Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator — Test & Review

   Nick Williams
Sep 29, 2023

Nick Williams
: 23
: Intermediate
: Trans Male (FtM)
: Pansexual
: Satisfyer Curvy 1+

  • Love clitoral stimulation
  • Value a quiet motor
  • Enjoy silky soft texture
  • Want a discreet-looking toy

  • Desire varied pattern modes
  • Experience grip or dexterity problems
  • Want a stimulator for long play sessions
  • Are looking for vibrations rather than licking sensations


The Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator, as the name suggests, delivers pleasurable stimulation to the clitoris via the flicking of a soft silicone ‘tongue’. It has 7 different vibration modes and quiet operation. It is operated by a single button on the underside of the toy to turn it on/off and allows you to cycle through the various modes. Magnetic USB charging, made with body-safe and splash proof material, and adequately shaped and sized for a comfortable handheld experience. And that’s just the tip of this egg-shaped iceberg. Read on and let me share with you my own personal experience.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -


I won’t lie, I was so VERY excited to try out the Blush Aria Flutter Tongue, especially as it would make a unique addition to my small collection of clit stim toys. I’ve seen quite a few of these “tongue” vibrators before, possessing what usually looked to be, well, a small tongue (or several)! I had always wanted to try one, but held a scepticism about whether or not the toy could simulate oral sex. Of course, upon inspecting the packaging of the Flutter Tongue, Blush made no such claim, but I couldn’t help but wonder if you could justify using the word tongue if it didn’t feel like one, which would be rather tongue-in-cheek, if you ask me.

Further Inspecting

After folding open the colourful, magnetic-sealed box, I got my first real look at the pink and purple egg, securely nestled in a foam buffer. Below it, was a tiny box labelled ‘Charging cord’ and a small drawstring pouch to store the new toy in. I made haste and took the toy and its means of charging out from the packaging, wiring it up and giving it some juice in preparation for testing. I left it on charge for at least an hour before giving it a quick cleanse with some silicone-compatible toy cleaner. For what it’s worth, always make sure to give new toys a little clean before use!


I assumed a comfortable reclining position on my bed and sheathed my clit into the little chamber. After turning it on, a small amount of manoeuvring was needed to really hit the spot. But when it did — WOW! The rapid fluttering of soft silicone left me tingling and the sensation wasn’t too intense. It did in fact NOT feel like a tongue, which answered that mystery… unless you like to imagine it’s the tongue of some sex robot from the future, go wild! One hiccup I had is that, even after multiple sessions, I still can’t tell the difference between the 7 modes (save for two — the first setting being steady and the second being a little faster). I can hear the pitch of the motor fluctuate and can also see the tongue moving in a sort of sequence if I hold it up, but I can’t feel any difference. On a more positive note, using the Flutter Tongue on my nipples as the box suggested was a delight hard to put into words! I can only say I’m glad I tried that out and it gets my seal of approval on being described as a nipple stim toy as well.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

The Blush Aria Flutter Tongue looks much like a small Easter egg! Or so that’s how I feel about it when seeing the bright pink and purple colouration and playful wave design going around the midsection - not so dissimilar to it's packaging. It's small and compact, which would make it perfect for travel and discreet storage. The small size also allows for easy handheld use as opposed to bigger and more clunky toys. The exterior is very durable and the silicone is silky to the touch, which feels great. The magnetic charging pins are subtle and non-invasive to the overall design.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

It's certainly beginner-friendly! With only one button to activate and the same button to cycle different settings, it’s very simple to navigate. However, the button is stiff, which poses no issue for me, but could be an issue if you experience mobility or joint issues in your hands. The hygiene cap comes off easily with a little tug and is just as easy to put back on again. If used with lubricant, the silicone becomes very slippery and can be difficult to hold in place.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

The Flutter Tongue is phthalate-free and composed of body-safe materials, as one would expect of a high-quality toy. As mentioned earlier, it's a robust little thing and it would be very difficult to damage the exterior just by simply dropping it. The functions sadly don’t have much difference between them, so I simply just use the first. The motor is VERY quiet which is a big plus for me. On a full charge, it lasts a reasonable amount of time, but on a longer session, you can notice the motor starting to slow during use.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator - <

Personally, I wouldn’t mind paying its full price because of how much I enjoy this toy and how frequently I use it. For that alone, it's of decent value. BUT! With the product description boasting about its 7 functions, which I can’t tell the difference between; the fact that on a full charge it begins to slow after 30 minutes, I could confidently say that the price could be knocked down a little. It delivers a unique sensation and feel compared to other clit stimulators, so I will reiterate my impartialness to paying the full amount. It's down to preference!

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

To my mind, the product performed just as described on the website and on the packaging, as it does indeed create ‘tantalising sensations against the clitoris and nipples’. It talks about its ‘satin smooth’ texture, which certainly rings true due to the platinum treated silicone. It is whisper quiet, which I can confirm after testing this, leaving the toy on whilst it was in a closed room. A perfect clit stim for discreet play! It’s written that the Flutter Tongue can also fit into the palm of your hand, and even though I have very small hands, the toy is still nice and petite.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

The packaging is well worth writing home about. The colours and shapes are vibrant and wavy, much like the design of the toy. A fun and groovy 60’s kind of aesthetic which is oddly fitting? I couldn’t tell you exactly why. A wonderfully solid and ergonomic design with magnetic seal, plastic hygiene window and foam protection buffer. Tells you everything you need to know and in different languages also. It's rather bold however, so you may want to toss out the packaging if you want to be discreet! The charging box had “you turn me on” written on it. I absolutely adore puns.

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

The feeling and visual look gives me certainty that the material is just as high quality as stated. Treated silicone for natural, silky gliding against skin and of course, body-safe, non-porous and phthalate-free (phthalates are chemicals used to improve plastic integrity, but can cause harm to humans). Because of this, the entrance is malleable to ensure comfort and easy manipulation of the silicone. The rest of the body is firm and not easy to scratch or scuff. Very easy to clean with a little soap and water or toy cleaner. It comes with a hygiene cap and is easily stored away in the cute little pouch provided.

Vibration patterns7
Length3.25 inches
Battery Life40 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailablePink/Purple

Blush Aria Flutter Tongue Clitoral Stimulator -

  • Whisper quiet
  • Travel-sized
  • Storage pouch included
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Body-safe platinum-treated silicone

  • Not much difference between modes
  • Short battery life for longer sessions
  • Stiff button
  • Not submersible

To summarise, I’ve already recommended the Flutter Tongue to several friends, and I recommend it to you too, dear reader! It has an overall decent value, especially for a beginner friendly toy. Of course, what prevents me from calling the value any more than ‘decent’, is the little-to-no variation in sensation when it comes to the pattern modes. On a personal note to any other post-HRT trans men interested in purchasing this toy, go for it! Although some may find the nozzle of the toy a bit snug for their clit growth, the tongue still reaches and flicks delightfully. This is the first clitoral stimulator I own that has a ‘lapping’ kind of function; my eyes are eagerly opened to the Aria collection by Blush, and I’m excited by all the other visually unique toys they have to offer.

There is no user manual available online for the Blush Aria Flutter Tongue, but luckily, its very beginner friendly. Check out my ‘How To’ guide and FAQ section of my review for some general guidance.

The Aria collection from Blush is comprised of both silicone and ABS materials, so silicone lubricants must be avoided. Always use water based lube with silicone toys to avoid degradation of the material.

Blush has a 5 year warranty for the Flutter Tongue, but it is currently only valid in the USA and Canada.

On the website, under the 'Accessories' section of the shop are charging cables. Be sure to select 'USB Cable Replacement for some Lush and Aria Flutter Tongue'. Alternatively, you can search for it in the website search bar.