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Free Sex Toy Catalogs – The Best Places to Order a Free Adult Catalog

If you’re looking to order a free sex toy catalog, so that you can safely browse what dildo, vibrator or sex swing to buy next this is the guide for you.

I will show you the best places to order physical sex toy catalogs from, and additionally, help you with a smarter way of shopping for sex toys.

First of, let’s get you guided to where you can still order a free adult catalog full of old-school dildos.

The two companies, that still send out free catalogs for sex toys

So, as you might have figured, there aren’t that many places, that still do the old school catalog send-outs.

Most sex toys are purchased online, and any webshop with adult toys typically have a catalog feel to them.

But if you do prefer a physical catalog here are my two recommendations:

The Bettersex Catalog Request

Bettersex is a website, that still sends out physical catalogs upon your request. You do, however, have to provide all your details.

And after signing up myself, I can confirm your suspicion: Yes, they do keep sending you emails with new offers!

You can sign up here: https://www.bettersex.com/catalogrequest.aspx (update: They stopped sending out catalogs)

I am not saying, that they will spam your inbox, but you might want to consider alternatives such as shopping online on Lovehoney, HustlerHollywood, or TooTimid.

The Funexpress Sex Toy Catalogs

I have no real experience with actually shopping at FunExpress. But after searching online for several hours this is the only other place I could find, where you can sign up and request a free adult catalog.

They mainly feature old school dildos, and not products that we typically would recommend purchasing.

You can sign up to get a free catalog sent to your house here: https://www.funexpress.com/help/requestcatalog

Again, I would really urge you to consider buying sex toys at shops that we have verified and reviewed on Bedbible. Such as: Lovehoney, HustlerHollywood, or TooTimid.

Note: I’ve also managed to find the following: https://www.pdome.com/request_catalog but please do your research and only sign up, if you feel safe about it.

The Bedbible sex toy catalog – Free to use, with sex toy reviews and ratings

So, here at Bedbible.com we specialize in testing and reviewing sex toys.

Based on those reviews, as well as all user ratings online we rank sex toys in a variety of different categories.

If you want to browse through a Round-Up Review of the sex toys that we have rated the best, here are some suggestions for you.

Consider it you very own online sex toy catalog.

100% free to use, and we won’t spam your email or send physical mail to your address.

Free Dildo Catalog

Free Vibrator Catalog

Free Penis Sex Toy Catalog

Free Couple Sex Toy Catalog

Free Anal Sex Toy Catalog

Free BDSM Sex Toy Catalog

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