The 7 Best Asian Sex Dolls of all Shapes and Sizes

   Josh Gill
Sometimes the allure of an Asian woman is just too much to take! They are undeniably sexy and have a gorgeous, indescribable quality. And that’s exactly why we’re going to be looking at the 7 best Asian sex dolls today! There are some incredible options to choose from. We even have a couple of extras that will help you take your Asian fantasies to the next level! So get ready to dive on in to the most thorough and extensive Asian sex doll review ever! Let’s do this!
1 Test Winner

Vina: Asian Pornstar


  • Love the looks of sexy Asian women
  • Want a full-sized realistic sex doll
  • Want to splash out on a premium sex toy


  • Aren't a fan of Asian women
  • Need something more discreet
  • Are on a budget

The Vina: Asian Pornstar sex doll is an absolute delight. With her sensual curves, sexy looks, and tightly textured holes, she’ll tease and please you to completion. With a steel skeleton within, she can be positioned however you want, meaning you can live out your wildest dreams. Never before has an Asian woman looked so deliciously delectable! With the Vina: Asian Pornstar sex doll, you really do get a premium toy that is hard to beat!

  • Life-like size
  • Premium silicone
  • Tight and textured holes

  • Very indiscreet
  • Not budget friendly
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight90 lbs
OpeningsVagina and anus
Insertable length(vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6.3 inches

If you want a premium Asian sex doll, then you can’t go wrong with Vina: Asian Pornstar. It is made of silicone, meaning that it feels as life-like and realistic as possible. Sure, it’s large and maybe a little unwieldy, but she can be moved and positioned for best use. You’re certainly getting a high-quality sex doll, although you are paying a high price for that pleasure. If you have the money for such an Asian sex doll, then we’d totally recommend going for it! But if you’re on a budget, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

2 Budget-Friendly

Krista the Sex Doll Torso


  • Want a more compact Asian sex doll
  • Are looking for an affordable sex doll
  • Don't mind that she has no legs


  • Want an Asian sex doll with legs
  • Don't like the less than realistic design
  • Are happy to pay more for something else

The Krista the Sex Doll Torso is a sexy Asian love doll that will surely complete your day. She will give you the love that you always wanted. Krista is the ultimate Japanese Silicone Sex Doll that has no legs! While it might look a little strange, it offers you amazing access to her holes, meaning that you can have a lot of unobstructed fun. Krista is also smaller in size, making her more discreet if the size is an issue!

  • Easy to use
  • Relatively small
  • Premium silicone

  • No legs
  • Not too poseable
Height2 feet 4 inches
Weight44 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth

If you’re one of those kinds of guys that wants a sex doll but you don’t want to splash out too much money, then Krista the Sex Doll Torso is a great option. Not only is it affordable, but it’s a great starting point if you’re a beginner in the world of Asian sex dolls. She looks and feels incredible, but there is one big and fairly noticeable downside; she has no legs! This means that you have fewer options with the Krista the Sex Doll Torso than you would with a full-size sex doll. Still, for what it is, it’s worth picking up if you’re on a budget!

3 Cute

Ren: Tokyo Escort


  • Want a cute, petite Asian sex doll
  • Can't resist the allure of life-like silicone skin
  • Want a doll to put in all kinds of positions


  • Want a doll that can provide oral sex
  • Prefer larger, curvier Asian sex dolls
  • Don't want to pay such premium prices

Ren: Tokyo Escort really does take the word ‘lifelike’ to the next level! If you’re on the hunt for a lifelike Asian sex doll that has all the intimate details of a real person, then the Ren is probably just the thing you’re looking for. It features a steel, fully poseable skeleton covered in a hyperreal-looking and feeling soft silicone flesh. Want to customize her? Not a problem! But as things stand, she’s an absolute doll exactly as she comes. Pun intended! Ren may only be petite, but she’s BIG on pleasure!

  • Nice petite size
  • High quality materials
  • Not too heavy

  • No oral sex
  • Fairly expensive
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight66 lbs
OpeningsVagina and anus
Insertable length(vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6.3 inches

Okay, Ren: Tokyo Escort is a great option if you want a cute and petite Asian sex doll. She is small but has everything you need for a fun time. Her fully poseable body looks and feels like the real thing, and you can have an authentic and sexy time while using her. There are plenty of ways in which you can customize her before purchase, though the standard version of Ren is more than good enough. The downside of Ren is that if you like oral sex, then you’re out of luck! She might have amazing feeling holes for her vagina and anus, but she doesn’t have a throat to use. This may be a deal-breaker for some people for such a high price!

4 Long Legs

Irina: Japanese Sex Doll


  • Can't resist the appeal of sexy long legs
  • Love poseable Asian sex dolls
  • Don't mind the feel of TPE skin


  • Are looking for a silicone Asian sex doll
  • Want something a little more premium
  • Don't have the room to store her

Irina: Japanese Sex Doll is one of the best-selling Asian sex dolls in the world. But she’d like you just to call her Irina. Irina is 5 ft 5 inches tall, with almond-shaped eyes, pert boobs, soft Magnolia skin, and long, glossy hair. Indeed, her classic Asian beauty is quite remarkable. Without any traces of overt sexuality, Irina’s attraction is almost ethereal and powerful in its innocence. Currently, she is looking for a kind and responsible boyfriend/husband, who will treat her like a princess. This Asian sex doll is a true beauty in every way!

  • Gorgeous long legs
  • Fully poseable
  • Fine feeling TPE skin

  • Not silicone
  • Indiscreet
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight66 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth
Insertable length(vagina) 6.7 inches, (anus) 6.7 inches, (mouth) 5.1 inches

As far as Asian sex dolls go, Irina: Japanese Sex Doll is a great choice for a couple of reasons. Some men can’t resist the appeal of long, slender legs. There’s something very sexy and appealing about them, and Irina hit the nail on the head with that one. She has all the holes you’d need, and she can be posed however you want in order to use them. Unfortunately, she is made of TPE and not silicone. TPE is a great material that does the job well, but it’s not quite as premium as silicone. It requires a little extra care and attention to keep it in tip-top condition.


Yumi: Kinky Sex Doll


  • Want a cute Asian sex doll
  • Love the nerdy bookworm kind of look
  • Want a fairly light and manageable sex doll


  • Prefer larger women
  • Are on the hunt for a silicone Asian sex doll
  • Aren't a big fan of Asian sex dolls

From her soft waves of dark hair to her lush, inviting lips, beautiful booty, and tempting vagina, the Yumi: Kinky Sex Doll is unbelievably lifelike, and exquisite delights await. From the tips of her delicate fingers and toes to her brilliant dark eyes, Yumi represents the Asian female form with overwhelming authenticity. Run your hands over her sumptuous, lifelike flesh, squeezing her bountiful breasts and tweaking her erect pink nipples as much as you please. Her form bends and poses just like a real woman, allowing you to explore almost any sex position of your choosing.

  • Adorable looks
  • Nice petite size
  • Easy to use

  • Made of TPE
  • Relatively expensive
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight70 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth
Insertable length(vagina) 6.7 inches, (anus) 6.7 inches, (mouth) 5.1 inches

What can we say about the deliciously delightful the Yumi: Kinky Sex Doll? She has stunning looks, and they really do draw you in. It’s what grabs you first! Though, it’s not long before you start exploring all the other exciting bits she has to offer. She’s pretty light, so she has a manageable body. You can move her however you like and place her in positions that suit you and your sordid needs. And that’s aaaaall good! As she’s made from TPE, she isn’t the most premium sex doll ever. That’s not to say she’s a bad sex doll, though. Still, for the price, you’d expect that peak quality.


Corey the Sex Doll


  • Want a top quality Asian sex doll
  • Love a sex doll with ultra realistic looks
  • Want to ba able to customise her


  • Don't mind so much about realism and life-likeness
  • Are looking for a taller Asian sex doll
  • Are not willing to pay the very steep price

What’s the story, Corey?! Check out the stunningly beautiful Corey Sex Doll. So realistic is she that she completely blurs the line between a doll and an actual, real-life person. She is a gorgeous doll with a completely life-like silicone body, meaning that she feels great and can be easily maintained. The standard Corey is amazing, but you have plenty of options to customize and upgrade her, so let your imagination run wild. If you’ve ever wanted a beautiful Asian girl, here’s your chance to get one!

  • Very life-like
  • Top quality materials
  • Customisable

  • Won't be for everyone
  • Very expensive
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight75 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth
Insertable length(vagina) 7.09 inches, (anus) 5.91 inches (mouth) 2.37 inches

Corey the Sex Doll is one of those Asian sex dolls that really is a game-changer. Her looks are lifelike, and it would be easy to convince yourself that she is real. The premium platinum silicone skin has amazing looks while feeling top quality. It makes for an extremely exciting and pleasurable toy. She has a vagina, an anus, and a mouth, all of which are uniquely textured and can be used at will. Yes, Corey the Sex Doll is expensive – VERY expensive, but what you get is beyond what many other Asian sex dolls are. It’s a truly realistic and sexy experience!


Samantha the Sex Doll


  • Are intrigued by the horned look
  • Like a petite Asian looking sex doll
  • Want a more affordable sex doll


  • Prefer curvier, rounder women
  • Need a more premium Asian sex doll
  • Don't like the stange fantasy element

Asian chicks really can be horny, and Samantha the Sex Doll truly is living proof of that! The two curved horns protrude from her head and give her a fantastical look that is unlike any other sex doll in this review. Her long platinum silver locks fall around her pointed ears, framing her gorgeous Asian face. Her body is made of a silky smooth TPE that will feel more lifelike than you can possibly imagine. It can also be moved and posed at will, And once you slide inside any one of her three holes, you’ll see that she stands out from the other Asian sex dolls in more than just looks!

  • Great fantasy look
  • Sexy feeling body
  • Nicely priced

  • Some won't like the horns
  • Not too premium
Height4 feet 11 inches
Weight59.5 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth
Insertable length(vagina) 6.7 inches, (anus) 6.7 inches, (mouth) 4.7 inches

If we’re going to get a little bit weird and add some fantasy elements to the Asian sex dolls that we’ve been looking at, then Samantha the Sex Doll truly is a standout product. Not only are her looks incredible, but her TPE body looks stunning and will give you plenty to do. Like all the other dolls, she has a steel skeleton that helps with posing and positioning, meaning that no matter how you want to use her, you can do. Granted, because she is made of TPE she is not strictly the most premium of sex dolls, and her body will require a little extra TLC after use, but she is worth it! Price-wise, she can’t be complained about, and that balances out her less-than-premium body.

How to use Asian sex dolls

Asian sex dolls are awesome. That’s just a fact that needed to be stated. But how on earth do you use them? It’s not always obvious! That’s why we’ve got a few tips for you that will hopefully make your Asian sex doll adventures extra exciting!

How to clean Asian sex dolls

A happy Asian sex doll is a clean Asian sex doll! Ensuring that everything is sanitized and hygienic will ensure that you can use your doll time after time. But how do you do that? Well, here are a few useful resources that will point you in the right direction!


Of course, they are! As long as you use them properly and as the manufacturers intended, you are sure to have a good time! If in doubt about how to use your Asian sex doll, be sure to check the instruction manual provided!

That's a good question, and the answer is that it all depends on what you need! They are premium toys, so you can expect a lot from them. Looks, size, and texture-wise, they are second to none. However, what we would also say is that you should only buy Asian sex dolls if they are within your price range. Set a budget and stick to it!

We would always recommend water-based lubrication for a variety of reasons. Not only is it body safe, but it also won't damage your Asian sex dolls. Then on top of all that, it won't leave any sticky residue, meaning it's quick and easy to clean up!

You can do so by confidently clicking on the links in this post! We only work with the very best sex toy shops out there, and it's important to us that you have a great experience when shopping for Asian sex dolls! So you can click with confidence because you're going to have a great time shopping!

What are Asian sex dolls?

Asian sex dolls allow you to have the experience of being with a beautiful Asian lady! They are designed to be as realistic and accurate as possible, and you can be sure that when you're using your Asian sex doll you're enjoying a naughtily premium item! From their looks to their proportions, to their real-feel skin, to the texture and tightness of their openings, they really are second to none! These dolls are also the same size as a real-life person, meaning that your experience really will go to the next level.

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