Europe Magic Wand — Test & Review

   Ellie Stevens
Dec 28, 2023

Ellie Stevens
: 20
: Advanced
: female
: Bisexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3

  • Like full body massages
  • Are into intense clitoral vibrations
  • Wanna add some spice to the bedroom

  • Have thin walls and need a quiet toy
  • Are searching for a cordless massager
  • Are sensitive to strong vibrations


The Europe Magic Wand is Europe's answer to the classic corded Hitachi Magic Wand. Similar in its design and use, but designed especially for the European market in 230 V and a focus on quality and safety, with the Europe Magic Wand you will experience the strongest vibrations, reaching from gentle to intense. Be creative with this kind of Magic Wand for a full body massage after a long day, for your sexual satisfaction and for some of your secret desires. A great addition to the Europe Magic Wand are the optional accessories you can purchase, allowing you to perfect your experience with the powerful massager.

Europe Magic Wand  -

I’ve heard a lot about the Europe Magic Wand for years. It’s such a classic and well-known design, and I’ve only had positive impressions of this powerful massager. Imagine how excited I was when I found out I was going to test and review the Europe Magic Wand myself! Now it’s time to share my discoveries…

More power than expected!

At first glance, the Europe Magic Wand works very simply. There are three buttons to control all settings. While most sex toys start with the lowest setting and increase intensity by pressing the buttons, I was surprised when the Europe Magic Wand begins with the highest intensity. It took me a few tries until I figured out how to lower the settings — what a relief! As it started on the highest setting, it was so loud I had to keep muffling the sounds with pillows and blankets. I later discovered that the lower setting is really quiet, but still intense and rumbly. The higher I increased, the more powerful and louder the Europe Magic Wand got.

How the Europe Magic Wand feels

I tried to find a word after my first tests and the only thing that would fit is “smooth”. First of all, the vibrations on the skin feel smooth even though they’re so intense. It felt special to me, since I never felt this kind of vibrations before. These vibrations are very rumbly and reached deep inside the body. Another really smooth experience was the climax I could achieve. It felt strong, intense and long lasting, but, at the same time, I did not feel overstimulated, which means I could enjoy my climax fully. Good news: multiple orgasms are possible with the Europe Magic Wand! Now I wish I could’ve owned a Europe Magic Wand earlier, because I was having trouble climaxing over a long time and with this Wand, it would’ve been a lot easier for me. The Europe Magic Wand is definitely the most powerful device of my whole collection.

Noises, weight and cables?

The noises really depending on the setting, which makes it difficult for me to estimate. I also noticed, the weight of the Europe Magic Wand is heavy, but I didn’t felt it is a big issue, since I could easily place it or sit on the wand. With my expectations, I thought the cord of the Europe Magic Wand could be disturbing, but I can attest, the cable is no issue, because of its length. With more than 2 meters of cable, it’s easy for me to find an outlet. Personally, I like the cord since I’m someone that forgets to charge their toys!

Europe Magic Wand  -

The Europe Magic Wand is designed to look very similar to the classic Magic Wand — white shaft and typical blue details, classic shape and textures. The only thing that reveals it's a Europe Magic Wand is the soft and creative font on the control button pad. The shaft of the Massager is flawless and without a specific texture, but the cap and neck have a soft texture to them. At the current moment, this toy is only available in its classic blue/white color.

Europe Magic Wand  -

First of all, the Europe Magic Wand is build with a lot of technology inside. That means that it feels heavier in the hand and can get tiring to hold over a longer time. The big size doesn't make it that comfortable for the user. I noticed the vibrations of this wand are so strong and rumbly that they reach deep into the hand too, which can bring a numbing sensation after long uses. Even though I noticed this things, it's easy to hold in place, once the angle is perfect. The cord is very long and doesn't disturb the mood, and all buttons are easy to reach and press.

Europe Magic Wand  -

I expected the Europe Magic Wand to be a high quality product and I wasn't disappointed. Whenever I used the massager, I never had the feeling of holding a low quality product. The shaft and head withstand common use without any trouble and delivering a smooth experience of deep vibrations and satisfaction. The Europe Magic Wand meets the expectations of European standards in quality and safety. Even if you need to replace a broken part in the future life of your Europe Magic Wand, you have the option to buy the missing part and repair on your own, with the help of their website.

Europe Magic Wand  - <

Unpacking the Europe Magic Wand, you will find an instruction manual (which is important) and the massager itself. This is in my opinion very minimalistic for this price section. I expected a storage bag to cover up the wand to be included, as a minimum. The price is still understandable: you buy a toy of this price and quality only once and enjoy the powerful experience of the Europe Magic Wand for a long time, if not forever. If you have trouble reaching climaxes, the Europe Magic Wand is worth the investment.

Europe Magic Wand  -

The Europe Magic Wand performs very well — I would say it's the best performing toy in my whole collection. The reason why the massager delivers such unique vibrations is the cord. The power source allows a strong motor that never gets tired. No matter whenever you need it, the Europe Magic Wand is ready and works wonders in all cases. There is a soft silicone cap attached which works perfectly to deliver the vibrations deep into the skin and body.

Europe Magic Wand  -

Like the items inside the package, the packaging itself is minimalistic too. It's a simple designed package in black with the typical blue font. By taking a closer look, an unsuspecting person will identify what's inside the box very easily. The packaging is simply designed and stylish. No plastic is included, which makes it easy to recycle and more environmentally-friendly.

Europe Magic Wand  -

The removable cap of the Europe Magic Wand is 100% phthalate-free silicone. Inside the cap you can find EVA foam, similar to the foam you can find inside mattresses. The wand itself is not waterproof, so do not store it near water or under humid conditions, and always unplug the it from the power source after every use and before cleanup. For the perfect cleanup of the Europe Magic Wand, detach the cap and carefully rinse it with water. Dry with a clean towel afterwards. To clean the shaft, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth, and dry it afterward.

Vibration speeds6
Length38cm/12.6 inches
WidthHead: 7cm/2.8 inches
Weight0.7kg/1.5 lbs
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
RechargeableNo, Corded Power Only
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlue/White

Europe Magic Wand  -

  • Easy to clean
  • Spare parts available
  • Spectrum of gentle to intense vibrations
  • Easy buttons to find and press

  • Heavy to hold
  • Loud on higher settings
  • No vibration patterns

The Europe Magic Wand is by far the most powerful toy in my whole collection. The vibrations are intense and could be too much for some people, but those who enjoy strong vibrations and need power to reach their orgasm may just find it a perfect choice. You'll receive a high-quality, full body massager that's powerful, if also quite noisy on higher settings. This wand gave me what I've needed for a long time, and I would recommend to any European looking for a powerhouse of a vibrator!

If you need more information about the safety instruction and user manual you can find more on the Europe Magic Wand Website.

The Europe Magic Wand provides 6 settings reaching from 3000 to 6000 RPM (revolutions per minute).

Europe Magic Wand recommends to use the Massager no longer than 25 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes on the same spot.

Yes, you can use the Europe Magic Wand with both 230V and 110V. To switch to 110V you need a plug converter. Both volagtes will give the same power outlet in terms of vibrations.