The 8 Best Black Masturbators to Delve Deep Into

   Josh Gill
It’s fantastic to see sex toys being made in all different skin tones! We strongly believe in inclusivity in all its definitions and we’ve found some of the best black masturbators out there that showcase this! We’ve looked at all aspects of these toys to discover their upsides and their downsides while providing you with factual and honest info. And as if that wasn’t good enough, we’ve even uncovered some glorious hints and tips to help you get the most out of your black masturbator!
1 Test winner

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx

 Fleshlight Ana Foxxx

  • Love a detailed and varied inner canal
  • Are looking for a sleep black masturbator
  • Like to use fleshlights

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx

  • Prefer more discreet black masturbators
  • Want something slightly easier to keep clean
  • Are looking for an automatic toy

The Fleshlight Ana Foxxx is a silky smooth black masturbator that will have you bucking with pleasure as you massage this tidy little toy up and down your cock. The super-textured and highly detailed inner canal will is designed to stimulate to the absolute max, and the soft and realistic outer lips will squeeze and please your cock until the moment comes that you just have to blow!

  • Very textured inner canal
  • Looks and feels great
  • Nice and easy to use

  • Not all that discreet
  • Could be easier to clean
Fleshlight Ana Foxxx
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length9 inches
Width(canal) 0.5 inches

The Fleshlight Ana Foxxx is an amazingly detailed and spine-tinglingly pleasing black masturbator that you’re bound to adore. Very similar to a fleshlight, it is a simple and easy to use toy. We’ll admit it might be a little tricky to clean but once you’ve got the hang of it you should be absolutely fine. While it is sleek, it’s not the most discreet of black masturbators, so if you’ve on the hunt for a toy for a sneaky bit of fun you could be looking in the wrong place!

2 Cheapest

Hot Chocolate Heather

 Hot Chocolate Heather

  • Are looking for a vibrating mouth fleshlight
  • Prefer an open ended sleeve
  • Can't resist a good realistic blow job toy

Hot Chocolate Heather

  • Are on the hunt for a more durable masturbator
  • Want a more powerful vibrating function
  • Are creeped out by the realistic looking mouth

Say hello to Hot Chocolate Heather and her lips that are as sweet as her namesake! Behind those hyper-realistic lips are hidden over 5 inches the most highly textured canals you’ve ever had the pleasure of putting your cock in. Want to go one better? This black masturbator can be turned into a vibrating toy with the vibrating bullet included. Feel free to combine it with an even more powerful and variable bullet vibrator for even more orgasmic potential. Open ended and easy to clean, this toy can take most cocks easily!


  • Includes vibrator
  • Soft and textured
  • Looks very realistic

  • Bullet only has one speed
  • Material won't last
  • A little too short for longer cocks
Hot Chocolate Heather
MaterialsTPE, ABS plastic
Length5.25 inches
Width1.25 inches
Vibration speeds1
Vibration patterns1
RechargeableYes: 1x AAA battery

If you’re looking for a black masturbator on a shoestring of a budget then the Hot Chocolate Heather is a fantastic option. It is simple and easy to use and will provide a realistic and truly memorable experience for whoever tries it out. This toy is kind of short. At 5.25 inches in length it might not be for everyone; however it does have an open end so it can be pushed all the way down to the base of your cock if you don’t mind the tip peeking out of the back of the toy! The bullet vibrator leaves quite a lot to be desired too. But for the price you can’t really go wrong.

3 Beginner

CalExotics Stroke It

 CalExotics Stroke It

  • Want a super tight black masturbator
  • Are looking for a simple to use toy
  • Love an anatomically correct inner canal

CalExotics Stroke It

  • Are more of an advanced user
  • Don't want a masturbator that's as tight
  • Prefer to use the mouth and/or butt

If you’re looking for a beginner black masturbator to get your engine revving then the CalExotics Stroke It is the perfect place to start. Absolutely straight forward and easy to use, you can slide your cock into the super tight opening and you’re away. The anatomically correct and tantalizingly tight inner canal makes for a mind-blowing experience like no other. The closed end ensures that you get a good suck too, for double the pleasure!

  • Nice and tight
  • Very textured inner canal
  • Warms to body temperature

  • Might be too tight for some
  • A little plain to look at
  • Not for more advanced users
CalExotics Stroke It
Length6.5 inches
Width3.75 inches

The CalExotics Stroke It might be simple and basic but that doesn’t stop it being a pretty awesome black masturbator. Perfect for beginners or those just wanting a fun little naughty toy, its TPR body will firmly hold and squeeze your cock while quickly warming up to body temperature to really heighten that realistic feeling. It might prove too tight for some, so be warned! And for those looking for a super tight Fleshlight there’s a lot of competition out there. Overall it’s simple, flawed, but a good place to start!

4 Ass

Thrust Pro Elite Tiana

 Thrust Pro Elite Tiana

  • Want to be able to use the vagina AND the butt
  • Enjoy doggy style sex
  • Want a super-realistic looking toy

Thrust Pro Elite Tiana

  • Are looking for a more discreet toy
  • Need something easy to store away
  • Want to pay less for a black masturbator

Ooo check out the booty on this ebony princess! The Thrust Pro Elite Tiana is a premium black masturbator for guys that want to be able to pound away into a realistic looking and feeling toy. And with its duel-canals that are both deep and intricately textured, it is one of the most realistic experiences on the market. A bulky, firm, and exciting toy, Tiana is more than happy to take a pounding all night long! So what are you waiting for…?!

  • Textured duel-canal
  • Life-like vagina and butt
  • Fantastic quality

  • Large and indiscreet
  • Tricky to keep clean
  • Difficult to store away
Thrust Pro Elite Tiana
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length(both vagina and butt) 7.5 inches
Width(canal of both vagina and butt) 0.5 inches
OpeningsVagina and butt

The Thrust Pro Elite Tiana is a beauty of a black masturbator that will make your head spin! Sculpted to look ridiculously realistic, this toy features both a vagina and a butt. Both of these openings are uniquely textured and their canals offer varied sensations. She has a 27-30 inch waist, 36-38 inch hips, she’s approximately a US dress size 6-8, and can wear size medium panties. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention – you can even dress her up to take that realism to the absolute next level. It might be a big and indiscreet toy, might prove a little tricky to keep clean, and will definitely cost you a pretty penny, but what you get is absolutely incredible and we defy you not to love it!

5 Torso

PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso

 PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso

  • Want a realistic looking doll
  • Love using vagina or butt
  • Enjoy big breasts

PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso

  • Want something smaller
  • Prefer realistic body proportions

The PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso is a dream come true for those of you out there that love and appreciate the female body. A black masturbator with options to use the vagina or the butt, you can thrust away to your heart’s content, all while enjoying the huge, jiggling breasts! It’s an absolute treat to play with and a sexy assault on the senses! Just as with all PDX products you’re sure to love the realistic textures and feel of this divine temptress of a toy!

  • Realistic texture
  • Two tight holes
  • Humongous breasts

  • Large and heavy
  • Unrealistic proportions
  • Not easy to keep hidden
PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso
Length17.5 inches
Width8.5 inches
Insertable length(both) 5 inches
Width(both canal) 0.5 stretching to over 3 inches
OpeningsVagina and butt

The PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso is a beast of a babe! With a butt, a vagina, and two humongous breasts, she is a soft and realistic feeling black masturbator. And don’t be in any doubt when we say you can have aaaall sorts of fun with it! It might look absolutely tempting and tantalizing at first blush, but the body proportions are pretty off and unrealistic, so if you’re looking for more accurate and realistic masturbator you might want to look elsewhere. Also be warned that this is not a discreet toy! Obviously! It might not be the easiest to quickly stash away in a hurry!

6 Squirt

Doc Johnson Squirt It

 Doc Johnson Squirt It

  • Love it when a girl squirts
  • Enjoy using fleshlight-like toys
  • Like a realistic feeling masturbator

Doc Johnson Squirt It

  • Prefer to keep things more dry
  • Want something easy to keep clean
  • Are looking for an automatic toy

The Doc Johnson Squirt It is for those of you that can’t resist it when you get a girl that squirts! Designed as a fleshlight, this sexy black masturbator has the bonus added feature of a syringe that can pump as much or as little liquid on the situation as you desire. And not only do you get this awesome looking and fantastical feeling toy, but it also comes with a 1 fluid ounce bottle of Squirt It Joy Juice. So make sure you enjoy it. After all – they do say the wetter the better!

  • Great squirting feature
  • Life-life to the touch
  • Free bottle of Squirt It Joy Juice

  • A bit of a faff to use
  • Might get kind of messy
Doc Johnson Squirt It
MaterialsUltraskyn, PVC
Length5.4 inches
Width2.4 inches

If you love a girl that squirts then the Doc Johnson Squirt It is just the toy for you. This black masturbator squirts fluid which you can control using the included syringe and pipe. This makes for added lubrication as well as replicating an explosive orgasm from her. It’s an easy enough to use toy, however the process of getting the squirt to work is a little fiddly, and it makes quite a mess (obviously) which could be kind of time consuming to clean up. If you don’t mind that though we would recommend it!


Doc Johnson Jenna Foxx Main Squeeze

 Doc Johnson Jenna Foxx

  • Love a masturbator you can squeeze
  • Want a range of textures
  • Like the life-like looks

Doc Johnson Jenna Foxx

  • Aren't a fan of fleshlights
  • Prefer an automatic masturbator

The Doc Johnson Jenna Foxx Main Squeeze is a terrifically tantalizing black masturbator that you’re going to be weak at the knees for! With a gorgeous chocolate pussy opening that not only looks but feels as close to the real thing as can be, it feels unreal against your cock as you pump into it. In a good way!! Control the tightness by squeezing and releasing to have a really customized masturbation session!

  • Feels great when you squeeze it
  • Realistic vagina opening
  • Suction control end cap

  • Has to controlled manually
  • Not the most realistic textures
  • No other functions (eg vibrating)
Doc Johnson Jenna Foxx
MaterialsABS, TPE, Ultraskyn
Length7.5 inches
Width3 inches

The Doc Johnson Jenna Foxx Main Squeeze is a wonderfully customizable black masturbator. While you pump away try squeezing the body of the toy and see how the varying levels of tightness spices things up. You can even use the suction lid on the end to adjust how much ‘sucky sucky’ you feel! A highly stimulating experience, to be sure! While it is textured it doesn’t feel completely realistic. The textures are definitely great and will stimulate you fantastically, but if you’re looking for an authentic experience then this one might not be for you.


FleshJack Milan Christopher King

 FleshJack Milan Christopher King

  • Have Milan Christopher fantasies
  • Love to feel a butt around your cock
  • Enjoy varied and sensual textures

FleshJack Milan Christopher King

  • Prefer to use vaginas
  • Want something with more options
  • Are looking for a tighter anal experience

Boom! Look who’s here! The FleshJack Milan Christopher King is a great black masturbator if you want to feel some tight butt! With close to 9 inches of insertable textures to be enjoyed, this hand-held bad boy will have you in ecstasy! From the first moment you penetrate this toy you’ll feel the wide range of textures massaging and stroking at you until you finally can’t hold it back anymore. Mmm!

  • Lots of different textures
  • Looks and feels like the real thing
  • Easy to keep clean

  • Can only be used one way
  • Could be tighter
FleshJack Milan Christopher King
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length8.5 inches
Width(canal) 0.5 inches
OpeningsMale butt

If you love to pump your cock into some butt then the FleshJack Milan Christopher King will probably blow your mind (before you blow your load)! Made out of soft plastic it looks and feels great and feels plenty textured on the deep inner canal. As it is a fleshlight there’s only one way to use it really, so if you’re looking for more variety you’re better off looking elsewhere. It could be a tighter toy too and grip you more firmly.

Meet the Newest Fleshlight Girl

Kira Noir Pornstar Pocketpussy

Kira Noir Pornstar Pocketpussy - Meet the Newest Fleshlight Girl
The Kira Noir Pornstar Pocketpussy is a black masturbator that allows you to live out those deep dark naughty fantasies of pounding your cock into the sexy adult film star Kira Noir. And let’s be honest, the chances of you getting to do that in real life are slim to none. Sad but true, we know! But this really is the next best thing. Sweetly soft yet tantalizingly textured, this black masturbator will drive you over the edge in no time!

How to Make Your Own Masturbator

Guess what – it is actually possible to make your own masturbator at home with bits and pieces from around the house. That’s crazy! Who knew that you had potential pleasure right there at your fingertips! Check out our blog post about how to make your own masturbation toy to find out more! We go into more details there, so we’d recommend reading it if it interests you, but here are a few of the basics.

Find the perfect bottle for you!

Find the perfect bottle for you! - How to Make Your Own Masturbator
This might sound obvious but you’re going to want to start off with something…well, cock sized! Finding a bottle that will be the right depth is essential. Too big and you won’t feel anything, too small and it won’t fit. When you’ve found the perfect bottle cut a hole at one end.

Pad the bottle with sponge!

Pad the bottle with sponge! - How to Make Your Own Masturbator
When you think about all the things you want your masturbator to we’re fairly sure ‘cut my cock to shreds’ isn’t one of them. In order to minimize the chances of any cuts or injuries you’re going to want to use a sponge as padding to help keep things safe. Covering the sponge around the edges with duct tape also helps keep things soft and padded and covers any sharp bits all while keeping the masturbator airtight.

Make sure you get a good suck!

Make sure you get a good suck! - How to Make Your Own Masturbator
Grabbing a drill and creating a small hole at the opposite end of the toy allows for you to control the level of suction. You can either squeeze the air out or use a pump. Whatever it takes to get a good suck!


DISCLAIMER! - How to Make Your Own Masturbator
We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

How to use black masturbators

Aha, we see, you’re considering dipping your toes (or more accurately penis) into the world of black masturbators…but you’re not 100% sure how to use them. Not a problem, we’re here to talk you through how to get the most out of your toys! So let’s do this thing!

Lots of lube is the key

Lots of lube is the key

Black masturbators and lube go together like peanut butter and jelly! Making sure that things are nice and slippy to avoid any unneccisary and awkward injuries is super important! So grab your favorite water-based lube and generously apply it to not only the masturbator but also your penis. You can never use too much!

Make sure you enjoy yourself!

Make sure you enjoy yourself!

Okay now we’re all lubed up we’re good to go! Gently slide your cock into the black masturbator making sure you enjoy every little ridge, bump, nodule, lump and whatever else is in there that’s specifically designed to tease your meat. If you’re lubed up properly it should slide effortlessly in and feel AMAZING as you do it. Once you’re in you can get to work and really have the time of your life!

Make sure everything is clean!

Make sure everything is clean!

Wow! Who knew black masturbators could be so orgasmic?! And now it’s clean up time. It’s maybe not the most exciting part, but keeping your toys clean is essential! So make sure that it’s properly cleaned and sanitized. Keep scrolling and check out our ‘How to clean black masturbators’ section for more info!

How to clean black masturbators

A clean black masturbator is a happy black masturbator. That's just a fact! No one wants a dirty sex toy, because if we're all being honest with each other that's just plain gross. It doesn't matter what kinks or fetishes you have, hygiene is important! So how do you keep them clean? Well it's quite simple! Here are a few handy hints and guides on how to do it! (PS a few of the toys we've talked about in this post are on the larger side and as such would probably be easier to clean in a bath or shower!)


Yes yes yes! As long as they are made of body-safe materials and sold from a reputable vendor then you should have absolutely no problems with your black masturbator.

We'd say they are, yes! Granted, some of the black masturbators are a little pricey but for the of fun you're going to have it really is worth it. You can get a wide range of different toys and being able to select what kind of orgasm you want is truly a wonderful thing. Black masturbators give you that option!

Yes! Black masturbators can be used over and over again, and if used properly and taken care of they should last for a fairly long time.

Black masturbators have one job and one job only: get you off by providing stimulation as close to the real thing as possible. They might not feel totally and completely 100% like the real thing but they're pretty damn close!

Black fleshlight girls are black porn stars that have offered to have their vaginas molded and cast into realistic looking and feeling fleshlights! Give them a try - we're sure you'll love them!

Right here, by following the links in this post! We know that the shopping experience is important, that's why we link you directly to some of our favorite sex toy websites! They are reliable, trustworthy, and we're sure you're going to have an awesome experience!

What is a black masturbator?

Black masturbators are toys that men can use to get their rocks off. These days there is much more variety within realistic sex toys and a greater range of skin tones to choose from, meaning there's something out there for everyone! Black masturbators come in all different shapes and sizes from smaller masturbator sleeves right up to full sex dolls! Absolutely delicious! They look and feel amazing, and no matter what you're into or what kind of sex you're looking for, there will be a black masturbator to meet and fulfill your every desire!

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