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AdamEve Alternatives – 5 Best Sites Like

In this post I will go over the best alternatives to AdamEve.

If you want to find another site like, this is the place for you.

Just quickly, I will go through the pros and cons of shopping at AdamEve.

Maybe you overlooked some reasons not to shop with them?

Or maybe you will confirm your need to find a better alternative to AdamEve.

After the short intro to the ins and outs of AdamEve, I will dive into the 5 alternatives that I recommend instead.

All are US based online sex shops, as we recommend online shopping rather than finding a physical adult store near you.

Why you should shop at AdamEve?

  • They have a enourmeous collection of sex toys.
  • super cheap prices
  • They ship relatively fast.
  • They have a flat shipping rate, that transparently lays forth the added cost of shopping online.

Why you should not shop at AdamEve?

  • AdamEve sells a lot of non-body safe sex toys. Please avoid these if you shop there.
  • They carry few trusted brands, that are a promise of safe usage.

Best Alternatives for AdamEve

In the following I will go through my 5 favorite places to shop for sex shops that are not

I will guide you thorugh the similarities to AdamEve.

And, maybe more importantly, the differences between the alternative and AdamEve.

This way you can make an educated decision.

Lastly, I’ve included a link to the shop, so you can find it (and their current best offers).

Here we go:

1. Lovehoney

What is similar to AdamEve: similarly to AdamEve, Lovehoney also have a huge collection of toys. The feature ALOT of discounts frequently, so prices are also very comparable. Like AdamEve, they also carry their own private label product.

Why Lovehoney is a better alternative: The private label products from Lovehoney is by far superior to those found on AdamEve. And although you can’t get a $5 vibrator, that is the same reason Lovehoney is the better alternative – you won’t end up with a cheap and potentially dangerous $5 vibrator.

Find the best discounts and sales on Lovehoney Here.

2. TooTimid

TooTimid alternative to

What is similar to AdamEve: They have a very similar collection of sex toys. Very cheap, and a lot of which is questionable quality at best. They smell of cheap chinese manufacturing right when you recieve it.

Why TooTimid is a better alternative: It seems like TooTimid is going more away from that 2000’s way of running an online sex shop, and are starting to carry more recommendable sex toys.

Find the best discounts and sales on TooTimid Here.

3. SheVibe

What is similar to AdamEve: Nothing much really. They carry a carefully selected collection of sex toys of the highest quality. The prices, however, do not really compare to those at AdamEve. That being said, it is with sex toys as many other products, you get what you pay for. At AdamEve it is mostly cheap and low-quality toys, at SheVibe it is mostly expensive and high-quality toys.

Why SheVibe is a better alternative: You will get high-quality toys, that are safe to use. Customer service is a lot better as well.

Find the best discounts and sales on Shevibe Here.

4. HustlerHollywood

Hustlerhollywood alternative to

What is similar to AdamEve: The insanely broad selection of toys is incredible at HustlerHollywood. They feature amazing discounts at sometimes unbeleivable percentages – just like AdamEve.

Why HustlerHollywood is a better alternative: Hustlerhollywood also carry a lot of branded sex toys, such as Womanizer, We-Vibe, and Fleshlight.

Find the best discounts and sales on HustlerHollywood Here.

5. SpectrumBoutique

Spectrumboutique alternative to

What is similar to AdamEve: It isn’t really in that many ways. They have a fairly large selection. But most shops on this list do as well (I like to have some options, you know).

Why SpectrumBoutique is a better alternative: They are both more sex-positive, care about inclusivity, and the shopping experience just overall feels a lot better and smoothly on SpectrumBoutique. Even though on the basis of the actual products that get’s sent it isn’t that different, the experience itself is sometimes half the journey – especially, as that is determining of what toys you end up choosing.

Find the best discounts and sales on Spectrumboutique Here.

AdamEve Competitors Compared: Delivery, Return policy, Costomer service

ShopBest for…DeliveryReturn PolicyCostumor service
LovehoneyBest overall1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $49
100 day money back guarentee + 1 year product warrentyAMAZING
TooTimidBest deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $59
30 day free replacement + 1 year product warrentyGOOD
SheVibeBest brand deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $69
1 year product warrentyAMAZING
HustlerHollywoodBiggest selection1-8 working days,
Free shipping over $69
30 day replacement guarenteePOOR
SpectrumBoutiqueMost new and innovative productsN/A
Free shipping over $135
10 day replacement guarenteeGOOD
AdamEveCheap products1-8 working days,
Flat rate $8
90 days replacement guarenteePOOR

The overall comparison of my favorite sex shops shows, that AdamEve is probably not the best option out there.

If you do decide to purchase on AdamEve despite reading about the alternatives to that site, then you might our review of how discreet the packaging from AdamEve is?

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