Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads — Test & Review

   Bruce Smith
Oct 26, 2023

Bruce Smith

  • You're interested in prostate stimulation
  • Wanting to feel a fuller sensation
  • Wanting to experience a beginners BDSM

  • Have any pain or tenderness rectally.
  • Embarrassed or uncomfortable with anal play.
  • Were told not to by a Physician.

This is a solid, one-piece set of anal beads made from silicone. It's a simple toy to use and excellent for beginners to avid users that are interested in anal play. The overall product is well made and provides that extra stimulation to fulfill the cravings of anal play.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

The Anal Adventures Platinum anal beads are definitely easy to use. They’re made from seamless silicone, rather than individual beads placed on a string. All you need to do it just use your preferred water-based lube and insert, starting with the smallest bead. They toy slides in easily due to the surface texture and softness, and they’re very comfortable to wear. There are no rough edges, the toy is very flexible and the sensation is wonderful! As a couple, we enjoyed the extra stimulation with this product to elevate our personal playtime in the bedroom.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

The design is intentionally well-made. The texture is quite soft and works well with little lubrication. The color is flat black and the stiffness is acceptable for easy insertion. The spacing is just right where it slips in just enough as it passes through the sphincter. Pulling it out at climax is speechless.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

The product is well made and the stiffness is acceptable for insertion. It does get a little harder as the balls get larger but with lubrication and the size, it's simple. It may take a few attempts to get them all in.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

The quality is excellent except the pull ring. It seems to be a little thin in which breakage may occur. However, it has not broke on us yet.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads - <

It's well worth the price for a beginner to be introduced into this kind of play.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

This definitely increases the sensation and slightly extends the length of climax if used properly. Practicing and experiencing with this product will make anyone curious about the next level of stimulation.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

The product came in a discrete package. Inside the package, the box is well made and attractive in designed to hold the product. The product itself was in a sealed plastic bag and obviously tell it is not a returned or used product.

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

The product is simple and easy to clean with warm water and soap.

Length12.5 inches
Insertable length10.25 inches
DiameterWidest Point: 0.75 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Pink, Purple, Blue

Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads -

  • Soft texture
  • Flexible
  • Spaced well
  • Easy insertion

  • The balls are somewhat small
  • Pull ring feels a little weak

As an avid user, this toy was a bit small but still exciting to play with. If you are a beginner, this product will be amazing to start off with. Whether a male or female, it will add some excitement. It is small enough to take with you in traveling as it can be rolled up. It requires very little maintenance and cleaning since it is solid.

There isn’t a user manual available for the Anal Adventures Platinum Anal Beads, but there quite simple to get started with!

Yes, they are! Both toys are made by the same company, and the only difference between them is the color ranges that are available. I've linked to both toys in this review to make things simpler.

Yes, the Anal Adventures beads are a very beginner-friendly toy. The beads start off very small and only reach 0.75 inches when you get to the largest bead. Since they're made from silicone, they're also body-safe and very easy to clean.

While I can't give you a guarantee either way, it's unlikely that these anal beads will stimulate the prostate enough to reach orgasm. They are quite small, and very flexible, meaning that it will be difficult to get enough pressure to massage the prostate. However, they're great for using in conjunction with other types of stimulation, and can intensify your orgasms if you pull them out slowly as you climax.