The 9 Best Ass Masturbators for Your Anal Fantasies

   Josh Gill
In this post, I’ve rounded the absolute best ass masturbators available for all kinds of anal adventures! Whether you are looking for a full sized butt, a doggy style masturbator, a more budget friendly anal masturbator, I’ve got something for everyone right here! Today’s test winner, the Alana Ass Masturbator, is wonderfully jiggly butt that is almost as good as the real deal!
1 Test Winner

Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

 Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

  • want to thrust into your toy
  • like a toy that feels and weighs like the real thing
  • want to have vaginal and anal sex
  • love to have something to grab on to

Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

  • want something portable
  • have strength problems
  • are on a budget
  • need something easy to clean

A lot of love has gone into engineering Alana and you can tell. Not just the recreation of the curvy posterior but the lifelike weight and- best of all- the realistic ribbed sensation inside. Both the ass and the vagina are lovingly created. As well as being an amazing doggy style masturbator, you can manoeuvre her pretty much whichever way you want. Plus she is heavy enough that you can go handsfree and not worry about her landing on the floor at the other end of the room!

  • Ribbed sensation inside feels amazing
  • Weight is lifelike and good for handsfree
  • Can do variety of positions

  • A bit awkward to clean
  • At the pricier end of the scale
Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator
Weight15.4 lbs
MaterialsSoft plastic
OpeningsVagina and anus
Insertable lengthVagina: 7.5, Ass: 5.5 inches
Diameter (internal)Vagina: 0.5, Ass: 1 inches
Height14 inches inches
Width14 inches inches

If you are thinking about investing in an ass masturbator, Alana is a top-end treat. She’s not the cheapest by any stretch but you can see where your money has gone. You can get her in almost every position and the ribbed sensations works a treat when you get inside. If you are willing to stump up this much for her, she won’t let you down.

2 Cheapest

Taylor Ribbed Realistic Vagina and Ass

 Ribbed realistic Vagina and Ass

  • want to try a cheap ass masturbator
  • have a smaller penis
  • are on a budget
  • don't have a lot of storage space

Ribbed realistic Vagina and Ass

  • have a large penis
  • want a jiggly butt
  • crave intense thrusting

Taylor is small ass masturbator that also has the option to pop in a bullet vibrator or two to get things buzzing. Her flat base rests nicely on the table, making her a great doggy style masturbator. Plus, both her anus and vagina have pleasurable textures that add a extra sensation as you thrust away.  

  • Very cheap
  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Vagina and anus openings

  • Vagina and anus share the same tunnel
  • Only works in a few positions
  • Lightweight
  • Lack of internal length
Ribbed realistic Vagina and Ass
Weight1.7 lbs
Materialssoft plastic
OpeningsVagina and anus
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.25 inches

Taylor doesn’t feel too bad for the price she is, the main drawbacks are the fact she’s so lightweight and they have just made her so small inside. Size may not be everything but one serious drawback is the internal dimensions- 4.5 inches internal length just won’t be enough for some men, and that could be the deciding factor. As the toy is so light, you also won’t be able to thrust hands free with this doggy style masturbator However the smaller size does make her easier to store and more portable than full size masturbators. She is what she is: a cheap toy that feels pretty good but will be too small for many.

3 Fleshlight

Fleshlight Butt Riley Reid

 Fleshlight butt Riley Reid

  • want to treat yourself to a quality mid-range ass masturbator
  • love a nice tight ass
  • are a fan of Riley Reid
  • enjoy more varied textures
  • want a discreet ass masturbator

Fleshlight butt Riley Reid

  • need the option of vagina too
  • want a realistic internal texture

Molded from the beautiful booty of the lovely Riley Reid (that must have been a fun day at the office!), this ass fleshlight has a beautifully textured sleeve and 9 inches internal length that should be enough to satisfy everyone but the biggest of her co-stars! The SuperSoft skin of this anal stroker feels especially great if you gently warm it up beforehand. You can see why she’s such a popular toy!

  • Textured walls feel great
  • 9 inches internal length
  • Portable
  • Discreet

  • Only one opening
  • Can get noisy in use
Fleshlight butt Riley Reid
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length9 inches

Riley is one of the best anal masturbators in the mid-range price bracket. This is a really amazing toy for anyone who loves watching Riley Reid’s work — now you can enjoy it off screen too! The texture inside this ass masturbator isn’t the most realistic but it can provide a lot of pleasure. Compared to other Fleshlights, this one would be a mid-intensity texture — definitely stimulating enough to enjoy but not super intense. While you don’t get the full butt experience, this Fleshlight butt is easy to store discreetly and travel-friendly. Like all Fleshlights, it can be a little loud in use, so keep that in mind if you live with other people.  

4 Mini

Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass

 Super Ribbed Pocket Ass

  • are trying a sleeve for the first time
  • want a tight anal masturbator
  • are on a budget

Super Ribbed Pocket Ass

  • have tried more realistic anus masturbators before
  • are particularly well-endowed

‘Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass’ delivers exactly what she promises on the tin. Probably the smallest anal masturbator I have seen, so long as she isn’t too ‘mini’ for you then her ultra-ribbed 5 inch canal delivers explosive results. She’s open-ended too so the clean-up job can be quick and painless.

  • Super-snug anal stroker
  • Feels decent for the price
  • Cheap
  • Ribbed for your pleasure

  • Too tight for many
  • Not the most realistic 'anal' feeling on the market
Super Ribbed Pocket Ass
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length5 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.5 inches

I can see this one splitting opinion. On one hand, the material might not be the most life-like out there but it still feels pretty damn good for such a cheap male masturbator . And the super-tight ass will tick the boxes for a lot of guys. A slight concern would be that she is just too tight for the bigger ones. So for a cheap anal stroker, for most guys, I’d say you can’t go too far wrong, but if you’ve been spoilt by better toys before or are on the larger side, I’d look elsewhere.

5 Torso

Tantaly Rosie

 Tantaly Rosie

  • the ultimate realistic experience
  • want something to thrust into
  • are able to lift and manoeuvre 30 lbs
  • love having something to spank

Tantaly Rosie

  • have limited storage space
  • are on a budget

Rosie might be a 1/2 size torso but she offers full pleasure! This lifelike size masturbator allows you to enjoy realistic sex whenever the mood takes you. Explore super realistic anal sensations with her delightfully textured anus and butt that bounces back with each thrust! It’s also great for a little grabbing and spanking for extra realism! On top of that, you can also enjoy her realistically textured vaginal canal, so there’s plenty of fun to have! You can also explore different positions — use Rosie as a doggy style masturbator or let her ride on top!  

  • Incredibly realistic look and feel
  • Lifelike internal textures
  • Explore multiple positions
  • Soft, jiggly, responsive body

  • Heavy
  • Need to buy extra cleaning supplies
Tantaly Rosie
Height9.7 inches
Width40.94 inches
Insertable lengthVagina: 5.98, Anus: 5.12 inches
Diameter (internal)Vagina: 0.8, Anus: 0.28 inches
Weight31 lbs
OpeningsVagina & anus
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableFair & Wheat

This ass masturbator is definitely one for the anal aficionados who are looking for an extremely realistic experience. Tantaly have paid real attention to detail with this torso and it pays off! Our tester thinks it is well worth the price tag. They really loved how the natural jiggle and movement in the toy made it feel so much more realistic! The only real downside to this doll is the price but if she’s within your budget and you want one of the best anal masturbators out there, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

6 Vibrating

Doggie-Style Debbie Vibrating Stroker

 Doggie-style Vibrating Stroker

  • want anal and vagina to play with
  • like the vibrating option
  • are on a budget

Doggie-style Vibrating Stroker

  • want a toy that will last
  • are particularly well-endowed

With two well-designed openings, ready whenever you are, I can see why Debbie has her fans. She has a soft, stretch vaginal entry, a narrow, textured butt tunnel and at 3lbs is heavy enough to take a bit of spanking while you pound away! The vibrating eggs are a lovely touch that’ll soon have your legs shaking too.  You’ll need a generous squirt of your favourite water-based lube to get going and she is open-ended for easier clean-up after,


  • Two openings
  • Vibrations are great
  • Pretty cheap

  • Not the most realistic
  • Smaller than she looks on the box
  • Vibrations aren't particularly strong
  • Won't stand up to vigorous thrusting
  • Battery powered bullet vibrators
Doggie-style Vibrating Stroker
Vibration speedsMultiple
Length7.5 inches
Width6.25 inches
OpeningsVagina and anus
Insertable length7 inches
RechargeableNo (2 AA batteries)

Debbie doesn’t feel as lifelike as many toys out there and I wouldn’t bank on still having her this time next year if you’re a heavy user, but she looks great, you can take her any which way you want and the vibrating eggs really elevate the experience. For a nicely-priced starter toy at a reasonable price, she’s well worth a bash.

7 Male

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude

 Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude

  • want a realistic ass masturbator with a dildo
  • want to explore threesomes
  • love a large shaft

Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude

  • will find the 8 inches too much
  • are on a budget

Giddy-up! No-one likes a selfish lover and The Fuck Me Silly Ride-On is happy to be the top or bottom, and he’s ready whenever you are! They’ve done amazing work with the realistic skin feel and that chunky 8-inch shaft between his legs (and almost 6 inch girth *gulp*) is a sight to behold. They’ve not skimped on those realistic vibes inside either, and he’ll take a full 7 inches in there. Lubricant and cleaner are included and so long as you keep up the maintenance this toy has real long-term potential. Just make sure you treat him right.

  • Dildo and ass
  • So lifelike
  • Can work for three-way
  • Textured anal canal

  • Can be Cumbersome to manoeuvre
  • Tricky to clean
  • Pricey
  • Porous
Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude
MaterialsSoft plastic
DiameterDildo: 1.83 inches
LengthDildo: 8 inches
Insertable lengthAnus: 7 inches
Diameter (internal)Anus: 0.25 inches

Where do I start…. First off, this male sex doll is an amazing feat of engineering. It’s not the cheapest, but the lifelike feeling is as good as dolls ten times the price. It’s good chunky dildo will satisfy even the real size queens out there and the option for the anal entry opens up the possibilities of threesomes without the awkwardness after! Highly recommended!


Fleshlight Butt Stamina Training Unit

 Fleshlight butt

  • want a realistic ass masturbator
  • are trying to build your stamina
  • want a good mid-range toy
  • prefer consistent textures

Fleshlight butt

  • crave intense, varied textures
  • want something more realistic looking

The Fleshlight STU’s patented superskin material and bumped textures inside do a great job mimicking what it feels like to get right up in there! Aside from the quality of the workmanship, it’s built to be able to handle a good 9 inches so there’s not many that won’t be able to enjoy it.

  • Skin feels lifelike
  • Stimulating bumpy textures inside
  • Can take 9 inches

  • Only one opening
  • A little tricky to clean
  • Not the most interesting or intense internal textures
Fleshlight butt
Insertable length9 inches

A quality, robust fleshlight that offers a top-end feel inside for a mid-range price. Whether you want a quick pump or you are trying build up your stamina, this baby is a welcome addition to anyones collection! The bumpy internal texture adds a fair amount of stimulation and is more realistic to how a real anal canal feels, but if you have a taste for more intense stimulation, you might want to look for another anal Fleshlight.

9 Moaning

Dirty Talk Interactive Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator

 Interactive Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator

  • love dirty talk while you play
  • want both openings
  • enjoy a jiggly butt

Interactive Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator

  • find dirty talk uncomfortable
  • want a waterproof ass masturbator
  • need a quiet discreet toy

The sex toy that talks back! Dirty Talks Interactive have brought some new to the market. Explore your rougher fantasies as the voice-activation gives as good as she gets. Enjoy hearing her moans as you thrust into her with the thrust activated speaker! It makes for a more immersive experience and- don’t worry- there are headphones if you have thin walls and nosey neighbours! The vagina and anus are beautifully textured and can take a solid 7 inches inside. Just liberally apply that water lube and away you go! Plus, she comes with a motion activated bullet vibe for even more stimulation!

  • Realistic feeling flesh
  • Two openings
  • Thrust-responsive speaker
  • Motion-activated vibrations

  • Phrases can get boring pretty quick
  • Not the cheapest
  • Vibrations
  • Not lifelike size
Interactive Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length7 inches

Well, this is a new one! If you like your dirty talk and miss that bit of interaction with your toy experience, then this moaning sex doll may be just the ticket. I like the novelty here and the attempt at something new but I have two quibbles. The first is perhaps inevitable: it doesn’t take too much for the phrases to get old. And two, while the quality is good, I’m not convinced it justifies the hefty price tag. That being said, I wouldn’t put anyone off, it’s well worth a try for yourself.

Big booty vs Pocket butt

Both torso style ass masturbators and anal fleshlights make for some amazing anal sex alone or with a partner. Which one you choose will largely depend on your budget and what you want to use it for. Here are the main pros and cons of each one to help you choose which one is right for you!

Big booty masturbator

Big booty masturbator  - Big booty vs Pocket butt
  • can be used in more positions
  • looks and feels more like the real thing
  • often has a vagina and anus
  • you can grab and spank its butt
  • the bounce back from the body creates realistic movements
  • great for roleplay or group sex
  • often much more expensive
  •  harder to clean
  • requires more storage space
  • can be heavy or awkward to manoeuvre

Pocket butt

Pocket butt  - Big booty vs Pocket butt
  • more portable
  • easier to clean
  • easier to store
  • usually much cheaper
  • less like the real thing
  • no butt cheeks to play with

How to use an ass masturbator

While they are used, as the name implies, mostly as masturbatory aids, they can also be a novelty toy to be used in play-time with a partner too.

Solo masturbation

Solo masturbation

A liberal portion of water-based lubrication applied to an erect penis, and the rest should be self-explanatory 🙂 The cleaning instructions will be included in the packaging, differing according to the materials used.

Couples play

Couples play

Couples can use the toy on the partner or enjoy watching them using the on themselves. Torsos are also amazing for simulating threesomes and group sex! Again, break out the water-based lube before you get going.

How to clean an ass masturbator

How you clean your ass masturbator depends on the material used to make it. Most use soft plastic/silicone/TPE. The crucial issue is whether they are porous or not, as this affects how they can absorb germs and bacteria. Our infogram below has more details but always check with the instruction in the box for your particular toy. Attention should be paid to how they are dried and stored too as these bacteria can build up here too. Check out our video here:


Most use a soft plastic/silicone/TPE. These give a super-realistic feel, though they do require care with cleaning and storage if you want them to last.

You'll need to double-check the manaufacturers particular specifications but water-based lube (in liberal doses!) is usually the order of the day.

Absolutely! The materials themselves go through rigorous safety-testing before they get shipped to meet stringent regulations. The only danger lies if you plunge without lubrication or get lazy with your clean-ups- the porous material of most modern toys can build up bacteria and germs if you don't give it a little TLC after you've had your wicked way!

This depends largely on two factors: the quality of material and how you treat it. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to the material quality, but double-checking previous customer reviews is always a good idea. The treatment part is up to you!

We recommend checking out both the Lovehoney and Fleshlight websites!

We don't recommend making your own ass masturbator but we do have some very affordable options in this post! If you do want to go the DIY route check out our DIY Fleshlight blog post!

What is an ass masturbator?

Ass masturbators are perfect if you love anal and want to add some anal realism to your solo sessions. From fleshlight style strokers with an anal opening right up to a full jiggling ass, there's an ass masturbator to suit all tastes and budgets. As well as having realistic openings to give you some visual excitement, many ass masturbators have tantalizing textures to tease your shaft with each thrust. Ass masturbators are a popular choice for solo play, but they can also be a fun addition to partner play.

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