The 8 Best Rideable Dildos for Wild Hands-Free Fun

   Lauren Gill
1 Test Winner

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Multicoloured Silicone Dildo

 Lifelike Lover Luxe

  • Want a buttery soft dildo
  • Like brightly coloured toys
  • Want a curved shaft

Lifelike Lover Luxe

  • Prefer realistic coloured toys
  • Enjoy firm dildos
  • Want a girthy dildo

The Lifelike Lover Luxe strikes the perfect balance between providing realistic sensations but having a none representational look. If you like the realistic sensations of rounded head and raised veins but you don’t like dildos in representational colourways then I think you’ll love this rideable dildo. It comes in a variety of stand out colours which is something I really like about this rideable dildo. Another big plus point which makes this the best dildo for riding is the firm yet very flexible silicone. It makes it really comfortable to use. It’s firm enough to feel the pressure from it but flexible enough that it will move with your body. It has a super strong suction cup base so this dildo is absolutely not moving no matter how vigorous you get!

  • Firm but flexible
  • G-spot or P-spot targetting curve
  • Fun, non-representational colours

  • Not completely beginner friendly
  • Too flexible for some
Lifelike Lover Luxe
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter1.59 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePink, Purple, Blue, Black

Well isn’t this a fun, rideable dildo! I’ll be honest that’s one of the big things that sells this for me is the fun colours it comes in I’m really not a fan of flesh coloured toys, so when I saw the Lifelike Lover Luxe I was instantly drawn to it, like a magpie for fun coloured sex toys! I know you should never judge a book by its cover (or maybe that should be never judge a dildo by its colour) but if a toy comes in fun colourways then it’s already won points with me. So moving away from how it looks, I suppose the main point is how it works and luckily the Lifelike Lover Luxe scores big there too! The super strong suction cup means you can really go to town with riding this, it isn’t going to budge. While it may not look representational in colour, the Lifelike Lover does incorporate some realistic features for added internal stimulation. The raised veins and round, bulbous head work wonderfully with the curved shaft to provide an intense internal massage. The curve, girth and bulbous head means this isn’t a completely beginner friendly rideable dildo but if you’ve got a bit of toy experience than I do think this may be the best dildo for riding.

2 Budget pick

Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe Dildo

 Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe Dildo

  • Don't want to spend a lot of many
  • Like realistic looking toys
  • Enjoy firm toys
  • Are on a budget but still want a high quality, safe toy
  • Are looking for a suction cup toy to use hands-free
  • Are looking for a toy to use with a strap-on harness

Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe Dildo

  • Want toys made from more durable material
  • Don't like flesh toned dildos
  • Like flexible toys
  • Are looking for a vibrating toy
  • Prefer smaller toys (this one is on the larger side)
  • Prefer a more abstract or less realistic design

The Lifelike Lover Classic aims to bring you a hyper realistic rideable dildo. The flesh toned toy is available in a variety of skin tones and has realistic features such as veining, skin-like wrinkles, a bulbous head and its even got balls! I think the Lifelike Lover Classic is firmer than the Lifelike Lover Luxe but this one is bendable which I like. If you like a firmer feeling dildo but want more freedom with the position and curve then this is a great feature of the Classic. This rideable dildo is made from soft plastic, the good news is that it’s Phthalate-free however it probably won’t be as durable as silicone and I personally don’t think it feels as nice either.

  • Can be bent into shape
  • Realistic features
  • Very cheap price

  • Made from plastic
  • Too firm for some
  • Non-vibrating
Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe Dildo
Length8" inches
Insertable length7" inches
Diameter1.6" at widest point inches
Materials100% body-safe silicone
Harness Size1.5" O-ring inches
Condom safeYes

I’m just going to say it, I’m really not a fan of this rideable dildo. I understand there’s a big difference between my Bedbible rating and the user rating so let me explain why I’ve scored it the way I have. First off I really dislike how this dildo looks, this is 100% personal preference but I would just never buy a dildo that looks like this. We’ve already established I don’t like super toned toys but the realistic skin texture with the wrinkles is just so off-putting to me. It almost falls into the uncanny valley for me and I just can’t get onboard with it. Secondly, it’s made of plastic. Lovehoney do state that it’s Phthalate-free but they don’t actually label the material beyond ‘soft plastic’ which is a bit of a red flag for me. I’d personally prefer to use a toy made from any other non-porous material so I could be safe in the knowledge it’s definitely body safe. Clearly a lot of people love this toy and sex toy preference is super subjective but from my research I also came across a lot of people who said this was a really uncomfortable rideable dildo. They described the texure as tough, cheap and rough and that does not sound like something I want to be going wild on! For all the points mentioned, I couldn’t confidently recommend this rideable dildo. There’s much better options on this list.

3 Beginner

Fun Factory Limba Flex Posable Dildo

 Limba Flex

  • Are looking for a beginner friendly rideable dildo
  • Want a dildo that is posable
  • Are looking for a dildo that comes in a range of sizes

Limba Flex

  • You want a girthy dildo
  • You don't like dildos with a wide base.
  • Limba Flex S could be too short for some

Fun Factory have really understood that when it comes to rideable dildos, one size doesn’t fit all which is why they’ve created the Limba Flex in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Each Limba Flex has a flexible core which allows you to bend and shape the dildo into your desired position. The slim and tapered tip makes insersation super easy and is ideal for anal play. Each of the Limba Flex’s comes in a blue tone and goes up in length and girth. The Limba S would be the most ideal choice for complete sex toy novices but all of the Limba Flex’s are relatively beginner friendly. The Limba Flex attempts to be an all in one toy without the need for multiple dildos. Ideal for G-spot and P-spot massage, great for a variety of positions, can be used in a harness and has a strong suction base for hands-free riding!

  • Stays in the position you mould it into
  • Easy G-spot and P-spot massage
  • Great for a variety for positions

  • Too firm for some
  • Not girthy enough for some
Limba Flex
LengthS - 4.7, M - 7, L - 7.1 inches
Insertable lengthS - 4.33, M - 6.69, L - 7 inches
DiameterS - 1.2, M - 1.26, L - 1.6 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableCaribbean Blue, Deep Sea Blue, Velvet Blue

I love that Fun Factory have created a rideable dildo that can cater to lots of different anatomies. The poseable element of this dildo is a great idea and means you can bend it into your desired shape and it will stay there until you switch the position of it. On top of the posable nature of this rideable dildo, Fun Factory have also made it in 3 different sizes which I think is a really great idea. None of the Limba Flex’s are overly girthy and the tapered tip really helps for comfortable insertion so I think they’re all pretty good choices for beginners, it just depends on what you like length and girth wise. If you’re a complete sex toy novice though then the Limba Flex S would be the best choice as it a very small rideable dildo making it super beginner friendly. It’s also a great choice for those just starting out with anal play, pegging or harness wearing. The only downsides to the Limba Flex is that it is a firm dildo so it could be too hard for some people.

4 Realistic

Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Dildo

 Vixen Mustang

  • Want a dildo that has realistic feeling features
  • Want a choice of representative and non-representative colours
  • Want a dildo that sits comfortably in a harness

Vixen Mustang

  • Want a truly hands-free experience
  • Prefer firm dildos
  • Don't want to spend a lot of money

If you desire a realistic feeling dildo then look no further than the Vixen Mustang. Made with VixSkin technology that is designed to provide an authentic texture teamed with a firm core and a squishy outer surface to mimic a real penis. The Vixen Mustang come in a variety of colours and I love that they’ve done a mix of representational colours and non-representational colours. If you really want to up the realism then there’s a variety of skin colours available but if you like the idea of a real feeling dildo without the real look then there’s some beautiful bright colours to choose from too. It does have a non slip base but it isn’t a true suction cup so if you’re someone that likes to get a little vigarous with their riding, I think you may be better with something like the Lifelike Lover Luxe.

  • Provides realistic sensations
  • Dual density
  • Wide choice of colours

  • Only a non slip base, not a suction cup
  • You will need a lot of lube to use it
Vixen Mustang
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Width1.6 inches
MaterialsPlatinum grade silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Ok, we’ve established that I love a brightly coloured dildo and I actually think I prefer this one to the Lifelike Lover Luxe! The rainbow design, the dual density, the realistic sensations, this rideable dildo really does have a lot going for it! I do appreciate that not everyone wants a tie-dye rainbow dildo though so if you’re looking for that ultra realistic experience then the Vixen Mustang does come in a variety of skin colours too. The dual density, flared head and the temperature responsive material all make this, in my opinion, one of the best realistic dildos out there. As much as it pains me to point out the negatives of this dildo because the look and feel are amazing, it does unfortunately have some downsides. The base isn’t a true suction cup base so it makes it a little hard to achieve a fully hands free experience. It is a non slip base but it can’t withstand the vigoruous riding that other dildos on this list would allow for. If this rideable dildo would have had a true suction cup base, it would have scored a perfect 5 from me!

5 Big

Fun Factory The Boss Realistic Dildo

 The Boss

  • Prefer firm dildos
  • Like a full feeling
  • Desire a large dildo

The Boss

  • Are a rideable dildo beginner
  • Don't like girthy toys
  • Prefer softer dildos

The Boss is a rideable dildo with some considerable size to it. With 7 inches of insertable length and a 1.75 inch diameter, this isn’t for the faint hearted. The Boss is the best dildo to ride for those that have plenty of experience with girthy toys. This is absolutely not a beginner toy. With that being said, if you like your dildos thick and you’ve got plenty of experience, this is a relatively easy rideable dildo for hands-free fun. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of lube to hand! The Boss is available is black, cream and bright pink and while the colourways aren’t representational it is a realistic looking dildo in terms of the lifelike veining on the shaft which provides extra internal massage.

  • Provides a full feeling
  • Realistic veining for extra stimulation
  • Sturdy suction cup base

  • Too big for some
  • Could be too firm for some
The Boss
Length7 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
TexturePronounced head and raised veins
Colors AvailableVanilla, Pink, Black

The Boss is definitely for rideable dildo pros. I think the sheer size of this could make it uncomfortable for some people. However if you’re used to big toys then this could be a really good rideable dildo for you. The realistic veining on the shaft provides great extra stimulation and the thick girth will leave you with a full feeling. One thing to note though is the head of this dildo is quite pronounced. The head is definitely thicker than the shaft and it’s a toy you’re definitely going to notice being inserted. Make sure you are using plenty of lube! Unlike the Vixen Mustang, The Boss does have a true suction cup base so you can ride away hands free to your hearts content. You just might want to start slow and steady with this one though!

6 Grinder

VibePad 3 Remote Control Grinding Pad With G Spot Stimulator

 VibePad 3

  • Prefer a seated pad over a suction cup
  • Want the option to grind without penetration
  • Enjoy vibrating toys
  • Enjoy penetrative toys.
  • Don’t like big dildos.
  • Want something that isn’t intense.

VibePad 3

  • Don't want a vibrating toy
  • Prefer suction cup dildos
  • Don't enjoy grinding
  • Are uncomfortable with penetrative toys.
  • Like big dildos.
  • Want a handheld toy.

The VibePad 3 offers vaginal, anal and clitoral stimulation all in one rideable toy! It’s ergonomic shape is designed to comfortably fit the contours of your body, ensuring a smooth ride. The VibePad 3 has 3 motors that are all controlled separately. Each motor features 7 vibrating functions so you can really customise your ride to experience something different from each motor. The G-spot stimulator has the perfect curve for internal massage while the ridges will provide clitoral and perineum stimulation. It’s the perfect combination of internal and external delight! I like that this is a seat pad rather than a suction cup as I think it takes to slight awkwardness of using a rideable dildo away. Just place this on a chair and ride! If you really didn’t want to use the G-spot massager you can also play around with position to grind on the pad without penetration.

  • Can be used on a chair
  • 3 motors all independently controlled
  • Good for grinding

  • Could be too overstimulating for some
  • Quite expensive
  • Not as easy to store as a dildo
VibePad 3
Vibration modes21
Vibration speeds4
Length11.4 inches
Insertable length4.2 inches
DiameterDildo: 1.14 inches
Width5.5-6.3 inches
Battery Life70-90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

The VibePad 3 is a great alternative to a suction cup dildo and is perhaps a little easier to use as it can just be placed on a chair. I like that this rideable dildo stimulates 3 areas at once as most of the other rideable dildos on this list don’t have that option. This is also a great option if you want to focus on clitoral or anal stimulation without penetration which makes it really beginner friendly. Though if you did want to use the G-spot massager its also a very beginner friendly size. The VibePad 3 is great for grinding and I think with some practice on where to position yourself you wouldn’t have to use the G-spot massager if you didn’t want to. This is something else that sets this toy apart from others on the list. The black, velevety soft silicone looks and feels really nice and ensure that it’s really easy to clean. It’s also fully waterproof. The only downside to this is because it’s a pad I think it could be a little trickier to store than a dildo.

7 Sex Doll Torso

Channing: 33.07LB Male Torso Sex Doll

 Tantaly Channing

  • Want a doll to practice on
  • Want something more realistic than a dildo
  • Enjoy high quality toys

Tantaly Channing

  • Desire a firm penis
  • Want a toys that's quick and easy to use
  • Have difficulty with penetrative toys

If you’re want some hands free fun than riding a sex doll could be much easier, and provide a more realistic experience then using a dildo. The Tantaly Channing provides a great opportunity to try out new positions and practice new things, which, in my opinion can only be a good thing. With its soft to the touch skin, lean and muscular torso and a 7 inch penis, this is perhaps as close as you’re going to get to actually riding a real person. The Tantaly Channing is suitable for pretty much anyone too. With an erect penis and an anus it’s great for all genders and can even be used in couples for some cheeky threesome roleplay. I like that the Tantaly Channing is a really high quality toy. It isn’t a cheap rideable dildo but it doesn’t feel like one either. It’s soft to the touch and has a decent weight to it.

  • Has a flexible penis
  • Fulfils roleplay needs
  • Good for practicing new things

  • Could be too heavy for some
  • Penis can be difficult to insert
  • The anus could be too tight for some
Tantaly Channing
Height21.26 inches
LengthPenis: 7.09, Leg: 3.94 inches
Insertable lengthAnus: 5.91 inches
Diameter (internal)Anus: 0.28 inches
Weight37.17 lbs
Condom safeYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableFair & Wheat

I really like the idea of the Tantaly Channing but it just wasn’t executed all that well unfortunately. As a toy for practicing new things, I love this. It gives people an opportunity that may not be that confident in the bedroom chance to try out new things and for that reason alone I wish I could score it higher. However actually using the Tantaly Channing isn’t that easy. The penis isn’t all that firm and it can be quite difficult to ride. If you have trouble with penetration then I think this toy is going to be really tricky for you. I would say that vaginal penetration if probably easier with the Channing than anal though. If the penis was just a bit more firm it would be pretty much perfect. Personally I think if you’ve bought this for anal play it’s not going to live up to expectations. The penis of the Channing is just too difficult to work with and will require a lot of patience for anal. Similarly the anus of the Channing isn’t the greatest either and some people could find it difficult to penetrate. With a few alterations, the Channing would be a near perfect rideable dildo but as it is, it’s slightly disappointing.

8 Thrusting

The Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy Powerful Thrusting Dildo

 Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy

  • Want the option to use multiple toys at the same time
  • Prefer thrusting over vibrating
  • Enjoy a realistic feeling toy

Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy

  • Aren't free to have loud fun
  • Want a vibrating toy
  • Want a waterproof dildo

This Velvet Thruster may be the Mini Teddy but it’s still a pretty decent size. With 5 inches of insertable length and a 1.5 inch girth it’s fairly beginner friendly. However the 125 strokes per minute certainly spice things up for seasoned sex toy users! Having a thrusting motion, you would expect this to have a strong suction cup base in order to have a truly hands free rideable dildo. It does not disappoint! Once you’ve stuck this down on a suitable surface it absolutely isn’t budging, even on the top speed. I think this is a great alternative to a vibrating toy or even just a dildo. It adds something extra in there to keep things interesting. The realistic ridges and veining are a great addition too for some extra internal massage as the toy thrusts in and out. The Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy has 6 speeds that can reach up to 125 strokes per minute so there’s sure to be a setting that most people will enjoy.


  • Super strong suction cup
  • Can be used with other toys
  • Good battery life
  • Good for people who have mobility or grip issues

  • It's extremely loud
  • It isn't waterproof
  • The charger is quite big
Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy
Thrust Modes6
Length10 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
AdjustableYes, shaft bends up to 30º
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery LifeUp to 120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Lilac, Mint Green, Red

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Velvet Thruster isn’t waterproof and it’s very loud then this would be getting a perfect 5 stars. Performance wise, I cannot fault this rideable dildo. So we’ll start with the positives. The thrusting motion is great, it offers something different to any of the other rideable dildos on this list. I really like that the shaft is textured as it provides the opportunity for extra internal massage. I also like how this will suit most people, the size and ease of use make it pretty beginner friendly. However if you’ve never used a thrusting toy before, just make sure you’ve warmed up well beforehand. But the 125 strokes a minute are sure to delight even the most seasoned of sex toy users. Now the negatives. This toy is loud. To be honest, I’m not surprised. Most thrusting toys tend to be on the louder side but this one definitely isn’t suitable for you if you aren’t free to have some very noisy fun. It also isn’t waterproof. That’s not a huge issue but if you were wanting a rideable dildo to use in the bath or shower then you’re best off looking at the others on this list.

Let's Compare The Best Rideable Dildos

Each of these rideable dildos offers something a little bit different so knowing what to choose can be tough. But with this quick comparison, finding the best dildo for riding just got a little easier!


There’s a big difference between the cheapest and the most expensive rideable dildo on this list and luckily there’s quite a few options in between too! If you want the hands free experience without spending a lot of money then the Lifelike Lover Classic is the cheapest toy here but at the opposite end of the scale there’s the Tantaly Channing which is by far the most expensive toy. Neither of those scored very well though and I would personally look at something like the Vixen Mustang if you’ve got a bit of money to invest in a dildo or the Lifelike Lover Luxe if you want something slightly cheaper.

Beginner Friendly

Going hands free if you’re new to sex toys or just rideable dildos in general can seem a little scary at first but there’s some toys on this list that are super beginner friendly. There’s also some that are more suitable to those with experience. If you’re totally new to rideable dildos then I think the Limba Flex S is the perfect place to start. It doesn’t have any substantial length or girth and the tapered tip makes it super easy to use. The VibePad 3 is also a good beginner option as although it does have an insertable element you can get used to going hands free and grinding without using that part of the toy. One toy I think you should definitely avoid as a rideable dildo beginner is The Boss. It’s a very girthy toy and if you’re not an experienced user of insertable sex toys, it will be too big for you.


Although you can go hands free with all of these dildos, they all have slightly different features to set them apart from one another. A stand out rideable dildo for me is the Lifelike Lover Luxe. Its bright colour, buttery soft feel and the incredible curve and flexibility are all features that make this a winner. If you want a rideable dildo that does something a bit different then I think the Velvet Thruster is also a good choice.

Overall Score

For the best overall score it’s a tie between the VibePad 3 and the Lifelike Lover Luxe. I think they’re both really different from each other so it all comes down to what you want. If it’s a traditional dildo that you can sit on that you’re after then I’d go with the Lifelike Lover Luxe but if you want a toy that you can sit on an grind with option of an insertable element then the VibePad 3 is better. Both scored 4.9 out of 5 though. The lowest scoring rideable dildo was the Lifelike Lover Classic. The materials aren’t great and as such many people have side this isn’t a comfortable dildo to ride. I’m also not a huge fan of how this looks. As such, it only scored 2.5 out of 5.

Best Types of Dildos for Riding

When it comes to finding the best dildo for riding, there is no one option to suit all. Luckily for you, rideable dildos come in many different forms so it’s all about finding what works best for you. Suction cup dildos are a popular choice and probably the most common type of rideable dildo. They’re fairly easy to use and require very little care and maintenance. They come in a range of length and girths making them ideal for sex toy beginners and those with more experience a like. It’s just a case of finding a hard, flat surface to stick the dildo too and getting down to some hand-free fun!   Sex doll torsos are another rideable dildo option if you’re looking for something a little more realistic. With a range of body types available you can find something that turns you on with relative ease. Of course these are slightly harder to store than a dildo due to their size. But their representational look is a big draw for some people.   Sex machines can provide a lot of options when it comes to rideable dildos. As you can get different attachments for sex machines they can be appealing if you like to try out lots of different things. While sex machines can be loud and a bit bulky the sheer scope of attachments available can diminish this point. And, make them a good option if you want a machine that can vibrate, thrust or twirl with the added bonus of a wide variety of dildo attachments. If you’re looking for a little extra comfort on your ride then mounts are probably your best option. Sex toy mounts are essentially pillows for your sex toys so are a lot more softer and comfortable to use then suction cup dildos or sex machines which are best used on a hard flat surface.

How to Use Rideable Dildos

While you might be thinking that there’s not much more to a rideable dildo beyond sitting on it and riding, there are some tips worth keeping it mind to make sure you’re getting the best experience out of your hands free ride.

Use lots of lube!

Use lots of lube!

It’s not recommended to climb straight on your new rideable dildo without plenty of lube for both you and your toy. If you’re not used to going hands free, taking the time to warm up is the best idea. While rideable dildos are great for switching up positions, be sure to keep the lube close by. A good water-based lube is the best option as it’s easy to clean up and won’t degrade silicone toys.

Choose the right rideable dildo for you!

Choose the right rideable dildo for you!

No two rideable dildos are quite the same and finding the right one that works for you can be tricky. Hopefully with the help of this list though you can can find the best dildo to ride. Taking the time to do research around the length, girth, and flexibility of any rideable dildos that your considering buying will help you to find the one that is right for you. Don’t forget to take any other features like thrusting, vibrating, or realistic veining into consideration too.

Have fun!

Have fun!

Going hand-free should be fun so make sure to enjoy yourself. Rideable dildos are great for trying out a whole host of positions your enjoy discovering what feels good for you. Don’t rush things and savour the moment with your rideable dildo. Remember to always keep things safe and consensual!

How to Clean Rideable Dildos

Keeping your rideable dildo clean is really important not only for hygiene reasons but so you're ride on dildo lasts for many years! Most of the dildos on this list are made from non-porous materials so all you'll need is fragrance free soap and warm water to keep them fresh. There is one plastic dildo on this list meaning it's porous so we recommended using a condom to keep things clean.


Yes! The wide variety of rideable dildos means that there's something out there for pretty much everyone. Different lengths and girths mean its easy to have some hands free fun whether your brand new to sex toys or whether you have years of experience. If you're completely new to rideable dildos try out a suction cup dildo but if you've got some experience then a sex machine or a sex doll torso could be for you!

Most rideable dildos can be used anally. The base of suction cup dildos makes them safe for anal play and many sex machines offer anal attachments. So if backdoor fun is your thing then rideable dildos are the perfect sex toy to invest in!

We recommended using a good quality, water based lube. Most rideable dildos are made from silicone and water based lube won't degrade your new toy. It's also much easier to clean up after!

Just follow the links in this post! We only work with sex toy shops that we trust so when you order via the links we provide you know that you're ordering from a trusted site!

What are rideable dildos?

Rideable dildos are sex toys that can be used hands free. Unlike other dildos and vibrators, they are usually positioned on a flat, hard surface where they will stay in place so you can ride and grind. Rideable dildos come in many forms from suction cup dildos to sex machines and sex doll torsos. Rideable dildos can be used vaginally or anally as the usually have a base or attach to a machine making them safe for anal play. Rideable dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can get representational and non-representational rideable dildos depending on your preferences.

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