Womanizer Blend — Test & Review

   Mya Leona
Jun 19, 2024

Womanizer Blend — Test & Review<

Mya Leona
: 24
: Experienced
: Genderqueer
: Femme Lesbian

  • Don't want to choose between vibration and clitoral suction
  • Are interested in dual-stimulation
  • Want to experiment in the bath or shower
  • Enjoy intense clitoral stimulation
  • Are looking for an easy to use, one-handed toy

  • Want to customize internal and external stimulation separately
  • Prefer larger toys for penetration
  • Are looking for thrusting penetration rather than internal vibration


The Womanizer Blend is a rabbit-style toy designed to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris with air pulse stimulation and the G-spot with a vibrating internal arm. Great for blended, one-handed play, this toy boasts two motors with independent controls, allowing for complete control over its inner and outer portions. Being highly customizable, impressively powerful, easy to hold, and entirely waterproof, the Womanizer Blend excels in all departments, with a design the blows awkwardly-shaped rabbit vibes out of the water.

Womanizer Blend -

My Experience with the Womanizer Blend

I’m skeptical of rabbit vibrators. These are toys with a penetrative element and an outer arm (or, classically, “bunny ears”, like on the Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Rabbit) designed to stimulate the clitoris for dual sensation. In practice, however, they are often too anatomically particular to get the best of both aspects. When a toy tries to hit both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time, without a lot of flexibility in the design, it’s easy to hit one area too hard and the other too little, causing discomfort or dissatisfaction. I usually prefer the customization of combining two toys myself. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by how the Womanizer Blend tackled this problem. It ended up being a great toy, and a fantastic addition to my collection!

Getting to Know the Controls

The Womanizer Blend has two motors with independent controls. It has three buttons, one of which I almost missed. On the opposite side of the air pulse nozzle are two raised, circular buttons: a plus sign and a minus sign. These can be used to turn the toy on and off, as well as change the intensity of the toy’s clitoral stimulation. Just below, there’s the subtle third button. This one is only distinguishable by its subtle diamond pattern and controls the vibration intensities and patterns of the penetrative portion. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the controls before starting, since the third button can be hard to track down without visibility!

My Verdict: Lovely and Luxurious!

This toy is lovely. As someone who tends to pair my clitoral suction toys with dildos, I was curious to see how this would compare. The vibrating portion is smaller than I usually use for penetration, so I thought it wouldn’t pack as much of a punch, but I was quickly proven wrong! Its range of vibration and its curved shape made for a targeted and exhilarating experience. Add in the air pulse sensation, which stimulates the clit without directly touching it (therefore avoiding numbness!), and this toy becomes a real rockstar. With all that power, and only needing one hand to enjoy, the Womanizer Blend makes for a luxurious experience to just lay back and enjoy!

Now, My Word of Warning…

I feel this toy works around rabbit vibrators’ common anatomical incompatibilities with strong internal vibrations. By having the vibrations be this intense, they can be felt all throughout without needing a larger insertable section. But even so, the lack of flexibility in the toy does make me advise discretion. If you’re particular about penetration or need something softer or larger, try experimenting with toy combinations before buying. This will help give an idea of if the toy’s shape is right for you!

Womanizer Blend -

The Womanizer Blend is cute and simple. Unlike other rabbit vibrators, which I find can be over-designed and gimmicky, this toy is nice to look at as well as easy to use. Available in blue, hot pink, and coral, each variation is a solid colour, made entirely from ABS plastic and boy-safe silicone. Sturdy yet light, basic yet polished, I'm a fan of its overall look! The only thing in the way of a perfect score is that the silicone nozzle isn't solidly attached. The way it lifts feels a bit awkward and unfinished.

Womanizer Blend -

To its credit, the Womanizer Blend is great for being an all-in-one toy. If you're looking for simultaneous internal and external stimulation, this toy does it all at once; when it works with your body, it's perfect for effortless one-handed play. Its controls come with slight difficulty. Two are raised and easy to find, which turn the toy on and off and control its suction feature. Below, there's a more difficult to find button that's distinguished by a diamond pattern that controls the internal vibration. It's easy to miss, so try to locate before you get into play! Otherwise, be aware that the internal and external parts can't be moved independently. This may be a challenge if you're not anatomically compatible with it, or would prefer a more adjustable option.

Womanizer Blend -

The Womanizer Blend has a simplistic design, no shiny decorations or gimmicks. It has the familiar feel of soft, body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, with seams that are almost imperceptible to the touch. The noise level is quite low. With the air pulse nozzle in contact with skin, it's nearly silent! It's sturdy and solid, but the silicone tip of the air pulse nozzle does come off easily. I haven't had an issue with this during use as of yet, and it's a helpful factor for thorough cleaning!

Womanizer Blend - <

The Womanizer Blend is reasonably priced for what it is. At around $119 USD, its cost is comparable to good quality suction toys and high-powered dildo vibrators. As a toy that does both, I feel it's worth its pricetag, provided that it works for your anatomy. The quality is great! It's easy to hold, smooth to the touch, and entirely waterproof. Like all rabbit-style toys, however, there's a chance the internal and external pieces won't line up well with everyone's anatomy, which I consider the biggest gamble for this type of product.

Womanizer Blend -

I'm happy to say, this toy met the promises it made online! It effectively blended internal and external stimulation for an unique, all-over experience. Somewhere between rumbly and buzzy, its quiet vibrations mix well with its Pleasure Air technology, which is strong without any painful pinching or sharp edges to avoid. And, although its battery life isn't massive, its charging time matches at only 90 minutes! More than reasonable for a product that packs this much of a punch. If you're struggling to juggle multiple toys at once, the Womanizer Blend is a great option for solo play that feels good all over.

Womanizer Blend -

The Womanizer Blend's box shows a product picture on the front with information about its controls and settings on the back. There's a stylized illustration representing the toy in use, giving a sense of how it's positioned during play. Mine came with a hygeinic seal to show it hadn't been opened, and a tab to pull out the inner box out. Within that, the toy is nested into packaging fit perfectly to its shape, in addition to a smaller box on the right which holds its charging cord and user manual. It does not come with a storage container or travel bag, or any other fancy accessories, but I like its simplicity!

Womanizer Blend -

Made entirely out of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic with magnetic charging, the Womanizer Blend is entirely waterproof and easy to clean. It's lightweight for its size and sturdily built. Even the seams between materials are smooth and comfortable to hold. Just wash with body-safe soap and warm water and you're good to go! Although its unique shape may make it difficult to pack safely for travel, if you're willing to accomodate its original box in your luggage, it can be safely nestled inside!

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns3
Clitoral suction8 intensities modes
Length5.5 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
DiameterInsertable: 1.25 inches, Mouth: 0.75 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsYes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableVibrant Rose, Vibrant Pink, Vibrant Blue

Womanizer Blend -

  • Independent controls for its vibration and air pulsation
  • Can be used easily with only one hand
  • Stimulates inside and out with strong motors
  • Can be enjoyed in the bath or shower
  • Has a cute design that's comfortable to hold

  • May not fit well with all bodies
  • One button can be difficult to locate
  • Not as customizeable as combining two toys

I found the Womanizer Blend to be a lovely adaptation of rabbit-style toys. An elevation of most toys that attempt dual stimulation, I was really impressed by how this product joins its vibrating G-spot element and air pulse technology. Offering the best of both worlds, this easy-to-use toy is great for both beginners and experienced users looking for blended orgasms without having to juggle multiple toys during play. Just be warned: because its inner and outer arms aren't very flexible, it may not be a compatible fit for all bodies, depending on the user's anatomy!