissue. The Charged Positive Vibe features 20 settings of speed and patterns that are so incredibly powerful, even the lowest setting will rock your body from head to toe. It's rigid body is coated with a soft True Silicone, and simply glides across the body. The Charged Positive Vibe also features a pin-type USB charging cord and a stand that doubles as a finger holster, so you don't have to hold the vibrator. This thing holds a charge for months and is 100% waterproof for water play in the shower, bath, hot tub or pool. Finally, the Screaming O Charged Positive Vibe is THE product every toy box needs and is perfect for massage, solo sessions and all sorts of fun play with a partner. You MUST own one of these amazing little vibrators!

You can find instructions on how to use the Charged Positive Vibe, along with a video, on the Screaming O website.