We-Vibe Vector+ — Test & Review

   Robby Stiles
Nov 7, 2023

Robby Stiles
: 21
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Wanting to explore anal and perineum vibrators
  • Want a toy you can customize to you liking
  • Add a versatile and unique prostate massager
  • Want to use a vibrator with a partner long-distance
  • Enjoy prostate vibrators that are powerful and fairly stiff

  • Prefer very flexible prostate stimulators and plugs
  • Are very sensitive to strong prostate vibrators
  • Want to find a more affordable option


The We-Vibe Vector + is a fantastic vibrator that is straight and to the point on the outside, but has a lot of tricks up its sleeve on the inside. This prostate massager has an insanely strong vibrating motor for how small and discreet its frame is. Don't let its size fool you though, it's actually a huge plus! It has an app as well with a lot of functionality and customization (so much customization that I haven't been able to use all of the options within 4 months of owning this toy), which can be used for long-distance play between partners using Wi-Fi. This means you don't even have to be in the same state to enjoy each other's company! This amazing vibrator is more than enough for a beginner or expert to explore and climax from anal stimulation alone, trust me I'm speaking from experience here!

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The Quest for the Holy Vibrator

There is nothing more difficult than finding a vibrator that fits your body well and is comfortable to use. Let alone finding one that has the shape and power to help you climax or even get you there by itself. I personally have been through a lot of anal vibrators with multiple frustrations in my sexual life. A lot of those vibrators fell short of two very important categories for me: comfort and arousal. The We-Vibe Vector + luckily does not fall short in either of those categories! It’s a slam dunk in comfort and it fits my body very well due to its shape and slenderness. It is one of the most, if not the easiest vibrator or butt plug I own for my booty to accept. As for arousal, its shape perfectly caresses my P-Spot. As soon as I put it in I feel the most incredible and breathtaking pressure on my prostate. It isn’t overwhelming and the shape of the vibrator’s stem stimulates my prostate very well, giving me intense pleasure.

An App for Everything

It seems like there’s always a new app right? Well, now there is one for your butt! Ok, all jokes aside, it is really nice to be able to customize so much with the We-Vibe Connect app which allows you to control the speed, and different vibration patterns not available on the remote, use music from your phone to make the We-Vibe Vector+ vibrate to your personal library, and connect with your partner so they can control the We-Vibe Vector+ for you! These are just a few features in the app, there are so many things users can do with this magnificent tool that I am excited to try in the future! The possibilities truly seem endless!

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The design of the We-Vibe Vector+ works perfect for me! It stimulates my prostate and my perineum perfectly! I have been able to climax with this vibrator faster than any of my previous ones and it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It's design is superb. The app only unlocks more ways for users to explore their own pleasure in new and creative ways which is ingenious. It's not just a vibrator, it's a whole new experience that gives you the ability to mix and match a wide array of pleasurable vibrations and rhythms.

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The app is extremely straight-forward and walks you through how to set it up and what each setting on the vibrator does. The user interface on the app is also very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Connecting to a partner's We-Vibe Vector+ is easy as the app also walks users through that process as well. As for physical buttons on the remote and the vibrator, they are easy to access and understand. There is also a quick-start guide for users to read as well that I found very helpful. One thing I found that was difficult, however, was to get the remote to pair to the vibrator after I used my phone. This could possibly be user error, but I have not been able to figure out an easy way to do so.

We-Vibe Vector+ -

This prostate massager feels incredibly sturdy and I think it will last for an incredibly long time. The durability of this toy is very impressive and the whole frame is ridged and stiff. It has a nice weight to it as well and you can tell just by holding the We-Vibe Vector+ that it is a quality product made with quality materials. So much detail has been put into this vibrator and the app. Both the We-Vibe Vector+ and the app are so pleasing to look at that I find myself just playing with the We-Vibe Vector+ to admire it and the app's design.

We-Vibe Vector+ - <

I think the We-Vibe Vector+ is completely worth the price for anyone who is looking to take their anal pleasure to the next step, especially if they want to bring their partner along. It has a very modern take on the future of anal vibrators. Having an app for a butt plug is something I never knew I wanted until I got the Vector+. It is so incredibly convenient to use and explore. My partner loves using it with me because they can finally be a part of my anal pleasure when I use a vibrating plug. It also looks great when I wear it, so that's a huge plus!

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The We-Vibe Vector+ knocked my expectations out of the park! I have always wanted a vibrator to be as comfortable, long lasting, and powerful as this one. It is so compact you can take it anywhere! On trips, vacations, and even out in public. The vibrations are not loud to begin with and if they seem too loud for your taste you can turn down the intensity of the vibration and it will make the toy quieter which is very nice. The battery lasts an incredibly long time, I have done four hour sessions with the We-Vibe Vector+ and it still had battery left. Granted, the battery level will depend on the user, but it was still very impressive to me. The charging doesn't take long, I just plug it in and leave it to charge, it probably takes around an hour.

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The packaging from Lovehoney was very discreet, and it came in a regular cardboard shipping box. However, once I opened the package, the box of the We-Vibe Vector+ was incredibly beautiful — I love the colors on it! The box itself makes it look like a toy you just want to play with forever! It also comes with a nice carrying pouch that is easy to tie up and is discreet-looking, so I use that to travel with mostly when I bring the We-Vibe Vector+ with me anywhere.

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The toy is ridged and covered in silicone that is smooth and very pleasing to my body. When it is lubricated well, it slips right in very comfortably and stays that way for a very long time. The silicone is not porous and is very easy to take care of. It is very high quality and for a vibrator it is slightly heavier, which I like because it feels well-made. The We-Vibe Vector+ is waterproof and to clean it I use soap and warm water, then I let it air dry. One could also use a number of silicone-safe sex toy cleaners if they so choose to as well. It is easy to store, I usually keep it in the carrying bag it came with or in the box.

Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns6
Length4.5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
Battery Life~120 minutes
Charging Time60 minutes
Remote ControlsYes, Physical Remote and App
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue

We-Vibe Vector+ -

The app for this toy is amazing. It’s well-designed and easy to navigate for hot and heavy moments while still maintaining a great level of personal settings that are customizable in the app quickly and easily. I have already talked a good amount about it but I cannot exaggerate how incredible the app for the We-Vibe Vector+ is. It’s called the We-Vibe Connect app and it controls everything on the toy such as vibrating rhythms, speed, power, and rhythm combinations. You can even make your own playlists using different vibrating patterns at different strengths for whatever amount of time you wish. You can also play music from your phone’s library and the app will make the treble, bass, or mid of the chosen track into vibrations you feel on the perineum and prostate through the We-Vibe Vector+. The app is so much fun to play with and it really makes the experience more than just lying there enjoying the vibrations. You can play with how your own personal combinations and settings make you feel. Being able to adjust the speed and intensity of the We-Vibe Vector+ has really been a lot of fun for me and my partner around town and in the bedroom given whatever mood we are in. I highly recommend this toy for just this reason. Not everything is better with an app, but apparently, prostate vibrators really benefit from having a good app. The app has a touch mode which is to die for. Basically, it gives you a blank space on your smartphone to use your finger to change the speed and intensity. Whatever amount of speed you use on your phone the We-Vibe Vector+ will mirror it.

  • Perfect shape for prostate stimulation
  • Very powerful vibrator
  • Easy-to-use se app and remote
  • Easy to transport and use discreetly
  • Fun to use with a partner

  • The stem can feel a bit stiff
  • It is very firm
  • Remote is hard to pair sometimes

I absolutely love the We-Vibe Vector+. I think it is an amazing modern addition to anyone's collection especially if a long distance partner is in the picture. I have never used a more powerful, well designed, comfortable, or fun vibrator before this one. The features this toy packs in such a small and convenient package blows my mind. I love this toy and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a prostate vibrator that is high tech, comfortable, extremely portable, and well designed. Really what it comes down to is the customization the app allows me to have. I am a complete slut for the We-Vibe app and it's innumerous personal settings each user can cater to themselves with.

No, in fact the We-Vibe Vector+ is very pleasant and the user can adjust the settings of the vibrator to cater for their personal preferences on intensity.

The app is very user friendly and super easy to navigate. There are helpful pop ups in the app which also help guide the user.

Prior prostate vibrator experience is not necessary but it might be good to have as this toy has a lot of features to explore. I does have two powerful motors in it as well.

Inside the We-Vibe app as it opens, the second selection from the top is titled "Long Distance Play" which will allow you to send an invite code to anyone you choose using social media or contacts in your phone. This will send your partner a code which will once they accept will allow them to control the We-Vibe Vector+ through the We-Vibe app.

The We-Vibe Vector+ is very easy to take care of and it is cleaned and cared for just like any other vibrating sex toy which is really user friendly.