Womanizer Next — Test & Review

   Jess Adams
Jan 29, 2024

Jess Adams
: 32
: Intermediate
: Female
: Bisexual

  • Have money to invest in a solid toy
  • Want a quieter, more discreet toy option
  • Enjoy clitoral stimulation

  • Are on a strict budget
  • Are wanting a penetration specific toy
  • Want a very versatile toy, this can only really be used on the clit


The Womanizer Next is a whisper-quiet, clitoral stimulator that uses 3D pleasure air technology that provides slower, deeper movements in order to deliver a more natural orgasm. The autopilot option allows you to relax, hold the auto pilot button for two seconds and then not have to think about what you are doing at all. There are three different autopilot modes, and along with the 14 intensity levels when you are controlling it yourself, the possibilities for orgasms are endless.

Womanizer Next -

Ok, so I need to start this review out with a small confession…. I am not a huge fan of clit stimulation. I am normally a penetration girlie and when someone (or myself) tries to play with my clit for too long, I get overstimulated, and I can’t cum. When I tell you that the Womanizer Next SURPRISED me, I mean it!

First Impressions

I finally had some time after Christmas break to myself during the day so I decided I was going to have a self-care playdate and see if I could have a little fun with the Next. My first impression when turning it on was confusion… it didn’t do anything. Until I stuck my finger on the end and then it started, and I realized that it needed to be touching skin to work. I even pressed it against my pillowcase, computer, night stand, my leg… I was setting it on everything to see what it would and wouldn’t turn on for.

The Surprise…

I was able to get some relaxing in and play around with Next for a little while when I realized that there was a little button on the underside of the handle. I am a naturally curious person, and I was starting to get overstimulated, so I pushed it. The Next buzzed twice and then that thing took off on its own! I hadn’t read the manual yet, so I didn’t know that this was the autopilot feature. I have never cum so quickly from a toy in my life, and I even squirted!! I was shocked!! Absolutely shocked. The thing that I usually hate about clit play is that it is too slow or too fast, as weird as that sounds. Somehow the next is the perfect amount of both. I loved that I could just push the auto pilot button and the Next would determine how fast to go and all of the other settings that I didn’t have to think about, and I would orgasm every time.

Womanizer Next -

The coolest part of the design on the Next for me is the option to change out the stimulator head. I personally preferred the head that came on the Next, which I believe is the small option. There was not a label of S or M on the heads that I could tell, but you can see a difference in size and the smaller one also feels a little less firm than the M. I love the ability to adapt the toy to what you need without having to get something new if you need a little bit bigger or firmer.

Womanizer Next -

Ease of use is the only area that I had any trouble with when using the Next, and it still was manageable. In terms of a standard clit toy, it is very easy to use, however, if you want to take advantage of a lot of the extra features you are going to either need to spend quite a bit of time in trial an error or read the manual/watch the videos they have available. Luckily Womanizer providers really detailed resources online and I was able to take a few minutes and it made the play even easier to navigate.

Womanizer Next -

The quality of the Next is great! The silicone is soft but sturdy, the buttons are firm but still easy to push, and the charger connects very securely. As far as sound goes, the smart silence worked for me about 90% of the time. There were times if I didn't have it in the exact right spot or if I moved it too fast that it would be loud for a little bit, but overall it is still quieter than most of the other toys I own.

Womanizer Next - <

The Womanizer next does fall into the expensive category for me, coming in at just over $200. I have learned in my time with sex toys that quality usually comes with a hefty price tag and that is accurate here. With that said, this toy would be well worth the investment for me. The Next comes with two sizes of stimulator heads (small and large), a cotton storage pouch, quick start guide, USBC cable (you will need to provide your own adapter), and a sticker.

Womanizer Next -

As I mentioned above I haven't been the biggest fan of clitoral toys so the Womanizer Next exceeded all of my expectations, I have used the Next about 7-8 times since I initially charged it and it is still full and seem to have quite a lot more life in it, so the battery life seems to be really good,

Womanizer Next -

The packaging that the Womanizer Next came in was discreet and you wouldn't have known what was in it. The box that the Next was in was cute, well packaged and seemed minimal but perfect. The toy came with a cotton storage bag, charging cord, the Next, a sticker, and an additional stimulator head in a bigger size.

Womanizer Next -

The Womanizer Next was extremely easy to clean! I used a fragrance free soap, removed the stimulator tip so that I could lather it up and clean it in depth. Since the Next is water proof I then just washed the whole thing with water and soap.

Clitoral suction14 Modes modes
Length17.1 inches
Width5.4 inches
DiameterMouth: .39 x .63 & .43 x .75 inches
Weight1.058 lbs
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableDark purple, Black, Sage

Womanizer Next -

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Waterproof and can be used in different locations
  • Only starts when it meets your skin, giving you more control over sound
  • Afterglow button reverts the toy to the lowest setting after orgasm with one press

  • Sometimes attracts hair and lint
  • Very high price point
  • Learning curve is required to take advantage of all features

For someone who would say that clit stimulation is not their favorite form of sexual play I would encourage anyone to buy the Womanizer Next. I have used the Womanizer Next at least 7-8 times in the last month and I have orgasmed every time with a squirt, and with my experience is very, very hard to do that alone, and with a toy. This has very easily become a staple in my toy selection. I was absolutely surprised by the technology of the Next its ability to provider deeper and slower movements, which is something that I haven't gotten from any of my other toys.

The detailed online user manual for the Womanizer Next can be found here, on the Womanizer website.

Not a problem at all! The Womanizer Next comes with a small and a medium stimulator head to increase the ability of comfort for the buyers. If the one that it came with isn't quite doing it for you, go ahead and pop it off and place the other one on.

Yes! I was able to comfortably use this toy with my partner during sex in multiple positions, and also during foreplay very easily.

If you buy the next from the official Womanizer website, they offer a 100 day money back guarantee.

Smart silence is that the Next will not begin suctioning until it touches skin. It is the default setting for the toy but if you want to turn it on/off you will hold the + and - at the same time for 2 seconds.