Dame Aer — Test & Review

   Flora Winters
Jun 26, 2023

Flora Winters
: 27
: Intermediate
: Female
: Demi-Pansexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Love clitoral suction toys
  • Desire pattern options
  • Prefer "flappy" stimulation
  • Want an elegantly designed toy
  • Enjoy masturbating in the tub or shower

  • Have an easily overstimulated clitoris
  • Don't wish to spend $95 on a suction toy
  • Prefer "thumpy" stimulation
  • Have a larger clitoris


Are you ready for a more adventurous clitoral suction toy? Introducing the Dame Aer, a fully waterproof pleasure device designed by women, for women! This elegant instrument puts a new spin on an old favorite, by adding 5 patterns to pressure wave technology. Whether you desire consistent stimulation or intermittent patterns, Dame has you covered. It's crafted from body-safe materials and compact enough to hitch a ride in your purse! So, don't let vacation distance you from sexual pleasure. Grab your Aer and get ready to ride the waves!

Dame Aer -

Waves of Hope

My first orgasm was achieved through a clit sucker with pressure wave technology; and oh, how it rocked my world! After suffering decades of clitoral atrophy and anorgasmia caused by “purity culture,” the toe-curling climax converted me — converted me to a life of sexual pleasure and self-love, that is! So, when the opportunity arose to review the Dame Aer, I said “Hallelujah!”

Super Dame!

Not only was Dame founded by two formidable feminists, their products are researched, developed, and designed by some of the industry’s top female professionals! This is more than a sex toy company; it’s a revolution to destigmatize sexual health and pave the way for pleasure. Swell (Dame’s digital resource) offers a wealth of knowledge about topics like health, relationships, and even trauma-informed care. I discovered this thanks to Dame Aer’s user guide. After some light reading, I was ready to dive into some pressure wave technology!

Rockabye Clitty-Cat

The Dame Aer rattled my clitoris like it owed money. Most of this power rippled through the glans, rather than traveling up the clitoral body. Though the patterns added lovely nuance, my clit was quickly rendered numb. I decided to power through for an orgasm, which ended up being a 20-minute workout. Big mistake! My clitoris tingled with oversensitivity and throbbed from discomfort. Not to mention, I surrendered without the treasured O. Word to the wise: if you’re beginning to go numb, give your clitty-cat a rest!

Uncomfortably Numb

I commenced testing on my thumb while my dear clitoris slept. The Aer’s lowest setting produced powerful thumps, which converted to flappy as intensity increased. The least intense option surpassed that of my trusty Satisfyer Pro, while Dame Aer’s most intense setting ranked about equal to Satisfyer’s maximum. That being said, the pressure from the Dame Aer felt like direct impact, rather than air pulsations. After about 2 minutes of testing, my thumb met the same fate as my clitoris! Depending on strength, it took between 40 and 180 seconds for my fingertips to lose feeling.

Burst Bubbles

My tried-and-true method for improving clitoral suction is to take it to the tub. After drawing a steamy bubble bath and igniting mood lights, I was ready to take the waves beneath the surface. Ripples fluttered against my clitoris, even with an imperfect seal. The sensation wasn’t quite orgasmic, but I wasn’t ready to give up!


With the Dame Aer in hand, I set out to explore new ways to enjoy the troublesome rumbles while avoiding overstimulation. I tried using it through panties, over the clitoral prepuce, switching to viscous lubricant, etc. After about a dozen masturbatory sessions ending in numbness, it happened; I achieved climax only to be ghosted by the sensation- like hiking a grueling journey up a mountain, to walk right back down. It served as an important reminder: the journey is just as important as the destination. Unfortunately, Dame Aer just isn’t the toy to enhance my clitoral leisure. It did, however, provide excellent nipple stimulation.

Dame Aer -

When it comes to aesthetics, the Dame Aer is a portrait of elegance. Medical-grade silicone coats the sleek silhouette, and glides against the skin like rose petals. This periwinkle beauty is the macaroon of sex toys, and I just want to devour it! If that's not your thing, it also comes in Papaya (color, not flavor). While users won't have to stress losing the built-in nozzle, purging the cavern of lubricant can prove challenging. The internal slope and ridges can really hide debris, making it especially important to clean immediately after use.

Dame Aer -

This lightweight, compact body fits perfectly in delicate hands. It's simple enough to control, though not entirely intuitive. Strategic button placement and design eliminate any guesswork during sightless manipulation; and a tangible *click!* confirms each command. These three buttons are located in the handle: the top two control power, while the bottom powers the toy on/off and filters through patterns. Had I not read the manual, I'd have likely never discovered the patterns. Overall, it's an extremely accessible toy.

Dame Aer -

The Dame Aer survived long bubble baths, as well as a clumsy fumble down the stairs; so, I have faith in its longevity. While the pulses are loud, covering the mouth muffles the grumbles into mere purrs. There was a discrepancy regarding the battery life and charging time. Dame advertises 1.5 hours of power and 2 hours to charge; the manual has these times reversed. After a few trials on various speeds, the Dame Aer outperformed both! In each case, the battery only took 75 minutes to charge and lasted over 2 hours! Not to mention, the motor was only slightly warm. Color me impressed!

Dame Aer - <

The Dame Aer retails for $95 at SheVibe Pleasure Boutique. This is in line with other suction toys, as they're pretty modern advancements in pleasure. Since Womanizer debuted their first clitoral suction toy in 2014, competitors have been engineering their own masterpieces with pressure wave technology. Quality toys tend to range from $39.95 (like my personal favorite, Satisfyer Pro 2) to $199 (Womanizer Premium). The high-end materials, long battery-life, and powerful motor of the Dame Aer justify the price. But none of this will be "worth it" if the design or vibrations are incompatible with the user's body.

Dame Aer -

As much as I wanted to love the Dame Aer, the nozzle couldn't kick it with my masturbatory moves. The thin lip requires precise placement to properly seal. This is bad news for those who like to wiggle or grind against their toys; for, little movements break the seal. Adding copious amounts of lubricant to the nozzle can offset this issue, but it also dampens the air pulsations. Not to mention, the opening for the clitoris measures 0.5" x 0.8", with a depth of 1.95" from mouth to back. This will accommodate many clitorises, but it's certainly not one-size-fits-all.

Dame Aer -

The Dame Aer came with a USB charger, user manual, and royal blue storage bag. The silky material is embroidered with an orgasmic emoji as a reminder to take your O's everywhere you go! From the analogous color scheme to the simple, textured graphics, the packaging checked all the right boxes. Security proved equally sufficient, as it came enclosed in tamper-evident wrap. A plastic insert cradled the Aer, and a second layer of thick cardboard reinforced the inner-perimeter of the base. To top it all off, the packaging is made from recycled materials!

Dame Aer -

Remember to only use water-based lubricant with silicone toys! I advise a medium-viscosity lubricant for a better seal around the clitoris. The Dame Aer doesn't have a removable head/nozzle, like some other suction toys. This requires extra care during cleansing, which wasn't reflected in the manual. Begin by scooping the lubricant from the mouth with a cotton swab. Then, lather the entire surface with a water-based sex toy cleanser and comfortably hot water. After rinsing, perform a final sweep of the nozzle with a catton swab. Allow it to thoroughly dry before storing. Avoid boiling or placing in the dishwasher, as this may damage the electronic components!

Clitoral suctionYes; 5 intensity levels and 5 modes
Length4.66 inches
Width1.46 inches
Diameter0.5 x 0.8 inches
MaterialsMedical-Grade Silicone
WaterproofYes, fully waterproof
Battery Life120 minutes
RechargeableYes, Magnetic USB
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailablePeriwinkle and Papaya

Dame Aer -

Tired of monotonous murmurs on your clitoris? Turn the tides by surfing through Dame Aer’s 5 patterns! Each pattern can cycle through all 5 intensities, so you control how powerfully it rolls through your clitoris. I personally gravitated to the wave-pattern; the slow build dramatized each pulsation and built anticipation. Though, bursts may be preferred for light teasing. When it comes to pressure wave technology, patterns are certainly a rare feature to come across. Props for innovation, Dame!  

  • Air-pulse patterns
  • Discrete design
  • Rechargeable
  • Low-power alert
  • Waterproof
  • 3-year warranty

  • Head not removable
  • Difficult to clean
  • Suction seal easily breeched during grinding
  • Not suited for larger clitorises

The Dame Aer emitted pulsations unlike any other pressure wave technology I've experienced; unfortunately, not in a way that worked for me. The pulsations felt more like vibrations than air pressure. This may be great news for those desiring the sensation of a bullet vibrator without direct contact. While touchless stimulation is usually suited for sensitive clits, these powerful pulsations may just leave you temporarily numb. The nozzle is best suited for small clitorises that don't become easily overstimulated. Though it won't have a place in my love-life, it has staked claim to my coffee table as a fabulous, modern centerpiece.

I don't personally think pressure air technology replicates oral sex. The pulsations feel nothing like a mouth. However, the consistent power may be better suited for timely climax.

Yes, the Dame Aer comes with a 3-year warranty.

No! Any toy with electronic components can become damaged upon introduction to extreme temperatures. Instead, clean it with a water-based sex toy cleanser.

Yes! The Dame Aer comes with a silky, blue travel bag embroidered with an "O" face.