The 9 Best Edible Lubes for Flavored Fantasies

   Oli Ochoa
If you want to add a little bit of flavor to your lube game, you’ll be interested in this list of the best edible lubes on the market right now. I’ve scoured the internet to find the highest rated and most popular choices available. Then I’ve reviewed and rated them individually, so you have all the information you need to pick out the best one for you! Perfect for all types of foreplay, edible lubricants both smell amazing and taste great. Whether you prefer basic flavors like strawberry or cherry or more intricate flavors like salted caramel, you can find your new favorite flavored edible lube below!
1 Test Winner

Sliquid Swirl Green Apple Flavored Lubricant

 Sliquid Swirl Green Apple

  • are looking for a sweet lube with no sugar
  • enjoy a sweet yet tart flavor
  • need a vegan-friendly formula
  • want a sweet edible lube that doesn't mess with your pH
  • want an edible lube that isn't sticky

Sliquid Swirl Green Apple

  • prefer a non-fruity flavor
  • don't need your edible lube to be completely sugar-free
  • are allergic to Aspartame

If you’re looking for a sweet, tangy, and fruity edible lube to elevate your oral experiences during sex, the Sliquid Swirl Green Apple is an ideal contender. I personally appreciate how this flavored lube was specially formulated for vagina-owners using sugar-free ingredients that are less harmful to your internal pH balance. Knowing that some sweeter edible lubes are almost too overpowering in flavor, I like that the Sliquid Swirl Green Apple has a distinct flavor yet isn’t overpowing. Rather, it enhances the existing taste of whatever you’re choosing to lick! A super gentle formula that is actually vegan-friendly, condom compatible, and one of the most pH safe lubes to use, if you do find that some of your edible lube gets near your vaginal canal, anus or urethra.  

  • Gentle pH-friendly formula
  • Vegan ingredients
  • Sugar-free
  • Subtle yet delicious flavor
  • Affordable

  • Some may be allergic to Aspartame
Sliquid Swirl Green Apple
Condom safeYes
IngredientsPurified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Natural Flavoring, Aspartame, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

I’ve chosen the Sliquid Swirl Green Apple Flavored Lubricant as the Test Winner in this round-up because it’s an alround favorite. The user reviews on Lovehoney really speak to the quality and value of this edible lube. It seems to be a crowd favorite for a number of reasons. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a gentle formula that is easy and safe to use on most parts of the skin and completely safe to ingest? I also love that the formula is 100% vegan and thereby safer on your body, and more accessible for a lot more people! Another great aspect of the Sliquid Swirl Green Apple is how the taste is slightly sweet and tangy but overpowering. This may you can still enjoy the natural flavors of your oral explorations but add a little spark of flavor! Last but definitely not least, this little bottle is very affordable. I believe there’s a lot of value for money with this little bottle of joy.

2 Cheapest

System JO Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant

 System JO Gelato

  • Want a reliable lube with no frills
  • Need something affordable
  • Want a lightweight lube with strong flavor

System JO Gelato

  • Don't like anything super sweet

What makes this edible lube special? Nothing, and that is what makes it unique. This is a lubricant with no bells and whistles, no claims to fame, no gimmick. Yet, when you read the reviews, you will see that every customer leaves happy. That is thanks to how straightforward it is. The System JO Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant is lightweight, non-sticky, and leaves no messes behind to scrub off. It lasts as long as it needs to, and it gives you exactly what it promises: a delightful flavor without being too thick.

  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable

  • May be too strong tasting
System JO Gelato
Condom safeYes
IngredientsWater (Aqua), Glycerin, Cellulose Gum Flavor (Aroma), Rubus Idaeus (Rasberry) Fruit Extract, Fragaria Chiloensis (Strawberry) Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Angustifolium (Blueberry) Fruit Extract, Butylene Glycol, Alcohol Denatured, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, (may contain) Caramel, Red 40 (CI 16035), Red 33 (CI 17200), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Yellow 5 (CI 19140)
Volume30 fl. oz

There is a lot to love with System JO’s edible lube. Its simplicity is its strength, making it the perfect product if you want something you can buy and use without a fuss. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue like so many do, and its thinner texture is a benefit, making it feel more like an edible sex oil than a traditional lubricant. Keep in mind that this option contains more sugary ingredients and may be much less suitable for any kind of internal use than other option on this list. The flavor might also be too strong for some, masking the natural flavors of your actual experience. But I guess that’s to each one’s own, right? Despite how cheap it is, the quality is high, and the lack of “special” makes it suitable on its own merits. It is obvious why this edible lube has so many fans. The best part in my opinon is the affordability!

3 Strawberry Pomegranate

Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Flavored Lubricant

 Sliquid Swirl Lubricant

  • Enjoy a lighter tasting lubricant
  • Have issues with bacterial overgrowth or UTIs
  • Don't like to reapply mid-session
  • Are looking for an edible lube with a more gentle formula

Sliquid Swirl Lubricant

  • Have trouble squeezing a bottle

Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Flavored Lubricant is probably the best-flavored lube for people who aren’t a fan of anything too sweet. They have moderated the taste to be less cloying, which means you will still get some of the natural taste of your partner under the flavoring. You can thank the ingredient list for that; they have swapped out sugars for plant-based cellulose and aspartame, then added in natural flavors for a fruity undertone. The additional benefit is that people more prone to bacterial overgrowth or infection are at lower risk if this lube is used for penetrative sex or applied directly to the genitals. You won’t have to be so careful about getting it around the opening of the vagina or penis. The only downside for most users is the bottle itself, which uses hard plastic. It makes it harder to squeeze, limiting the amount that comes out at once.

  • Good flavor
  • Less sugar for less infection concerns
  • Wet and long-lasting; never dries

  • The hard plastic may make it difficult to apply
Sliquid Swirl Lubricant
Condom safeYes
IngredientsPlant cellulose, aspartame, natural flavors
Volume125 fl. oz

My main (minor) ciritque would be the hard plastic bottle potentially making application a bit trickier. A simple pump top would have solved that problem, so users may want to switch containers. However, the edible lube itself is a great product that is long-lasting enough for the most intensive sessions. Just like other products from the Sliquid Sqirl collection, the use of aspartame instead of more sugary ingredients uktimately makes it safer for sensitive users who want to get frisky without worrying about a UTI or yeast infection. It is, overall, an excellent alternative to more sugary lubes.

4 Candy Apple

Wicked Aqua Candy Apple Water Based Person Lubricant

 Wicked Aqua Candy Apple

  • Hate lubes that leave sticky residue
  • Are looking for something both vegan-friendly a PETA approved
  • Want a seriously sweet edible lube

Wicked Aqua Candy Apple

  • Get easily overwhelmed by sweet flavors

Wicked Aqua Candy Apple Water-Based Flavored Lubricant might be the sweetest lube ever conceived. This is thanks to the inclusion of Stevia, a plant-based sweetener that’s become popular in the Vegan and Keto world. It has an ultra-sweet taste, the ingredient added to glycerin to get a treat you can’t beat. Some couples might find it a bit too saccharine because of this. But anyone who prefers to feel like they are eating a decadent dessert will love it. The apple flavor also adds to the impression, making it unlike anything else out there. It has been created entirely cruelty-free, with no animal products or testing on animals, giving it the PETA stamp of approval.

  • Safe for Vegans and animal lovers
  • Sweeter than other lubes
  • Uses Stevia instead of aspartame

  • Very strong apple taste
Wicked Aqua Candy Apple
Condom safeYes
IngredientsGlycerine, Cellulose, Stevia
Volume118 fl. oz

Wicked is well known for its high-quality products, having been on the sex aid market for more than two decades. They have once again created a product that can work for anyone, including those with specialized dietary needs. Thanks to PETA’s recommendation, vegans can trust that this edible lube is right for them. For those who don’t have animal rights or diet concerns, it is just a delicious, useful oral sex enhancer that will be sure to get those toes curling.

5 Cherry

Lovehoney Cherry Flavored Lubricant

 Lovehoney Cherry Lubricant

  • Want a thicker lube
  • Like cherry flavored products
  • Have a strict budget

Lovehoney Cherry Lubricant

  • Dislike the consistency of cough medicine

Lovehoney has always been able to walk that line between low cost and high quality, never letting one hurt the other. They outdid themselves with their Cherry Flavored Lubricant. Not only does it have a great flavor, but it is so cheap that anyone can afford it. Does that mean it feels cheap? Not at all. It is thicker than other varieties, making it a lot slicker and longer-lasting. The negative is the consistency, which can be reminiscent of cough syrup, and the cherry flavoring doesn’t help that impression. But there is no acrid taste or aftertaste, so it is worth overlooking the comparison.

  • Nice and thick
  • Good flavor without an aftertaste
  • Cheap in price, not in quality

  • The syrup-like texture
Lovehoney Cherry Lubricant
Condom safeYes
IngredientsGlycerin, natural flavors
Volume100 fl. oz

People love this edible lube, and the unexpected quality is probably a big part of that. When you spend so little, you tend to have fewer expectations. This product outshines many competitors, especially those who want a thicker lube for that additional slip and glide. As long as you like cherry, the flavor is great without that artificial berry taste.

6 Strawberry

Doc Johnson Strawberry Clit Licking Gel

 Doc Johnson Clit Licking Gel

  • Are looking for an oral-specific item
  • Specifically want a product aimed at female genitalia
  • Want to really spice up your oral game

Doc Johnson Clit Licking Gel

  • Want a lubricant for other play

Most edible lubes are multi-purpose. This one by Doc Johnson is a bit more singular in its aims. Alternatively called an Intimate Licking Gel, Clit Licking Gel, and Pussylicker, it is clear what this one is for: giving your cunnilingus skills a boost with a secret weapon. It contains enough sugar and gelatinous residue to make a UTI almost certain, for you won’t want to use this as a traditional lubricant regardless of what it says on the label. It is definitely for external use only. For oral sex, however, it is utter perfection.  

  • Great taste that lasts
  • Good texture for cunnilingus
  • No aftertaste

  • Too thick and sugary for intercourse
Doc Johnson Clit Licking Gel
Condom safeNo
IngredientsGlycerin, Sucrose

This is only technically an edible lube. Between the infection risk and the thicker gel leading to possible condom issues, you are better off leaving it as a tasty treat for your special lady. For giving your oral session a real va va voom quality, it is so good it deserves a chef’s kiss. This is one of the better oral enhancers out there today, especially thanks to the total lack of any aftertaste.

7 Chocolate Mint

Sensuva Ice Cube Chocolate Mint Flavoured Cooling Nipple Balm

 Sensuva Ice Cube Cooling Nipple Balm

  • Enjoy nipple play and want to enhance it
  • Like having perky nipples
  • Get a thrill from temperature play

Sensuva Ice Cube Cooling Nipple Balm

  • Have overly sensitive nipples

Here is something fun and different: a nipple enhancer! Sensuva Ice Cube Chocolate Mint Flavored Cooling Nipple Balm is a flirty little product that really brings something new to the bedroom. It works in two ways: one is to give your nips a little tweak and keep them hard for up to an hour; two is to make your nipples more sensitive to touch, heat and cold. Just put the balm on your perky pals, wait for a couple of minutes and let the games begin. Have your partner lick, suck and touch. Blow hot or cold air. Apply an ice cube or something nice and hot. This balm is perfect for anyone that enjoys their nipples as a main source of foreplay.

  • Hardens nipples using natural oils
  • Sugar free, using natural flavors
  • Easy to apply and mess-free

  • Not as tasty as others
Sensuva Ice Cube Cooling Nipple Balm
IngredientsBeeswax, natural oils, natural flavors, Stevia

This cooling balm is a great way to experiment with nipple play. Making them more sensitive to everything from touch to temperature, you will love the way it takes your pleasure to eleven. Not only that, but having the hardening effect can be a very sexy look that will be sure to make you feel more confident and really get your partner’s attention. It is easy to apply, though it does leave a slight oily residue so be sure to clean off any extra before you put on clothes, or you might end up with a mark on the fabric. Perhaps you can ask someone to lick it off for you, first.

8 Edible Body Paint

Shunga Deluxe Edible Body Paint

 Shunga Edible Body Paint

  • Want something truly unique to add to your foreplay
  • Have an artistic streak
  • Enjoy playing with your food

Shunga Edible Body Paint

  • Aren't willing to make a mess

Throughout history, body paint has been a sexual tradition in many cultures. The act of drawing on your partner can be seen as both an art form and a form of sexual foreplay that is intense and romantic. Now you can do the same, with Shunga’s Deluxe Edible Body Paint. Made of high-quality chocolate, this paint comes with a brush so you can draw precise lines while tickling your partner and sparking their senses. The paint doesn’t stain, though it does drip so expect a bit of a mess. But that is part of the fun, isn’t it?

  • Tastes great
  • Lightweight and doesn't itch the skin
  • Leaves the skin softer

  • Messy and requires cleanup r
Shunga Edible Body Paint
Volume60 fl. oz

It isn’t often that you come across chocolate that can be used as paint, tastes wonderful, and leaves your skin soft after using it. Shunga has really outdone themselves here and created the perfect edible body paint you can find. You don’t have to use staining, toxic paint to turn your partner into the work of art you already know they are. You even get a little snack while you are working. Does it get any better than that?

9 Set

Doc Johnson Good Head Flavored Lubricant

 Doc Johnson Good Head

  • Want to spice up your oral sex routine
  • Like a bit of flavor to ease oral sex
  • Are looking for multiple flavors to choose from

Doc Johnson Good Head

  • Are looking for a throat numbing agent
  • Want to avoid sugar

Doc Johnson has been a trusted brand in sexual products for many years. Their Good Head line is considered one of the best flavored lubes you can find on sex shop shelves today. Their flavored lubricant is a fun and flirty way to add a bit of spice to your oral sex sessions. This is especially good if you find it hard to perform oral sex typically. The flavor is strong without being unpleasant or overpowering. Natural fruit extracts avoid the usual chemical or artificial aftertaste that is so common with edible lube from certain other manufacturers. If you want to put your skills to the test, you can also try their Good Head throat number gel or spray, which gives even the most sensitive gag reflex a break.

  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Uses natural ingredients for a natural taste
  • Much lighter than other edible lubes

  • Contains a lot of sugar
Doc Johnson Good Head
Condom safeYes
IngredientsGlycerin, natural ingredients
Volume140 fl. oz

Doc Johnson has created one of the best edible lube options on the market. Providing a lighter, more natural taste, you won’t be overpowered by the usual chemical or thick flavor that some others have. It washes off easily, leaving you with a no-mess, no-fuss experience. This five-pack comes with Wild Cherry, Green Apple, Mystical Mint, Sweet Strawberry, and Watermelon. You are sure to love at least one, whatever your taste buds usually enjoy. This edible lube will give you and your partner an exciting new experience you won’t soon forget.

A Brief Comparison of The Best Edible Lubes Out There

So, now we’ve gone over all the (somewhat raunchy) details of how each and every one of these edible lubes may or may not be uitbale for your oral expectations. But perhaps you’re still not sure of which one(s) you want to start off with. Let’s have a quick look at how some of these products compare to each other.

Sweetest Flavor

If you’re not that into the tase of well… genitals, and actually don’t enjoy performing oral, ou might actually want to look for something that’s strong enough in flavor to mask the natural tastes of what you’re putting in your mouth. So, if you’re looking for that deliciously sweet flavor that actually does take the main stage, these are the sweetest option on the list:
  • The System JO Gelato Salted Caramel
  • The Wicked Candy Apple Flavored Lubricant

Mildest Flavor

On the other side of that spectrum are the edible lubes for the people out there who really don’t want their flavored lube to overpower the natural experience. So, if you’re looking for the best edible lubes out there with the mildest flavors to simply enhance your oral experience, these are the ones I can recommend:
  • The Sliquid Swirl Green Apple
  • The Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate

Most Gentle Formula

For anyone out there who appreciates more natural ingredients, want vegan or cruelty-free formulas, or for anyone who is prone to bacterial overgrowths, UTI’s or yeast infections, you might be looking for an edible lube with a very gentle formula. Out of all the edible lubes on the list, these are definitely the ones that stand out as the most gentle edible lubes that won’t completely ruin your pH if it ends up in the wrong places, or upset your stomach if ingested in larger amounts.
  • The Sliquid Swirl Green Apple
  • The Wicked Candied Apple Flavored Lubricant

The Dos and Don'ts of Edible Lube

There are some simple dos and don’ts to follow when it comes to using edible lube.
  • Do keep the bottle itself clean, wiping it down if needed after use.
  • Do feel free to use as much as you want…edible lube is perfectly safe to consume.
  • Do try out multiple brands and flavors to keep things interesting.
  • Don’t ignore any signs of an allergic reaction; there are different ingredients in each lubricant brand.
  • Don’t use sugar-heavy edible lubricants as a penetration lube. While they are technically safe, some people are more sensitive to these  kinds of ingredients affecting their vaginal pH.
  • Don’t forget to check in with your partner about how they are enjoying each lube.

How To Use Edible Lube

Edible lube is an accessible substance for anyone to use. Add a dollop to your partner’s erogenous zones (or anywhere else), and lick it off. That’s it! The main concern is what is in the lube itself. When sugars are used in the product, it becomes harder to use for penetration. Bacteria loves sugar, as well as warm, moist places. Edible lubes can cause bacterial overgrowth that leads to yeast and bladder infections, especially in women due to their shorter urethra. Finding a sugar-free alternative can assist with this. Make sure you clear the outside and spout of the bottle correctly after use. Try to use the smallest amount you can to avoid stomach upset or just eating too much sugar!

How To Use Edible Lube For Foreplay

How To Use Edible Lube For Foreplay

Since edible lubes are safe for consumption, you can put them just about anywhere to spice up your bedroom. From the neck to the nipples and even the toes, if you’d like to lick it, you can stick it…on, that is. Just apply a little dab and go to town. Your partner will love your enthusiasm, and you will like the bit of sweetness with your naughty antics.

How To Use Edible Lube For Oral Sex

How To Use Edible Lube For Oral Sex

Edible lube is the perfect addition to any oral sex session. Adding a bit of flavor of your choosing to the act can be fun, flirty and make the whole experience even more enjoyable. However, it should only be used in small quantities where they will not get anywhere inside of the vagina, the urethra, or the anus. Be careful of application to avoid potential infection. As for eating it, water based edible lubes are perfectly safe for consumption, just like non-edible lubes of the safe category.

How To Use Edible Lube With Toys

How To Use Edible Lube With Toys

Edible lube should never be used for use with toys. Though most are water based and so safe to use on silicone, the sugars are both bad for the body, and for the materials on the toy. Even artificial sweeteners could potentially cause the material to break down over time. Choose a non-edible, water based lubricant for use with sex toys, regardless of where you are going to be using them.

How To Use Edible Lube For Vaginal Sex

How To Use Edible Lube For Vaginal Sex

While most edible lube is water based, it not recommended for use in vaginal penetration. This is due to ingredients like glycerine, glucose and other sugar based flavorings. These can lead to yeast infections, especially in women who are more prone to getting them. However, natural and artificial sweeteners in lubricants, like aspartame, can reduce the risk and be used more safely. Be sure to check the ingredients list.

How To Use Edible Lube For Anal Sex

How To Use Edible Lube For Anal Sex

Like vaginal sex, anal sex is not safe for lubricants that contain sugar based ingredients. The anus is full of bacteria, which can feed on sugars and cause infections and other agitations within the rectum. If careful, it can be placed around the anus, such as for analingus, as long as none gets inside of the rectal ring. It is still safer to find an artificial sweetener based lube that is rated safe for anal sex, such as those that contain aspartame.

How To Clean Up After Using Edible Lube

Edible lubes can get a bit sticky when you use them. While your tongue will take care of most of it, you might find some that you missed and need to wipe up. A gentle wipe with a warm, wet washcloth should do the trick. If you get it on the sheets or clothes, wash them the way you usually would. Most edible lube is a water-based lubricant and easy to clean. Once you are done, use a sanitizing wipe or some soap and warm water to clean the outside of the bottle and spout to keep it safe, bacteria-free, and ready for your next snack.


Yes, edible lube is perfectly safe to swallow. However, you want to be careful of how much you consume, as too much might cause some stomach upset. Use small dabs applied to the body.

No, you should avoid getting any into the vagina because of the sugar in most edible lubes. If you want a vagina-safe edible lubricant, look for those that use artificial, non-sugar sweeteners like aspartame.

No, like with vaginal sex, the sugar in most edible lubes can cause infections and other agitation and should be avoided. Look for an edible lube with an artificial sweetener, like aspartame.

No, the sugar in edible lubes, and even aspartame for no-sugar lubricants, can cause damage to the condom and make it less secure. Plus, you risk the sugars getting into your partner and causing infection. Only use regular lubricant with condoms.

No, you should never use an edible lube with a sex toy. The sugar is terrible for penetration, and it could start to break down or damage the toy's material. Plus, sugar can stay on the toy and lead to infections when used later on. Remember that sugar feeds bacteria.

I do not recommend attempting to make your own flavored lubricant. As synthetic products, there is a lot of trial and error that goes into making these items. Save yourself time and buy pre-packed edible lube (it’s fairly cheap!).

What Is Edible Lube?

An edible lube is a lubricant, usually water-based, that is used in the performance of oral sex. It provides a fun, sweet surprise and adds something extra to oral sex. Different lubes have different features, such as some that numb the throat to allow for deep-throating or others that create tingling sensations for the one it is being used on. Edible lube is not used for any kind of penetrative sex due to the sugar and the possibility that the sugar may feed bacteria located in the vagina, anus, or urethra of the penis. Although it may be tempting to buy edible lube on impulse, it’s important to not buy more than you can reasonably use before its expiration date, which can range from one to three years from the manufacturing date.

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