Svakom Cici — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Dec 13, 2023

Svakom Cici — Test & Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Are a beginner, just learning internal stimulation
  • Suffer from vaginal discomfort due to menopause
  • Enjoy light g-spot, a-spot, and clitoral stimulation
  • Need a sex toy that's whisper quiet
  • Want a luxury vibrator at a reasonable price

  • Need stronger, internal vibrations
  • Enjoy toys with a thicker girth
  • Don't like buzzy vibration
  • Desire a firmer vibrator


The Svakom Cici is a luxurious, ultra-slender, g-spot vibrator that's perfect for beginners and experts alike; especially post-menopausal people with vaginas. With 5 vibrating settings and a curved, textured head, the Svakom Cici can be used externally, as a clitoral stimulator, as well as internally to reach the g-spot and deeper. Finally, this slim vibrator is flexible, comfortable, waterproof and whisper quiet! That way, no one will hear you playing. I highly recommend this lovely vibrator for those with grip issues, in addition to those with vaginal discomfort and tissue thinning.

Svakom Cici -

It’s like Christmas came early around here, as I just received a big package of toys to review! And this vibrator is very exciting for me, as I got to choose it! So, let me tell you all about my personal experience with the Svakom Cici Slim G-Spot Vibrator.

Slim but Not Shady!

I chose the Svakom Cici Slim G-Spot Vibrator for a reason; all because of it’s size. So, this may be TMI, but when people with vaginas reach a certain age, they go through menopause. And with that, they produce less natural lubricant, their vaginal tissues begin to thin and well, penetration can start to hurt. And that’s especially true if you’re not using it. Yes, “use it or lose it” does apply to the post-menopausal V. Therefore, I chose to write a Svakom Cici review, after trying it out.

Luxury from the Get-Go

The first thing I noticed about the Svakom Cici was the packaging. Yes, I admit, I am a packaging snob, and this one did not disappoint. Best of all, the sleeve, showing the Svakom Cici, slid off, revealing a thick, luxury-looking, gift box that can be used for storage. Additionally, this lovely vibrator also comes with a storage bag, you know, for those of you who have a toy box, have limited space, or simply tuck your playthings into the nightstand.


As always, I do a little pregaming before actually trying out a new toy. Therefore, I charged the Svakom Cici by unscrewing the metallic tip and plugging it in. Next, I played around with the different settings, felt the weight and softness and adored the flexibility. And although I usually don’t plan out my testing times, as I’d rather be in the mood, I was really looking forward to trying the Cici.

The Good and the Eh

Knowing I had another toy to review, I figured it would pair well with the Svakom Cici. So, when the mood hit, I grabbed the vibrator and with A LOT of apprehension, and fear of post-menopausal discomfort, I tried it out. First of all, the slim, g-spot vibrator has a slightly textured head, making it perfect for a little foreplay and clitoral stimulation. So, it’s much more than an internal vibrator. Then, I went for the deep dive. To my absolute delight, the slender, soft design caused ZERO discomfort, as it’s only slightly wider than a finger. Plus, because of the length, you can use the Svakom Cici for g-spot and a-spot stimulation. I found the a-spot stimulation much more satisfying, as the flexible head doesn’t allow for enough g-spot pressure. Further, I was thrilled that the Cici is so incredibly quiet! There is no way anyone can hear you using this one, even with their ear to your door! Finally, the vibrations left me wanting a little bit more, as they were more buzzy than rumbly and only had a selection of 5 levels.

Easy Does It

All in all, I found the Svakom Cici to be very easy to use, as it’s slim design is extremely comfortable to hold. So, anyone with limited hand mobility or arthritis can use this toy with ease. The button was easy to press and it lights up, making it visible in the dark or under the covers. Additionally, this little vibrator is a must-have for beginners, as well as older people with vaginas who aren’t sexually active, or those with painful vaginal issues. And although I didn’t care for the buzzy vibrations, they were still powerful enough to get the job done!

Svakom Cici -

The Svakom Cici G-Spot Vibrator is designed to be sleek and slender. I loved the fact that it's not a super-chunky shaft, as my post-menopausal body cannot handle too much. The length was perfect for both g-spot and a-spot stimulation, even though the lighter vibrational patterns and flexible head may not apply enough pressure for adequate g-spot orgasms. The hidden charging port is genius, as the metallic-like tip gives an alternate vibrating area you can use for external stimulation. Finally, the ridges on the tip are fantastic for clitoris play and warming up before the main event.

Svakom Cici -

This slim, g-spot vibe is so intuitive and easy to use for nearly everyone. The slender design makes it easy to hold and therefore, is great for those with gripping difficulties. Not to mention the fact that its slim design and flexible head made it incredibly comfortable for beginners and those with painful vaginal conditions alike. The one-button design, lights up and clicks easily, through the 5 settings. The Svakom Cici is an incredibly simplified, yet sleek design that all users will appreciate.

Svakom Cici -

The Svakon Cici is a luxurious vibrator that is a combination of silky-soft silicone and metallic ABS plastic. It's firm, yet has a flexible, textured tip for external and internal stimulation. The whisper quiet motor gives you all the privacy you need, no matter how many people with whom you share your space. Plus, you have to love the tip that unscrews to reveal the hidden charging port. This sexy little vibrator is top-notch quality in my book! And Svakom backs that up with a 2-year product warranty, and a 10-year quality guarantee.

Svakom Cici - <

Compared to most luxury vibrators, I see the Svakom Cici as mid-ranged when it comes to price. And considering the look, feel, function, luxury packaging and storage bag, it's well worth every penny. That's especially so if you are looking for a slender vibe as a beginner, or someone older who can't handle a lot of girth. Plus, with a product warranty and quality guarantee, you are getting much more than what you're actually paying for.

Svakom Cici -

I have a love-like relationship with this vibrator. That's because the Svakom Cici is well-made with luxury-level silicone, is slender for this who want less thickness, and is lengthy enough for all kinds of play, beyond g-spot stimulation. The Cici is whisper quiet, features a illuminated button, and has 5 settings of vibration. It was extremely comfortable to use and was wonderful for clitoral play, as well as a-spot stimulation (wow!). However. the flexible neck doesn't do well for g-spot pressure, especially for those experienced v-owners who are well-versed in bringing themselves to orgasm through their g-spot. In addition, the vibrations are very buzzy, instead of that deep, rumbly vibration I need for g-spot play. Overall, I loved it, personally. I just believe some folks may want more.

Svakom Cici -

Again, I am a packaging snob and a sucker for a beautiful, keep-worthy package! And the Svakom Cici's packaging ranked high with me. First off, it has a sleeve with a photo of the Cici on it. That slides off to reveal a beautiful, silver embossed box with a lid, and only the Svakom name on it. That is a keep-worthy box, in my opinion! Then, inside the box, the Cici is nestled in a foam, cut-out, and underneath lies a hidden compartment that holds the instruction booklet, charging cord and luxury, drawstring bag. I personally, will be keeping the box. as opening it alone feels special.

Svakom Cici -

The Svakom Cici is made from body-safe, luxury silicone and metallic-look abs plastic. Therefore, you should only use water-based lubricants, as recommended by the manufacturer. Since it's waterproof, the Cici is super-easy to clean with soap and water, sex toy cleanser or wipes. Then, simply pat it dry and store it in its beautiful box or the included, drawstring bag.

Vibration modes5
Length7.16 inches
Width0.98 inches
MaterialsSilicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life240 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag Included

Svakom Cici -


One of the special features of the Svakom Cici Slim G-spot Vibrator is the flexible head. Sure, some people with vaginas prefer a firmer toy so they can press on the g-spot with more force. However, I feel the Cici’s flexible head provides lighter stimulation to the g-spot, which is perfect for beginners. Additionally, that flexible head reaches right in there and hugs the a-spot with absolute precision! Plus, the flexibility makes it much more comfortable for those who find penetration painful.

Where Do You Charge This Thing?

I must admit, I searched the Cici top to end, looking for the charging port. I even picked up the box, thinking this was a battery operated toy, rather than a rechargeable. But then I saw “rechargeable” on the box, grabbed the instructions and was like, “Ohhhhh, now that is clever!” That’s because the charging port is hidden in the metallic, abs plastic tip, which unscrews. Not only that, the hidden port keeps water from seeping into the charging hole, protecting the integrity of Cici for years to come.

  • Soft, flexible design
  • Slender profile, slightly thicker than a finger
  • Incredibly quiet
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning and shower fun
  • Goes deeper for A-spot orgasms

  • Buzzy, lighter vibrations
  • May not be firm enough for some

Overall, I like the Svakom Cici Slim G-Spot Vibrator! The reasons are many, including the luxury look and feel of the vibrator as well as the beautiful packaging and storage bag. The slim design and flexible head make the Cici the perfect vibrator for the novice toy user and vagina owners who experience painful vaginal conditions, including post-menopausal discomfort and tissue thinning. Seriously, when you think you'll never enjoy penetration again, Cici will be the vibrator for you! Finally, I LOVE the fact that this g-spot vibe works better as an a-spot vibe, for that deep, head-to-toe, hanging from the ceiling fan, type of orgasm! So, if you are in search of a gentle vibrator, or the perfect vibrator for getting in there and loving your a-spot, the Svakom Cici is a definite must-have....and the price is beautiful as well!

The Svakom Cici Slim G-Spot Vibrator is easy to use, but has a thorough instruction manual. You can view and download the entire owner’s manual here.

The diameter measures less than an inch. However, I have smaller hands and in comparison to my middle finger, the Cici is only slightly larger. So, it feels more like being penetrated by a finger than a vibrator.

The Svakom Cici is created for g-spot stimulation. However, I found it lovely for clitoral stimulation and even better for reaching the a-spot. That being said, it could be used to stimulate the penis, the testicles, behind the testicles and even nipples.

Oh wow, I have had that issue with so many sex toys, especially with my grip issues and neuropathy! However, the Cici DID NOT vibrate so hard that it affected my hand at all! That's another thing I love about this toy!

Well, when attempting to reach the g-spot, you definitely want the tip facing upward. However, you can spin the Cici around for a thrilling sensation and as a way to wiggle it between your bladder and cervix to stimulate your a-spot.

Cici is waterproof, however, it does not say it's submersible. So, you can use it in the shower, but I wouldn't recommend it for underwater fun.