VeDO Suki Review

   Moe Lawn
Mar 14, 2023

Moe Lawn
: 40s
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Enjoy soft clitoral vibrations
  • Are looking for a toy to relax into for a long, drawn-out build to climax
  • Want a toy to stimulate both the clit and penis during PIV sex (just not missionary)
  • Like a variety in intensity from soft to medium-high with plenty of different patterns
  • Want a clitoral toy to use in the shower or bath

  • Require/prefer intense clitoral stimulation
  • Are looking for a silent toy
  • Find vibration on the labia and surrounding area distracting
  • Want a clitoral stimulator to use in missionary position


The VeDO Suki is a sonic air-pulse clitoral stimulator. With 10 different patterns and 6 intensity levels along with being fully submersible, the VeDo Suki should have a pleasurable setting for most situations. With its finger handle allowing for a comfortable, relaxed grip, the Suki also makes a great companion to partnered sex in either the bath or bed.

VeDO Suki -

I was very excited to try the VeDO Suki mainly because these types of clitoral stimulators are the only toys that work on my wife. Also, the shape of the VeDO Suki really intrigued me, the handle seemed very useful, and I had underestimated the size of the toy.

Opening the Box

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the size of the toy. I had thought it was much smaller based on the photos in the shop. With its bent nose, I envisioned using this during missionary to stimulate the clit along with her g-spot, but the size of the VeDO Suki is equivalent to a Satisfyer or other clit suckers we’ve tried. That aside, I still had high hopes for the Suki and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

To the Bedroom

At First, Not So Great

When we got together, my wife and I cycled through the vibration patterns and intensities to see what was available. Having settled on a pattern, we set the toy to low and put it in place. Nothing. After a few seconds, my wife had me adjust the toy a few times then turn up the intensity. About half way to max she started feeling it and we left it there. As for positioning, it took us a few tries to get it right but we eventually found the sweet spot. Unfortunately, once on the right spot, the VeDO Suki became fairly loud. Not hear-through-the-walls loud, but loud enough to be distracting. We ended up switching to another vibrator to finish her off the first few times we used the Suki due to the distraction and what we now know was a learning curve.
My Favorite Part
With the wife satisfied, I slipped up behind her, spoon-style. Once I got going she placed the VeDo Suki back onto her clit and WOW. Her main complaint about the Suki is that it vibrated too much away from her clit and more into the surrounding tissue. Along with the noise, it was distracting. This same “problem” sent the vibrations much deeper into her than her other clit stimulators. For me, this vibration was amazing. Slowly thrusting with the VeDo Suki in place led to an intense, slow build that I really enjoyed.

It Gets Way Better

Over a few weeks, we kept the Suki in rotation with her other toys. Then one day, BAM! Out of nowhere came this monster orgasm and the Suki has not failed her since. The way she describes it is that the VeDo Suki is not as instantly intense as her other massagers. It does, however, build deep inside, slowly culminating in a massive, drawn-out climax. With her more intense devices, she usually has to take breaks to keep her clit from becoming too sensitive. The Suki lets her ride on through to the finish. Another great feature that we really like from the VeDo Suki is that the device saves the last setting you were on when you last turned it off. My wife tends to find a setting she likes and stick to it. With other toys, it’s inevitably the sixth or seventh setting so we have to cycle through every time we turn the toy on. With the VeDo Suki, it saves that setting and is ready to go as soon as it’s on.

VeDO Suki -

The design of the VeDO Suki is similar to a lot of the other sonic or air-pulse clit toys out there. One big exception is the finger handle. Whether you are holding the Suki in place for yourself or for your lady, you won't have to be a contortionist to get a firm grip and still work the controls. The only not-so-great design issue we have is that the opening seems a bit large for my wife's preference.

VeDO Suki -

The VeDO Suki is very straightforward to use: Turn it on, put it in the right spot and viola! With your fingers in the slots holding the handle, your thumb should easily be able to reach the controls. If the Suki doesn't turn on but you know it's charged, double-click the power button. It might be in travel-lock and this will turn the lock off.

VeDO Suki -

The VeDO Suki is made of what feels like very high-quality silicone. It is smooth to the touch and easy to clean. The charge port feels solid and should hold up for years. It does get a bit noisy in certain positions but is fairly quiet overall. Overall, the VeDO Suki looks and feels like a high-quality device.

VeDO Suki - <

At about $55, the VeDO Suki is not an expensive clit sucker. For the quality and design, it is well worth the money. Based on the quality of its appearance and feel (noted above) along with its performance (below), you could be forgiven for expecting the price of the Suki to be closer to the hundred dollar mark (but it's not!).

VeDO Suki -

For my wife, performance is where the VeDO Suki took some patience. At first she wasn't impressed because the Suki seemed to lack intensity. We now know that the Suki builds intensity deep inside the clit instead of just on the outside. With the setting memory, we know that the Suki will come on with the correct pattern and intensity. She knows to lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

VeDO Suki -

The VeDO Suki's packaging is simple and elegant. The device comes nestled in a form-fitting cradle with the charger stored under it in its own compartment. The packaging's imagery is not overtly graphic and contains no pictures of anatomy so it's pretty tame. The only plastic is the thin vacuum-formed support for the device itself. The rest is cardboard that may be easily recycled.

VeDO Suki -

The silicone exterior of the VeDO Suki feels high quality and smooth. It cleans easily, especially with the toy being submersible. You can run it under warm water with soap and not worry about ruining anything getting it wet.

Clitoral suction6 intensity levels & 10 patterns modes
Length(50mm) 1.9 inches
Width(40mm) 1.6 inches
Diameter(9.5mm) .38 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Travel LockYes — double press the power button
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePink, Purple, Aqua

VeDO Suki -

The handle on the VeDO Suki is a very nice touch. It allows the device to be held in place without having to grip it. You just slide two fingers around the handle and rest the VeDO Suki on your clit, sit back, and enjoy!

  • Good intensity range from low to high
  • Finger handle makes holding the toy comfortable
  • Control buttons can be easily reached by the thumb while the toy is in place
  • Waterproof

  • Fairly noisy when in the sweet spot
  • Too large for use in missionary position
  • Doesn't directly target the clit for some anatomies

Overall, I would recommend the VeDo Suki to anyone who likes a soft, slow build toward clitoral orgasm. It won't get you there quickly, but the slow ride is worth the climax and it won't overpower your clit if you're sensitive down there. Where the VeDo Suki really excels, too, is getting its vibrations deep enough to stimulate your guy inside you, he will greatly appreciate it! The VeDo Suki is also a great nipple stimulator since it's minimum intensity is low enough that you won't go numb right away and it won't chafe the sensitive skin there.

Instructions for VeDo Suki and other VeDo toys may be found on their website here:

Yes, the VeDo Suki is fully submersible, may be used in the shower, bath, and washed under water.

In some positions on the clit, the VeDo Suki could be heard through a door. Most of the time, however, it's not an extremely loud toy.

The travel lock is engaged. Double-press the power button to turn the travel lock off.