Unihorn Mount’n Peak – Test & Review

   Sofie Märcher
Nov 6, 2023

Sofie Märcher
: 23
: Beginner
: She/they
: Bisexual

  • Enjoy numorous combinations and settings
  • Have grip or wrist issues
  • Love unicorns

  • Expect a quickie every time you use it
  • Find many settings confusing or overwhelming
  • Are looking for penetration aswell as clit stimulation


Yes, this is a vibrator in the shape of a unicorn. It is bright blue, pretty and incredible cute. Not only is this a Unihorn Mount'n Peak Unicorn Tungue Vibrator with 10 vibrations features AND 10 tongue movements, it is also a magical way to explore your own Mount of Venus. With the smooth and safe silicone skin this vibrator is a body-shakingly-good to stimulate around the clitoris as well as licking directly on your clit. Endless combinations make great chances for finding one to fit your fancy!

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

First impressions

My first impressions of the Unihorn Mount’n Peak was that the tongue was too intense and that the vibrations were too far removed from my clit. However as I tried it more times and with multiple different combinations, my unicorn made my body tremble with pleasure.

Hold on

You can hold it in many ways, which also gives the possibility of using the bum of the unicorn as a vibrator. You can hold onto the bum and get the mouth and tongue of the unicorn to interact with your pleasurepoints, where ever they might be on the particular day.

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

At the arrival and unboxing of my Unihorn vibrator I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Once the very discrete box was open, the unicorn was beautifully wrapped and riding on its little rainbow. As I took it out it just got better. The smooth silicone feels great against the skin and the design is just perfect for holding onto it, its form obviously and two buttons. One for the tongue and one for the vibrations.

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

Once you see the little engravings on the buttons the vibrator is very easy to use. Just hold one button down for three seconds and it will start. Then press for each time you wish to change the pattern. This toy is ideal for someone with grip issues as there is multiple ways to hold onto it. The learning curve is to find the combinations of settings that work for your body on that particular day.

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

The Unihorn Mount'n Peak is made of great quality and you feel it as soon as you lay your hands on it! It is reliable and sturdy. Under the covers it is reasonably silent considering it is a vibrator.

Unihorn Mount'n Peak - <

I am indeed very pleased with the product! With the design, the quality and the pleasurable times I've spend with my blue unicorn I'd say it is worth the money.

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

This is the first time I've tried a vibrator with a tongue feature. I expected it would feel as if someone went down on me. It didn't feel like that but that doesn't mean it didn't feel good. It felt great and I climaxed every time I used it. The vibrations combined with the movements of the tongue felt really good. The Unihorn itself did not get hot when using and it has a good length of battery time for sure.

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

The materials are very body safe and the vibrator is very light and of a high quality. It is partly waterproof and should be cleaned carefully with a mild soap after each time you use it. I store it on my bedside table because it is very cute and your parents wouldn't guess what it might be. At least mine haven't.

Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns6
WeightLight lbs
VolumeMedium fl. oz
Colors AvailableBlue

Unihorn Mount'n Peak -

  • Multiple stimuli
  • Endless combination settings
  • Cute enough to decorate your nightstand
  • Great grip for sore wrists

  • Just partly waterproof
  • Enoough settings to get confused
  • Can require patience

I would most definitely recommend the Unihorn Mount'n Peak to someone who is looking for a vibrator with different features and settings. I love the design, the material and the good times we have together.

Power up the toy by inserting the USB cable into a charging port and attaching it magnetically to the base of the Unihorn. It should reach full charge in about 2 hours when depleted, providing up to an hour of playtime.