Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment – Test & Review

   Lauren Gill
Feb 2, 2024

Lauren Gill
: 32
: Beginner
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Appreciate good looking toys
  • Enjoy girthy dildos
  • Want something extra stimulating

  • Prefer representational toys
  • Don't like thick toys
  • Prefer smooth, texture-less toys

Motorbunny and Bad Dragon have teamed up to create a range of fantasy attachments suitable for use with the Motorbunny Original sex machine (but not the Buck). The Flint attachment certainly has a dragonesque, otherworldly element to it and it's packed with design features that ensure a very stimulating ride. From the pronounced dragon scale ridges to the lifelike foreskin and the textured base which is perfect for grinding. It is a firm but flexible attachment that feels really high quality, both in your hands and in use. The deep shimmering bronze tone adds to the mythical, fantasy element really well. It gets bonus points for being nice to look at too!

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

First Impressions

Personally, I knew from the moment I saw the Flint glittering in its packaging that I was going to love it, but I was just a little worried about the girth. For a toy that’s described as small (yes, you can get a version of Flint that’s even bigger than this one) it still packs a 1.63 inch diameter. Motorbunny describe Flint as a huge sensation and huge is definitely the right word for a sex toy newbie like myself but I was pleasantly surprised that with a bit of a slow and steady introduction and plenty of lube, the Flint was pretty easy to use.

All That Glitters Is… Bronze

I can’t talk about the Flint without talking about how easy on the eye it is. Yes I know you’re all here to see how it actually performed but the look of a sex toy is a big thing for me! I prefer non-representational toys and colour, sparkles and anything else that makes it interesting certainly doesn’t go a miss. So, when I unpacked this shimmering bronze beauty it was definitely love at first sight! There’s no denying the Flint has been made to look like a dragon, after all fantasy toys are what Bad Dragon specialize in. However, I like that this toy is just otherworldly enough to be interesting but not too bizarre. And, that glittery bronze tone definitely adds to the mythical feel.

Stimulating Sensations

Before I’d even used the Flint I could see why Bad Dragon describe it as one of their most stimulating toys. From the dragon-like scales that line the shaft to the studs and the realistic foreskin right down to the three piercing on the base, this thing is covered in stimulating points everywhere! I was certainly keen to see if all that texture actually made a difference and I can, without a doubt, say that yes, it does! Given that the texture is all over the shaft there’s no escaping the extra stimulation that the different elements provide. Even the three piercings on the base add something a little extra and I found them perfect for grinding.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

I'm big on the way a sex toy looks. Obviously the most important factor is how it feels but looks play a big part for me. The Flint scores perfect marks for its design. It looks amazing! There's so much detail in it, right down to the three piercings on the base. The colour for me is perfect. The bronze shimmer adds to that otherworldly look as well as being pleasing on the eye. I do enjoy a bit of shimmer on my sex toys! In terms of how it performs, the Flint is a thick attachment so it did take a bit of warming up but the soft material and all the different stimulating spots worked perfectly for me. Overall I think the Flint looks and feels really luxurious.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

Attaching the Flint to the Motorbunny machine is super quick and simple. I would say if you have mobility or grip issues in your hands, you may have trouble with any Motorbunny attachment but overall, the Flint wasn't difficult to use. This is the small Flint attachment and it is still pretty girthy at 1.63 inches in diameter so the girth teamed with the bumps and the dragon scale ridges do take a bit of getting used to. You certainly have to be well warmed up before using the Flint and make sure you have plenty of lube on hand! Considering the size, some people may find this uncomfortable. As someone not used to girthy toys it did take quite a bit of warming up and plenty of lube but as long as I took my time, it was fairly easy to use.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

The quality on this is just as out of this world as the design! It feels thick and sturdy yet its got a softness to the material that just makes it stand out. Given that there are a lot of stimulating spots on this from dots and ridges to piercing simulations, everything just feels so smooth. You can tell a lot of care has gone into making it and there's no snags or catches that feel uncomfortable. Even the base of the attachments that stretches over the Motorbunny feels thick and well-made and like it will hold up for many years. Overall, you can tell the Flint attachment has really been made to last.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review - <

The Flint attachment is on the pricier side of things compared to the other Motorbunny Premium Silicone attachments but I do think you get what you pay for in terms of the quality and the materials used. The higher price tag is reflected in the level of detail on the Flint and the fact that its made from platinum cured silicone. The only thing I would have liked included for the price is a proper storage bag rather than keeping the plastic packaging the toy arrives in. For a toy of this quality, you want to make sure it stays in the best possible condition and a proper storage bag would have helped with that.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

If you have experience with girthy toys, I think they Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny attachment could be a great addition to your toy box. However, if you're like me and you're a bit of a newbie, it could take some getting used to. With plenty of warming up and some water-based lube on hand I did eventually find a way to make this work for me but it was a slow and steady process with the Motorbunny machine turned off for a while! Motorbunny and Bad Dragon promise a filling, intense experience for people even with the most picky of tastes. I would definitely be inclined to agree with that thanks to the size and texture of the attachment.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

Personally, given the price tag and the high-quality nature of the Flint attachment, I think the packaging is disappointing. It's just a large plastic bag with the Bag Dragon branding on it. Given the fact that there's no storage bag included with the attachment, I do think it's a good idea to keep the Flint in the packaging so I would have liked to have seen something a little nicer than a crinkly plastic bag. There's no instructions on the packaging, but to be fair, if you already have the Motorbunny machine then using the Flint attachment is fairly self explanatory.

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

It's clear that only the best materials have been used to create the Flint. The platinum cured silicone is medical grade silicone so is 100% body safe and non-porous. It's quite got quite a nice weight to the attachment when you hold it in your hand and the Flint is very soft and smooth. Even with the abundance of texture, nothing catches or feels uncomfortable. Cleaning the Flint was super easy with some mild soap and warm water. Bad Dragon do also make a toy cleaner though. Storing it was a different story though and I'm a little disappointed that a storage bag isn't including meaning it has to be kept in the plastic bag it arrives in.

Length6.25 inches
Insertable length4.81 inches
Diameter1.63 inches
MaterialsPlatinum-cured silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
FlexibilityMedium flexibility
Colors AvailableNatural Bronze, Green Glow in the Dark, Motorbunny Pink

Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny Attachment - Test & Review -

  • It looks good!
  • There's stimulating texture on every part
  • Exceptionally high quality look and feel

  • Too girthy for some
  • On the pricier side
  • Too textured for some

Overall, I was very impressed with the look and the texture of the Flint Bad Dragon Motorbunny attachment. While it did take some time to get used to it, I think that's more a reflection on my sex toy experience than anything negative about the attachment. The overall design and feel over the Flint certainly won't be for everyone but if you're tastes align with this design then I think it's a fantastic, high-quality toy to have in your collection. For non-representational sex toy fans, it's a beauty to have in your toy box! What's stopped me from giving it a full 5 out of 5 is the lack of a storage bag and the fact it's not totally beginner friendly. The attachment does unfortunately attract a lot of lint and hair and I think a simple storage back could have really aligned with the high-quality nature of the Flint.

There are no instructions with the Flint however, the Motorbunny Original which this attachment is for comes with full instructions for using attachments. Instructions can be found in the Motorbunny Original box or there is a brief quick start video on the Motorbunny website.

If you're a complete sex toy newbie then I probably wouldn't recommend jumping straight in with the Flint. Given that it's used on the Motorbunny sex machine, I think it adds an extra layer of complexity that you may not necessarily get with just a girthy dildo or vibrator. However if you do have some amount of experience with thicker toys then they Flint could be a great choice to experiment with.

Unfortunately not. The Flint attachment is specifically for the Motorbunny Original. It can't even be used on other Motorbunny machines. This is because the base is designed to fit on top of the Motorbunny Original so it wouldn't be able to attach to any other sex machine. With that being said, it can be used without turning the Motorbunny on and could be used on the floor without being attached to the machine if you just want to get used to the feel of it first.

A high-quality, water based lube is the best option for the Flint. As it's a silicone attachment any other kind of lube could eventually degrade the material. Given how well made the Flint is (and the price), that's the last thing you want! Water based lubes are also really easy to clean up and will just wash away with mild soap and water.

Yes! However, it's worth keeping in mind the size and the texture of the toy if you're not experienced with anal play because the Flint probably isn't going to be your best choice in that case. If you're experienced in anal play though then the Flint is totally safe. As it has a base it's safe to use anally both on and off the Motorbunny machine. It's also nicely angled for P-spot stimulation.

Absolutely! It's made from platinum cured silicone which is medical grade silicone so it's totally non-porous, waterproof, easy to clean and can also be disinfected if you wish. Bad Dragon promise that all their toys are completely phthalate-free. If you have sensitivities or allergies there's no need to worry about using the Flint as silicone is hypoallergenic.