We-Vibe Sync O — Test & Review

   Kiki Hall
Nov 17, 2023

Kiki Hall
: 24
: Advanced
: Female, she/her
: Pansexual

  • Enjoy dual internal and external stimulation
  • Enjoy using an app
  • Want something to use with a long distance partner
  • Want something hands-free and wearable

  • Don't enjoy dual stimulation
  • Are on a budget
  • Have smaller anatomy or have a partner with larger anatomy


The We-Vibe Sync O is an innovative couples' vibrator designed for intimate pleasure and connection. It is a versatile, wearable vibrator that can be used solo and partner play. The We-Vibe Sync O is flexible and adjustable, allowing it to comfortably fit different body shapes and stay in place during various positions. It offers powerful, customizable vibrations and can be controlled remotely either via the app or the controller, making long distance more fun!

We-Vibe Sync O -

Long Distance Ain’t No Thang

We-Vibe has some great products, so I was really excited to see they had come out with a wearable vibrator that can be used for solo masturbation, long-distance fun, or even worn during intercourse. I was super excited to try this both alone and with my partner. I loved using it solo. The combination of internal and external vibrations feels fantastic, and it fits really well. The vibrations are really nice and are easy to change either with the remote or the app. I also loooved having my partner download the app on their phone and control it while we were in completely different places.

A Tight Squeeze

When trying to use it with my partner, there were definitely some challenges. Because of the size of the portion of the toy that goes inside of you, it is a little difficult to fit both the toy and a partner. There are multiple positions that just don’t work because the toy takes up all the space if you catch my drift. For me and my partner specifically, having both the toy and him at the same time was close to impossible and when we did finally manage to get them both to fit, he couldn’t feel anything other than the toy and it was a little uncomfortable for us both. I think the internal portion needs to be a little slimmer because as is, it’s a little bulky. Again, I love using the toy solo and I love having my partner control it while we’re together or separate, but using it during intercourse felt a little difficult and cramped.

We-Vibe Sync O -

The We-Vibe Sync O comes in two beautiful colors (purple and green) and is made of incredible soft body-safe silicone that is made free from BPA, phthalates, and latex! The silicone is so silky soft and glides in really easily with a little lubrication. The neck of the toy is adjustable to you can loosen or tighten it to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The charger has an interesting, curved shape to it that makes it a little harder to knock off than most magnetic chargers and I really appreciated that. The only design flaw is that the internal portion may be too bulky and stiff to use during intercourse for some.

We-Vibe Sync O -

This toy is really easy to use. To turn the device on, you simply press and hold the power button for a few seconds. If you are using the remote control, you do the same. For the app, simply download it to your phone and pair the device via Bluetooth. Because of the adjustability, this vibrator is extremely comfortable and stays in place perfectly. Because it can be used hands-free, this is a fantastic option for people with grip or mobility issues. Changing vibration speeds and patterns is incredibly easy in both the app and while using the remote.

We-Vibe Sync O -

The We-Vibe Sync O is incredibly high quality. The material is body-safe and incredibly soft. The charger and remote also feel extremely durable and high quality. The vibrations, though powerful, are extremely quiet. Any kind of white noise will most likely cover up the sound of the vibrations so it’s great if you need to be a little quieter. I also loved the storage bag included with the toy, it fits great and is cute and compact.

We-Vibe Sync O - <

For $169 you get the vibrator, the remote control, the charger, and a storage bag. For many, this is a little pricey to spend on a sex toy. I feel like the quality, user friendly design, vibration strengths, and the ability to control it via app make the price more worthwhile. Anyone looking for a good hands-free toy should most definitely look into this product. Anyone wanting a toy solely to use during intercourse might want to try a cheaper option first as this one may not successfully fit during penetration for some.

We-Vibe Sync O -

The We-Vibe Sync O does wonderful overall. It’s comfortable, it fits well (on its own), the vibrations are wonderful, its soft, and its incredibly quiet. I just wish it were easier and more comfortable to use during penetration. I wouldn’t say it’s painful at all but definitely hard to maneuver around and the squeeze is a little too tight. Depending on you and your partners anatomies, this may not be a problem but its an issue I ran into.

We-Vibe Sync O -

The packaging for this product is really lovely. It comes in a cute purple box that features an image of the toy on the front. The back of the box describes some of the features such as the app control and the adjustability. The inside of the box also gives instructions on how to download the app; there’s even a QR code for easy access! The packaging is both cute and bold while being really informative.

We-Vibe Sync O -

The We-Vibe Sync O is made of extremely high quality body-safe BPA, phthalate, and latex free silicone. It is waterproof and safe to use in the bath or shower. Because of the waterproof feature, cleaning is an absolute breeze. I just pull out my favorite toy cleaner and run it under warm water. It also comes with a small storage bag, big enough to fit the toy and the remote for easy storage and travel.

Vibration modes10
Length3.1 inches
Width1.75 inches
Diameter1.73 inches
MaterialsBody-safe Silicone
Battery Life150 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote & App
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePurple, Green Velvet

We-Vibe Sync O -

  • App-controlled
  • Internal and external stimulation
  • Powerful, customizable vibrations
  • Soft, body-safe material
  • Adjustable
  • Rechargeable

  • Can be too bulky to use during intercourse/penetration
  • Magnetic charger can become disconnected
  • May be too pricey for some

Overall, I gave this product a 4.5 out of 5. This is a fantastic toy. It feels great, it fits nicely, it's super adjustable, and the battery life is pretty good, but it is difficult to use during penetration which is a large part of what it was made for. If you are looking for a toy to wear during sex, I would not recommend this. But if you're looking for a toy that your partner can control either in the room with you or from a distance, or youre looking for the dual stimulation or internal and external vibrations, I highly recommend this toy.

You can find the user manual on We-Vibe’s website here here.

For the amount of power, this toy is very quiet. Once it is inserted, the vibrations are hard to hear, so rest easy that roommates won't be able to hear from another room.

Yes! The We-VIbe Sync O is absolutely body-safe and very friendly for those with allergies as it is also latex, BPA, and phthalate free.

Even though this device is insertable, it was designed for vaginal insertion and because of this, I would not recommend it for anal play.

Both! This toy can be used for solo masturbation sessions or used with a partner either with a partner controlling the vibrations or using it during intercourse/penetration.

Absolutely. To make your experience as fun and conformable as possible, I would defiantly recommend using your favorite lube, especially if you plan to use it with a partner.